7 dead as terrorists rob bank, attack church in Egypt’s Sinai

EL-ARISH, Egypt — In a brazen attack, about a dozen Islamists robbed a local bank and traded fire with security forces guarding an unused church in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Monday, killing seven people, including three civilians, officials said.

The attackers fired rocket-propelled grenades and traded gunfire with the guards outside the Church of Saint George in the center of el-Arish, security and military officials said. Services at the church were suspended months ago, following a wave of attacks on Christians in Sinai.

The extremists then robbed a bank before fleeing in a pickup and a motorcycle to the southern outskirts of the city. “They looted the entire bank and left explosive devices inside,” a senior security official said.

The clashes killed three civilians, including a child, three guards and one soldier and wounded another 15 people, including women and children, the officials said. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to reporters.

Panic spread in the city, which has been under a state of emergency and curfew since a series of deadly IS attacks in 2014. A bank employee appeared to have been kidnapped in Monday’s attack, the officials said.

Security forces cordoned off the city center and evacuated residents living in the bank building. Pictures posted on social media by locals from el-Arish showed school girls fleeing a school located in the vicinity of the bank and the church.

The fighting came less than 24 hours after the Islamic State affiliate in Sinai killed nine soldiers in series of attacks targeting checkpoints across the nearby town of Sheikh Zweid. IS claimed responsibility in a statement carried by the extremists’ Aamaq media outlet. The army said 24 attackers were killed. On Thursday, six other policemen were also killed in an attack by the militants in el-Arish.

Egypt has been struggling to combat an Islamic insurgency in the northern Sinai that gathered strength after the military overthrew of an elected Islamist president in 2013.

St. George’s in el-Arish was attacked twice previously, during the uprising against longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011, and again after the 2013 ouster of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi.

Sunday’s attacks on military checkpoints prompted Egyptian authorities to postpone the opening of the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip, which had been due to open for four days. No new date has been set.


‘Active shooter’: Woman, 34, who survived Las Vegas massacre sent SAME message to her fiance two years ago when terrorists opened fire at her San Bernardino workplace

  • Melissa Castruita was near the stage singing along to Jason Aldean when the shots came pouring out of the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay on October 1
  • She sent a text to her fiance, J.C. Monticone, 36, that read: ‘Active shooter’ 
  • Those were the same two words she texted him on December 2, 2015, when two people shot up her workplace in San Bernardino, California, killing 14 



Melissa Castruita, pictured, survived the 2015 massacre in San Bernardino, California, and was in the festival crowd  on October 1 during the shooting that left 59 dead in Las Vegas

Melissa Castruita, pictured, survived the 2015 massacre in San Bernardino, California, and was in the festival crowd on October 1 during the shooting that left 59 dead in Las Vegas

A woman who survived the massacre in San Bernardino, California, in 2015 was in the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on October 1 during the shooting that left 58 people dead in Las Vegas.

Melissa Castruita was in the VIP area near the stage singing along to Jason Aldean when the shots came pouring out of the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, according to the LA Times.

She sent a text to her fiance, J.C. Monticone, 36, that read: ‘Active shooter.’

Those were the same two words she texted him on December 2, 2015, when two people shot up her workplace in San Bernardino, California.

She never thought she’d be unlucky enough to be in the center of a mass shooting, let alone two separate times in two years.

On October 1 gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, killing 58 and injuring almost 500 in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history 

On October 1 gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, killing 58 and injuring almost 500 in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history

On December 2, 2015, a terrorist duo shot up a holiday party at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, during a holiday party, killing 14 and injuring 21 others

On December 2, 2015, a terrorist duo shot up a holiday party at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, during a holiday party, killing 14 and injuring 21 others

During both shootings, Castruita texted her fiance, J.C. Monticone, 'Active shooter'. Monticone is pictured holding the phone that shows the text messages during the attack in Las Vegas

During both shootings, Castruita texted her fiance, J.C. Monticone, ‘Active shooter’. Monticone is pictured holding the phone that shows the text messages during the attack in Las Vegas

A terrorist duo killed 14 people and injured 21 others during a holiday party held at the Inland Regional Center where Castruita worked in San Bernardino.

The shooters were identified as Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. They were killed in a shootout with the police after they fled the scene.

Almost two years later, she experienced the most deadly shooting in American history when gunman Stephen Paddock killed 58 and wounded almost 500 others on Sunday in Las Vegas.

Castruita was celebrating her 34th birthday at the festival, according to the LA Times.

She had tickets for the VIP section but had arrived later than planned and missed out on getting seats in the outdoor arena.

Her aunt and cousin considered going into the pit area, but it was crowded. Ever since her experience with the San Bernardino shooting, Castruita had been nervous in large crowds.

She remembered driving to the Inland Regional Center on December 2 after the gunfire had started, knowing people had been shot and killed at the site where she worked.

A week after that shooting, nobody could go back into the building, so Castruita and Monticone decided to go to Disneyland.

The crowds at the park overwhelmed her to the point that they had to leave.

After the Vegas shooting, the two managed to meet up at the MGM Grand, where they hugged the same way they did when Monticone found Castruita after the San Bernardino shooting

After the Vegas shooting, the two managed to meet up at the MGM Grand, where they hugged the same way they did when Monticone found Castruita after the San Bernardino shooting

Not long after the San Bernardino shooting she was out running and saw a man with a hand in his pocket. She panicked, wondering if he had a gun.

She told the LA Times that by the time this year’s Route 91 Harvest festival came around, she was feeling better about being in crowded spaces and her gun-paranoia had subsided.

And then bullets rained down on the crowd.

Upon receiving Castruita’s text about the shooter, Monticone ran out of the Luxor Casino toward her.

Similarly, he drove 95mph on the freeway to get her in San Bernardino two years ago.

After crouching in the VIP section while the shots were being fired, Castruita and other concertgoers ripped down the aluminum wall of the section and ran toward the Tropicana hotel.

She and Monticone finally met up at the MGM Grand.

They hugged, just as they had in 2015.

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Ukraine arrests 3 alleged terrorists accused of targeting Jews in Uman

Ukrainian police arrested three men they said were terrorists who, in their efforts to pit ethnic groups against one another, also targeted Jews in the central city of Uman.

The men were arrested earlier this month at a border crossing while carrying explosives, according to the KP news site. Citing unnamed officials from the regional prosecutor’s office, the news site reported that the suspects were planning to blow up a monument for Hungarians in a bid to escalate tensions over legislation in Ukraine that outlaws the use of Hungarian at elementary schools.

