Freemasons, Pedophilia and the Case Of Keith Harding


By Thomas Müller of The New Nationalist

The case of Keith Harding provides more smoking-gun proof that pederasts infiltrated British establishment, government and Freemasonry. They are using its pervasive influence to protect their fellow perverts’ evil predations and are involved in the largest pedophile ring in the world.

Shamed: Harding was unmasked as an active member of the Paedophile Information Exchange and believed to be membership secretary of the group who wanted the age of consent lowered to four. PHOTO: Daily Mail/

The Mercurius Lodge in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, was founded by U.K. spy agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) agents and boasts of its heritage on its website. The Mercurius Lodge is known as the Spies Lodge, as over the years many intelligence officers have become members. Keith Harding was the Worshipful Master and most senior member of the Spies Lodge.

The Daily Express revealed that Lodge’s Worshipful Master Keith Harding was convicted of an indecent assault against four children, ages 8 and 9, in 1958. He became classified as a Schedule 1 offender, which meant the offence remained on his criminal record all of his life.

His name was also on a list of about 400 Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) members seized by police in 1984, the year the organisation disbanded. Harding told a friend that he kept hidden in a safe a list of more than 1,000 PIE members with prominent names, including top politicians from the Thatcher era.

Birds of Feather
Cyril Smith manspreading in Parliament

Harding socialized regularly with MPs Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith at his world-renowned workshop. Brittanwas a high ranking official, including Home Secretary and at the center of controversies, such as illegal wiretapping and rape allegations. Like Jimmy Saville, it was revealed that Smith was a prolific child predator and known as such dating back to 1979. Again, we had another cover up. There are numerous rabbit holes with these characters.

The U.K. has liberal libel laws and a low bar with which to bring suits. It works effectively to shut down accusations and public revelations about pedos and rapists in prominent positions.

In 1980, Harding appeared alongside pedophile television presenter Jimmy Saville in a Christmas special of “Jim’ll Fix It.”

Harding in middle shown on BBC with his running buddy Jimmy Saville, a notorious child sex offender.

He was an antiques expert who did restoration for royalty. He was subsequently given the Freedom of the City of London and became a member of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. He also ran a museum regularly visited by children. Social services reports from 1995 are said to describe his convictions as a “real cause for concern” and warned that children should not be left unsupervised with him.


Harding was married and divorced and had two children. In 2007 he established a same sex civil partner relationship. He died in 2014.

Worshipful Master is the highest honor and most senior and important functionary of any Masonic Lodge. No Mason can rise above the 18th Degree without the unanimous agreement of the entire Supreme Council. Allegedly to advance beyond the 18th Degree, members are severely vetted and background checked. Convicted pedo Harding was a 33rd degree Mason. It is a certainty that Keith Harding’s security services’ file would have been accessible to most GCHQ staff, above janitor level, at the click of a mouse.

The GCHQ is well known for its open advocacy and leadership in LBGT “rights” and issues. It lit up a colourful display at the Cheltenham home of the intelligence agency to mark International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT). Inquiring minds would like to know: What are their views on pederasty? Harding’s PIE organization advocated four years as the age of consent.

In 2014, this “rights advocate” GCHQ was caught up in a revelation that they were nefariously harvesting intimate Web cam exchanges of Yahoo users. The leaked document, was unearthed the The Guardiannewspaper, who stated, “Unfortunately … it would appear that a surprising number of people use webcam conversations to show intimate parts of their body to the other person.”

The newspaper claimed the operation code named Optic Nerve stored images to agency databases regardless of whether individuals were suspected of wrongdoing. The operation allegedly took place between 2008 and 2012. During one six-month period, more than 1.8 million Yahoo users were targeted.

TNN Takeaway: GCHQ possesses images of nobodies jerking off on a Web cam, but they apparently don’t have the wherewithal to identify the pedo criminal background of the highest ranking member of an influential Mason Lodge with significant GCHQ presence. This is hardly isolated either. It is prima facie evidence of capture and compromise by some very nasty operatives and elements.



A Realization Of The White Problem In Our World


The following 11 links that I have posted above this personal narrative serves the purpose of a historical footnote of the current calamities happening in Syria, caused in part due to western meddling, in particular, America and their allies.  The situation has now exacerbated itself thanks to the decision of the avowed Zionist and white freemason Donald Trump to bomb the nation of Syria. I have been scrolling through the news feeds of my social media accounts to read the response and for the most part, many people in The Cause have shown disgust while there has been a significant amount of white idiotic statements in support of Trump.  It is at this moment that I have decided that I will use my vast resources and abilities to bring forth the ultimate destruction of the entire white race first and foremost.  As I have continued my research into racialism, I have come to realize that whites are also playing a knowing part in the role of the continued destruction of non white areas.  Think about it for a second, all the destruction and wars that are generally afflicting only non white areas of the middle east and Africa have continued to get worse as whites in America continue to opt for freemasons and jewish shills inspite of my wisdom and warning that such actions are directly leading to their deserved genocide at the hands of their historic enemies.  It is one of the reasons that I fully support the rights of all third world migrants to flood Europe and make the end of the European race a true reality.  These white idiots continue to support known freemasons that have made it their utmost goals to continue to enslave and ruin the works and the future of all non white peoples, working hand and hand with Jews.

Those who have followed my work have known of my past attempts to forge a partnership with whites and non whites to work against jewish supremacy and freemasonry, but the rise and election of Donald Trump has clearly shown me that I was right to continue to pursue an ultimate nihilistic goal with a new strategy of completing the ultimate destruction of the white race.  After all, one good turn begets another as they have shown no desire to listen to words of wisdom and stop backing the same Jewish agents that have led to the complete enslavement of mankind.  I will use this website and my unlimited resources to encourage mass migrants to white nations, to encourage more acts of violence against whites all over the world, and to complete the ultimate goal of making sure the white race becomes completely extinct.  They are well on their way to annihilation as they now make up less than 10 percent of the world’s population.

And to think that there were whites who were willing to fight against all forms of Jewish and masonic supremacy but let their minds fall under the Jewish spell.  Even after my warning came true about Trump going forth and dropping bombs to please the genocidal state of Israel, there were still many white idiots who chose to stand by Trump and to still make proclamations that he is playing the Jews when he has surrounded himself and his administration with avowed Jewish Zionists, neocons, freemasons, etc that will literally rob the nation blind while building up the idea of Greater Israel.  The white race has finally met their ultimate match as I will use all of my cunning and connection to ultimately severe them from existence.  I have grown tired of watching whites use their electoral votes to push for war and destruction against non whites.  And they thought that the constant fear of terrorism was bad, I will make such nightmares seem like a mere daydream in comparison!

Yes I am very much aware that such a hard line stance  will lead to less subscribers, followers, etc but I am confident that history will vindicate me for working to eliminate whites from the human existence.  I have given them plenty of chances to not support Trump or Hillary, to join forces and push for the destruction of the Jewmerican election system but they chose to vote in another zionist and mason and it is time that they felt the consequences of their actions that will reverberate well into the future of their children and their children’s children.  And to think that there are still morons out there in The Cause who think that Putin, a Jew, will save them from anything.  They have made their bed, now they must lay in it and face the genocide that they fully deserve.

White Freemasons : Useful idiots # 2


Well, some of you may claim this to be a good add-on to the already existing “Good goyim” series, but the difference between the nature of these two types of articles is that in the Good Goyim articles we analyze Freemasonic social media, whereas in the “Useful idiots” we entirely devote ourselves to analyzing their books, articles and self-published material. So, this time we’ll go through some of their books in order to find out more about them – just as in the case of the Good Goyim articles – what better way to research Masons but to read their own words, thoughts and ideas? Our main mission, of course, is always to see just how Jewy they are and to what degree they worship the Abrahamic world view. We shall begin with quite a small book called “Illustrations of Masonry by One of the Fraternity”, 1827, Capt. WM. Morgan. It is interesting to notice that this book is actually written by a Mason who denounced Masonry and had given out the secrets of their first three degrees – alas – he was hunted down by the other Masons :

We come to lay before the world the claims of an institution which has been sanctioned by ages, venerated for wisdom, exalted for “light”; but, an institution whose benefits have always been overrated, and whose continuance is not in the slightest degree, necessary. We may now, when our minority has expired, act up to our character and look no longer to Masonry as our guide and conductor; it has nothing in it now valuable that is not known to every inquiring mind. It contains, wrapped up in its supposed mysteries, no useful truth, no necessary knowledge that has not gone forth to the world through other channels and by other means.

But that there is anything intrinsically valuable in the signs, symbols, or words of Masonry, no man of sense will contend. Masonry is of itself naked and worthless. It consists of gleanings from the Holy Scriptures, and from the arts and sciences; which have shone in the world. Linking itself with philosophy and science and religion, on this it rests all its claims to veneration and respect. Take away this borrowed aid, and it falls into ruins.

Wherever Masonry exercises its influences with success, there Christianity can have, or should have a more powerful effect. Masonry is to the modern world what the whore of Babylon was to the ancient; and is the beast with seven heads and ten horns, ready to tear out our bowels, and scatter them to the four winds of heaven. Masonry gives rogues and evil-minded characters and opportunity of visiting upon their devoted victim, all the ills attending combined power, when exerted to accomplish destruction. It works unseen, at all silent hours, and secret times and places; and, like death when summoning his diseases, pounces upon its devoted subject, and lays him prostrate in the dust.

Like the great enemy of man, it has shown its cloven foot, and put the public upon its guard against its secret machinations. We have now no tyrant to rule over us – no kingly potentate to move over our heads the rod of authority; but high in our elevation, and invincible in our strongholds, we put at defiance secret cabals and associations. Truth, we know, is majestic and will finally prevail.

Quite stunning words, aren’t they? Even though one can still see and feel that they didn’t get the big picture of it all, they still understood the corruption of Masonry. They saw those ugly and degenerate faces who abused its connections and power, who worked above the law and against the people. Ironically, these Masons are basically crying out against the corruption which arises from an institution and society that has no real authority over it, no real guiding principle, no roots, no real identity or people which it protects. For these elements are to be found in the real world, among the real people, their soul, their spirit, and in that real world – there is no equality – and there must be some kind of authority – a collective Will which resists Evil. Since such a collective Will does not exist within Masonry, it doesn’t resist Evil, and through time essentially gives rise to it.

There are some ancient ideas and words of knowledge and wisdom that one can extract from Masonry, sure. But, those which are of any use are to be found in ancient Aryan knowledge – from Egypt to all the European pagan societies. This, again, is the cunning element of the Jewish Kabbalistic operation – it stole everything from everyone – and then, once the population finds itself in total amnesia, offers back to it a “fixed”, a “Jewish authorized” version of that Knowledge – which usually comes wrapped up in Biblical paper as well. As soon as something Aryan is rekindled within the Masonic initiate, the institution begins to overshadow his mind with Jewish universalism, kabbalism, and in general – the Jewish concept of the Universe.

As we can see, these Masons were quite aware of all the bullshit which was sold to them. But, what interests us a lot here is the reference that Masonry brings about the spreading of Christianity – the key element being here simply : the spreading of the Jewish Bible. Since the Jewish Bible is related to, and impossible to disconnect from, the Talmud, Zohar and Kabbalah – one can realize the danger of this spreading. Within the book are offered all the main parts of the first three degree initiation ceremonies, including the signs and words which are needed for recognition among the “brotherhood”. Next we take a short look into “The Secret Doctrine of Israel”, Arthur Edward Waite, 1974 :

According to the Midrash Talpigoth, the Messiah will being eternal peace, which of course was understood by the Israelites as peace for Israel, plus that which may follow extermination for all who did not enter by conversion into the House of Jacob. All the blessings of Isaac will be realised in Israel, which will form one people only on earth, “and I will make the one nation in the Lord.” The meaning seems to be that all nations will become one nation of the Holy One; but the great war of the world will precede this. It would seem at first sight that there are several Messiahs to come. [Among those], the one is the conqueror of the great Rome and the other of the little Rome – whatever the distinction between these cities might signify.

It is a forecast of that time when the Mystery of Union, which is now a Mystery of Faith, shall have entered into realisation in experience on this earth of ours, and as in the world above there is no distinction between Shekinah and the Holy One, so in that which is below there will be such a spiritual communion between the Lover and the Beloved that the voice of the turtle, which is the Canticle of Canticles, shall be heard everywhere, and of that time it may be said : “The male with the female, neither male nor female.”

A great King will rise up and will conquer the world. There will be war against Israel, but the chosen people shall be delivered. According to one account, the seventy celestial chiefs who rule the seventy nations of the earth will marshal all the legions of the world to make war on the sacred city of Jerusalem, but they will be exterminated by the power of the Holy One. It is written : “And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble.” As such stubble, by such fire and flame shall the nations perish. Thereafter the King Messiah will cause Jerusalem to be rebuilt; the Holy one will remember that covenant which He has made with Israel; and in that day will David be also raised up. The Messiah will draw to him the whole world.

You know, you can always take the Lord of the Rings as a symbolical example of what is going on. If no one follows Sauron, if no one believes in what he represents or stands for, if he is unable to mentally manipulate others into doing his own Will – then he is totally and absolutely useless and powerless. After all, he can either appear as a “Spirit” or simply lurk around as the “All Seeing Eye”. But, on his own, he is powerless. In that very same way are the Jews powerless – the moment everyone would drop their Bible, which is the Jewish collective expression of their collective “Self” embodied in Yahweh – they would have no minions doing the dirty work for them.

Yahweh is the Jewish collective mindset – and it is through brainwashing that the followers, the “believers”, especially the Muslim and Christian ones – are led to “fear him” and do “his will”. Once you comprehend that the Will of Yahweh is always the collective Will of the Jews – then it becomes quite clear that you must resist it. They are hypnotizing people and mind-manipulating them. The very same thing is what Masonry represents. Sometimes Evil needs to sell itself as something benevolent and good in order to spread its seeds everywhere – but those seeds, eventually, grow into fruits, fruits by which the Jew is finally recognized again – alas, often times – too late. The concept of the Jewish Messiah is explained in every single Jewish text, and remains ever the same : a King who will conquer the world, make Jews its eternal ruler.

