Russian WWII Vets say “Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS Were the Best Soldiers in the World”

“Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS were great warriors!”

Old incorrigible Natonal Socialists, telling it to curious journalists somewhere in Bolivia, or skinheads said these words in а Berlin suburb? Wrong! Three outstanding Russian writers, unanimously admiring the worst enemies of Communism! (Very serious intellectual crime all over ‘the civilized world’ today) Speaks Daniil Granin (born in 1919), who spent 3 years in the blockading (by German and Finnish troops) Leningrad: “The Germans fought better, much better than our soldiers. Moreover – we`ve managed to win that war only by human flesh!”

Boris Vasiljev was the Red Army battle officer during WW2:

“The Nazi Germans waged war perfectly. Even when they were encircled, they fought excellently! I know it. I saw it by myself!”


The author of several military and patriotic novels, Vasiljev tells:

“We`ve managed to win the war by chance, absolutely. Evald von Kleist simply decided to stop his tanks for several days just near Moscow. Therefore, the Soviets received some free time in order to transfer the fresh troops, which attacked the Germans very successfully”

While General Andrej Andreevitch Vlasov is reputed officially in modern “free capitalist” Russia as a “vicious pro-Nazi collaborator and traitor”, Vasiljev considers absolutely differently:

“Vlasov was magnificent, properly Russian national military Commander! He decided to revenge himself upon Stalin, who committed terrible crimes against all peoples of Russia. Vlasov had high ideal of the Free Russia, as well as the real sense of responsibility towards his soldiers.”

The Red Army generals en masse were the direct opposite as compared with Vlasov, thinks Vasiljev:

“There were killed 1.300.000. Russian soldiers near Rzhev — through Soviet commanders’  faults only, and nobody speaks about the terrible tragedy so far in my country!”

The late Viktor Astafjev was on the Soviet-German front all the war long, 1941-1945:

“The Germans fought much, much better — in all respects! The Communists chose to shed rivers of the Russian blood literally in order to win the War. The Soviets won over Germany only by their extreme brutality and inhumanity!”

The best WW2 Commander? “Field-Marshall Erich von Manstein, of course!”, tells the great Russian national writer:

“He managed to push three Bolshevik armies into the Azov and Black Seas with the help of two German corpses only! He was the great military genius — yes, really!”

And Zhukov?

“Honest Russian patriot? Ha! This bastard covered half-Europe by the millions of the Russian guys` corpses by his extremely sadistic personal kind of war waging! He deserves neither honor, nor respect, never!”

(Story by  Alexander Mezentsev)


Lies about World War II and the lying liars who told them

The three amigos of the twentieth century.

The three amigos of the twentieth century.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


If you think that Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were great statesmen and politicians who rescued England and America from being obliterated by Nazi Germany, think again.

We have discussed the wicked activities of Churchill and Roosevelt in the past, and my dear friend and colleague Mark Dankof will be discussing the attack on Pearl Harbor later, which was a total pretext.

Pat Buchanan has recently written a reasonable article which indicates that we were right all along: both Roosevelt and Churchill were lying liars. They lied about Hitler. They lied about World War II, and they lied about their covert plan.

Churchill and Roosevelt, as we have argued, did everything they could to get England and America into a bloody war. On October 29, 1940, Roosevelt told the American people:

“While I am talking to you mothers and fathers, I give you one more assurance. I have said this before but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.”[1]

Three days later, he reiterated: “Your president says this country is not going to war.”[2]

Yet privately, Roosevelt was preparing for war. He allied with Churchill, a warmonger and a thoroughly Zionist puppet, to liquidate German civilians by the thousands. What were some of Roosevelt’s lies and fabrications?


Roosevelt knew that no thinking American would support a war with Germany, particularly when the United States had just gone through a tumultuous storm known as The Great Depression.[3] In 1933, Roosevelt himself delivered a speech in which he said:

Taxes have risen; our ability to pay has fallen; government of all kinds is faced by serious curtailment of income; the means of exchange are frozen in the currents of trade; the withered leaves of industrial enterprise lie on every side; farmers find no markets for their produce; the savings of many years in thousands of families are gone.

“More important, a host of unemployed citizens face the grim problem of existence, and an equally great number toil with little return. Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment.”

How did the Great Depression come about? Roosevelt moved on to say that it was because

“the rulers of the exchange of mankind’s goods have failed, through their own stubbornness and their own incompetence, have admitted their failure, and abdicated. Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the hearts and minds of men…

“Stripped of the lure of profit by which to induce our people to follow their false leadership, they have resorted to exhortations, pleading tearfully for restored confidence. They know only the rules of a generation of self-seekers. They have no vision, and when there is no vision the people perish.

“The money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths. The measure of the restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit… The joy and moral stimulation of work no longer must be forgotten in the mad chase of evanescent profits…

“Finally, in our progress toward a resumption of work we require two safeguards against a return of the evils of the old order; there must be a strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments; there must be an end to speculation with other people’s money, and there must be provision for an adequate but sound currency.”

So far, so good. But Roosevelt ended up defeating his purpose by conniving with money changers and war profiteers like Churchill, and we all know by now that Churchill was under the spell of Ernest Cassel, an influential Jewish moneylender “whose loyalty was neither to party or nation, but only to profits.”[4] Churchill was known as “Cassel’s creature.”[5]

It was inevitable that they used Churchill as a puppet to bludgeon Germany to death. And when Roosevelt collaborated with Churchill, it was again inevitable that both men would use deliberate lies and fabrications to send American and British soldiers to their ultimate death.