The three suspects were also behind a string of anti-Semitic incidents, according to the report, including the hurling on Sept. 21 of a grenade at Jewish pilgrims in Uman, where 30,000 Jews convene each year on Rosh Hashanah to celebrate the Jewish holiday near the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

They are also accused of dousing a synagogue in Uman with red paint in 2016 and leaving a pig’s head there – an incident that many people attributed to hatred of Jews and locals’ growing dissatisfaction with problems associated with the pilgrimage.

They are further accused of spraying the words “death to Jews” on the synagogue in Chernivtsi in November and trying to set fire to the synagogue in Lviv in July. The suspects denied these and other allegations.

Though prosecutors have not said this, the arrests prompted theories that the three suspects were working for Russia to exacerbate social tensions in Ukraine and give the country a bad image abroad.

Russia and Ukraine, where for long decades under communism the media accused Western agents of sabotage, have exchanged similar allegations after 2014, when a revolution led by nationalists in Ukraine toppled the rule of former president Viktor Yanukovych, whom some critics said was a corrupt Russian stooge. Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine and backs separatists in Ukraine’s east.

The two countries have also exchanged accusations of anti-Semitism in an apparent attempt to discredit each other in the West.

Erdogan questions why U.S. has armed Syrian Kurdish ‘terrorists,’ disputes claims of dictatorship




JUDY WOODRUFF: Recep Tayyip Erdogan has led Turkey since 2003, first as prime minister, and since 2014 as president, an office he has remade into the nation’s preeminent leader.

Turkey has been an ally of the U.S. for decades, but that alliance is now tense. A main source of division, U.S. support for Syrian Kurdish militia known as the YPG, and its related organization, the PYD, which the U.S. is helping fight ISIS in Syria.

Both groups are allies of Erdogan’s sworn enemy in Turkey, the PKK, a Kurdish separatist group. There are also concerns about the state of Turkish democracy, in the wake of last year’s coup attempt. Erdogan says the FETO organization orchestrated it. That’s his term for a group run by a former ally, Fethullah Gulen. He lives in Pennsylvania, another source of tension with the U.S.

Erdogan spoke today at the U.N., and he will meet President Trump on Thursday.

I sat down late yesterday afternoon with him in New York for an exclusive interview.

President Erdogan, thank you very much for talking with us.

You’re here to speak to the United Nations and to an American audience.

What should the American people know about the state of Turkey-United States relations right now?

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN, Turkey (through interpreter): Of course, Turkey’s relations with the United States date back to a long time in history.

We have been enjoying very serious relations throughout history within the framework of this strategic partnership. And all throughout the years, this process successfully sustained our strategic partnership, peaking within NATO.

We are together. We’re allies within NATO. And Turkey is one of the founding members of NATO. And the strategic partnership was then converted into a model partnership. And we have been enjoying the cooperation in that regard.

JUDY WOODRUFF: I ask this because there is some tension in the relationship right now. Just today, it’s reported that the Trump administration has decided not to allow the sale of guns and other weapons to your presidential guards.

Is this a problem? What does it say about the relationship between Turkey and the U.S.?

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter): This is a question that I will be talking about when I get together with President Trump on the 21st, and these are all rumors. There are no statements. And these rumors are not very healthy rumors.

I just want to address the audience and state the following openly. In Syria, the PYD terrorist organization is present, and the YPG is there as well. And they are extensions of the PKK separatist organization in Turkey. And we are all fighting these extensions of the PKK.

I know that the United States officially recognized the PKK as a terrorist organization. However, as long as that is the case, the PYD or YPG, which are extensions of the PKK, I don’t think it is the right move to fight Da’esh in Raqqa with those groups. That fight can be conducted with us.

But I think it’s wrong for the United States to fight terrorism with the YPG or PYD. This is something I have shared with the higher echelons of the United States. We need the fight these terrorists with the United States. And we are not able to acquire those weapons from the United States. Why are you giving weapons to those terrorists, is the question that we ask our friends in the United States.

JUDY WOODRUFF: The United States, as you know very well, has been saying it depends on the Syrian Kurds to lead the fight, be an important part of the fight against ISIS.

So, are you saying, unless the U.S. stops working with the Syrian Kurds, that is a deal-breaker in the relationship between Turkey and the U.S., or is there some accommodation here possible?

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter): Well, we shouldn’t mix one thing with another.

First and foremost, this issue has got nothing to do with Kurds. We’re just talking about terrorist organizations. Some of the Kurds in the northern parts of Syria are involved in terrorism. And they are to be called terrorists.

And some of them are moderate, and they have positive relations with Turkey, and they defend to maintain those positive relations via Turkey. Both of them shouldn’t be confused with another, or else we will have different interpretations of the issue in Turkey.

I want to highlight this fact, because we’re not against the Kurds. We are against the terrorist organization, and Kurds are our friends.

JUDY WOODRUFF: So, you are saying that there is an accommodation possible.

After Raqqa falls, which many expect it to do, after ISIS is driven out of Raqqa, is there an agreement, an understanding between Turkey and the United States about who will be in charge and what role will the YPG play, will other groups play in that area, the Syrian Democratic Forces?

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter): Whatever the stance we had embraced via the terrorist organizations on a global scale will be exactly the same views of the YPG. And especially the name Da’esh shouldn’t be confused with the others.

We are fighting Da’esh in a very committed fashion and very seriously. We have killed more than 3,000 Da’esh terrorists. But we are very saddened to see the following. We’re trying to eradicate one terrorist organization using another terrorist organization as a vessel.

Right now, the United States is working with the YPG in order to eradicate Da’esh. The United States is using YPG as the land forces to fight Da’esh. But, instead, we said we could be of help there. We are Turkey, and we could do that. Let’s walk hand in hand.

JUDY WOODRUFF: While we’re talking about the Kurds, next door, in Iraq, there could be a time in the near future when there is a separate Kurdish state. There will be a referendum, it appears.

Can Turkey live with an independent Kurdish state in Iraq?

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter): Well, let me be very clear in my remarks.

First and foremost, since day one, we have always defended the territorial integrity of Iraq, even though nobody else seems to be doing the same. This referendum shouldn’t be conducted. How can we accept a referendum, as Turkey, when we have a border line of 350 kilometers of Iraq?

Iran doesn’t seem to agree. The federal state doesn’t seem to agree with the referendum, so how can you make a decision all by yourself as the northern part of Iraq? We do not accept this decision.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Syria. We were talking about Russia is a major player in Syria. Just last week, you announced a multibillion-dollar deal to buy surface-to-air missiles from Russia. Why? And is this a contravention of your commitment to NATO, which you’re a longtime member of?