Christians bow down to this idea. Masons as well, for we have seen in the “Good Goyim #3” article that they declare themselves as Noahides, which is – yet again – a Jewish concept for the Goyim, the non-Jews. Only those who “convert” to the house of Jacob will be allowed to survive – and we have also seen that the house of Jacob represents the “gentilized Jews”, Jews who intermingled with Gentiles in order to infiltrate and conquer them. The point is, a “converted Gentile” will never be a Jew – he will merely bow down to the Jew as his master and observe – the 7 Laws of Noah. We continue with a very short article called “The Cable-Tow”, in which the Masonic writer remains unknown :

The Cable-Tow, we are told, is purely Masonic in its meaning and use. In American lodges it is used in all three degrees, and has almost too many meanings. In the meaning, so far as we can make it out, seems to have been some kind of pledge – a vow in which a man pledged his life. Even outside initiatory rites we find it employed, as, for example, in a striking scene recorded in the Bible (I Kings 20:31,32), the description of which is almost Masonic. The King of Syria, Ben-hada, had been defeated in battle by the King of Israel and his servants are making a plea for his life. They approach the King of Israel “with ropes upon their heads”, and speak of his “Brother, Ben-hadad”. Why did they wear ropes, or nouses, on their heads?

Evidently to symbolize a pledge of some sort, given in a Lodge or otherwise, between the two Kings, of which they wished to remind the King of Israel. The King of Israel asked. “Is he yet alive? He is my brother.” Then we read that the servants of the Syrian King watched to see if the King of Israel made any sign, and, catching his sign, they brought the captive King of Syria before him. Not only was the life of the King of Syria spared, but a new pledge was made between the two men.  The cable-tow, then, is the outward and visible symbol of a vow in which a man has pledged his life, or has pledged himself to save another life at the risk of his own.

What a charming and romantic story, isn’t it? The same way Solomon used the King of Tyre to build the Temple. Everything was given for free to him and we even notice how the King calls him a “brother”. What did the great Jew Solomon give to him in exchange? A rotten wasteland, where nothing grew, of no worth. One would think these imbeciles learned from history. Here again we read how the King of Israel, out of pure “brotherly love”, attacked and conquered the King of Syria.

This is the same principle of which we are reminded in the Bible in the case of Moses and Egypt. The Egyptians, even the Pharaoh, trusted Moses – and then we learn how “God” – after midnight, killed every firstborn in Egypt. What you should imagine and read here is that a massive amount of Jewish assassins went around the land and just murdered literally everyone. Never trust a Jew, is the point of all these stories.

So, the Cable-Tow represents a person who submits to the Will of the other. He is conquered, defeated, sits in blood and darkness, and is now at the Mercy of the one who conquered him. He is begging for his life. This same lesson is given by Jesus in the New Testament to his fellow “disciples”, where he basically teaches them to first destroy a person entirely (out of the Shadow, naturally) and then offer him “the light” – by which means you will have an eternal follower and slave. The same thing, symbolically, happens in Masonry. And if we are to connect it to its Jewish roots, then every initiate comes as a conquered man by the Jews and is then offered to live on and work for them – as a “brother”. Next we read in “The True principles and precepts of Freemasonry”, by Rev. Charles John Martyn, 1878 :

Nearly three thousand years ago, the most wonderful and most historic people, who have ever taken rank amongst the nations of the earth, were fast approaching the zenith of their magnificence and glory. Originally selected to be the favourites of Heaven and “the chosen people” of God, the Jews, as we now call them (those descendants of “Abraham the faithful”, and the children of Jacob or Israel, that mighty “Prince of God”, who wrestled successfully with the Angel at Penuel), had been gradually subduing the fair Land of Promise, until nearly the whole of Canaan lay beneath their rule. “Saul”, their first king, had “slain his thousands”, and “David”, their second king, “his ten thousands”, and now, at length, peace was established, and prosperity and plenty reigned throughout their vast dominions.

Freemasonry teaches us to be, what Christianity would have us be – imitators and followers, of all that is great, and noble, and excellent, and good, and true. But then, perhaps, it may be said, and as you all know, it very often is said, “Why do you want any particular society or bond to teach you all these things?” I answer, most certainly it does so; and if men would only pray to God to help them to live up to their obligations and their duty as Christians, we should need no Freemasonry, or indeed anything else, to help us on our way and teach us better; for we should have arrived at that millennium state, of which we often read and hear, when “the people shall be righteous”, and when everything shall be perfect and excellent, I will not say to an unnatural, though I may say, to an unknown, and hitherto an un-experienced extent.

Now this is just the ground which Freemasonry occupies with respect to religion. It is a great system of pure morality. It does not profess in any way, or shape, or manner, to interfere with any man’s religious or political belief or prejudices. As far as Freemasonry is concerned, a man may be a Churchman or a Dissenter, a Jew or a Christian, a Mohammedan or a Roman Catholic, so long as he acknowledges his faith and belief in the one true God; since it is only infidels, atheists, or professed heathens, whom we exclude, on the ground of religion, or rather because they repudiate religion altogether.

But then people say again, “But why do you want a secret? Why not throw all these benefits open to the world?” Now, surely, brethren, this is a childish question. Why does a man belong to any club, or subscribe to any society whatever, but because he hopes to gain some benefit restricted to the members of that club, or that society, from which the outer world are necessarily debarred? Freemasonry, as I have said, and as I have tried to show, is a great social institution, “it is founded upon the purest principles of piety and virtue, and it possesses many great and invaluable privileges, and in order to secure those privileges, to worthy men, and we trust to worthy men alone, vows of fidelity and secrecy are required,” since if all the world were acquainted with the distinguishing “sign and word” of a Freemason, the privileges would be universal, instead of being restricted to the members of the Order, and the society, as such, would be be worthless and at an end.

The great reverend, such a holy person, isn’t he? Praising the most beloved nation of the world – the Jews! Chosen by God! The almighty creator of all chose a special people! This idea is the equivalent of modern thinking where the following words are expressed in one single sentence : Equality + Diversity, Evolution + Equality. God created all, but loves something especially. This, in on itself, cannot be a true universal creator – but, what can we do, we are merely Goyim who are neither Jews nor have submitted ourselves to the collective Will of the Jew by having been pulled around a temple with a Cable-Tow. The minds of these imbeciles have reached a point where a Jew would basically convince them : “That hawk and that sparrow are one and the same.”

Again we learn how Freemasonry is spreading Christianity. Freemasons are told to always be vary charitable, yet it would seem none of them read the Gospel of Thomas, where the great Freemason and Rabbi Jesus said not to give charity. Christianity however is defined by the amount of books you include into it – imagine if actually 20 more were included into the “Christian version of the word of God” – we’d have even more problems. Anyways, you learn here that Freemasonry makes the Person do what Christianity didn’t make him do – he actually does the bullshit which is written in the Bible – love your Enemy and all that nonsense. Except when Masons themselves plan a Revolution – then you will get a brotherly, divinely inspired, bullet of love in your head.

Since most people never ever read the fucking Bible, the Jews figured that it was necessary to create now Lodges where they would execute what is written in there – the result of this is our 21st century. Welcome to a Christianized Western Civilization, my fellow Goyim! It will lust but for a moment, before it is entirely consumed by Semitism as it may not defend itself, may not have borders or a racial identity, and must simply love everyone. Finally, we also see how the divinely inspired Reverend says that their secret society must remain secret for otherwise it would serve no purpose – if everyone had their privileges – Freemasonry would be useless. As said – Freemasons are a plague upon every Nation and its people – and Kings and Leaders who wish to give happiness, prosperity and health to their Nation, their entire People – are seen as “tyrants” by Masons. We might even conclude that Masons are, in a sense, liberal social justice warriors who don’t like being told by an authority figure what is right for everyone in the Nation they find themselves in – not just for their little club. Ironically, this same degenerate mentality is found in the Jewish mind – they don’t like the way the world was created by Nature and the Creator – so they are looking to destroy it and erect upon it a “New World Order” where they will become the Authority. Yahweh, excuse me – I mean the Jew – says so. We continue with “The Bible and the Square”, Bro. William Akerman, 1875 :

The Holy Bible is given us to direct our faith, animate our hope, and awaken our charity; the Square is an emblem of those two inestimable gifts of heaven to man, the Law of Moses and the Gospel of Christ meeting in a point, and squaring all our actions. The compasses, being emblematical of human reason are to be placed, one foot in the angle of the square – while the other describes the boundary line of masonic and christian duty : and may it not, with propriety, be said that, “While a man keeps himself thus circumscribed, it is impossible that he should materially err?” Thus the masonic brother derives a fund of instruction from those emblems, which are esteemed by the world, as unmeaning symbols; and which are often presumptuously denominated, the childish appendages of our Order.

This sacred volume, so much neglected by the world, is the constant inmate of the lodge; nor can there be a lodge without it. The precepts and the examples, contained and recorded in this book, are held in the highest veneration by every truly masonic brother, insomuch that he who esteems it not is ignorant of the first great luminary of the world. The bible is, at once, our guide in this world and our passport to a better.

This emblem (Lamb) of innocence is so peculiarly appropriate that, even the Son of God himself has condescended to represent his own spotless nature under the figure of a Lamb “He was led like a lamb to the slaughter.” In contemplating this masonic emblem the mind is suspended, in solemn wonder, between earth and heaven. A pacific temperament steals insensibly upon the soul, and, while we admire the tender and submissive nature of this tenant of the fold, we are taught what must be our own character if we are finally admitted into the fold of Christ, and led by him to living pastures, on the mountains of eternal spring.

By this symbol (Masonic tools) we are reminded of the natural equality of the human family.  At the same time it admonishes us neither to despise the humble, nor to look with envy on the great. The king, the noble, and the man of splendid genius, meet on a level with the tradesman, the husbandman, and the son of sorrow, on that decorated carpet which recognizes no distinctions of blood or fortune, and spurns no footstep but that of immorality and crime.

The Law of Moses and Gospel of Christ. What could possibly go wrong when one tries to unite the Jewish Laws of Moses with the Universal Gospel of Christ delivered by Paul the Jew? On one hand you have Jewish supremacy, racial awareness, and a mission of world domination with the application of Usury – on the other hand you have universal love for everyone else, the destruction of your own roots and their replacement with the Jewish “root tree” where the Christian is to submit himself to the will of the Jewish root, tree and God. What could ever go wrong? The Bible is their guide – they might as well add a new motto as their advertisement : Freemasonry, Cucking people into Jewish submission.

Then we read how they love the symbol of the Lamb. They love the idea of being led by a lamb to the slaughter and they cannot wait to submit to this symbolism and have Christ lead them like the lamb they are to the slaughter. Holy fucking jumping Jesus man. People like this should be hospitalized – there is something deeply wrong with followers of Abrahamic religions – they all can’t wait to submit themselves to the Jewish God and they just can’t wait to die for him either. A strange fetish for someone who apparently denies “authority”, wouldn’t you agree? Finally we learn that there is a symbol that teaches Masons how everyone is equal – they go so far as to call this “natural equality” of the human “family”. They even have the nerve to think that we are equal by nature. By the Gods, these people are actually more hopeless than Christcucks, because the average Christcuck might yet be saved by simply pointing out to him the idiocy within the Bible – but the Mason? Indoctrinated to this degree? Near-Impossible.

And it is always interesting to notice how the Jewish Bible allows Jews to kill other people, return the blow and even kill before someone else kills them – if they think that someone is dangerous to them – but! : to the Christian has been given the idea to never, ever return a punch back, let alone resist or fight evil. You must love everyone, even if they kill and rape your daughter in front of you. What a curse upon Humanity. Albert Pike said in one of these Masonic books  : The well being of any nation, like that of every individual, is threefold, physical, moral and intellectual. So, Jews have made our Men effeminate, our Women feminized; turned our morality into universalist kabbalist bullshit and brought the intellect of our people down to the level of a child. Truly, the world has been blessed by the Jewish light. We continue with “The Apocalypse of Freemasonry”, Revd. Castells, 1924, where we learn that Jews practiced Masonry before it became “official” among the Gentiles :

In a History of Rhode Island by the Rev. E. Petersen, which appeared in 1853, it is stated that some Jews who emigrated from Holland to the American Congress in the spring of 1658, practised the “degrees” of Masonry at Newport. And many years after that publication an eminent American Mason made inquiries about this report, but although he found the actual original documents which had been the warrant for that historian’s statement, he refused to believe it. The documents reads :

“Ths ye Wee meet at ye House off Mordecai Campannall, and after synagog Wee gave Abm Moses the Degrees off Maconrie.”

This evidence has all the characteristics of authenticity. It has no ulterior purpose and its age is unquestioned; it is long anterior to 1717. It comes to confirm what we might have expected, that Masonry had been practised among the Spanish Jews (Sephardim). It helps to explain the Hebrew element in the Ritual. And yet the American investigator, Bro. Thomas Doyle, incapable of conceiving Masonry before it came from England one hundred years after, in 1749, would not recognise this testimony.

Who would have thought, right? Who would have thought that Jews created Christianity in order to change the European environment to suit them better. To destroy all European art, music, gods, merit, valor, honor, loyalty, racial identity – in order to introduce into it a destructive force called the Bible? Who would have thought that Jews then created Masonry among the Gentiles in order to create – yet again – an environment that suited them even more, that expanded their conquest of the world even better than ever before? Who would have thought… But, just as the Christians are not willing to accept this Truth, so it would seem are the Masons. But wait!, there’s more :

There was a Lodge in York in 1705; one at Alnwick in 1701; one at Dunblane in 1698; these were Speculative Lodges, and at the last place, few of the members were operative Masons. In 1691 Robert Kirk wrote a work in which “the Mason Word” was connected with a Rabbinical Tradition, “by way of comment on Jachin and Boaz,” and he affirms that the Masons had then a secret sign which was “delivered from hand to hand.” In 1658 an old parchment records that King James VI was made a Mason, and it speaks of “the Temple of Temples built on this earth,” meaning, of course, K.S.T. (King Solomon’s Temple), as giving rise to the Lodges of Kilwinning and Scoon. In 1646 Elias Ashmole became a Mason.