In short, Churchill, Roosevelt, and the American and British soldiers who went to World War II were largely manipulated by the Powers That Be. Churchill started to propound lies by the truckload, and he passed those lies to Roosevelt, who himself put those lies in a language that was suitable to the American people. Decent Americans thought that their government was doing the right thing, but those decent Americans were being scammed. What again were some of those lies?

Roosevelt declared:

“I have in my possession a secret map, made in Germany by Hitler’s government—by the planners of the New World Order. It is a map of South America as Hitler proposes to reorganize it. The geographical experts of Berlin, however, have ruthlessly obliterated all the existing boundary lines … bringing the whole continent under their domination. This map makes clear the Nazi design not only against South America but against the United States as well.

“It is a plan to abolish all existing religions—Protestant, Catholic, Mohammedan, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish alike. … In the place of the churches of our civilization, there is to be set up an international Nazi Church…In the place of the Bible, the words of ‘Mein Kampf’ will be imposed and enforced as Holy Writ. And in place of the cross of Christ will be put two symbols—the swastika and the naked sword. … A god of blood and iron will take the place of the God of love and mercy.”

Buchanan argues that the source of these fantasies “were forgeries by British agents in New York operating under William Stephenson, Churchill’s ‘Man Called Intrepid,’ whose assignment was to do whatever necessary to bring the U.S. into Britain’s war.”[6]

The fact is that Hitler didn’t want a war with Britain or the United States at all.[7] But since the vast majority of Americans didn’t want the United States to get involved in a protracted conflict with Germany, the technocrats and the oligarchs had to find a way to seduce decent Americans who were struggling to put food on the table. U.S. Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce declared that Roosevelt “lied us into war because he did not have the political courage to lead us into it.”[8] Buchanan writes,

“By late 1941, most Americans still wanted to stay out of the war. They believed ‘lying British propaganda’ about Belgian babies being tossed around on German bayonets had sucked us into World War I, from which the British Empire had benefited mightily.”[9]

Buchanan moves on to say that we all need to be aware of fake news because the Powers That Be have been using those kinds of propaganda since the beginning of time.[10] He writes, “It is often our own allies, like the Brits, and our own leaders who mislead and lie us into unnecessary wars.”[11]

Those so-called allies used fake news right before the war in Iraq,[12] which led to sodomy in places like Abu Ghraib,[13] which largely destroyed Iraq itself,[14] and which sent a six-trillion dollar bill to the American people.[15] U.S. veterans are still paying for the unintended consequences of those wars.[16]

What is even more interesting is that the Powers That Be don’t give a flip about you or American soldiers who gave up everything, including their families, to die in useless and perpetual wars. You are not important to those people at all. What is important to them is their essentially diabolical ideology, which they always attempt to bring to fruition. As Henry Kissinger himself said:

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”[17]

Kissinger seems to have something in common with one of the most influential rabbis in Israel, Ovadia Yosef, who propounded long before his death that the “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”[18] He added:

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.”[19]

The million-dollar question is this: will the technocrats stop using lies and malicious propaganda? Will they stop manipulating decent Americans and bringing them to their submission? The answer to that is no. In fact, they are currently using propaganda against Russia and Assad at this very moment.[20] Like John Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost, the technocrats are basically saying, “Evil, be thou my good.”[21]

Both Roosevelt and Churchill drew their ideology from the powers of evil in order to bludgeon England and America to death. Even during World War I, Churchill himself was happy when he learned that thousands upon thousands of German civilians were dying from the war. Churchill, like Theodore Roosevelt, took Darwin’s survival of the fittest (or Social Darwinism) very seriously.[22] Churchill declared in 1914:

“I know this war is smashing and shattering the lives of thousands every moment—and yet—I cannot help it—I love every second I live.”[23]

By 1919, “four months after Germany had accepted an armistice and laid down her arms,” Churchill again declared, “We are enforcing the blockade with rigour, and Germany is very near starvation.”[24]

There is more: “When the Kaiser requested permission to buy 2.5 million tons of food, Churchill denied the request because his aim, in his own words was to ‘starve the whole population—men, women and children, old and young, wounded and sound—into submission.”[25]

When all was said and done, about 863,000 Germans died of starvation during World War I. Churchill was largely responsible for this. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Roosevelt allied with this man and even Stalin to commit more crimes during World War II.

The sad part of all this is that if you crack-open a popular history book, you will more than likely read that both Roosevelt and Churchill were great leaders of the past who led much of the Western world into a freer political environment.

In other words, it was a great thing for those two men to make a pact with Stalin, who is arguably the greatest mass murderer in the twentieth century.[26] The Bolshevik movement, as we all know, traveled to places like China under Mao, and that again ended up liquidating at least 40 million people.[27]

The technocrats will admit that Stalin was a bad guy and that he did kill millions, but they will sweep that aside and focus on the “Holocaust uniqueness.” As one historian and Zionist friend told me two years ago, “Sometimes you have to make a deal with the devil to defeat real evil like the Nazis.” My only response was, “Oh, I see.”

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Kurt Vonnegut: The Bombing of Dresden in World War II & Slaughterhouse-Five (1997)


You guys burnt the place down, turned it into a single column of flame. More people died there in the firestorm, in that one big flame.. than died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.”