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter):We have asked for those weapons from many NATO allies, primarily the United States, but we were turned down.

That’s why we have to resort to other means, because these systems are very important in terms of our defense. We have had discussions and deliberations with Russia, and Russia is willing to support us all the way to a possible joint manufacturing of these missiles.

It’s quite natural for us to take decisions on our own self-defense mechanisms. The secretary-general of NATO officially declared that every country had the discretion to make up their own mind and take the necessary measures.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Does this mean that you cannot rely on NATO for your defense? And NATO was partly created to defend against Russia, in opposition to Russia. So, is Turkey now closer to Russia or closer to NATO? Where do you place Turkey in that divide?

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter): Turkey is a very powerful member of NATO. And why are you standing against such a member of NATO as Turkey? We’re going to pay for these weapons and acquire them.

But terrorists are being supplied these weapons free of charge; 3,000 trucks carrying these weapons were provided for these terrorists, and we, as a legitimate member, failed to acquire those weapons, and we had requested to acquire Predators or drones from the United States.

And, for many years, we have never received them. We were not supplied drones, but terrorists are being supplied all those drones and all those weapons. This is unacceptable, and we have to take care of ourselves.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Turkey has for many years sought membership in the European Union. Are you still interested in joining?

And I say so because there has been a dispute recently. Chancellor Merkel of Germany has said this shouldn’t happen. Is Turkey still interested in being part of the E.U.?

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter): Has the E.U. decided to admit Turkey as a full member? They should come up with a statement. Are they going to take us in or not? We are ready for everything and anything, so long as they tell us what they’re going to do.

We are very sincere, and we expect the exact same from the E.U., to be sincere. But I don’t know to what extent we will be able to tolerate this lingering on. But I think this can only be tolerated to a certain level, and after that threshold, I think Turkey will come to the point where we have to make our own decision.

JUDY WOODRUFF: One of the sources of tension, a great source of the tension between Turkey and the E.U., Turkey and the United States, has been the strength of the democracy in Turkey.

Your moves before and especially after the coup attempt in the summer of last year, many people in Turkey, in the government, in the military, in the journalism field, reporters, and others have either been — have either lost their jobs or have been imprisoned, in jail.

The question from the United States, from many in the U.S. and in Europe, is, is this the permanent course for Turkey, or is this temporary? You have said these people are terrorists, they were attempting to overthrow your government.

But many of them are schoolteachers, low-level government workers, news reporters. And I think it’s hard for people in the West to understand why you believe so many of them are terrorists.

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter): Why are you not calling terrorists what they are? That’s what I’m curious about. Call terrorists terrorists.

And, secondly, in our country, a terror act involving many individuals with the eventual goal of toppling the government is subject to legal measures to be taken against them, to which we’re committed to staying in the future, because these individuals have infiltrated into law enforcement, into the armed forces.

They were wearing their uniforms, but they had their terrorist agendas in their minds. And they have infiltrated into the police force, into the ministries of the state. There are many echelons within those institutions bearing titles, having different agendas.

All of these individuals are subject to prosecution. And their agendas are being identified as a result of the judicial process. The democracy is quite strong in Turkey. Looking at the number of votes cast throughout the elections, you will see that the turnout was around 80 to 85 percent, demonstrating that democracy is quite powerful in Turkey.

Tayyip Erdogan became the president of the Republic of Turkey with 52 percent of the public vote within the first round of the elections. I was elected as the president, and I’m being called a dictator. However many media outlets in the West, in the United States, I’m being defamed, and they are being very disrespectful.

We are receiving the full support of our people, and we are continuing down our path.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Under President Trump, this administration, there is — there have been charges filed against some of your presidential security detail because of an incident that happened in Washington last — this summer, when you were visiting, outside the residence of the ambassador.

You — you disagreed with these charges. You have said the U.S. judicial system is corrupt. Again, fundamental disagreement. Can you do — how can you get along with President Trump, how can you do business with President Trump when there is this fundamental disagreement over what happened that day?

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter): I’m very sorry about that.

Actually, President Trump called me about a week ago about this issue. He said that he was sorry, and he told me that he was going to follow up on this issue when we come to the United States within the framework of an official visit.

The protesters were insulting us, and they were screaming and shouting. The police failed to intervene properly. And similar protests were seen around the White House as well when we were inside of the embassy residence. The protesters were very close to my car, to my vehicle.

The PKK terrorists and the FETO terrorists were protesting. These police officers were officers of the state, not the federal government, but they are in charge of maintaining safety around me and security. They failed to do that.

And, of course, that would be the moment when my personal security would come to my aid and make sure that everything was safe and secure around me.

I’m going to get together with President Trump on Thursday, and I’m going to talk about these developments in a very extensive fashion. I hope and pray that justice will be served as soon as possible, because I know that the United States is very sensitive in terms of judiciary and in terms of the rule of law and the legal aspects.

And there will be many other things that we will discuss with President Trump on Thursday.

JUDY WOODRUFF: And, finally, President Erdogan, I understand that a number of — there are many Turkish nationals living now in the United States. I think over a million live here in this country.

Do you have a message for them? Have they made the right decision to live in the United States, to work here?

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter): I hope and pray that the U.S. administration and the Turkish descendants will build a bridge between us, and they should sustain this relationship on and on.

JUDY WOODRUFF: President Erdogan, thank you very much for talking with us.

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (through interpreter): Thank you.

New Documents Show Pentagon Is Shipping Billions Worth Of Weapons To Terrorists In Syria, Trying To Cover Its Tracks

By Brandon Turbeville

While Donald Trump garnered praise from many anti-imperialist activists and researchers after his public announcement that he was ending the CIA’s program of arming terrorists in Syria, it appears much of that praise will be short-lived. Certainly, many expected a sleight of hand from the Trump administration and the Deep State, and now evidence has surfaced showing that the U.S. government has simply shifted the focus of arming terrorists from one agency to another.

Trump never ended the Pentagon program, viewed as a much smaller initiative. However, documents recently revealed are showing that the program is officially set to continue in the arena of $2 billion over the next five or so years. Given the secrecy of the program, however, many believe the monetary value of the weapons shipments is much higher.

A new report released by two international weapons monitoring groups, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), confirmed on Tuesday that the Pentagon is continuing to ship massive amounts of weapons to Syria. In addition, the Department of Defense is attempting to destroy its own paper trail. Both the OCCRP and the BIRN provided conclusive evidence that the Pentagon is shipping in up to $2.2 billion worth of weapons from private weapons dealers to terrorists in Syria. They also provided evidence that the DOD is altering paperwork such as end-user certificates in order to hide its involvement.