In 1641 Sir Robert Moray was initiated. The Cooke MS., containing the Constitutions of Masons, is dated 1430, but on examination is found to be a composite work made up of still older materials. The Regius MS., in metrical form, is ascribed to the year 1415, but is commonly regarded as a transcript of an earlier one of about 1380.

We can therefore realize that the Jews had their hand behind our society for thousands of years. The entire Masonic “initiation” is a play on the mind – Jews figured out that this psychological impact creates the perfect drone for them. After all, they take you away from the world, turn you into an alien towards it, present you with a supposed secret and give you a “new purpose”. They re-program you in there, you fucking imbeciles. And they have been doing it for the last 4000 years it would seem. The Christian baptism is very similar to this Masonic bullshit; not as sinister and strong, but still – it serves the same purpose. The Author concludes that the Masonic Ritual originated with men who were familiar with the mystic theosophy evolved long since among the Jews. Another interesting element which we find in the Book is the following : The Knight Templars were credited with the design of re-building Zion. Deus Vult! We continue :

In that great store-house of Jewish mysticism, the Sepher ha Zohar, or “Book of Splendour,” K.S.T. is spiritualised and treated as “a House of Doctrine” rather than as material fabric. It is said to have been erected by the Regent of the Secret Tradition in Israel; it is conceived as standing in the world’s centre and as having a Sanctuary – the Sanctum Sanctorum – which is mystically speaking the Heart of the World.

All this corresponds exactly with the Masonic conception, for K.S.T. is actually declared to have been “the First Lodge,” and in thus describing it we mean that the  Temple was the embodiment of our mystic philosophy, everything in it being symbolic of our ideals, and reflecting our light. It is on this account that the Freemason’s Lodge is said to stand on holy ground.

That wonderful Jewish book of the Zohar which says that God cries because Jews have to live alongside non-Jews on Earth. That wonderful Jewish Zohar which says that God will recover from this depression only when all non-Jews are exterminated. Anyways, we see here clearly how the entire concept of Masonry dates back to King Solomon’s Temple – it is full of gefilte fish, from top to bottom. Alas, some claim that this isn’t really the “first lodge” :

They say this because the place of convocation reared at the foot of another Mount (where the historic pattern was seen by our G.M. [Grand Master] Moses) is regarded as “The First”, and this one is also called “the Holy” Lodge, the ground it occupied being rendered holy by the structure.

Moses a Grand Master of Masonry. How do you like that Christian dupes? After all, as we read in the various Kabbalah and Zohar articles I did – Jesus himself was supposedly “initiated” and became a Mason : this can be read in the scriptures of John as well – they have a Masonic touch in them all over the place. Later on we read that the “Altar of Incense”, something which even Christians themselves use, is a symbol of devotion to an ideal where the Archangel Michael sacrifices the soul of the just that it might ascend pure and fragrant to Jehovah. Hahah! The Author regards himself a Gentile in the following passage : And while we follow the practice of the Gentiles we adopt the language of the Hebrews, reversing the Temple but still speaking of the Adepts, our Ancient Brethren, as making their way to the Sanctum Sanctorum, which we conceive to be in the East.

He goes as far as to claim that Pythagoras and Hermes were “brother Masons”, whereas in the “Kybalion” you will learn that Hermes taught Abraham and initiated him into Hermetics. Picture that! The Great Hermes, also known as Thoth, had nothing better to do but find this imbecilic Jew who almost sacrificed his own Son and supposedly initiate him into the secrets of the Universe. You might as well believe in the talking donkey from the Bible. Generally speaking, within the book, the “East”, that is to say the Orient, is regarded as the “Light”, whereas Europe is called the “Darkness”. So, they travel from “East to West”, just like those 3 Kings (3 Masonic degrees) travel to “baby Jesus”, the newly initiated person. Later on it is mentioned how “judgment can only be passed on others due to imperfect and limited knowledge”. I don’t know about you – but the more I know about these Jews – the more I hate them. I must be imperfect. We read on :

How far this number [15] rests on historic fact we may be able to judge from the following data. In Herod’s Temple (the one destroyed by the Romans), in passing from the large area, known as “the Women’s Court” (so named because it was accessible to the women) to “the Court of the Men of Israel”, one had to ascend a flight of fifteen steps; and the Talmud tells us that these fifteen steps corresponded in number to the Fifteen Psalms, 120 to 134, called by us “Songs of Degrees”, or “of the Steps,” because they were sung during the ascent.

The Talmud is mentioned – who would have guessed. We truly are enslaved, my dear Aryan brothers and sisters. Our leaders, these Masonic imbeciles, the Christian idiots, a very large portion of our population is enslaved. Their minds are gone, their hearts are in the shape of menorahs, they think like Jews, they act like Jews and they pray for Jews. If you haven’t – read those 15 psalms – it is all about praising Zion, Israel and the God who chose the Chosenites. What can a Mason think after singing that bullshit? What else but a Zionist can he become? He prays for Israel and even sings how those who stand against it should be punished. Ridiculous. We are in some deep fucking shit my friends. Deep. Fucking. Shit.

Later on we learn how the “master of the lodge” controls the rest of those within it. It equals a “mini universe”, it becomes a mini-state within the state and nation itself. A Jew on top of the lodge is a dangerous concept here. We also learn the importance of “welfare on mankind” and how it requires “obedience and faithfulness”. How else are the people supposed to slave away for the Jews if not through obedience and faith? You learn later on that the “Morning Star”, that Bright Morning Star, is equaled to the “Shield of David” – a concept which shouldn’t surprise us as the Morning Star is represented by a 5-pointed star which essentially is all about keeping secrecy and telling half-truths. So, the Mason lies on purpose, and through these lies the lineage of “David” is shielded – the Messiah, the Messianic concept of the Jewish World Domination – is kept hidden. We then learn the following :

The Israelite of old time conceived the great Jehovah as dwelling “in the darkness” as well as “in the light”. And therefore the Hebrew mystic said: “He made darkness his dwelling-place”; “Darkness and light are both alike to Thee.” (1st Kings viii. 12; Psalms xviii. II, cxxxix. 12.) He therefore, had no need of windows or of artificial light. And this conception of a God who dwells in the darkness may be found among other races. For the Yogis (like the Sufis), in the East, teach that if anyone would attain to “the Truth”, he must of necessity go through what they call “the Mystical Night”, which consists in shutting out all sense-impressions and letting the interior light alone shine.

This undoubtedly is the underlying thought in our Third Degree; for the M. M. [Master Mason] is clearly taught that he should not rely on his “human reason,” which is incapable of “penetrating the mysterious veil,” but on the inner divine light, which is “from above,” and which is sent to relieve our night.

What they describe is basically Meditation. In deep meditation where one seeks to find and inquire more about himself, which is best performed late at the day when the night comes, one tries to reach such a deep state of meditation where one does not feel anything anymore – his senses go completely numb – up to the point where you don’t feel being part of the world around you anymore. It consumes you at first, all becomes complete darkness, but not even that is the proper term – all becomes Nothing. It is at that very moment where you will see and experience this “inner light”. Since this is deeply connected to the idea of Chakra and Kundalini, one must also understand that the symbol of the Wheel is the main symbol behind it. And this Wheel was portrayed as the Slavic “kolovrat” and European-Aryan Swastika, found in its oldest shape in Ukraine all the way back to 13000 BC. What once was a true experience, became a mocking element within Jewish Masonry.

Since the Jews are manipulating these imbeciles within the Lodge, it wouldn’t surprise me that they used the “Sun symbolism” in order to tell them : Look, just as the sun rises in the east and dies in the west, so must Europe die now in order for the East to be-reborn. It only makes sense, Goyim. In case of the already mentioned Aryan Swastika, we learn later on in the book the following :

We find Moses constructing his Golden Lampstand according to a pattern which the Elohim (“God”) had shown him during his retirement on Mount Sinai; for this means that the Seven Lights are a symbolic representation of the group of Seven Stars, known to us as Ursa Minor, which is one of the wonders of the sky. As our Guild Master Moses saw that constellation turning round the Master Polaris, he adopted it as a symbol, and afterwards our Ancient Brethren took it for an emblem not merely of the heavens in revolution, but of the celestial Lodge – a Committee of Gods, or semigods – the “seven spirits of Elohim”, which the Hebrews spoke of, or “the grand Lodge above,” as we call it.

The Ursa minor, as well as major, end up forming a Swastika during the seasons. The “Gods” “shared” this knowledge to the Jews. As already mentioned, Europeans had this knowledge 13000 years BC – who the hell do you think they stole it from? Who is it that we find mummified in Ancient Egypt? Who is it that we find mummified in Ancient China, Peru, among the Mayans? Who is it that in these various cultures and their various myths brings them knowledge and wisdom? The “White Gods”. We continue with only a short excerpt “The Beginning of Masonry”, Frank C. Higgins, New York, October 1916 :

The ancient Cosmic Science, of which Freemasonry is the modern survival, gives the date of its inception, as that at which the above “Cardinal Signs” commenced their reign, viz. 3995 B.C., commonly reckoned as 4000 B.C., which, added to the current year, gives our Masonic date. It was when this Aryan people [5000-7000 years before the Christian era] was still locked in the bosom of central Asia that the mind of man first began to speculate in the higher mathematics and the beginning of science began to supplant mere childish wonder and barbarous fetishism.

Mathematics and geometry, joined to an ardent pursuit of astronomy in regions most favorable to observation where only the naked eye was to be depended on, were made the basis of all human speculation upon the nature and attributes of the Infinite. It must be remembered that it was only well within the Christian era that every human consideration was supposed to be so dependent upon planetary influences that the entire science of medicine consisted in the selection of plant, animal, and mineral substances, which because of their planetary affinities would counteract human ills.

By this combination is really meant the threefold nature of man – the “soul”, which the ancients held to emanate from the sun; the “body”, which came under the special influence of the moon; and “spirit”, or mental intelligence, which was the gift of Hermes or Mercury – the “mind”, or manas, as it was called in Sanskrit, being that which specifically constituted “man.”

Even though we see here that it all began with the Aryans, who would have thought right, we still cannot deny the archaeological evidence of the Swastika symbol in Ukraine and similar older places. We see here the scientific development of our people, their development of logic, geometry, math, physics, language – everything. We understood astronomy, astrology and observed everything in accordance to nature. We tried to figure out this world from the inside out.

Then along came the Jews with their Bible. They stole what they could and realized that if they could put us into a state of amnesia that we would be probably easy to conquer. Suddenly observing the stars became “heresy” that had to be punished by death. The earth became flat again, the movements of the bodies were nullified, the ancient knowledge was lost. The Dark Ages occurred. The idea of body, mind and soul became the Trinity in Christianity – totally annihilated and destroyed of its original meaning. Learning became submitting to the Jewish Will. The Bible became the only science. Discovering life and its meaning was neutralized by accepting the Jews as God’s chosen people. Meanwhile, the Jews kept all the ancient knowledge running. They did observe the stars; they did observe its connection and relation of “above and below”. They merely meant to deny all of that for others – or, when possible – sell them a fake version of it. The modern day person is so beyond hopelessly stupid, the Jews must be proud of their accomplishments.

There is more interesting information to be found within the book, but remain sharp and focused while reading it – some elements are silly, others Jewy – some are good; you might even learn something. But, we won’t go in detail through it as the article would never end. In case of the Aryan migrations, within Masonic encyclopedia you will find the following words : Celts were the early inhabitants of Italy, Gaul, Spain and Britain. They are supposed to have left Asia during one of the Aryan emigrations, and, having traveled in a westerly direction, to have spread over these countries to Europe. The Celtic Mysteries or the Sacred Rites which they instituted are known as Druidical Mysteries. So, if anything, our Aryan ancestors themselves were the “Light” which traveled from East to West. Of that Aryan light little remains – we must defend it – for the Jewish darkness aims to consume it.

White Stupidity Backing The White Freemason Donald Trump

This will probably go down as one of my last posts about Donald Trump and the increasing stupidity of the white race to back yet another Jewish shill for office. I was talking to a good comrade over the weekend and we were both talking about how many whites have now fallen under the Jewish spell of falling for false leaders. Though I know that many, including myself, fell for the lies of Trump but unlike many of them, I was able to open my eyes fully once I saw his AIPAC speech. Of course, many of the typical white idiots and Trump supporting fools fail to see this and continue to make excuses like “he was merely rehearsing things” and “the entire situation looked like he was going through the motions”. Why the hell should anyone follow false leaders who continue to show not an ounce of backbone to stand up to Jews and Freemasons who have ruined the lives of our fathers and the future of our children?

There is many historical similarities to point to the rise of Donald Trump and how it mirrors the rise of Barack Hussein Obama. Both men were mysterious figures, somehow placed in front of us, promising the world. Obama promised universal healthcare, a peaceful coexistence with the world, hope for the poor, change instead of stagnation but we all know the end of that store. Thank the gods that his evil reign and error (pun intended) will come to an end in just 10 more days. Obama was labeled the great black hope in order to fool the ignorant black niggers to vote for him and for guilt stricken whites to vote for him in order to appease the blacks and faggots (it’s my opinion based on facts that Obama is a homosexual anyways and NOT a Jew!). It worked for more than 8 years and now the Jews have started another plot to trick the minds of the goyim.