American writer Kurt Vonnegut was best known for his book Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death (1969), which is a satirical novel about World War II experiences and journeys through time of a soldier named Billy Pilgrim. Vonnegut’s use of the firebombing of Dresden as a central event makes the novel semi-autobiographical, as he was present during the bombing. It changed his life forever. Here is a speaking appearance in 1997 where he discusses this topic.

Commemoration of Dresden: Why an Apology from Britain to Germany is Due


Having had no need to be seduced into a war with Germany in the first place in September 1939, the British government then moved through three stages of self-inflicted and aggressive injustice under the bellicose Prime Minister Churchill:

1. in May-August 1940 – for, instead of pursuing peace offers from Germany, Churchill set out to incite total war, goading Germany into a wider air war by dropping the first bombs on German civilian areas; and

2. from March 1942, by adopting the Lindemann Plan’s deliberate targeting of German workers’ homes – the so-called “de-housing” policy – rather than supposed industrial targets; and

3. by 1944-45 during the last year (and even closing months) of war, mounting mass scale terror bombing of Germany when it was virtually defenceless, culminating in February 1945 with the gratuitous fire-bombing destruction of historic Dresden plus that 36 hours’ long burnt alive mass holocausting of its civilians and Soviet-fleeing refugees. Thus an apology from Britain to Germany is due.

13 February 1945: Approximately 500,000 German Refugees Burned Alive by Allied Forces in Dresden

The professional liars who act on behalf of the official historiography of the Federal Republic of Germany shamelessly reduce the death toll of the Dresden holocaust by several hundreds of thousands.

On the other hand, nobody disputes that more than 12.000 houses in the center of the city were reduced to dust during the hellish firestorm. In view of the fact that, in addition to the 600.000 inhabitants of Dresden, another 600.000 people (refugees from Breslau) had found shelter in the overcrowded city, one can safely assume that each of these 12.000 houses contained no fewer than 50 people.

But of these houses virtually nothing remained, and the people who had been dwelling in them were transformed into ashes due to a heat of 1600 degrees Celsius. The deniers of the German Holocaust brazenly claim that only 35.000 persons perished in Dresden. Considering that a superficies of 7 x 4 kilometers, to wit 28 square kilometers, was completely destroyed, this “politically correct” figure would imply that less than 1, 5 persons died on each thousand square meters! In February 2005 a commission of “serious” historians further reduced this figure, claiming that only 24.000 Germans had been killed in Dresden. But anybody familiar with the character of the political system of Germany knows that these “serious historians” are nothing but vulgar falsifiers of history who are paid for preventing the breakthrough of the truth with more and more bare-faced lies.

The figure of 35.000 dead only represents the small part of the victims who could be fully identified. Erhard Mundra, a member of the “Bautzen committee” (an association of former political prisoners in the GDR), wrote in the daily newspaper Die Welt (12.2. 1995, page 8): “According to the former general staff officer of the military district of Dresden and retired lieutenant colonel of the Bundeswehr, D. Matthes, 35.000 victims were fully and another 50.000 partly identified, whereas further 168.000 could not be identified at all.” It goes without saying that the hapless children, women and old people whom the firestorm had transformed into a heap of ashes could not be identified either.

In 1955 former West German chancellor Konrad Adenauer stated: “On 13 February 1945, the attack on the city of Dresden, which was overcrowded with refugees, claimed about 250.000 victims.” (Deutschland heute, edited by the press and information service of the federal government, Wiesbaden 1955, page 154.)

In 1992, the city of Dresden gave the following answer to a citizen who had inquired about the death toll: “According to reliable information from the Dresden police, 202.040 dead, most of them women and children, were found until 20 March. Only about 30% of them could be identified. If we take into account those who are missing, a figure of 250.000 to 300.000 victims seems realistic.” (letter by Hitzscherlich, Sign: 0016/Mi, date: 31 – 7 – 1992.)

At the time of the attack, Dresden had no anti-aircraft guns and no military defense. It possessed no military industry at all. The city served as a shelter for refugees from the East. The roofs were marked with a red cross.

The German cities became huge crematoria

In that horrible night from 13 to 14 February 1945, the biggest war criminal of all time, Winston Churchill, had almost 700.000 incendiary bombs dropped on Dresden – in other words, one bomb for two inhabitants. On 3 March 1995, Die Welt commented this fact: “When the cities became crematoria… Professor Dietmar Hosser from the institute for construction material, massive construction and fire prevention deems it highly probable that the temperatures above ground reached up to 1600 degrees Celsius.”The deadly “liberation” came from the skies

The genocide of the German nation destroyed “80% of all German cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants”. The air forces of the Allied war criminals dropped “40.000 tons of bombs in 1942, 120.000 tons in 1943, 650.000 tons in 1944 and another 500.000 tons in the four last months of the war in 1945” (Die Welt, 11 February 1995, page G1).

The Germans did not begin the bombing war!