This story now echoes the early revelations made by Bulgarian reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhievawho reported on the use of diplomatic flights as cover for weapons shipments by the anti-Syria coalition from those countries to terrorists in Syria, Yemen, and other locations. Gaytandzhieva was subsequently interrogated and fired from her job at Trud.

The OCCRP and BIRN actually published a number of internal US Defense procurement files after their own extensive investigation. These files showed that the Pentagon is running a major weapons trafficking pipeline that reaches from the Balkans and the Caucuses but which ends in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere. The program is part of the “train and equip” program for the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), a collection of Arab Muslim terrorists and fanatical Kurds mainly from the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and YPG respectively.

The mouthpiece of the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Policy, has covered the issue as well. FP’s article states,

The Department of Defense has budgeted $584 million specifically for this Syrian operation for the financial years 2017 and 2018, and has earmarked another $900 million of spending on Soviet-style munitions between now and 2022. The total, $2.2 billion, likely understates the flow of weapons to Syrian rebels in the coming years. . . . . .

According to the report, many of the weapons suppliers — primarily in Eastern Europe but also in the former Soviet republics, including Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Ukraine — have both links to organized crime throughout Eastern Europe and spotty business records.

The sheer amount of material necessary for the Pentagon program — one ammunition factory announced it planned to hire 1,000 new employees in 2016 to help cope with the demand — has reportedly stretched suppliers to the limit, forcing the Defense Department to relax standards on the materials it’s willing to accept..

As Zero Hedge comments,

It is likely that the organized crime association is the reason why the Pentagon has sought to alter its records. In addition, the sheer volume of weaponry continuing to ship to the Syrian battlefield and other parts of the Middle East means inevitable proliferation among unsavory terror groups – a phenomenon which has already been exhaustively documented in connection with the now reportedly closed CIA program to topple the Syrian government. The associations and alliances among some of the Arab former FSA groups the DoD continues to support in the north and east remains fluid, which means means US-supplied weapons will continue to pass among groups with no accountability for where they end up.

Seven of the documents published by the two international watchdog organizations show clear doctoring and tampering by the DOD. In some of the original documents, one can see the end user listed. After the document has been tampered with, the end user has been removed.

Ivan Angelovski, one of the authors of the watchdog report, told Foreign Policy that, “The Pentagon is removing any evidence in their procurement records that weapons are actually going to the Syrian opposition.”

Balkan Insight, the website that is hosting the report, states that “Seven US procurement documents were whitewashed to remove reference to ‘Syria’ after reporters contacted the Pentagon to enquire about whether the exporting countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia – had been informed of the destination.”

Foreign Policy, which has traditionally acted as the cheerleader for any and all operations undertaken to destroy the Syrian government, also stated that the U.S. policy is “turbocharging” the “shadowy world of Eastern European arms dealers.” While not shocking, the reports both confirm the information documented by Gaytandzhieva and the fact that the United States is continuing to move ahead with the arming of terrorists in Syria, most likely with the idea of Balkanization and Federalization in mind for the future. At best, the terrorists being used for Balkanization and the creation of Kurdistan has taken precedence over and replaced the terrorists being used for a direct assault on the Syrian government. At worst, it is a sleight of hand by the Trump administration designed to distract and divert attention from America’s terrorist mill.

Image Credit: TFTP

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 andvolume 2The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The OutcomeTurbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST atUCYTV. His website is BrandonTurbeville.com He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com.

This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

Posers or terrorists? Deaths put spotlight on Florida neo-Nazi group

TAMPA, Flrida (AP) — The friendship of the four young roommates — though cemented in the dark trappings of an obscure neo-Nazi group called Atomwaffen Division — never seemed destined for bloodshed.

One was described as a former science nerd, serving in the Florida National Guard. Two others worked temp jobs at a recycling plant and talked about joining the military. The fourth caught flak from his roommates for wasting his days with video games.

Now two of the young men are dead, the other two are in jail and authorities are left to answer this question: Was Atomwaffen Division plotting violent acts or were the four young men merely posers?

Four days after police say one of the roommates shot and killed two others, Atomwaffen posted an ominous video on YouTube depicting members standing with arms extended in “Heil Hitler” salutes and posing with guns in front of a swastika flag, their faces obscured by images of skulls. It ended with a stark slogan: “Join your local Nazis.”

Kianna Kaizer, of Walpole, Mass., girlfriend of 22-year-old murder victim Jeremy Himmelman (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Inside the apartment the men shared, authorities said they found guns, ammunition and bomb-making material, along with a framed picture of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on a bedroom dresser.

After his arrest in May on murder charges, Devon Arthurs, the group’s 18-year-old co-founder, told police detectives that he killed his roommates to thwart a terrorist attack by Atomwaffen, which is German for “atomic weapon.”

‘I’m a neo-Nazi. I’m not a monster’

“I prevented the deaths of a lot of people,” Arthurs said in a rambling statement. Asked why his roommates would plan such an attack, he responded, “Because they want to build a Fourth Reich.”

The victims’ families insist, however, that the two slain young men were transitioning to new phases in their lives. And another Atomwaffen member characterizes the group as simply a band of trolls who delight in provoking outrage with stunts like picketing at a vigil for victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

This photo made available May 20, 2017, by the Tampa Police Department, Florida, shows Devon Arthurs, 18. (Tampa Police Department via AP)

“I’m a neo-Nazi. I’m not a monster,” William Tschantre told The Associated Press.

Atomwaffen doesn’t have near the numbers or the notoriety of some of the white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups that gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, for this month’s deadly rally. Tschantre and others estimate that it has only a few dozen members nationwide.

But federal investigators say they believe the May 19 shooting exposed evidence of a credible threat to the public. In the condo’s garage, they say they found volatile explosive material stored in a cooler, near homemade detonator components and several pounds of ammonium nitrate. Two sources of radiation also were detected on the premises, they say.

FBI agents have filed explosives charges against Atomwaffen’s leader, 21-year-old Brandon Russell, who was dressed in a military uniform and crying outside the apartment when Arthurs led officers to the grisly scene. Arthurs said Russell, who had just returned home from his Florida National Guard duties, knew nothing about the killings. But he accused Russell of stockpiling explosives to bomb power lines, nuclear reactors and synagogues.