One of the arguments that the white idiots say that they were better off with anyone but the feminist slut Hillary Clinton but I very much disagree. There is no point in choosing the lesser of 2 evils since they are both evil; the only difference being that Clinton is a mass murder and Trump backs mass murders in the fake genocidal state called Israel. It is my theory, a theory that will be proven right, is that if Hillary had been elected, it would have helped spread the fire and the desire for a violent revolution to speed the advent of racial futurism to save not only whites but to fully throw off the evils of Jewish supremacy. Now that Trump has been chosen and promoted to the Jewish office of POTUS, the whites and the fools who have supported his rise to power are now being appeased and shall remain stagnant and refuse to remain vigilant against the Jews and their lies. It almost feels that they will continue to make appeasements and excuses for all the times he will screw them over. Hell, he has already been screwing them over as he is doing nothing but appointing Jews like his own son in law, Jared Kushner, to high offices, further cementing their rule over us all!

And to make matters even worse, the continued hypocrisy of many fake national socialists (and many wonder why I left the movement over a year ago) to continue to support a man who has sworn allegiance to Jews, to the fake state of Israel, who has married off his children to Jews and is proud to have Jewish grandchildren, and who has many business dealings with Jews and the state of Israel. I believe that in the end, the weak will get purged from the earth and this kind of hypocrisy has shown me that there are VERY VERY VERY few people in The Cause who understand what must be done and that it makes very little sense to continue to vote in Jewish political machinations to try and save them. This war with the Jews and Freemasons will only be won when the fight is taken to Jews in all forms, including violence against them and those who support them. Yes, the blood of whites and blacks and many others will have to be spilled in order to stop them, but the sacrifice that shall be made for your own descendants will more than make up for that! How the fuck can someone proclaim to be against zionism, against jewish supremacy, and against even Jews yet support Jewish backed and endorsed candidates. I believe that the white race has simply grown too weak and it is far from shocking that they will make up less than 5% of the world population by the year 2050 and shall become a minority in America by that same time period. I have moved on to working with people opposed to both Jewish control AND Donald Trump and have begun to purge from my ranks ANYONE who supports any jewish backed candidate including Trump. It is what must be done to continue the progress in my battle against the Jews!

White Freemasons : Good Goyim # 3

Time for another Freemason article. I think I pretty much covered every possible aspect of Jewish influence upon our society – if there is something I missed – do tell me, not only in order to write about it, but to do more research on it myself. Alas, one can never do enough research, there is never enough information to truly awaken everyone. Some need a special kick, some need a specific term – sometimes a single word crushes the entire Jewish belief system that was indoctrinated into them. We are looking for that special domino which will collapse the entire structure. Sadly, no matter how much information one provides, there always seem to be those individuals who are hellbent on defending a certain Jewish ideology, sometimes even a certain aspect of it. One hates the Jews, but believes in their God. One hates the Jews, but believes in their right to freedom of speech. One hates the Jews, but tolerates their religion. These are the most dangerous individuals among us, for they are ready and willing to do the dirty work for the Jews – whether they are aware of it or not.

The Jew has it easy as long as there exist Goyim who are preparing the battlefield for him. As we have seen in the article “Mouth of Israel”, the Jews have announced to us that they can only win against us by using their “mouth”. It should be obvious by now what the “mouth” includes – but, in short, let us remind ourselves with these following terms : Religion, Television, Media, News, Books, Gospels, Propaganda, Ideologies, Revolutions, Free Speech, etc. In order to truly have a way of using their “mouth” to conquer us, it was necessary for the Jews to become an “equal” part of our society – that is to say – they must have the ability to live among us, create their faculties among us, and even become politicians who would then pretend to “care” about the Host Nation they are in. So, they needed Liberalism, they needed Equality, Fraternity, a Global Brotherhood. They needed Democracy, Free Speech, Diversity and Multi-culturalism.

With all these terms established and the battlefield accustomed to the Jewish liking and way of waging war – it would become just a matter of Time before the Jews would start to take over our Nations, our People, our very Souls. By not allowing us to conquer their “free speech”, their “mouth” with our own speech and our own mouth – they managed to accelerate their takeover. This acceleration, of course, was blessed by the term : Anti-Semitism and by the event of the fake : Holocaust. Since we are obviously not physically engaged in war against the Jews, you must look at this battle against them entirely in the mental and thoughtful (through speech) way. They have taken control over every front of the battlefield with their speech and the moment we try to charge at a certain location in order to liberate it from them – an anti-Semitic bomb is dropped on us – and, sometimes, prisoners of war are taken (read: people sent to jail). The Masons, gullible and stupid as they are, do not realize any of this, but believe that they are creating some kind of “Global Democracy” – yet cheerfully accept the fact – that the Jew suggested to them that in order to achieve that “Global Democracy”, they’ll simply have to kill all White people on this planet. As the Christians have been duped into idiocy by the idea of Jesus, so have the Masons been duped by this idea of Global Democracy – which, if you have read along so far with a clear and sharp mind – means Global Jewish Domination. Let us, in short, see what the Germans knew about that already back in the days :

Freemasonry is an ideological form of hostility to National Socialism, the significance of which, in the historical development of the past two centuries, must be deemed comparable to the effects of other supranational organizations, the political churches, world Jewry, and Marxism. In its present form, it must be viewed as the bourgeois-liberal advance troops of World Jewry.
It corrupts the principles of all forms of government based on racial and folkish considerations, enables the Jews to achieve social and political equality, and paves the way for Jewish radicalism through its support for the principles of freedom, equality, and brotherhood, the solidarity of peoples, the League of Nations and pacifism, and the rejection of all racial differences.
Through its personal influences and economic favoritism, Freemasonry ensures that all dominant positions of the public, economic, and cultural life of a people are filled with lodge brethren, who in fact translate the concepts of Freemasonry into action.

No one can deny these facts. The current leaders of France are almost all Masons, Jews and Zionists. Most of the police, firemen and other similar institutions are being operated by them. People in these positions are rarely ever invited into higher degrees – but the foundation of it – is being indoctrinated into them as well. The very fact that we are fighting against Globalism and that Masons themselves are Globalists – should be enough. Just look at this guy here : Bruce Fenton. He is a Mason, and the very admin of the biggest Freemasons Facebook page. He immediately tells you that he is a Globalist and works on Globalization. Think this guy cares about White Nations being destroyed? Think he cares about the Racial extermination of Europeans? His heart is in the shape of a menorah, my friends.

The Germans concluded the same thing we already mentioned – Masons are used as the front army which changes the environment for the Jews. Think of it this way : The Nationalist, Racially pure environment of a Nation is poisonous for the Jew. He cannot breathe the air within that atmosphere. So, he sends out his converted and deluded Masonic idiots to change that environment for him. After this has been successfully accomplished, the Jew can enter the crumbled Nation and start “living” and operating there. He did the same thing with the spreading of Christianity. To ensure his continued existence within that Host Nation, the Jew now brings in even more non-Ethnic people. This not only diverts critique from him, but also makes sure that he can hide behind conflicts which he can create between the various people existing within the formerly Racially Pure Nation.

It isn’t that difficult to understand. It shouldn’t be. But, as long as you are a Mason who thinks that what he is doing is actually serving the “World” – then you are an idiot who will never get it. As long as you are thinking that “sacrificing the White Race” in order to achieve “Globalization” is normal – then you are an idiot. Next time you see a Mason, just laugh at him. I mean, why should you be impressed by him? He is a Traitor of his Race, his People, his Nation – but – when questioned will tell you that he is “Patriotic”. To whom, might I ask? The Jewish people? If you have read my articles so far, you know more than the average Mason knows by now. So, laugh at them and pity them. Tell them you feel sorry for them and that it must be hard being used by people without even knowing it. Let us continue :

Freemasonry is tightly allied with Jewry, and not just through its organization. Even the symbolism of Freemasonry points to Jewry through its customs, and to Hebrew through its words and signs, as its real origin. The Masonic conceptual universe is a reflection of Jewish near-Eastern images and concepts. The Near Eastern conceptual world was first communicated to the entire West through the Church, which loyally guarded its Jewish “heritage”.
The central point of Old Testament through is represented by the concept of Yahweh as the Jewish “God”. Initially, the belief in many national deities prevailed among the Jews, for whom Yahweh was still an entirely insignificant desert god, until he sought out a “people” (the nomadic tribe of Israel) with whose help he could set about to dethrone all other gods and achieve world domination. In later Jewry, Yahweh was conceived of first as a High God, then as the One God; but his original nature was strictly retained. To Jewry, the name “Yahweh” implies a programme of world enslavement (see Isaiah chapter 60, etc.)
Just like Yahweh himself, the Temple [of Solomon] became a symbol of Jewish plans for world domination (see Ezekiel, chapters 40-48; see also the New Testament, Revelation of St.John, chapter 21). In the period after the Babylonian Captivity, “Prophetic Jewry” was supplemented by the priestly “Teachings of the Law” (Torah) and the “Books of Wisdom” (Chokmah). “Bourgeois decency” and social order were derived through heavy borrowings from neighbouring cultures, while Yahweh was given a cosmic characterization as the “World Master Builder”. At the same time, the way was paved for internationalistic attitudes (spreading of Messianic teachings).

We know by now that everything within it is, by Jewish nature, stolen from others and presented as something unique. Since we learned before that Masonry is highly influenced by the Jewish Kabbalah, which in on itself is “Universalist and Globalist”, it should be easy to realize that their entire Nature fits this description. In a way, these individuals become power hungry and regard everything as something that has to be globally applied – even your very genetics. After all, the Kabbalah teaches them that there is no morality – there is no Good, there is no Evil – it all depends on whether or not someone has the stronger will to dominate someone else. The “Brothers” in the Lodge leave each other pretty much alone – at least as long as they sit within it.

It is more than interesting to see that the Germans were aware of the Jewish corruption : the Bible – from A to Z. They read the same book we are reading today; they analyzed it the same way we are doing today. They had brains, brains which were required to resist and fight the Jew. We are stuck today with average minds who are not capable of letting go of all Jewish poisons – primarily – the Biblical one. As long as you cannot get rid of it, you will eventually fall for it. The Jew will find a way to use the Bible, its words, his own “mouth”, in order to mindfuck you over – and therefore – every person still influenced by it : is dangerous. We continue :

In Paris, the lodge of the Encyclopaedists, called “The Nine Sisters”, was active from 1769. Here, the guiding principles and ideas of the French Revolution were given their characteristic features and further developed. The slogan of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, the principle of the equality of all who bear a human face, the universal rights of man, were all worked out in this lodge, and advocated aggressively in a revolutionary spirit.
The notion of tolerance, which is anchored in the “Ancient Duties” and was further developed together with the Masonic ideal of humanity in the France of the Enlightenment, enabled the Jews, with the help of Freemasonry, to penetrate bourgeois society at an early date in England and France, and then to achieve emancipation. In 1723 and 1725, Jewish names already appear in the membership lists of English Masonic lodges. In 1732, one lodge changed the meeting from Saturday evening to Sunday simply to permit Jewish members to take part in the work of the lodge. Jewish influence appears to have been rather great at that time, since as early as 1732 the street orator Henley gave a speech attacking “Jew Masons”.
Even in 1737 and 1741, Ramsay, in his capacity as speaker of the French Grand Lodges, in his ground-breaking speech “Speech of a Grand Master”, described the concepts of a universal democratic republic which was to be filed with tolerance.

Those Masons must sure as hell be proud that the Jew Sarkozy said how France needs to race-mix itself into extinction and replace its White population with a race-mixed breed of idiots. They must be masturbating to that message. There are countless liberal, even atheistic, Masonic Lodges in France – some of them are even financially supporting the invasion. This reminds me of David Icke – how he supposedly attacks Masons but, at the very same moment, sells the Universal idea that we are all “One”, just “One Soul”, “One consciousness”, that has to come together. He can attack Masons and Jews 24/7 for all they care : he is spreading their own message. Hence, why no one is stopping him.

First, the Jew used Christianity and hardcore Dogmatic Catholicism to destroy everything Pagan about Europe. This was the total destruction of freedom of any kind. The main point was however to destroy the European in Europe. Then, when the time was right, they introduced Freemasonry which suddenly offers “Freedom” to a so-long oppressed people under Christian dogma. But, the true European never returned. He was merely replaced with a Jewish authorized version of it; with a suicidal form. The Jew didn’t have to pretend anymore to be a Christian, he didn’t have to hide behind various silly organizations anymore – he could now openly walk around as an “equal person” and call himself French in France – if need be. Attacking the Jew was now a human sin, it was seen as an act of intolerance. One has to understand the Jewish steps of this war. Everything happens for a reason – there is no Effect without a Cause. There is no Chance. It all has a Purpose.

Anyways, within the book is also included an “Open Letter to the French Chamber” written by the founder of the Pan-European movement, the Freemason Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1924. We read in short the following :

Your forefathers hurled three great words into the history of Europe: freedom, equality, fraternity! France brought political freedom to Europe. All the revolutions of the past century were but the echo of the great French Revolution… Renew your mission! Proclaim to the world the outbreak of the third revolution! The revolution of brotherhood! Step forth, with determination, gentlemen, to the forefront of the great movement which is pulsing through Europe, and lead the Europeans through brotherhood to unity!
While the Star-Spangled Banner of freedom flutters in the American West, while the Red Flag of Equality flutters in the Russian East, may you in the centre between these two worlds, unfurl the Banner of Brotherhood, from man to man, from class to class, from people to people, from continent to continent! … Only then can Europe again become the centre of the earth, and France the centre of Europe!

Yeah, lead the Europeans into their genocide. What a great fucking movement. Replace Europeans with race-mixed hybrids; replace their leaders with Jews. And when nothing is left from Europe – make sure that this Europe becomes the centre of earth degeneracy. Fucking imbeciles. I cannot express my hatred towards these idiots. There was a time where I thought that there might be something benevolent behind them – I thought : It can’t all be that bad. Not all of them could be idiots? There must be something salvageable in there. No, no. It isn’t worth salvaging anything. Whatever they stole and corrupted is dead, gone and useless. Everything has to be done from scratch and they have to simply be removed.  Look at what they have done to Europe. Look at what they are doing to it. They, the Jews, Marxists, Communists, Liberals – these people are brain dead children with too much power and control.