It should be reminded that Great Britain and France declared war on the German Reich on 3 September 1939, and that England began the terror bombing against the German civilian population as early as two days after its declaration of war. On 5 September 1939 the first raids took place against Wilhelmshaven and Cuxhaven; on 12 January 1940, Westerland/Sylt was bombed. Two weeks later, on 25 January, the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht forbade air raids against Britain, including her ports, an exception being made for the docks of Rosyth. On 20 March, Kiel and Hörnum/Sylt were attacked with 110 explosive and incendiary bombs, which hit and destroyed a hospital. In April 1940, British bombers attacked further towns devoid of military importance. On 11 May 1940, one day after being named Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Winston Churchill decided to order a massive air offensive against the German civilian population; however he did not inform his own people of his decision. On 18 May 1940, the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht reported more meaningless British attacks on non-military aims and warned Britain of the consequences.

Not before 14/15 November 1940 did the Luftwaffe first attack a British city – Coventry with its important military industry. This happened several months after the start of the British terror bombing against civilian targets in Germany. The raid claimed about 600 victims.

Air-warfare expert Sönke Neitzel concludes: “Indisputably during the first years of the war all heavy attacks of the German Luftwaffe against cities were planned as military blows and cannot be defined as terror raids.” (Darmstädter Echo, 25 – 9 – 2004, p. 4)

Historians: “The British and American peoples share the burden of guilt for the genocide of the Germans”

In September 1988, military historians from five countries met at a conference in Freiburg. The event had been organized by the Institute for Military Research of the Bundeswehr. During a week, American, British, German, French and Italian specialist discussed various aspects of air warfare in the Second World War. After the conference, the daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine published a detailed and highly interesting article. Under the headline “Bombing the Cities”, the author, Professor Günter Gillessen, wrote: “It is a remarkable fact that the Wehrmacht stuck to the traditional principles of moderate warfare until the very end, whereas the two Western democracies resorted to a revolutionary, radical and reckless type of air warfare.” Another interesting conclusion the historians arrived at was the following: “It cannot be disputed that the principles of international law forbade total carpeting bombing … The historians considered the indiscriminate bombing as an abomination, but refused to lay the whole guilt on Air Marshall Sir Arthur Harris or the Bomber Command. According to them, the entire staff of the RAF, but even more the political leaders, especially Churchill and Roosevelt, plus the majority of their peoples shared the burden of guilt.”

Churchill wanted to roast German refugees

On 13 February 1990, forty-five years after the destruction of Dresden, British historian David Irving spoke at the Dresden “Kulturpalast”. In his speech, Irving quoted the war criminal Winston Churchill: “I don’t want any suggestions how to destroy militarily important targets around Dresden. I want suggestions how blasting the Germans in their retreat from Breslau.” (Minute by A.P.S. of S. – Air Chief Marshal Sir Wilfrid Freeman-  Jan 26, 1945 in “Air Historical Branch file CMS.608”) But for Churchill, roasting the Germans was not enough. On the morning after the firebombing, he ordered his “Tiefflieger” (strafers, low-flying planes) to machine-gun the survivors on the beaches of the river Elbe.Churchill’s systematic war of extermination against the German people included plans for the destruction of every house in every German city. “’If it has to be, we hope to be able to destroy nearly every house in every German city.’… In March 1945 Churchill began to doubt the wisdom of bombing German cities ‘simply for the sake of increasing the terror’, but the terror continued.” (Die Welt, 11 February 2005, p. 27)

The German elite accuses the victims

Whereas the butcher Churchill actually felt some belated remorse for his war of extermination against the civilian population of Germany, the despicable German post-war elite awarded him the Karlspreis (Charlemagne prize) of Aachen. Churchill accepted this prize in Aachen, one of the countless cities his air-force had devastated, thereby burning alive countless human beings.

Since then, the elite of the German vassal state has not changed. They continue to praise the murderers and to revile the victims. On the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of the destruction of his city, the mayor of Dresden, Ingolf Rossberg, did not shrink from heaping abuse on the German holocaust victims; he practically justified the murder of hundreds of thousands (most of them women, children and wounded soldiers in the hospitals) plus the annihilation of irreplaceable cultural treasures: “60 years after the devastating bombing, which claimed tens of thousands of victims, mayor Ingolf Rossberg warned against misunderstanding Dresden as an ‘innocent city’.” (Die Welt, 12 February 2005, Internet version).

Thus spoke the mayor of a city which had received streams of people, animals and carriages like a caring mother. The streets and squares of Dresden were filled with refugees, the meadows and parks had been transformed into huge camps. When the fatal hour approached, about 1.130.000 people were living in Dresden. The result of the attacks was even more murderous than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Only the German victims are guilty, not their murderers!

As American, British, German, French and Italian historians ascertained at the Freiburg conference in 1988, not only the main war criminals Churchill and Roosevelt bear the guilt for history’s worst atrocity. The majority of the British and the American population were not blameless either.

The German weekly Der Spiegel stated in its 1/1995 issue: “About six million Germans were killed.” As a matter of fact, the actual figure was about fifteen million. But although even the anti-German Spiegel admits that six million Germans were put to death, the German elite only bemoans Jewish victims.

On 12 February 1995, Ernst Cramer wrote in Die Welt (page 12): “When commemorating the victims, we should stop asking about guilt.” And what had the politically super-correct former German president, Roman Herzog, to say about who was guilty of the German genocide? Speaking in Dresden on 13 February 1995, Herzog chose to insult the victims by stating: “It is meaningless to discuss if the bombing war, the inhumanity of which nobody disputes, was legally justified or not. What are such discussions good for, considering that fifty years have elapsed?” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 14 February 1995, p. 1)

But when it comes to monstrously exaggerating the Auschwitz death toll (according to the well-known journalist Fritjof Meyer, three and a half million Auschwitz victims were simply invented in order to denigrate the German people) the professional hypocrites and liars never say: “It is meaningless to discuss this… What are such discussions good for, considering that so and so many years have elapsed?” As a matter of fact, all leading German politicians claim that Germany is guilty in all eternity. Even the unborn Germans are guilty!