Russell told investigators that he had used the material to boost homemade rockets, but a federal judge agreed he posed a risk to the public and ordered him detained. The judge added, however, that he was troubled investigators hadn’t presented more evidence to corroborate Arthurs’ claims about Atomwaffen.

Arthurs’ accusations against his slain roommates — 18-year-old Andrew Oneschuk and 22-year-old Jeremy Himmelman, leader of Atomwaffen’s Massachusetts branch — have angered their grieving relatives. Their families dismiss his claims as the self-serving rantings of a sociopath who initially told investigators that he killed his friends for teasing him about his recent conversion to Islam.

The slain men’s relatives and friends reject any neo-Nazi labels, but do not dispute that they shared an interest in right-wing ideologies.

Kianna Kaizer, Himmelman’s girlfriend, called his “political side” only a small part of his life but acknowledged he held decidedly far-right beliefs.

“Jeremy went through a lot of struggle in his life, and national socialism offered him the rigidity he desired, and offered him solutions for the things out of his control,” she wrote in an email.

A white supremacist carrying a Nazi flag into Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, Virginia, August 12, 2017. (AP/Steve Helber)

Walter Oneschuk said that when Andrew was 15, he had blocked his son’s computer from accessing sites rife with racist and anti-Semitic content. But he said Andrew changed after briefly joining the French Foreign Legion last November, just six months shy of turning 18.

Andrew’s fervor for far-right extremism waned after his return from France, Oneschuk said. “He realized this stuff was not his future,” the father said.

It was the lure of free rent and bountiful fishing opportunities that convinced Himmelman and Oneschuk to leave Massachusetts and spend part of the summer in Florida.

Himmelman had toyed with joining the military, but instead planned to use the time to plot his next move, friends and family said. And Andrew Oneschuk’s father said his son had met with a Navy recruiter in April and looked forward to a military career.

Tensions between the four roommates quickly mounted. Kaizer said Himmelman and Oneschuk often teased Arthurs for having no job and spending most of his time playing video games.

Oneschuk told his father that he was tired of Arthurs’ attempts to convert him to Islam.

In this Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017 photo family members of 18-year-old murder victim Andrew Oneschuk, from the left, mother Chris, father Walter, and sister Emily, stand for a portrait at their home in Wakefield, Mass. Devon Arthurs, 18, co-founder of the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen, which is German for "atomic weapon," was arrested on murder charges in the shooting death of two roommates, including Oneschuk, in Florida, in May of 2017. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Arthurs’ religious rhetoric also annoyed other Atomwaffen members, according to Tschantre. The night before the shooting, Arthurs argued with them about his conversion during an online chat, Tschantre said.

Himmelman and Oneschuk didn’t join in the chat, but Tschantre said he suspects the heated exchange could explain how Arthurs’ anger turned into violence the next evening.

In anonymous internet posts, Atomwaffen members hailed Oneschuk and Himmelman as fallen heroes and assailed Arthurs as a race traitor. A tribute on IronMarch, a website for the “global fascist fraternity,” included swastika-stamped photos of the slain men.

In a 2015 post on IronMarch, Russell had described Atomwaffen as a “fanatical, ideological band of comrades who do both activism and militant training.”

“Keyboard warriorism is nothing to do with what we are,” he wrote.

White Communities Need to Do More to Ferret Out Terrorists in Their Midst

There was a time, not that long ago, when Donald Trump insisted it takes a village to end terrorism; that a community is a first line of defensive against domestic terror. Last October, Trump suggested the onus for ending U.S. terror attacks falls largely on Muslims, whom he wrongly implied need to do better at rooting out radicalized extremists in their own communities.

“We have to be sure that Muslims…report when they see something going on,” Trump said during a presidential debate in a twisted, roundabout defense of Islamophobia. “When [Muslims] see hatred going on, they have to report it.” A few months earlier, Trump suggested that Muslims who don’t report potential terrorists should face some kind of punishment. “Muslims are the ones that see what’s going on,” Trump said to disgraced ex-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. “The Muslims are the ones that have to report [a terrorist]. And if they don’t report him, then there have to be consequences to them.”

Those statements contain the racism, ignorance and fearmongering that typify Trump’s remarks, and like so many others, have little to do with the truth. As multiple counterterrorism officials, including then-FBI head James Comey, rushed to point out, Muslim American communities already report terror threats to authorities; one official characterized the relationship between law enforcement and Muslim communities as “robust.”

Also relevant is the fact the greatest threat to this country isn’t American Muslims or Islamic immigrants or refugees, but domestic terrorists who are overwhelmingly white and Christian. “Patriot group” members, Ku Klux Klan officers and neo-Nazis, young preppies aligned with the so-called alt-right: these are the real faces of terror, according to facts and stats. Over the last nine years, “right-wing extremists were behind nearly twice as many incidents” of American terrorism as Muslim extremists, and police managed to foil just 35 percent of right-wing extremist terror plots. (By contrast, cops preempted 76 percent of terror plots by Islamist extremists, probably thanks to input from Muslim community members and leaders.) In other words, there definitely is a community that needs to step up and report terrorism right now. That community happens to look a lot like the neo-Nazis actually causing the bulk of U.S. terror.

Homegrown white terrorists are coming to their beliefs in suburban bedrooms and all-American small towns, wealthy gated communities and white working-class neighborhoods. Richard Spencer is a rich kid from Dallas; Christopher Cantwell grew up in the leafy environs of Stony Brook, New York; “Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler is a native of liberal college town Charlottesville, Virginia. Who knows what their friends and neighbors knew about their beliefs before they joined the groups whose names currently fill news feeds. There are generally clues that warn of radicalization. James Alex Fields Jr., who drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters at Kessler’s event, injuring 19 and murdering Heather Heyer, grew up in a Kentucky county that’s nearly 94 percent white. He wrote a paper in high school that one of his teachers recalls being “very much along the party lines of the neo-Nazi movement” and described him as being even then “very misguided and disillusioned.” Imagine if he’d been a Muslim student who had written a paper in support of ISIS, what the school’s reaction would likely have been. The difference might have been life and death.

We especially need white people to step up and report would-be terrorists in their communities because it’s a safe bet the government won’t be doing anything to stop them. The Trump administration recently slashed funding for organizations fighting neo-Nazis and other violent right-wing extremist groups. It canceled hundreds of thousands of dollars reportedly earmarked for “one of the only programs in the U.S. devoted to helping people leave neo-Nazi and other white supremacy groups,” as well as a university program to “counter…white supremacist recruiting.” More generally, a president who has openly sympathized with neo-Nazis and relies on misleading data to spread misinformation about the source of terror isn’t making scrutiny of white power groups a priority. There’s a far greater likelihood of another Charlottesville, or an Oklahoma City bombing for that matter, than anything done by Muslim extremists.