You also learn here how the Masons loved the Communist Red Flag. I find it fascinating how they will claim that they are neither a political organization, nor a religion. You know, for someone who has a fucking temple and altar with a Bible sitting on it – they sure seem to be taking the piss. For someone who started several Political Revolutions, it sure is arrogant to claim that they don’t do anything political. And, on top of it, talking about both politics and religion is denied in their lodges to their members. Hehe, talk about being a stupid slave. You just have to focus on the end goal, Goyim – create the “Global Democracy” for the Jews – and we all know where Democracy leads to : Communism.

Additionally, within the Book we find all the other already known quotes about Coudenhove-Kalergi and White Genocide. In other words, the Germans knew very well that there existed a plan of White Genocide. One has to also understand that Masonry has its foundations in Christianity – as far as I know their “Patron” is St.John, the Baptist – if you know about the Christ-insanity with which the Jew has poisoned Europe – that information should be more than enough for ye. Once I realized that a Bible sits in every Lodge, I knew that it must be shit altogether. If these supposed “enlightened” people can’t figure out the Lie which the Bible is – then the entire organization must be retarded. No light in there, only darkness. We continue :

Thus, the activity of the Jews was bound to take the form, initially, of fighting for equal rights in the German Masonic lodges and at the same time in bourgeois society, and then of occupying the key positions in all spheres of public and private life. From the beginning of the conflict over the Jewish question, the tactic, for all parties involved, was to establish the German lodges on the Masonic principles of humanitarianism and tolerance, and then wipe out the concept of differences of religion and race.
It would take us too far afield to describe further developments in detail. The result was that, by the beginning of the 20th century, all German grand lodges accepted Jews as members with equal rights. Only two Old Prussian lodges refused Jews as members, but admitted them as “regularly visiting brethren”. At the same time, these two grand lodges repeatedly stressed that only their Christian principles prevented them from accepting persons of other beliefs. A baptized Jew could therefore become an equal member of these lodges. Particularly, the Jewish and small lodges, as well as German humanitarian Freemasonry, entered fully onto the side of the liberal-democratic Masonic Internationale.
Just how far the internationalist attitude of the German lodges really went during the World War is shown, among other things, by a quote from the “Communication from the Association of German Freemasons” in 1917, which states : What is at stake is the awakening of internationalist thought in the community of peoples. This work cannot be done by individuals: it must be performed by the existing centres of power, by associations of the most varied colourations.

They pretty much succeeded in terms of this absolute tolerance, haven’t they? You now have Muslims, Jews, Christians, even fucking Pagans in Masonry – after all – they are internationalists building up the Jewish Democratic Global Empire. It would be silly not to admit everyone and everything. Every god damn Lodge itself is like a Jewish beacon which transforms the environment and just mixes together everything – the Lodge itself is the home of the Qabalist who turns everything into Universalism. Who would have thought that a simple word such as “brother” would have such a fucking impact.

We are surrounded by many enemies and organizations which want to see our Land, our People, our Genetics dead – my Aryan brothers and sisters. This is one of the most difficult parts of your awakening – the realization that this World is abso-fucking-lutely retarded, corrupted and on the brink of Death and Darkness. We are scattered across our White Nations, hermits so to speak, small beacons of Aryan light which now have to find a way to fight these monstrosities of idiocy. It is difficult, it is exhausting and – you know deep within yourself – that we only got one shot, one chance to succeed at this. Anyways, we learn from the book how the basic objective of Freemasonry is, yet again, directed towards the creation of a supranational Masonic world organization, a universal Freemasonry, as the preliminary step towards a common bond of humanity, the Masonic world republic. Finally, before analyzing their social media, let us add a quote from the old edition of the “Universal Handbook of Freemasonry” :

Humanity refers to all men. It means universal love, which rises above all differences and division of humanity; it doesn’t inquire about racial or religious community. It views and honours in every racial and religious comrade – Man, a being of the same species, with equal rights, the related brother of the same genus… Man’s life may be viewed from two viewpoints: as individual life and as social life: Man lives as an individual being and as a member of a commonweal. The model image of the individual life is humanity, mankind; the model image of social life is cosmopolitanism, citizenship of the world… Freemasonry was created for this highest model of the life of humanity, for the encouragement of humanity and of world citizenship; the association of Freemasonry is a humane and cosmopolitan society.

I guess it must have hit these Masonic imbeciles real hard when DNA was discovered and all the various human differences alongside it. But, the Jews, as per usual, don’t give a flipping fuck about facts and evidence that goes against them or their ideas – for they know – as long as they can brainwash people into believing what they want them to : the Truth is irrelevant. After all, they teach their Masonic idiots that Truth itself is relative and that there simply is no such thing as Truth. So, if you wonder why our Societies have become retarded and why facts are regarded as something that isn’t important anymore : look no further but to the Globalist Cabal and all these various Supranational organizations, including Masonry. But, let us analyze the following thing :

You probably noticed that the year is 5723 – for they follow the Jewish calendar. The already mentioned Admin of the Freemasonic page added this interesting information : Anderson’s Constitutions was the original guide for Freemasons who were part of the Grand Lodge of England. The original Anderson’s Constitutions was published in 1723. It was written by James Anderson, a Presbyterian clergyman, at the request of John Theophilus Desaguliers, the third Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England. There are three sections to Anderson’s Constitutions, the history of Freemasonry, the Charges or general rules to be followed by Freemasons and Payne’s Regulations.

The history section of Anderson’s Constitutions, is largely written by Anderson who interpreted previous histories that were available. It would be the most extensive history of the Freemasonry to that point. It was in his history that Freemasons were cast as Noachides, followers of the Seven Laws of Noah. Anderson’s Constitutions has been compared in places to the United States Constitution. In it, as far as the regulation of lodges, there are clear comparisons with freedom of speech and the right of the citizenry, or in the case of a lodge membership, to vote. It is very important to know that these Seven Laws of Noah are purely a Jewish idea. They do not exist in the original Jewish Bible and you won’t find them anywhere in it. They came into existence with the Jewish Talmud. This is crucial knowledge. The Masonic Constitution of 1723 was based also on the Talmud and we see that it is being compared to the Constitution of the USA as well.

Does it wonder you therefore that the Laws of Noah have been accepted by the USA and even proclaimed as its foundation? This right here is the only link you basically need to realize how Jewish Masonry truly is. And if you are familiar with the Talmud, you will also know that these laws are designed to be followed especially by the Goyim, who are to be ruled over by the Jews. One doesn’t go without the other. In other words, Masons willingly bow down before the Jews. They willingly accept them as their Masters, the leaders of the Global Democracy which they are creating for them. And one can truly see that they are trying really hard to accomplish it – one just has to notice the All Seeing Eye symbolism floating around everywhere – from MTV to every single Church. They are behind all the interracial mixing and porn; they are behind all the things which are destroying our People. Alas, most of these Freemasonic idiots – at least one hopes – have no idea about it.

Here we have again a White Christian Mason who just can’t force himself to like Islam and its followers. Ironically, both religions are Jewish created tools of brainwashing and mind-manipulation, but let us ignore this for a moment. He correctly points out that there are literal commands in the Muslim religion which thel them that they should kill non-believers. If I remember correctly there is a three step process involved : you attempt to convert them; if they won’t, they must pay taxes; if they won’t, kill them. In case of Pagans, they are to be killed immediately. Ironically, there are Pagans sitting in Masonic lodges as well. And all of these people are simply to pretend to love one another, they are to ignore these verses, they are to ignore the commandments of their books, the prophets, even “literal words of God”. I guess the Jews realized that is the only way to get all of these people to work together and not kill each other in the “brotherly lodge”. Forbid them to talk about religion and politics – isn’t that just a liberal, democratic and wonderful expression of freedom of speech?

The Christian proceeds giving him some quotes from the Jewish book and claims he has no problem with sitting besides his Muslim brothers. You know at this point a Mason could simply pull out a New Testament and tell him that he is supposed to simply love everyone else and understand that they are all “one in Christ Jesus”. I feel so exhausted having to experience how dumb our people and the entire world for that matter has become. How these Jewish books have corrupted their mind and turned them into imbeciles. How the Jews have taken these 3 Abrahamic religions and created on top of them a supposed system where everything is to be tolerated, yet each of these religions, doesn’t tolerate anything besides itself. You just have to hate Jews.

I just love this one. This guy deserves a medal for stupidity. Because they read from right to left, the Quran has a completely different mystical meaning. I guess he doesn’t know that Jews and the Hebrew language also read from right to left. Oh, my god! This changes the entire Bible and its entire meaning! The end of it is the Truth! Picture that, religions are taken out of context – I guess when Jews in the Bible claim that they intend to enslave the entire planet – that is simply taken out of context. Furthermore, it is not the “last thing” in the Bible, so it isn’t as close to the Truth (the ending) as it could be. As said, this guy deserves an idiot reward of the century. Fucking Social Justice Liberal Marxist warriors who think they are special because they are Masons – and guys like these, with comments like those – are the result of it.

Islam attacked first, so defending oneself wouldn’t count – nevertheless – the Crusaders did far worse things than just supposedly answer to those attacks. They killed Europeans, pillaged them, murdered them and it took them hundreds of years to even start thinking about picking up a sword – and how could they? After all, Jesus told them to : Not Resist Evil and Love their Enemy. Christians celebrating the Crusades is hypocrisy at its finest. Besides, Jews, Muslims and Christians have the same “One God” – namely the Jewish Yahweh. It was all planned out a long, long time ago by the Jews. You need War in order to create Peace – Yahweh himself said it : I make Peace and create Evil. Jews always create the Wars and afterwards are the main people behind supposed Peace treaties.

Masons are against hate. Except when they have to create political revolutions which involve murder, theft, trickery, deception, and the overall destruction of an entire Nation. They also seem to have no problem in genociding White Europeans, destroying Europe and watching White women and children being raped by non-Whites on a daily basis. Hate against White people? Never heard of it.

It is quite charming and entertaining to read them, to see how they are trying to come up with one “liberal” excuse after the other. Let us ignore that Jews themselves admit in their own “holy scriptures” that all Evil in this world comes because of Israel. Let us ignore that there is literally 0 White-on-Black rape crimes, whereas every 15 minutes a White woman is raped. Let us ignore that the almost 100% White Iceland has virtually no crimes. It must be impossible to exist with evil non-White people. I love how he says that he can recognize a “brother in the dark”, “an evil man” – I guess we need to send to this guy an upgraded radar that is capable of recognizing Jews among him. It would seem that his evil-detector isn’t working. But, would it really help? He would simply state : It’s not all Jews! There are good Jews! Some of these Masonic Jews are really like my brothers! They love me so much!

Hehe, its the people who practice religions that are the problem. It has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with the religion itself. Look Goy, these holy Books we gave you are all the perfect Word of God with no errors – and you should follow them word by word if you intend to go to Heaven – but at the end of the day, the religion itself is no the problem, the Books are not the problem – you are the problem. In a sense, the Jews are right, you know. It is the stupidity of the person who follows their books that creates the problem in the first place. And now we have these stupid people battling each other over their stupidity. Kevin here again points out that it is becoming difficult for him to sit beside a Muslim when they are killing “his people”, namely Christians as he doesn’t see Race, every day. It would be fun to see now a Pagan sit beside Kevin and have him read how in the Bible it says to kill all Pagans.

Such a romantic, brotherly love story. Sitting at the same lodge meetings, drinking together in Yahweh’s name and then killing each other on the battlefield. The best recipe for a Nation, Race and People. And this guy aspires towards such a thing! He wants to be able to, he wants to have the courage to be able to sit beside someone in a lodge whom he will shoot afterwards in the head. How exciting! To send a brother to the Great Architect in battle! Ah, the Liberty! The Fraternity! The Universal Brotherhood! Sign us all up! Let us all join Masonry, create a war and simply shoot all of these imbeciles in a great Universal act of Love. The next guy actually believes that National Socialists would be Freemasons – I mean – that’s Alex Jones level of claiming that “Nazi’s” are Globalists. I am seriously sick and tired of this level of degeneracy, idiocy and overall lack of knowledge and intelligence.

Furthermore, the guy says he was “born gay”. The Great Architect of the Universe created him gay! When one reads the Laws of Noah, one finds the following statement : Do not engage in incest, adultery, pederasty or bestiality. So, this gay guy can actually fuck grown up man. You are allowed, by the holy Laws of the Holy Architect, to fuck grown up men and little girls. Ironically, the Laws also do not allow to murder, steal or deny God – but – those are less important things, ehm, cough, cough. Let us simply ignore that Atheistic Lodges also exist. To each his own, I guess. Got to make this Internationalist Universalism as Universal as possible.

Anyways, that’s it for this time folks. I hope you keep learning more and more and through it are becoming more and more decisive, will-powered, strong and wise. I mean, at a certain point we all will reach a very crucial stage : We will be sick and tired, disgusted and exhausted by the mere presence and existence of all these idiots. They will have to be taken care of – expelled, trialed, destroyed – alongside their Masters. There is absolutely no excuse that these people can come up with : they had the chance to do the same research we have done; they had the chance to leave this cult of insanity; they had the chance to even work against it, expose it – and they never did. So, they are part of the problem. The awakened Aryan of the 21st century finds himself in the biggest battle ever on this Planet. Never before did we need more courage, more honor, more valor, more loyalty to win this fight. Never before did we need our Racial Unity at such a high level. May we, one day, stand side by side and free our people from these imbeciles. Hail!