Two measures

Let us resume: Not even the responsibles deny that the German cities were transformed into crematoria during World War Two. The total amounts of bombs dropped on the German cities has been confirmed by the criminals themselves and is therefore credible. That six million Germans were killed, was confirmed by the anti-German Spiegel and by official statistics, although the real figure is about 15 million. Nevertheless every liar under the sun apparently has the right to affirm that the allied terror bombings claimed only a handful of victims. These brazen falsifiers of history have nothing to fear from the German justice.

The biggest mass murder in history

The “democrats”, who claim to have “liberated” the German people from Hitler, brought nothing but terror and destruction. In Dresden, they murdered several hundreds of thousands people in one single hellish night and destroyed countless cultural treasures. Women who were giving birth to children in the delivery rooms of the burning hospitals jumped out of the windows, but within minutes, these mothers and their children, who were still hanging at the umbilical cords, were reduced to ashes too. Thousands of people whom the incendiary bombs had transformed into living torches jumped into the ponds, but phosphorus continues to burn even in the water. Even the animals from the zoo, elephants, lions and others, desperately headed for the water, together with the humans. But all of them, the new-born child, the mother, the old man, the wounded soldier and the innocent animal from the zoo and the stable, horribly perished in the name of “liberation”.

Burned victims after the Dresden Massacre

This and similar pictures were often used after the war as fake photographic proof of Jewish gas victims.

Six Nazi Super Weapons That Actually Saw Service During WWII

During WWII, the Germans were developing a wide range of superweapons that would turn the tide and ensure ultimate victory. Most of them never made it off the drawing boards and only a few saw active service but a number of them laid the foundation for weapons that are still being used today.

(War History Online)

We start off with the most famous trio, the V weapons.

V1 – The First Cruise Missile

The V-1 flying bomb (Vergeltungswaffe 1 – Vengeance Weapon 1) was known to the Allies as the buzz bomb, or doodlebug it was an early pulsejet-powered predecessor of the cruise missile.

The V1 was designed for terror bombing of London; it was fired from launch facilities along the French (Pas-de-Calais) and Dutch coasts. The first V-1 was launched at London on 13 June 1944, one week after the successful Allied landing in Europe.

At its peak, more than one hundred V-1s a day were fired at south-east England, 9,521 in total. This decreased in number as sites were overrun until October 1944 when the last V-1 site within range of Britain was overrun by Allied forces. After this, the V-1s were directed at the port of Antwerp and other targets in Belgium, with 2,448 V-1s being launched. The attacks stopped when the last launch site was overrun on 29 March 1945.

The British operated an arrangement of air defences (including anti-aircraft guns and fighter aircraft) to intercept the bombs before they reached their targets as part of Operation Crossbow while the launch sites and underground V-1 storage depots were targets of strategic bombing.

V2 – The First Ballistic Missile

The V-2, technical name Aggregat-4 (A4), was the world’s first long-range guided ballistic missile. The missile with liquid-propellant rocket engine was developed as a “vengeance weapon”, designed to attack Allied cities as retaliation for the Allied bombings against German cities. The V-2 rocket was also the first man-made object to cross the boundary of space.

Beginning in September 1944, over 3,000 V-2s were launched by the German Wehrmacht against Allied targets during the war, firstly London and later Antwerp and Liège. The attacks resulted in the deaths of an estimated 9,000 civilians and military personnel while 12,000 forced laborers and concentration camp prisoners were killed producing the weapons.

V2 Rocket on its transport carriage (Bundesarchiv – CC BY-SA 3.0)

As Germany collapsed, teams from the Allied forces—the U.S., Great Britain and the Soviet Union—raced to capture key German manufacturing sites and examples of German guided missiles, rocket and jet powered aircraft, and nuclear experiments. Wernher von Braun and over 100 key V-2 personnel surrendered to the Americans.

Through a lengthy sequence of events, a significant portion of the original V-2 team ended up working for the US Army at the Redstone Arsenal. The US also captured enough V-2 hardware to build approximately 80 of the missiles. The Soviets gained possession of the V-2 manufacturing facilities after the war and proceeded to re-establish V-2 production and move it to the Soviet Union.

V3 – The Nazi Super Gun

The prototype V-3 cannon at Laatzig, Germany (now Poland) in 1942 – Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1981-147-30A / CC-BY-SA 3.0

The weapon was planned to be used to bombard London from two large bunkers in the Pas-de-Calais region of northern France, but they were rendered unusable by Allied bombing raids before completion. Two similar guns were used to bombard Luxembourg from December 1944 to February 1945.

Me 262 – The First Operational Jet Fighter

The Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe (English: “Swallow”) of Germany was the world’s first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft. Design work started before World War II began, but engine problems and top-level interference kept the aircraft from operational status with the Luftwaffe until mid-1944.

One of the most advanced aviation designs in operational use during World War II, the Me 262 was used in a variety of roles, including light bomber, reconnaissance, and even experimental night fighter versions.