That’s a particularly scary prospect in this moment when right-wing terror is on the rise. Young white men on sites from Stormfront to 4chan to Reddit and even Twitter are logging in and being radicalized all the time. The manosphere, where white guys come for the misogyny and stay for the racism, is a machine that effectively yields radical white terrorists in periods as short as a few months. Richard Hansen, a political scientist at UC Irvine, recently published a paper on how the internet has helped hate groups spread their numbers at rates they could only have dreamed of before the digital era. “It just becomes easier to organize, to spread the word, for people to know where to go,” Hansen told Pacific Standard. “It could be to raise money, or it could be to engage in attacks on social media. Some of the activity is virtual. Some of it is in a physical place. Social media has lowered the collective-action problems that individuals who might want to be in a hate group would face. You can see that there are people out there like you. That’s the dark side of social media.”

Trump won’t be calling on white communities to do their due diligence and report terror threats, but this should be a motivating moment. It’s impossible to count the number of potentially violent racists operating in this country at any given time (the vast majority of racists don’t have official affiliations), but the SPLC puts the number of hate groups at somewhere around 920. There was a dramatic increase in hate crimes over the course of the election season, and those numbers only climbed higher after Trump’s election. For every Heather Heyer or Richard Collins III, the African-American college student murdered by a racist a few days shy of graduation from Bowie State, there are an unknowable number of crimes that never get reported or hit the wires. Arie Perliger, an University of Massachusetts professor and expert in far-right politics, writes in a column at Newsweek that this may reflect a sea change.

Beyond the terror that victimized communities are experiencing, I would argue that this trend reflects a deeper social change in American society. The iceberg model of political extremism, initially developed by Ehud Shprinzak, an Israeli political scientist, can illuminate these dynamics. Murders and other violent attacks perpetrated by U.S. far-right extremists compose the visible tip of an iceberg. The rest of this iceberg is underwater and out of sight. It includes hundreds of attacks every year that damage property and intimidate communities…Data my team collected at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point show that the significant growth in far-right violence in recent years is happening at the base of the iceberg. While the main reasons for that are still not clear, it is important to remember that changes in societal norms are usually reflected in behavioral changes. Hence, it is more than reasonable to suspect that extremist individuals engage in such activities because they sense that their views are enjoying growing social legitimacy and acceptance, which is emboldening them to act on their bigotry.

To prevent the “social legitimacy and acceptance” Perlinger points to, their communities need to be stepping forward in the way people have been telling Muslims to do for years. After all, becoming a neo-Nazi is just like becoming any other kind of terrorist. The radicalizing process is almost identical.

“The processes are pretty much the same,” Mary Beth Altier, a New York University professor whose work centers on understanding political violence, told Vox. “There aren’t really distinctions between joining a group like the KKK and ISIS.”

So maybe there should be the same expectation of those communities to speak up and speak out.

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

Petition to Label Antifa as Terrorists Hits 100k Signatures

A call on the Donald Trump administration to officially classify the Antifa movement as a terrorist organization has reached the 100,000-signature threshold for a mandatory response from the White House.


The petition was launched on August 17, and in just three days, topped the minimum of 100,000 signatures required to prompt a formal response from the White House.

The previous US administration had committed to respond within 30 days to any petition that gains over 100,000 signatures, and in some form, answered to over 300 of them since ‘We the People’ was launched in 2011. Donald Trump’s administration, however, has left almost a dozen petitions unanswered since he assumed office in February, and even considered closing the service down.

The Antifa movement is on the rise in the wake of Charlottesville tragedy earlier this month, where a man drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters at the “Unite the Right” rally, killing one person and injuring 19 others after Antifa protesters who did not have a permit to attend the rally, attacked his car with baseball bats and threw bottles filled with rocks at him.

The suspect in the case, James Fields Jr. joined hundreds of white people, Nationalists and members of the Ku Klux Klan who descended on Charlottesville on August 12 to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

The Antifa movement has been at the forefront in the fight against the patriotic and nationalist groups. Ever since Donald Trump won the election, Antifa supporters have repeatedly clashed with his supporters.

And the creator of the petition has argued exactly that, accusing Antifa of “violent actions in multiple cities and their influence in the killings of multiple police officers throughout the United States.”

He added that “terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims,” and urged the Pentagon to be “consistent in its actions.”

“Just as they rightfully declared ISIS a terror group, they must declare Antifa a terror group – on the grounds of principle, integrity, morality, and safety,” the the petition reads.

Spanish police say terrorists planned larger attack

BARCELONA, Spain (AFP) — Suspects in Spain’s twin terror attacks had been planning an even bigger assault than the deadly car rampages they carried out, police said, as distressing details emerged of families torn apart in the horror.

A 35-year-old Italian was among 14 killed, mowed down in front of his wife and young children in Barcelona when a driver rammed his van through crowds on the busy Las Ramblas boulevard on Thursday, before fleeing on foot.

Police said they shot dead five “suspected terrorists” who had knocked pedestrians down in the Catalan seaside resort of Cambrils in a second attack in the early hours of Friday, and arrested four others as Spain reeled from the deadly violence.

Catalonia’s regional police identified three of the suspects who were killed as Moroccan nationals.

They were Moussa Oukabir, 17, Said Aallaa, 18, and Mohamed Hychami, 24.

Police said Friday they suspect 12 people of involvement in the attacks: the five who were killed, four who were arrested and three who have been identified but who remain at large.

A police officer gestures as he blocks a street in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017 following a terror attack in which a white van jumped the sidewalk in the city's historic Las Ramblas district. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

Officials suspect that two of these three may have died in a blast at a house in the town of Alcanar, about 200 kilometers (140 miles) south of Barcelona on Wednesday evening.

Bigger plans

Initially treated as a random gas blast, police later linked the explosion to the Barcelona assault, believing occupants of the house were preparing a larger attack, possibly a vehicle bomb, with the use of gas canisters and slipped up.

Police removed dozens of gas canisters from the house, according to an AFP photographer at the scene.

“They were preparing one or several attacks in Barcelona, and an explosion in Alcanar stopped this as they no longer had the material they needed to commit attacks of an even bigger scope,” said Josep Lluis Trapero of Catalonia’s police.

After the explosion the suspects quickly went on to commit “more rudimentary” attacks. These involved the vehicles ploughing into pedestrians in Barcelona and Cambrils, he added.