How The Jews Took Over Turkey

Subject: It’s time to learn the truth about Jewish Mustafa Kemal, and the current oppressive Kemalian regime in Turkey which took over the power after the fall of Ottoman rule, and which brainwash the people of Turkey from then on…

Source: Below article is taken from Kulanu quarterly newsletter, Summer 1999, Volume 6 Number 2

(Kulanu is an organization which reflects the community of interests of individuals of varied backgrounds and religious practices dedicated to finding and assisting lost and dispersed remnants of the Jewish people)

The Turkish – Israeli Connection and Its Jewish Roots

By Joseph Hantman

One of the most significant developments in recent Middle East affairs is the close relationship which now exists between Turkey and Israel in military, political, economic and intelligence matters. This change in the power structure is usually attributable to the old Arab maxim “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Since both Turkey and Israel count Syria and Iraq as their strongest threats, the close ties between Turkey and Israel are quite logical.

However, there is good evidence of a less widely known but absolutely fascinating story behind this relationship. Turkey, which has a population almost exclusively Muslim, has a government which by law is committed to being totally secular. This goes back to modern Turkey’s founding father, Mustafa Kemal (Kemal Ataturk), 1881-1938, leader of the Young Turk Movement which took over after World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Ataturk and his followers moved rapidly to end religious domination and many religious practices in the daily life of the country. They decreed a change from the Arabic alphabet to the Roman, and they outlawed the fez and the veil. They opened schools to both boys and girls, and their main goal was to Westernize Turkey and secularize its practices. The Turkish army has been the main enforcement agent of this secular policy in times of rising fundamentalism among some groups.

Some Background Data

In the 18th and early 19th century Salonika (now Thesalonika), under Turkish rule in Greece, was the unofficial capital of Sephardic Jewry. Of the three groups in the city, the Jews were larger than the combined Greek Orthodox and Muslim population.

The Jews dominated the commerce of the city and controlled the docks of this major seaport. There were great synagogues and academies of rabbinic study. Moslem shops closed on Friday, Greek Orthodox on Sunday, and most shops and businesses were closed on Shabbat. Ladino, the beautiful mix of Spanish and Hebrew, was the lingua franca of the city and “Shabbat Shalom” was the universal Saturday greeting among all. In the late 19th and early 20th century the city declined as a result of conflict between Greek Orthodox and Moslems, and Jewish dominance of the city decreased.

Fall of the Ottoman Empire

With the fall of the Ottoman Empire after World War I and the decision at the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 to create an independent Greek state, the decision was made to transfer populations. All Moslems in Greece had to move to Turkey and all Orthodox Greeks in Turkey had to move to Greece. In all, about 350,000 Moslems and one million Greeks were involved in the move. Jews were permitted to remain wherever they lived.

At this time a group of Moslems went to the authorities supervising the population shift and explained that they were not really Moslems but were in fact really Jews posing as Moslems. The authorities would not entertain such a claim so the group then went to the Chief Rabbi, Saul Amarillo, to verify their Jewish status. Rabbi Amarillo states, “Yes, I know who you are. You are momzarim (very loosely translated as bastards) and as such not acceptable in the Jewish community.” These people were the Donmeh, the Turkish word for converts, and their existence had been known for over 200 years. They were called momzarim because of the bizarre sexual practices that were part of their religious rituals, which made it impossible to trace parentage and lineage. The Donmeh were forced to leave Salonika for Turkey, which, considering the tragic fate of Salonika’s Jews during the Holocaust 20 years later, undoubtedly saved their lives.

Who Were the Donmeh? (Doenmeh, Donme)

One of the best known names but least known historical figures in Jewish history is Shabbtai Zvi, the “false messiah” (1626-1687). Born in Smyrna, Turkey, of a Sephardic father and an Ashkenazi mother, he was a brilliant child and Talmudic student, and an ordained rabbi in his mid teens. He went on to study and became a master in Kabbalah and other Jewish mysticism. His oratory was captivating and he soon acquired a following. However, he exhibited odd characteristics, including periods of illumination where he was believed to be communicating with God and periods of darkness when he was wrestling with evil. Soon he began to hint that he was the Messiah. This blasphemy caused him to be expelled from a number of congregations. He took up a pilgrim’s staff and with some followers roamed the Middle East, gathering many to his messianic preaching, especially during his periods of light. In Gaza he was welcomed by Rabbi Nathan, who had for years been preaching that the arrival of the Messiah was imminent. This combination led to a great outpouring of belief in Shabbtai Zvi as the Messiah. Word spread throughout the Jewish world, from Poland, Amsterdam, Germany, London, Persia, and Turkey to Yemen. Multitudes joined his ranks – educated rabbis, illiterates, rich and poor alike were swept up in the mass hysteria.

Among his inner core, they accepted his theory that all religious restrictions were reversed. The forbidden was encouraged and the commandments of the Torah were replaced by Shabbtai’s 18 (chai) commandments. This led to feasting on fast days, sexual relations with others than one’s spouse, and many more. The high point was in 1665-66, when Shabbtai, with his followers, marched on the Sultan’s palace expecting to be greeted as the Messiah. This of course did not happen. To shorten this story, Shabbtai was given the choice “convert to Islam or die.” To the consternation of his followers, he chose conversion. Most of his followers return to their homelands where, after penitence and sometimes flagellation, they were received into the congregations. However, some hundreds of families of his inner circle considered his apostasy as part of his overall plan of reaching the depth before attaining redemption. They too converted to Islam, although for about 200 years they lived as Moslems but secretly passed on their secret quasi-Jewish Shabbatean beliefs and practices to their children. They continued learning and praying in Hebrew and Ladino. As the generations passed, the knowledge of Hebrew was reduced to reciting certain prayers and expressions by memory in a barely understood Hebrew. They were known in Turkish as Donmeh, meaning “converts”; to the Jews they were Minim, meaning “heretics.” They referred to themselves as Ma’aminim, the “believers.” They were never really accepted by the Turks nor by the Jews.

As we get into the middle and late 1800’s and education and enlightened thinking spread through parts of the region, young Donmeh men who were dissatisfied with their status as “neither-nor” turned to secular nationalism to establish their identity. They neglected all forms of religious belonging and saw in the “Young Turk movement” their emancipation.

The Jewish Roots * * *

In 1911 in the Hotel Kamenetz in Jerusalem, Itamar Ben Avi, a newspaperman and writer who was the son of Eleazer Ben Yehudah (credited as the main proponent of the establishment of Modern Hebrew) met with a young Turkish Army officer. After enjoying a good quantity of Arak, the officer, Col. Mustafa Kemal, turned to his drinking partner and recited the “Shema” in fluent Hebrew and indicated that he came from a Donmeh family.They met again on a few occasions and Kemal filled in more of his background. This man was of course to become General Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey.

Remnants of Donmeh still exist. There is an unidentifiable building known as the Jewish Mosque where Donmeh still meet. During World War II, when Turkey was close to Germany, there were separate tax lists for different religious categories, and the “D” list was for Donmeh. During his lifetime and continuing today, there have been whispered rumors among Islamic activists that Kemal Ataturk and other Young Turks were of Jewish origin. Publicly, he denied this and his biographers avoided the issue.

However, there is little doubt that 300 years after the death of Shabbtai Zvi, his influence and twists and turns of his Donmeh followers provided the activist secular basis which is one of the underlying principles of modern Turkey – without which the Turkish-Israeli connection would have been most unlikely.

To bring this story up to date and possibly complete the circle, we now learn that some Donmeh living in Turkey have made inquiry of American Jewish religious organizations about the possible re-entry of Donmeh into today’s Jewish world.

African Multiculturalism: A Failure The World Needs To Heed

Those who do not know about their history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors.  I know this statement very well as I have been at the forefront of the movement for freedom of my Igbo people.  I know very well that a major reason why we are having our current problems in our homeland is the forced integration with our traditional enemies the Hausa and the Yoroba.  The blame for all of this forced multiculturalism lies at the feet of the Jews and the White Freemasons who subjected us to decades of colonialism that stole our economic rights and the use of our natural resources. And to think, these same racial supremacists dictated not only to my people but to all non whites that they should be forced to live with their traditional enemies, instead of being able to build a future for their own people and when we would object, we would be labeled racist and flat out killed by these white Freemasons and Jews.

it is this same very blueprint that they are now using in Europe but with varying degrees of difference.  First, they are doing this through an invasion of migrants, migrants that are relocated through wars launched by Zionist Jews in America and Britain to build the goal of a greater Israel.  Once the migrants come, they will begin to plant the seeds of their dominance by using the local laws to grant themselves special privileges and favors such as Sharia Law and racial preferences.  And to make matters worst, the liberal whites and the race traitors who would gladly destroy their own heritage work with Jews and Freemasons to make sure that all vestiges of the history of the host nation disappears.  What the Jews ultimately want is for the entire world to become like Africa, a continent where there is nothing but lawlessness and chaos, where economic enslavement is the normal way of life, where we are forced to live with out traditional historical enemies so that Jews can sleep well at night as they continue to destroy this world.

I face a long road ahead to right the wrong do onto my people by the Jews and White Freemasons but as a part of my goals, I feel that I must warn the world that the ultimate goals of the diversity and multiculturalism is the enslavement of the world and the coercion of a one world government where the Jews and the Masonic allies rule us all by the sword.  Instead of allowing for individual groups and ethnicities to build their own future, the entire future of the world will be in the hands of a select few Jewish psychopaths.  Is it any wonder in nations where diversity is forced down the throats of the people, you will see a Jewish tyrant in charge?  Look at the nations of Russia, China, America, Britain, Canada, and the former Yugoslavia; all of these nations are ruled by elitist Jews.  In fact, thanks only to the brutal rule of the Jew Broz Tito did Yugoslavia remain united, but the Jews were still able to push communism throughout Europe as a part of the nation.

The end questions are as follows: do you wish to live in a nation where you have become a stranger in, do you wish to no longer have a homeland, do you wish to be ruled by an alien people who have no respect or regards for your own history and traditions, do you wish to not have a voice in your very future?  Those with even a modicum of intelligence will see where multiculturalism is leading towards and will take up their guns and fight for the freedom of their people.  No amount of voting in this Jewish system will ever work, only through the use of weapons, bravery, courage, relentless resistance, and sacrifice can we throw off the yolk of the Jews.  Those who are already fighting have lost so much more than those who remain complacent as the complacent ones are also our enemies and shall see the end of their own lives in due time!

A Shift In Strategy…..

For the past 8 years, I have been trying to educate the world as to the evils of the Jews and Freemasons.  I have been deliberate in trying to recruit whites into the fold to show them that no amount of voting, especially voting for false leaders like the white freemason Donald Trump will work because Jews own, created, and fund this very system that they are trying to upend.  But alas, till this very day, they have shown that their minds are too stupid, that they are losing their numbers in greater details each and every day.  Yes, a white genocide is occurring but it is occurring because most white women are refusing to have children; instead they are indulging in selfish feminist desires of careerism and materialistic goals of unending sex with no real goals in mind.  Whites will never realize that they CANNOT afford to align themselves with anyone who is a mason or anyone who is aligned with Jewish interests.  I have already shown that in the next 60 years, they will make up less than half of America’s population and that Latinos will become the majority by the year 2060.

What will whites then do when they are a minority in a land that they once occupied and lived in for many centuries.  I believe that they will try to follow the Jewish designs of a race war where they will be destroyed by the mixed breed of the UN Army as they wash over what is left of white America.  For whites will never understand that America, like Canada, is a converted nation that was created by Jews and White Freemasons to ultimately do the bidding of Jewish supremacy world wide.  In this form of Jewish control, Jews rule over a fragmented society made of multiple ethnic groups and races where the Jews are protected from any forms of discrimination while they enlarge their own power at the expense of the local populations. That’s why America and Canada are not white nations, they are just nations with a white majority that is ruled over by Jews.  Oddly enough most of Europe is that way as well but all American whites trace their ancestry to Europe and that is their true homeland and not America, but then again since whites don’t have an actual culture (like the blacks) then they are stuck in the Jewish designed converted nation I call Jewmerica.

And with that said, I have realized that whites will become cannon fodder to the Jews and have stopped trying to help them in any way.  The few whites who have listened might be able to save their people but in the end, I know that I must focus on forming new alliances and coalitions with other groups to try and throw off the evils of Jewish supremacy with the ultimate goal to liberate my own people and to provide a homeland for us to live in peace for the rest of our days on earth.  I have grown to see that whites are too idiotic to be useful in the fight against the Jews since they are using false Jewish systems to foolishly try to throw off the yolk of the Jews.  I am now willing to work with Latinos and to a lesser extent the educated blacks to form a deadly alliance against the Jews and White Freemasons.  I have written long ago that Latinos are the future of this country as they make up over 25% of the population and once they are granted amnestry as illegal aliens, that number will jump up to 40%.  This will spell the end of any form of white rule (not to be confused that whites even rule anything on the national stages) and the end of the white race in America will begin to consolidate itself into fact and not fiction.  At least the Latinos are listening to my words of wisdom and are beginning to organize racially but I have told them to begin to take up their guns and fight and kill off anyone, including whites, jews, masons, etc who are trying to stop them from ascending to power.

People must see that Latinos, unlike whites, have strong family values and still believe in raising large functioning families.  That’s why the faggot agenda has no role in nations like Ecuador (my future home) and that’s why respect for elders still exists; such concepts do not exist in white homes or black families.  Also Latinos are growing in knowledge as to the evils of the Jews and most support the creation of an independent Palestinian state.  Also the people of Ecuador, a people of mixed European and Native American blood, see through Jewish finance and reject interest based banking.  Take that in comparison with the average white idiots who think that Jews are white like them and have even adopted usury in their own economic plans and it takes a average mind to see that they white race deserves to be exterminated from this earth.  I have been building alliances with young Latinos and will use them in my ongoing battles against the white freemason Donald Trump and all who support his evil plots.  In the end, all we have to lose is our lives for our souls will live on forever.  I will make sure that my actions will lead to full freedom of my people and for the end to Jewish control of this world.  If whites refuse to get along with that and to cease supporting freemasonry and Jews, then I will gladly let their genocide come much sooner than they think!