This airframe was surrendered to the RAF at Schleswig in May 1945 and taken to the UK for testing. Public Domain

Me 262 pilots claimed a total of 542 Allied kills, although higher claims are sometimes made. The Allies countered its potential effectiveness in the air by attacking the aircraft on the ground and during takeoff and landing. Engine reliability problems, from the pioneering nature of its Junkers turbojet engines—the first ones ever placed in mass production—and attacks by Allied forces on fuel supplies during the deteriorating late-war situation also reduced the effectiveness of the aircraft as a fighting force.

In the end, the Me 262 had a negligible impact on the course of the war as a result of its late introduction and the consequently small numbers put in operational service.

Fritz X – The First Guided Missile

Fritz-X being developed (Bundesarchiv – CC BY-SA 3.0)

Fritz X was the most common name for a German guided anti-ship glide bomb used during World War II. Fritz X was a nickname used both by Allied and Luftwaffe personnel.  It is one of the precursors of today’s anti-ship missiles and precision guided weapons.

The Fritz X was a further development of the high-explosive bomb SD 1400. It was a penetration weapon intended to be used against heavily protected targets such as heavy cruisers and battleships.

Fritz X (Air-to-Ship Wireless Guided Gliding Bomb) – By Kogo – Own work, GFDL

On 9 September 1943, the Luftwaffe achieved their greatest success with the Fritz X. After the Italian armistice with the Allies was announced on 8 September 1943, the Italian fleet had steamed out from La Spezia and headed to Malta. To prevent the ships from falling into Allied hands, six Do 217K-2s took off, each carrying a single Fritz X.

The Italian battleship Roma, flagship of the Italian fleet, received two hits and one near miss, and sank after her magazines exploded. 1,255 men, including Admiral Carlo Bergamini, died. Her sister ship, Italia, was also damaged but reached Malta.

ME 163 – The First Rocket Propelled Airplane

A ME 163 after landing, picture taken in the 1950s in Melbourne Australia / Public Domain

The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, designed by Alexander Lippisch, was a German rocket-powered fighter aircraft. It is the only rocket-powered fighter aircraft ever to have been operational.

Its design was revolutionary, and the Me 163 was capable of performance unrivaled at the time. German test pilot Heini Dittmar in early July 1944 reached 1,130 km/h (700 mph), a flight airspeed record.

The first actions involving the Me 163 occurred on 28 July 1944 , when two USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress were attacked without confirmed kills. Combat operations continued from May 1944 to spring 1945. During this time, there were nine confirmed kills with 14 Me 163s lost.

A Me 163 being shot down, as seen from USAAF P-47 gun camera – Public Domain

Feldwebel Siegfried Schubert was the most successful pilot, with three bombers to his credit.[38] Allied fighter pilots soon noted the short duration of the powered flight. They would wait, and when the engine exhausted its propellant supply, pounce on the unpowered Komet.

However, the Komet was extremely manoeuvrable in gliding flight. Another Allied method was to attack the fields the Komets operated from and strafe them after the Me 163s landed.

Due to the skid-based landing gear system, the Komet was immobile until the tractor, could back the trailer up to the nose of the aircraft, place its two rear arms under the wing panels, and jack up the trailer’s arms to hoist the aircraft off the ground or place it back on its take-off dolly to tow it back to its maintenance area.

In WW2, This USAAF pilot defected, he flew his P-38 to Milan & joined the SS

During WWII, an American pilot defected to Nazi Germany. Despite this, he was allowed to reenlist in the US military.

Martin James Monti was born on October 24, 1921, in St. Louis, Missouri. One of seven children, four of his brothers would go on to serve in the US military. Monti had every reason, therefore, to be a patriotic American. And he was, in a way.

The Coughlin way, that is. It all started in the 1930s with Charles Edward Coughlin – a Canadian-American Roman Catholic priest who ran a very popular radio program from Detroit, Michigan.

By 1934, Father Coughlin had a following of tens of millions throughout the US and Canada – making him the first televangelist, albeit via radio. Though initially supportive of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he had a change of heart and became a hostile critic of the New Deal – a series of liberal social programs.

Father Charles Edward Coughlin in 1933
Father Charles Edward Coughlin in 1933

It didn’t take long for Coughlin to become anti-capitalist, however. From there, he became virulently anti-Semitic, as well as fiercely anti-communist. His views made him very unpopular with the Catholic Church which tried to silence him in 1936.

Not that it made a difference, since it made him even more popular among his followers. This encouraged Coughlin to take things a step further by supporting the Fascist regimes of Germany and Italy. It was only when WWII broke out in 1939 that his broadcasts were finally taken off the air.

By then, however, Coughlin had a devoted fan – Monti, who had been listening to the priest’s broadcasts since childhood. In October 1942, the 21-year-old Monti visited his childhood hero and spiritual guide. Whatever happened during their meeting must have had a major impact on the younger man, according to his later psychologists.

A Bell P-39Q-1-BE Airacobra at Hamilton Army Airfield in California in July 1943
A Bell P-39Q-1-BE Airacobra at Hamilton Army Airfield in California in July 1943

Because the following month, Monti joined the US Army Air Forces as an aviation cadet. He finished flight training in 1944, became a commissioned flight officer qualified to fly the P-39 Airacobra and the P-38 Lighting, and got promoted to the rank of second lieutenant.