The Cambrils suspects had an axe and knives in the car as well as fake explosive belts stuck to their bodies, said police.

High ‘level of coordination’

Both Spanish attacks followed the same modus operandi.

Drivers deliberately targeted pedestrians with their vehicles, the latest in a series of such assaults in Europe.

The Mediterranean resort of Nice in France was particularly hard hit on July 14, 2016, when a man rammed a truck into a crowd, killing 86 people.

Otso Iho of Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre said the Spanish assaults, which stretched out over two different cities, appeared to be “a much higher level of coordination than has been typically present in previous attacks.”

It is also believed to be the first time IS has claimed an attack in Spain.

In a poignant moment Friday, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, King Felipe VI and the president of Catalonia — where both attacks took place — held a minute of silence in Barcelona. It was followed by the crowd applauding and shouting “not afraid.”

But in a sign of the tensions sparked by the attacks, about 20 far-right activists tried to protest at the march. Some held up signs reading “No More Mosques” or “Refugees not welcome anymore.”

People holding a Catalan flag gather for a minute of silence in memory of the terrorist attacks victims in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain, Friday, Aug. 18, 2017. (AP/Manu Fernandez)

Scuffles broke out between the far-right activists and the march participants.

Relatives separated

Details started to emerge Friday on the identity of victims, as did tragic stories of families ripped apart.

Witnesses in Barcelona described how the van pushed through the crowd, leaving bodies strewn along the boulevard as people fled for their lives, screaming in panic.

“We were on the city tour bus, we were 20 feet from the accident when it happened,” said Alex Luque, a 19-year-old student from New York.

“We heard the van and the impact with people and then we saw people running.”

Then just eight hours later attackers struck in the early hours of Friday in Cambrils. An Audi A3 car rammed into pedestrians, injuring six civilians and a police officer. One civilian, a woman, later died of her injuries.

The police shot dead the five attackers. They also said they had arrested four suspects — three Moroccans and a Spaniard.

Police said they have not yet identified who drove the white van that sped into crowds in Barcelona.

People flee the scene in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017 after a white van jumped the sidewalk in the historic Las Ramblas district, crashing into a summer crowd of residents and tourists. (AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos)

There were some three dozen nationalities among the dead and injured, from countries including Algeria, Australia, China, France, Ireland, Peru and Venezuela, according to Spain’s civil protection agency.

The Catalan government said seven victims of the attacks had been identified — five Spanish nationals, an Italian and a Portuguese.

Fifty-nine injured remained in hospital, including 15 who were in critical condition, the Catalan interior ministry said.

Memories of Madrid 2004

The Spanish government must now decide whether to raise the terror threat level from four to five (the maximum) during the height of the tourist season.

Spain, the world’s third most popular tourism destination with the industry accounting for 11 percent of the country’s economy, had until now been spared in the recent wave of extremist attacks that have rocked nearby France, Belgium and Germany.

It had even seen a surge in tourists as visitors fled other restive sunshine destinations such as Tunisia and Egypt.

But it is no stranger to jihadist attacks.

In March 2004, it was hit by what is still Europe’s deadliest attack, when bombs on commuter trains in Madrid killed 191 people in an attack claimed by Al Qaeda-inspired extremists.

Spain has also had to deal with a decades-long campaign of violence waged by Basque separatist group ETA, which only declared a ceasefire in 2011.

The Alt Right was Led Into a Trap in Charlottesville, Pro-Whites Now Seen as Terrorists



In 2014 I organized the White Man March in an effort to raise awareness about White Genocide. Knowing our own weaknesses and the strengths of our enemies, I encouraged people to not engage in any planned marches, but instead to do hit-and-run flash demonstrations and localized activism. By doing so, they would be able to get the message out without facing off against Antifa or getting shut down by the police. Additionally, the only media of the events would likely only come from the organizers themselves, instead of hostile mainstream reporters. All things considered, our activism was a big success around the world, with a significant amount of media coverage after the fact, and although it was not supportive, the reports always included our message about White Genocide.

The recent debacle in Charlottesville showed why our forces should not amass for a rally such as this. The night before looked pretty good, as lots of guys with torches marched to the Robert E. Lee monument and surrounded a bunch of SJWs, but it was easy to tell things would soon be devolving into chaos. Chants of “Black Lives Matter” were answered with the idiotic “Black Lives Splatter”, then some fighting ensued and people marched out as the police came.

Then the actual day of the “Unite the Right” rally saw even more violence. Insults and chants were hurled back and forth between the opposing side, with neither coming off in a favorable light, but of course the media and politicians (including the “conservative”) are only going to focus in on how evil White racism is. Let’s be honest, though, the assholes of the Alt Right gave the enemies of the White race plenty of ammunition. Here is a large contingent chanting “White Sharia now”, something that involves torturing and raping White women, which was popularized by The Right Stuff and The Daily Stormer.

The guys in the front left are from Vanguard America, which should not be confused with National Vanguard. Remember this, as it will become more relevant as this story unfolds. Do these people really think that this is a good tactic for winning over the hearts and minds of regular White Americans? Doesn’t this just fit perfectly into the narrative of pro-Whites being terrorists?

From what I could see, the whole event looked like a circus-like gladiatorial pit. There was a black man with a homemade flame thrower, Communist flags, White men with shields and helmets, and LOTS of riot police, with the National Guard waiting in the wings. Having the mayor, governor, and police actively conspiring to thwart the rally, it was bound to not get far. The police stood down and allowed both sides to attack each other, which then gave them the opportunity to shut it all down and call the rally an unlawful assembly.

A number of Alt Right leaders and commentators appeared absolutely shocked that agents of ZOG would not protect their first amendment rights, despite this being the case with countless demonstrations in the past.

The Virginia State Police DID NOT keep Antifa separated and allowed them to mace, pepper spray and attack countless people

Tying in Terrorism

As the crowds were dispersing, a Dodge Charger (like the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard) sped off down a street and plowed into a crowd of Antifa, Communists, and assorted leftists. If police and news reports are to be believed, one person ended up dead and many more injured. Faith Goldy of (((Rebel Media))) was on hand to capture the footage, and a very high quality images emerged, showing people flying in the air, apparently getting knocked out of their shoes.

There was supposedly a police helicopter crash that happened around the same time, caused by an AltRight drone, but the only evidence of it is a photo of a small fire in the woods, much like Flight 93 disappearing into a burnt hole in Shanksville on 9/11. As for the car incident, I am unable to say for certain if this scene was staged in some way, but planning a demonstration this far in advance certainly gave the intelligence agencies ample time to set up something that could be used as the reason to completely crack down on White dissidents.