White Freemasons : Good Goyim # 2


Well, I didn’t really plan on doing another article on our Jewish Slaves so quickly, but they just keep asking for it – they posted another fantastic piece of material on their lovely social media site – and we just have to go through it, the comments and the various characters who replied. If you liked the last one, you’ll like this one even more because the topic is literally : Raceand the Masons, of course, do not see Race. They are the supposed enlightened and scientific foundation of any Nation they find themselves in, but genetics and DNA must be the work of the Devil – surely, Yahweh and the Jews must be right when they say that different Races do not exist – why, that must be a fucking lie.

You all know by now about the TPP and its Jewish attempt to entirely suck in the Planet under their control – well, guess what – Masons are praising the King Negro for pushing for the TPP, they are praising the TPP, as we can see : Does free-trade promote Freemasonic ideals? According to the 2012 Index of Economic Freedom, countries with the most trade freedom have higher per capita GDPs, lower incidences of hunger, lower rates of unemployment, and cleaner environments than countries at the bottom of the trade freedom scale.

Freemasonry stands as a global organization dedicated to improving the lives of all people through charity and brotherly love.Moreover, free trade among nations has been shown to promote peaceful international relations. When free-trade exists across political boundaries, the world becomes more integrated as individuals and companies interact.  As President George Washington wrote in 1791, Masonry was “founded in justice and benevolence,” and “the grand object of Masonry is to promote the happiness of the human race.”Yeah, the White Race is currently so happy man – we are so happy, we are literally laughing so much that we are going to die out from laughter. Fucking imbeciles.


I guess this image says enough, now doesn’t it? I could basically end the article here and you’d gather all the information you need about them at this point. We’d be done and continue on with our struggle against various Jewish organizations, institutions, religions, and the Jews themselves of course. But, we have to hammer this through – and I brought an Axe with me to help as well. Let us assume that we lived in truly Nationalistic Countries again – god damn Nations where only Ethnic and/or Racial people live.

You’d have, for example, Masonic lodges in Sweden where only White European Nordic Swedes are members. These members are being taught how to become “better men” and their mission is to further the prosperity of their own Nation and to keep the Peace within it. They are not to intermingle with the Aristocracy of the Nation nor the Philosophers and Meritocracy that is guiding it. They are not to take any positions of power nor to use and abuse them. They are there to make sure however that everything runs smoothly – they are the hidden defenders of the Nation. And, if there ever comes a time when lunatics were to come into positions of power, the Masons would then have to rise up and kick those guys out of power and replace them with other honorable people – but never – with themselves. Sounds much better than the Jewish crap they are currently performing right?

And let us assume now that there are Masonic Lodges in Somalia, where only Black African Somalians are members of it. They do the exact same thing for their own Nation – and every now and then – various members of various lodges from all across the Planet meet up and discuss how to make better relationships, how to further certain Nationalistic problems or how to help Nations which other Brothers have a trouble bringing into prosperity. No need for multiculturalism. No need for race-mixing. Absolutely no need for the Chaos we are currently in. No need for Jewish Chosenites or any type of their Degeneracy. But, you do not directly give help to others – you simply give them the ideas and tools of how to develop themselves – Charity is nonsense; tell them to learn how to Fish instead of giving them fucking Fish every day.

In the age of Internet Jews are selling us the idea that we need multi-cultural societies when we can establish and get shit done over the Net without having to ever meet up.

But, of course this short story of mine couldn’t be further from the Truth and our Reality. The Jews have sold Christianity to Masonry and have created out of it the same Abrahamic filth which all other Abrahamic religions are – idiocies of the highest degree – and I cannot tell you how many times I basically cry out and wonder why the hell Atlantis had to sink and not the Middle East. We would have heaven on Earth without the Jews and their made up bullshit stories.

Therefore, Masons are just another Christianized bunch of idiots who do not see Race and are supposed to turn humanity into “one” – whether that be in name of Jesus or the Great Architect – it doesn’t fucking matter anymore. The Jewish end game plan is always the same – while the rest of the world merges itself into the nothingness of a mixed-race population, the Jews will always know who and what they are – they will have an identity while the rest won’t – and this will give them power over the entire planet. The rest will be a brown population of individuals who have their opinions and seek their own individual happiness and will do anything to gain it – while the Jews will remain the only collective consciousness – which will enable them an easy rule over the rest.

No one will seek the Truth as the Aryan will cease to exist. There will be no nobility anymore, no Nature, nothing. We are heading towards a world of darkness, decay, sickness, degeneracy and constant state of drugged lunacy. And what better way to achieve this Jew World Order, but to use terms such as “Love” and “Democracy”, “Liberalism” and “Progressiveness” – what better way indeed. This world is currently filled with way too many self-righteous religious imbeciles who have no operating brain cell of their own anymore. They worship the Jews and Yahweh – both directly and indirectly. But, let us continue now with our analysis :


This guy is an old dude who has many Vietnam Facebook groups and Genealogy tests – who knows – perhaps he was hoping to find some Jewish DNA within him and join the Chosen people in their struggle. But, then again, if he is against the Vietnam war – then he would be against himself if he were to find Chosenite blood – that would indeed be a complicated moment in his life. Anyways, he says here that he wouldn’t ever have anything to do with any organization that judges anyone by color, religion or beliefs. Hihihi, I am laughing my ass off. He fucking sits in one, yet they are simply ordered to ignore that fact.

All Abrahamic books sit in every Masonic Lodge, and every Lodge is basically an organization – it has a hierarchy, they pay money to it and it has a system of work and obedience. In the Old Testament Jews are told to kill anyone who disagrees with their Faith, they are told to kill all Men, Women and Children when they encounter Strangers and are to destroy their Faith and Nation. In the Quran it says that Black people are spawns of Satan and – yet again – Muslims are ordered to kill anyone who does not follow their version of the Jewish story.

Christians were killing non-believers as well, burning witches, killing children – they fought Jewish wars and are still doing so to this very day. Jesus himself told to kill anyone who doesn’t believe in him. He was a Jewish supremacist and Zionist who said that salvation can only come from the Jews, that he came only for the Jews and compared non-Jews to dogs. Surely, none of these elements have anything to do with race, religion or belief. I must be mad and crazy for even bringing such stuff up. Imagine how stupid these Masons basically are – there they are, sitting upon those “holy books” of the Jews – and the Jews tell them meanwhile to ignore these details and simply work together as “brothers” in order to create a “united world” which consequently is the Jew World Order. Impressive, to say the least.


When you see a Jewish Merchant leaving a Bank and offering you a business deal, you are not to judge him by Race. That would be not only immoral and unjust, it would be fucking anti-Semitic. Yahweh would feel very sad if you were to do so. If you see a group of young Black people around midnight wearing hoodies and running towards you, you are not to judge them even if they stab you with knives – that would be immoral and unjust. Seeing a Muslim walking around with his 9 year old Wife and having thoughts of disgust pop up into your mind is also – immoral and unjust.

Can’t you just see how beautiful this world will be when the Jews and their Masonic slaves once and for all kill any kind of Truth? When everyone literally will never again understand the difference between right and wrong, good and evil? This is why I sad several times before already that ultimately you have to read the Bible in reverse – they want to create a world of Adam and Eve in which they never ever ate the fucking Fruit – a world in which all there will exist are Mindless Slaves unable to process any thought, let alone judgement.

The Black guy called Ryan Robinson is also a Mason – and he is making a joke about Whitey here – even though we know by now that the KKK was not only operated by various Jewish secret agencies, but also by – according to some sources – Masons as well : we can still understand what this African implied by the post. One should notice however that he married a White woman, he loves the Bible and also follows and likes the idea that Jesus was Black. We are all “equal”, but the African knows very well that he is “uplifting” himself and his Seed by having a White woman.


Guess he is using some kind of Masonic reference here with the Sun, Moon, Star bullshit – he is the Sun, she is the Moon and the Star is their child – “only God knew this DNA was needed”… I mean if I didn’t think we still had a fighting chance I would literally just find a remote place on this planet and let it all go to hell. This world literally wishes to die, it wants to be ruled over by Jews it has given up on all principles, disciplines, honor and loyalty. It deserves to be destroyed basically. It has transformed itself into an addiction with no vision and no past – if we do not succeed in stopping the Jews and they really manage to genocide us and turn this planet into shit – then I truly hope that a Noble Alien Race shows up and just kills everyone and settles down on Earth.

Anyways, if you haven’t – you should read some Plato – basically, you should read as much pre-Christian European stuff as you can. All of them were hardcore Nationalist and Race-realists. Only with the coming of Christianity did we become retarded and believed that we are all one and should open our fucking borders – but, you can read more about that in my All Christians are Cucks article number 6. Since these Masonic idiots believe in some kind of Creator God, they might as well ask themselves the following thing : If this great mathematician and architect, an engineer so to speak, has created everything – why then, did he create different Races? And if he did create them, he did so with a purpose.

We however are not to bother ourselves with that question too much – we are to make the best of it and to prove ourselves worthy – to use our abilities and gifts. Furthermore, everything develops in mathematics and finally reaches the end of its equation. We can clearly see that the Australian Aboriginal is not the same as a god damn White European – why then would we decide to eradicate the White European? It would seem to me that Jews have sold the idea of “alchemy” to these idiots on many wrong levels – they probably told them – we are doing a grand alchemical performance in the name of the great Architect : we are going to race-mix everything into one.

Surely, nothing can go wrong – but, this of course doesn’t mean that we think that the Great Architect did a mistake by creating us such as we are, wink wink nod nod.

The Shane Pryor guy from the image before is however an interesting one. A hardcore god damn Christian who loves guns and various groups of naked and sexy women, including Playboy. I think this one hasn’t read the Bible either. But, don’t worry – he is now a better man than you and I – we are perhaps not even good, we are probably immoral, unjust, dangerous, evil and so on – but, this guy right here – he is a better man. He likes an infinite numbers of groups, among them this one : The Masonic Philosophical Society, where they wonder about topics such as Is cultural globalization detrimental to individuality?, where they justify our coming genocide by simply saying that people are “moving easier than ever”. They are taking the piss.

The next thing Shane liked is this : Chosen People Ministries – a god damn Jewish group about the Jews with the following description : Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same. Chosen People Ministries Vision and Core Values are: Exists to glorify God, proclaim the Gospel to the Jew first and also to the Gentile, and develop resourcesand programs to accomplish this task. Places the worker above the work. Is concerned with and promotes the welfare of the Jewish community. Is a Board-governed organization whose ministry is planned and implemented by missionaries and supported by the administrative staff. Is dependent on God’s provision for the Mission through the prayer and financial support of fellow believers.

Their website is literally called, I shit you not. And this fucking Christian Mason likes and follows them. I mean, when are you going to realize that the core, source and root of all our problems is the Bible and the Jew who fucking wrote it? The way you think, feel, rationalize, judge, your morality, your loyalty – everything is being determined by the Jews and their Book. It is disgusting, you are ugly creatures of no self-awareness, you are so dead inside that you literally are a fucking walking zombie at this point in time. Shane also liked a stop Racism page. He also likes the Israeli Defense Force, as well as traveling to Israel. If you haven’t noticed – he likes Israel. There are countless more groups, but these are enough I think. Just your regular, average Mason.


We all know he isn’t talking about Whites here, because who else but non-Whites are soooooo oppressed in White Nations, right? Notice also, he isn’t talking about their Masonic Lodges and their Secret Society – he is talking in general about our White Nations, our Societies – and since the Society of an Ethnic People is a political element of those people, this Mason here is calling to change the Society and fight against “systemic oppression” which is entirely a political movement. As we have seen in the first article of the same name, Masons are not to discuss any political points – yet, here we have them calling for a fucking revolution basically.


Then we have a Black Mason telling us how an “Irishman” raised the Prince Hall Black Masonry. Sure, sure, I suppose it was a hook-nosed Irish fellow who had nothing better to do in his life. “Their fraternal DNA is the same”. Picture that, Masons have a fraternal fucking DNA. They disregard Genetics in every other case, but they have Masonic DNA the moment they get baptized within their Jewish temple. Amazing.

He then mentions a book written by two guys. The Stephen David Kantrowitz guy is an obvious Jew who also wrote : Ben Tillman & the Reconstruction of White Supremacy, More Than Freedom: Fighting for Black Citizenship in a White Republic. I assume the Hinks guy is Jewish as well. But, as per usual, let us entirely forget that it was Blacks who sold other fellow Blacks into slavery to Jews who then brought their Black slaves into America. Let us entirely forget that Slavery came into being just and only because of Jews.

Let us also forget that Jews are commanded by Yahweh and Moses to have slaves and to give to their children slaves as an inheritance. Let us also ignore and forget the fact that Jews are supposed to have 2800 Slaves per Jewish head once their Jew World Order is established. Let us ignore that they call all non-Jewish people Goyim, human cattle and slaves. Let us ignore that all who follow Christ and Yahweh are called this Slaves; let us ignore that all who follow Allah are called his slaves. Let us ignore that Abrahamic religions are based upon slavery.


Here we have a fresh Master Mason, here you can see his larger profile picture : he proudly supports trans rights – amazing, isn’t it? – how the Jews have sold this trans bullshit within one single generation up to the point where it has become a fucking reality … the same way they sold Christianity to us.


Yeah, when you treat everyone with kindness and mutual respect, you eventually get killed, just like that one woman who let in an African immigrant into her home in Europe and got killed by him later that day. Just like the White family who took in another such immigrant and he killed their daughter. Just like those South African Whites who allowed dozens of Blacks to come and stay at their farm, only to be kicked out of their own farm by the Blacks. You have to worry about nothing – says this enlightened Mason – you must be a good Christian and let others trample over you.

It is immoral to hate an ethnicity, that is to say race, or their form of worship. Ironically, Jews are commanded to do exactly that within the Bible, the same Bible which sits upon every Masonic altar. Jews are commanded to destroy every non-Jewish form of worship and replace it with one of their own. To this day the Jewish ADL marks European Pagan Symbols as hate speech; the Jewish cult of Christianity didn’t stop until it eradicated all of our form of worship. They also never stop genociding our people and are – in the 21st century – finally going to succeed in it, if we do not stop them. But, I assume this Mason would never tell to the Jews : “The problem is a lack of acceptance of yourself”. Actually, when you think about it, the Jews would laugh as that would mean that they should be more Jewy than they already are.