In August of that year, he was sent to Karachi (then in India, but now in Pakistan) to join the 126th Replacement Depot as a replacement pilot. Shortly after, he was made a first lieutenant. It’s still unknown if he went to India planning to do what he did next, or if something happened there to push him over the edge.

On October 2, Monti went AWOL and flew to Cairo, Egypt aboard a Curtiss C-46. From there, he made his way to Tripoli, Libya which had just been liberated from Axis control. He then made it to the Foggia Air Base in Italy (also under Allied control) where he became chummy with the 82nd Fighter Group… but not for long.

A Lockheed P-38H of the AAF Tactical Center at Orlando Army Air Base in Florida in March 1944
A Lockheed P-38H of the AAF Tactical Center at Orlando Army Air Base in Florida in March 1944

Monti’s next stop was at the Pomigliano Airfield with the 354th Air Service Squadron. It was there that he found a reconnaissance P-38 that had just been fixed and was in need of a test flight. He volunteered to fly it, of course. Not knowing about his AWOL status, they let him.

He flew toward northern Italy, landing in Milan on October 13 – which was still under German control. That they didn’t shoot him down was amazing.

“I defect,” he said… or something to that effect.

They didn’t believe him, of course, which is why they chucked him into a POW camp. But he was consistent with his story. Like Coughlin, he was virulently anti-capitalist, anti-communist, and anti-Semitic.


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Curtis C-46 "Commando" in flight
Curtis C-46 “Commando” in flight

What he wasn’t, according to his own later testimony, was anti-American. He did what he did to save his country from its true enemy – Bolshevism. It wasn’t his fault that America couldn’t understand the real threat.

Cautiously impressed, the Germans took him to Berlin. There Monti was brought into the SS-Standarte Kurt Eggers studio – a propaganda arm of the Waffen-SS where many foreign defectors worked. He made his first mike test in December and was deemed good enough to make radio broadcasts.

In January 1945, he was employed by the Reich Broadcasting Corporation (RRG) and given the pseudonym, “Captain Martin Wiethaupt.” His job was to be the equivalent of Coughlin, but over German radio.

It was there that he met another defector – “Axis Sally.” Her real name was Mildred Elizabeth Gillars – an American who had married a German and found herself stuck on German soil when the war broke out. It could have been a match made in heaven, but it wasn’t.


Mildred Elizabeth Gillars, aka "Axis Sally"
Mildred Elizabeth Gillars, aka “Axis Sally.”

Gillars couldn’t stand Monti and threatened to resign rather than continue working with him. Fortunately for her, Monti was useless as a radio personality, so the RRG sacked him. Fortunately for him, he got a job with the SS – writing propaganda leaflets.

It didn’t last. The war ended, and he surrendered to the US military on May 10, 1945… still in his SS uniform. He claimed to have been caught by the Germans, but had escaped thanks to the Italian underground. The uniform? He stole it for his protection and to gather intelligence for the Allies.

No one bought it, of course. As to his brief stint as “Captain Martin Wiethaupt,” he claimed that it was done at the point of a gun. They didn’t believe that either, but they weren’t exactly sure what he did do. All they could do was charge him with desertion and stealing a plane – for which he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

US Pentitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas
US Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. Photo Credit

On February 11, 1946, Monti was given another choice – rejoin the military as a private and all would be forgiven. So he became a sergeant when he was honorably discharged on January 26, 1948… then arrested minutes later by the FBI. Military intelligence had found out about his SS affiliation. A federal grand jury charged him with 21 counts of treason on October 13 – remanding him to 25 years in prison and a fine of $10,000. years in prison and a fine of $10,000.

Monti pleaded guilty to all charges on January 17, 1949 – surprising everyone who had expected a long, drawn-out trial. He changed his tune in 1951, however, claiming he had been pressured into it.

He tried again in 1958, but failed, serving out his term at the Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas. They finally paroled him in 1960.

VIDEO: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel


Film review, in color, of the life of an outstanding World War II military commander.

Rommel is shown inspecting defense fortifications along the Atlantic coast, with his troops in North Africa, and with his family. With striking musical accompaniment.



In addition to the 1922 illegal annexation of West Prussia, Silesia and Poznan, and Danzig blockade, Poland, until the outbreak of war, was guilty of repeated anti-German pogroms, provocations, pillage and border violations. Germany’s response to Poland’s attacks on their frontiers on September 1939 was known as the Defensive War in Germany.

The conciliatoriness of Adolf Hitler was the opposite of the territorially ambitious leader he is described as. Hitler’s keenest supporters were bemused when in 1934 their Chancellor ceded territory to which Poland had no legal right. A bitter compromise, Adolf Hitler did so in a vain attempt at appeasement. He regarded peace between Germany and Poland as being more important than territory-based conflict. Such facts are airbrushed out of the palace media’s propaganda.

There is similar victors’ vagueness as to the contemporary military strength of the German and Polish protagonists. If the topic is touched upon at all the suggestion is that Poland’s armed forces were far weaker than were the Reich’s. The outbreak of WWII is painted up as a Goliath against David struggle; Poland of course being the hapless David.

Such is the shameless victors’ propaganda. The term revisionist has been applied to those who question the allies’ account of World War Two. In fact, the term revisionist is far more appropriate to palace media whose toxic pen-pushers turn truth on its head.