Initially it was reported by GotNews that the driver was a young leftist, but they ended up retracting their erroneous assertions. After some time it was released that the driver of the car was James Alex Fields, who appears to be a member of Vanguard America.

So members of Vanguard America were shouting “White Sharia now” and then soon after one of them commits an act of vehicular terror, just like we have seen recently by Muslims in Europe. This is exactly what the enemies of the White race have been desiring for quite some time.

Ju mayor of  now comparing to 9/11 & calling 4 people to report family & friends who might be “radicalized terrorists”.

At the end of 2016 I did a show on Renegade Broadcasting about the White House’s “Countering Violent Extremism” program, which seeks to group White dissidents in with Islamic extremists. Check out DHS’s wording in their response to the event.

View image on Twitter

RT @DHSgov: Statement by Acting Secretary Elaine Duke on violence in 

I have repeatedly tried to warn any honest White advocates about this program, but many of them have been convinced that the White House is now on our side, and that we don’t have to worry about such things, since Antifa is the REAL terrorist organization. Even after Trump condemned the demonstration, shills in the alternative media were making excuses for “our guy” in the White House.

The President bitches about hateful bigots like a Eurotrash leftist queer does. Once a New York liberal, always a New York liberal. pic.twitter.com/bnxh07JdG1

Even when Trump’s calling them bigots, the AutRight will always defend their gay dad. pic.twitter.com/N8JrHTL8G2

View image on Twitter
Alt Right Controlled Opposition

It is my contention that the leaders of “Unite the Right” are enemy agents who led the lemmings into a situation that would gain nothing for our cause, and would in fact damage our efforts in many different ways. Many people were injured, the public at large will have no sympathy for the racist Whites who terrorized a city, and ZOG will be given ever more powers to silence our dissent. Actually, even more Confederate statues are going to come down due to the debacle.

Ky. mayor: 2 Confederate statues to come down after Charlottesville http://www.cbsnews.com/news/kentucky-mayor-moves-to-remove-2-confederate-statues-after-charlottesville-protests/ 

Photo published for Ky. mayor: 2 Confederate statues to come down after Charlottesville

Ky. mayor: 2 Confederate statues to come down after Charlottesville

The statues of John Hunt Morgan and John C. Breckinridge are on the lawn of a former courthouse


One of the big problems with the whole rally is that it was reacting to plans to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee. Essentially the rally was defending the Confederacy. While I think the destruction of historical monuments is more than troubling, most normal people watching reports on the TV will think that the “White supremacists” are looking to re-institute slavery in America, or at least that blacks should be killed. “Black lives splatter” after all, right? Tying the White cause to the Confederacy is not only problematic because of slavery, but also because the Confederacy was very Jewish. Over 10,000 jews fought for the Confederacy, there were numerous jewish generals, and Judah P. Benjamin was first Attorney General, then Secretary of War, and finally Secretary of State. Confederates in the 19th century were fighting for jews and the jewish institution of slavery in America.

Neo-Confederates and their Alt Right allies in the 20th century are also fighting for jews (and supporting the ZOG Emperor), with many of them doing so unknowingly. Let’s go through some of the leading figures in the “Unite the Right” demonstration for a better understanding of who led the gullible goyim into a well-orchestrated trap, which any honest leader would have foreseen.

Richard Spencer (White Idiot, Zionist)

According to the SpencerGate site, which appears to have uncovered valid information, Richard Spencer has jewish ancestry and has received millions of dollars from the federal government in the form of farm subsidies. Here he is pictured with Laura Bush, the former first lady of the US, relaxing at some lakefront property.

Spencer has also notoriously welcomed homosexuals into his movement, called homosexuality the last stand of implicit White identity, organized a pyramid scheme known as Phalanx, called the Alt Right the “New Left”, praised Marxists, and said that the Alt Right is analogous to the murderous Bolsheviks (who were jews).

“And we are a kind of revolutionary movement…a movement that is analogous to the Bolsheviks.” -Richard Spencer DO YOU GET IT YET?

Do I really need to go on? Yet people will still defend him.

Mike Enoch (Jew)

Enoch (Pienovich) is the founder of The Right Stuff, where the toxic White Sharia meme was born. It should have been enough proof that Enoch was a jewish agent when I released a screenshot of him stating in a private facebook chat that jews did not do 9/11, but he was still hailed as a great hero.

It later came out that Enoch was married to a diversity-loving jewess who attended drag queen shows, but Mike was accepted back into the fold almost immediately after divorcing her. The problem is that Mike has essentially admitted he is jewish (or at least part jewish) on multiple occassions.

Yet people still claim that we are just misinterpreting his words.

Augustus Sol Invictus (White Idiot)

This guy is a devotee of Aleister Crowley, actually identifying himself as a Thelemite. He even admits to having sacrificed a goat in a ritual. Here he is with a jew star on his arm.

Holy moly, are people on the “right” so dumb as to not be able to see what is right in front of their faces?

Baked Alaska (White Idiot)

This circus clown, named Tim “Treadstone” Gionet, gained his fame by being a massive Trumptard, rapping about how Trump is going to build the wall and how much he loves police. He was even chanting “Blue Lives Matter” as the agents of ZOG marched into Charlottesville.

Look at these morons cheering on ZOG forces that later shut them all down lol How much do you love your boys in blue now?

Somehow he was still able to keep a perfect hold on his selfie stick after being sprayed with bear mace.

Although I don’t have hard evidence that this man is a jew, he sure looks like one.

Matt Heimbach (White Idiot)

He was deemed “the new face of hate” in America. Heimbach famously roughed up a big black girl, shoving her out of a Trump rally and later getting charged for it. He is a big supporter of Alexander Dugin, founder of the National Bolsheviks and Eurasianist mastermind, who he got to record a speech titled “To My American Friends in Our Common Struggle” for one of Heimbach’s meetings.

Just watch how quickly Heimbach switched his positions on important issues.

Why is it that Heimbach, who actually looks more jewish than many Israelis, has always been front and center in the media spotlight? Could it be because he makes our cause look terrible?

Pax Dickinson (Jew)

Renegade Tribune recently ran an expose of Pax, who calls himself a “Redneck Zionist”, which Sinead turned into a video presentation.

Long story short, Pax thinks we need to unite with right-wing jews, like the one who he brought on to be the CTO for his crowd-funding platform.


There is much more that could be said about the rally, the people involved, and what the ramifications will be, but I will leave some of that up to you in the comments. Please just be careful, realize our perilous position, and never trust compromised leaders.