Poland’s pre-war declared intention to invade the German Reich would not have been credible unless Poland had the means to carry out its threat. This suggests that Poland’s armed forces were superior to those of the Reich; they were. Polish anti-German belligerency rested on Poland’s dreadful omnipotent means of waging war on its appeasing neighbour.

Poland‘s war preparedness was far ahead of Germany‘s. Over a period of twenty years Poland created a one million man army. The Baltic nation’s armed forces were far bigger than was the then British Empire’s.

In 1939, Poland possessed thirty fully modernized infantry divisions backed up by a National Defence of 100,000 National Reservists. The Cavendish Encyclopaedia described the then Polish Army as ‘one of the largest in the world’. An armoured brigade of 300 tanks supported the Polish infantry. This puts the lie to the myth that theirs was an operatic cavalry defence force.

The Poles did have 37 horse regiments. So did other nations at the time including Britain and the United States. Britain had a Camel Corps that was finally disbanded only in 1944. At the outbreak of WWII over 50 per-cent of the German military defence system was horse drawn.

The Poles in 1939 operated a modern navy of five submarines, four naval destroyers, six minesweepers and a minelayer. The Polish Navy continued to fight long after their capital fell in October 1939. On April 8, 1940, seven months after the outbreak of war, the German transport Rio de Janeiro was sunk by the Polish submarine Orzel.

The Poles had in their arsenal an air fleet of over 1,000 aircraft. These included long-range medium bombers specifically designed for aggressive warfare. The advanced P.37 Elk medium bomber was considerably faster than its German counterpart the Heinkel HE 111 H-16.

Smigly Rydz, always decorated like a Christmas tree

The premier fighter of the Polish Air Force was the nimble PZL P.11. This aircraft was more than a formidable adversary against its German counterparts. The downing of 285 Luftwaffe aircraft during Germany’s Defensive War is testimony to Poland’s military airborne abilities.

Never mentioned is that Poland had only one border to defend. Germany was obliged to simultaneously defend its western borders from French and British declarations of war, threats and invasions. Britain and France declared war on the Reich; both nations invaded the Reich before the Reich mounted a defense. Unfortunately, we now live in an Orwellian world in which the aggressor is described as the victim. Today, the NATO threatened Russia, Iran; destroyed Syria and Libya, are described as aggressors.

Irony is that Poland’s anti-German posturing was bolstered by British and French promises to come to their aid in the event that the Reich would respond militarily; the Poles were deceived by Perfidious Albion. Having goaded the Poles into attacking Germany’s borders the Poles were abandoned to their well-deserved fate.

Cheering crowd of Wehrmacht soldiers, Sept. 27, 1939

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The French in September 1939 didn’t have much stomach for a set-to whilst England failed to send the promised military hardware. Westminster and Whitehall had little or nothing to send to the Poles. What does seem to be incomprehensible is that the dim-witted Polish regime failed to first ascertain that Britain had the military means to back up their promises. Most people at the time would not have purchased a second hand car from the duplicitous Winston Churchill or his cohorts.

On February 1, 1945, Poland’s General Anders chided Winston Churchill for not underwriting England’s guarantees of aid. General Anders reproached England’s war lord.

“What shall we say to our soldiers Soviet Russia is now confiscating half of our territory and wants the remaining part of Poland to be managed according to her own fashion? We know from experience where that leads.”

England’s unelected premier replied: “You yourself are to blame for that. We did not guarantee your eastern frontiers. Today we have enough soldiers and do not need your aid. You can remove your divisions. We are not using them anymore.”

“You did not say that during the last few years,” replied the disappointed General Anders.

This Japanese Soldier Survived In The Jungle For Decades After WW2 (Watch)


The dedicated soldier hands over his sword to the Philippine President in 1974.

Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda was deployed to Lubang Island in the Philippines in December 1944. He was 22 years old. His orders as an intelligence officer were to disrupt and sabotage the enemy’s plans and never to surrender or take his own life.

In February of 1945, Allied forces arrived on the island. It wasn’t long before Onoda and three others were the only Japanese on the island who had not surrendered or died. The four men slipped into the hills and planned to keep fighting as guerilla soldiers.

They lived on bananas, coconut milk, and stolen cattle while occasionally engaging in shootouts with the local police.

In late 1945, the men began to see leaflets that had been dropped from airplanes. The leaflets announced that the war was over and ordered Japanese soldiers to surrender. They thought about it, decided it was a trick, and kept on fighting.

In 1950, one of the men surrendered. Another was killed in 1954 by a search party. Private First Class Kinsichi Kozuka was killed by police in 1972 while he and Onoda were destroying rice stores at a local farm.

This left Onoda completely alone and made him a living legend on Lubang.

The story of Onoda was heard by a young adventurer named Norio Suzuki. He decided to find “Lieutenant Onoda, a panda, and the Abominable Snowman, in that order.”

The two men met in the Lubang jungle on February 20, 1974. Somehow, they became friends.

Suzuki told Onoda that the people of Japan were worried about him. Onoda was resolute that he would never surrender until ordered by a superior officer.

Suzuki went back to Japan and, with the government’s help, found Onoda’s commanding officer. Major Yoshimi Taniguchi was now an elderly man working in a bookstore, but he flew to Lubang and relieved Onoda of his duties on March 9, 1974, almost 29 years after the war’s end. Three days later, Onoda surrendered his sword to Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.

Onoda returned to Japan and set up a survival-training school for children. He died on January 16, 2014.

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