He finishes with “not changing people” and starts the next sentence with “changing the world”. Figures. I love how he says “bad people hurt others”, but it has nothing to do with religion. When the Jews kill people because Yahweh said so – it has nothing to do with them being Evil bastards – after all, their fairy tale Yahweh commanded it to them. They simply obeyed. The same is true for the Muslims. As well as for Christians. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting headaches over here – having to read such crap… to witness all the Chaos these idiots have done to this world and continue to do; to witness that they all ignore the Jewish hand behind all of the Degeneracy, Death and Destruction… it boggles my mind, it makes me stare into the Sky and wonder what kind of laboratory experiment this planet actually is.

That’s it pretty much. You can read through the rest on your own. So far we have seen that Masons ignore the entire idea of Nation, Race, Ethnicity and are full blown followers of Democracy, Communism, Jews, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Bible. They love fucking Israel and take oaths in their Name. They are all up for Globalization and call it sometimes the creation of a wider Culture, whatever the fuck that means.

We have seen that Coudenhove-Kalergi, a Mason, was behind the entire idea of the European Union and has stated within that plan that they should genocide the White Race, replace it with mixed Race brown people and place Jews as the rulers of this new Brown Europe. I don’t see any Masons being against this idea – I see no resistance to it. Matter of fact, they quickened the process! There are Liberal Masonic branches in France that are pro-immigration and even fund the arrival of Africans into France. The God damn president of France is a Mason; is he doing anything to stop the genocide of the French people? No. And he never will.

Among all the posts within this article, there was a Black Mason who said that Race is an Illusion but Culture is Real. Culture comes from Raceboth are Real. But leave it to Jews to corrupt the minds of everyone and everything. Therefore, there is one single thing we can conclude here – Masonry is a Judeo-Christian organization that follows the Bible and is the same shit as any other Judeo-Christian cult, institution, church, organization, government agency – it has the same narrative, follows the same patterns, plays the same game and has the same two end results : White genocide and the Jew World Communistic Order. Our struggle is the fight against these two end results, we are the remaining few who have not fallen to Jewish brainwashing. We shall fight until our last breath and die with honor.


White Freemasons : Good Goyim


I like to lurk around the social media of our enemies and simply look at their idiocy – it is always interesting to see them discuss and struggle against their own stuff or simply give us information about their mental and intellectual thoughts for free. One of such media outlets which I usually visit once a day is the Freemasons page on Facebook. We had one such article before where the Masons were having a debate about Islam in Masonry – some guys were arguing that such a toxic Abrahamic religion can’t exist within their Society – others, on the other hand, were reminding them that they are all Brothers anyways, that it doesn’t matter who or what is inside the Lodge.

Stuff like that is fascinating as it gives somewhat of a hope that perhaps Masonry might as well entirely fall apart with all the shit that is coming ahead of us – or, at the very least – we should attempt to create our own Orders where these guys can find Nationalistic and Racial brotherhood and loyalty once again in their life. It is somewhat sad when you see that many White people abandon their entire Race, their entire Nation and replace it with a god damn Jewish run Lodge and call those faggots inside of it – their brothers. People of all random factions of this planet, people who they would otherwise hate and never even have a chat with – but, they have to “love them” because of the Lodge. The Lodge, if you ask me, is the “body of Christ” in many ways – after all – they, the Masons, are all “One in the Lodge”.

We saw then in the other article on Masonry, called Useful Idiots, how Masons were involved heavily in the spreading of Communism – even though some of them, supposedly – were against it. We had also seen the various ideologies they follow, many Jewish quotes as well as one crucial information : that Democracy came from the Bible and that Democracy must exist wherever Freemasonry wishes to install itself. In other words, wherever the Jews are, there must be Democracy, for it is the only system by which a minority can – slowly, but surely – attempt to take over an entire Nation. They need to Divide and Conquer the people in order to destroy them. Gullible Goyim Masons believe this to be somehow a “liberation” of the people. Fucking idiots.This time we’ll look into their recent post about politics and will analyze some of the characters responding to the discussion.


Let us understand this statement properly. We have Freemasons, Jewish slaves, who must install democracy and through it eventually Communism – into every Nation they come to. The step from democracy to communism requires a Sacrifice which the Masons themselves will provide – alas, rarely do the idiots understand this fact. So, they create a System of Left and Right wing politics, divide the people and – afterwards simply say that they are to avoid discussion of politics within a lodge.

Even more silly is the fact that basically many presidents – if not all – were Masons and, as the admin here says, they held highest offices of various kinds throughout history. Now, picture that mindset – they occupy these various important positions and are not to talk about any type of their own concern or opinion. Nothing is as important as their “brotherly love”. Outside the Lodge “they may discuss politics”, but not inside of it. They pretend inside of it to simply forget the reality of what is going on while meanwhile certain smaller inner circle of Masons conspire outside of the Lodge in various other fields, one of them being politics. This is all just to make sure that they have an army of idiots – who will, when the time is right – believe they are all “one” anyways and do whatever is asked of them.

Some things transcend politics, he says – therefore their Masonic relationship and the oaths they take transcend such a field of life. If it transcends politics, it sure as hell transcends race as well, for politics should be about the preservation and safety of the ethnic people of a Nation. Therefore, by definition of their Society, Masons are Traitors of any given Nation they exist in – they have higher obligations than their own people – and they have to make sure to prove themselves whenever that is necessary. How fitting therefore that these individuals run all the highest offices of our Nations and have secret symbols that let them recognize one another and help each other get even more of their members into critical positions.

But, don’t worry, it’s all about making good men better.

After all Harry Truman was also just a good man whom they had turned into a better specimen. He was a 33rd degree Mason who ended up becoming the President of America and did just a random thing : on May 14, 1948, he issued a declaration recognizing Israel as a new nation in the Middle East. A Zionist powerbroker, Abraham Feinberg, had, just months before, given the President a two-million dollar bribe—$100 bills packed in suitcases—to recognize Israel.

The Truman White House was overflowing with Jewish bureaucrats, treacherous Communists, and Israel firsters with little allegiance to the U.S.A. In the Truman White House also was Harry Hopkins, a secret Soviet agent who arranged for Stalin and Russia to be given America’s nuclear blueprints and materials. The fledgling nation of Israel was also given atomic bomb materials and plans. Two dedicated American patriots, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and General George Patton, refused to go along with the Jewish treachery and takeover of the White House. Both were cruelly assassinated. Forrestal was “suicided,” being thrown out of a sixteenth floor window.

Under orders from his Jewish superiors, Truman used nuclear bombs to massacre hundreds of thousands of Japanese in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This in spite of the fact that the Japanese emperor and generals had already petitioned America to allow them to surrender. Years after Truman’s death, found in his files was this entry dated July 21, 1947 from the President’s Personal Diary: “The Jews, I find are very selfish…when they have power, physical or political, neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the underdog.” He makes an anti-Hitler comment as if Hitler was killing his own Nation or something – are Masons entirely mental?

After his retirement, in 1956, Truman confided in an interview his knowledge that American Jews were disloyal to the U.S. He stated: “When a Jew born and living in America talks to his Jewish companions about ‘our government,’ he means the government of Israel.”

Imagine that, it took him his entire Masonic, Political, Presidential life to figure that shit out – even after he allowed himself to get bribed in the first place. Maybe if he had been allowed to actually discuss politics within the Lodge and his fellow Masons, they would have come to realize that their institution has been infiltrated by lunatics a long time ago. But, just like them, the Christians do not like to discuss the shit within their Bible – for, it would destroy their Belief. How selfish of these people – that they do not see the bigger picture – the destruction of all Jewish power and instead do not wish to let go of their indoctrination.

Well, well, one thing is for surehe became a better Man, now didn’t he? Why, he was so full of correct and righteous decisions, of such high morality, he had shown such unshakeable willpower – a truly glorious person. Almost makes me want to kneel before the Bible as well and join any, if not all, of their various cults – from Christianity to Mormonism – surely the Truth can only be found through the Jewish Book and their fairy tale stories.

I think I’ve said it before – wherever you find the Bible, in any shape or formget the fuck out of there.There is one idea that we find within the very beginning of the Jewish Communist Manuscript called the Bible – in Genesis with Adam and Eve – when they eat from the fruit and God doesn’t even know it has happened. The “All-Seeing” guy just didn’t notice it and couldn’t find Adam and Eve without calling out for them. This means, from the Jewish perspective, that they have to make sure that they really do see everything, that they really have control over everything – in order to avoid ever again in the future – someone waking other people up from their idiocy and slumber. This is why the Bible and the All Seeing Eye symbol are everywhere – and all of our modern technology controlled and run by Jews is working towards a universally connected World where they will know the amount of breaths you took on any given day.


Discussing politics is the fastest way to end a friendship, says this Mason over here. If I were to tell you : Hey, Communists are trying to undermine our Nation with various laws, ideologies, movements, finances, etc. – and you end our friendship because of that – then it means that you were a Communist yourself anyways. It means that our friendship wasn’t true, that it was very superficial and artificial. If I cannot talk to you about everything and anything – then we aren’t friends anywayslet alone brothers. The Masons have a very disturbing idea about the word “brother”.

Take it one step further : we all know that being a Communist is bad and idiotic. Therefore, a brother Mason who is a Communist can’t be regarded as a “good man” anymore and certainly wouldn’t be capable of becoming “better” either. His own self-development is impossible as long as he remains a Communist – therefore, a good Brother would have to point it out to him – the Lodge itself should have such discussions in order to ensure that the “good men become better”. Since it is forbidden to discuss this, hell they even praise it, one can conclude here that Masonry is Communistic without even ever having looked into various quotes and sources which prove such a conclusion.

They will praise themselves as doing the “will and work of the Great Architect” – I guess the Architect is a Communist Jew then who simply had decided that Jews are his Chosen People and that they should conquer and rule the entire planet without anyone stopping them ever – after all – they are your “brothers”. And what lovely brothers they are, they merely think of you as more useful cattle that can be lured into doing the dirty work by putting various medals around their necks and bodies.


This Mason here pretends to be a European, that is to say a Pagan – he wishes them a happy Samhain. He also claims that many friendships were broken up – I wonder why? Could it be that some Goyim Masons are waking up to the bullshit they are living in? If there are Masons who are Pro-Brexit and anti-Immigration and actually even realize that White Genocide is happening – then surely – this Fernando guy can’t be their friend, for he claims to be Single on his Facebook and yet has 2 daughters – who are both non-White : one is African, the other Asian.

Picture that. He adopted two non-White daughters. Boy, Yahweh must be masturbating out of happiness, he must be getting real nice presents from his remaining Jewish friends within the Lodge. Why, he chose not to have a White wife and White children – he even brought two non-Whites into Britain and will raise them to become hardcore liberals who are free to go around and do whatever they want in a foreign country. We are all only Humans after all. He is just doing the work of the Great Architect.

The ultimate Cuck right here. I have seen many Masons who comment and follow this Facebook page having non-White women and children – I guess the Jew brainwashing is explicitly powerful in a closed down temple without access to any reason or outside worldly common sense. These individuals do not become better men, they become better goyim, better shabbos goy. And willfully at that – they are the perfect slaves, as is said in 1 Peter 2:16As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God. However, in the original Greek we find the following word instead of “servant” : δοῦλος, which means a slave and is further described as someone who belongs to another; a bond-slave, without any ownership rights of their own. To make it sound more nice for Christians they added the following explanation : believers who willingly live under Christ’s authority as His devoted followers.

And that is what the Jews are trying to accomplish – make their Goyim slaves become willing slaves, for those will not rise up against their masters. They have to feel free within their enslavement. This should also make you understand why everything you use nowadays is taxed or requires some kind of license – it is because you have no ownership rights of your own.

The same is true for Islam where it is said that anyone who follows Allah is his slave. Picture that – we got billions of people on this planet alive right now who are willing slaves to the same Jewish God. They love being slaves. In addition to that – since Jews are his supposed “Chosen people” – they are to control and use these slaves as they see fit. In other words, as long as Abrahamic religions exist – in any shape or form – there will be slavery on this planet. Isn’t that just wonderful? Wherever you see a Jewish Holy Book – there is Fear and Slavery. Run the fuck away from it.


As if anything else was to be expected by installing Democracy as the political enslavement of a Nation. As if anything else could happen by importing millions of non-Whites into White Nations with the ultimate goal of genociding the entire White population because the Jew, ehm : the Jewish God, wills it? One would think that these people would react against such injustice, but they do not see any problems – we are all the same shit according to them anyways – it is all the great work of the great Architect.

Whether it be Jesus, the Architect, Allah, Yahwehit is the same Jewish bullshit story. One would think that intelligent people who follow the occult and science would understand that the discovery of the DNA proves that we are different, but alas – they ignore it entirely. This guy also got additional shekel points because of his cover photo on Facebook.


This image is interesting. The guy called Rob Titterington seems to be a single White guy well into his aging process – there are no indications of children or a wife. Perhaps he also plans to adopt some Somalians? Who knows what the Great Architect has in plan for him, right? Anyways, this Rob guy is a Bernie Sanders follower – he loves a Communist Jew – therefore, we got ourselves another Communist specimen within Masonry right here.

The next interesting fellow is Rick Whitehead – a guy who comments pretty much everything on this social media site – he likes a lot of degenerate shit, but the probably most important to mention are Schindler’s listand Belle – our Mason here seems to like race-mixing propaganda and the Jewish lie called Holohoax. With Masons your Nation just cannot lose, right? They are the bright and righteous foundation of Society – we are so blessed to have these motherfuckers in every White Nation!

Finally, the last guy – Bob Simonson – likes the Scouts for Equality page : Scouts for Equality is striving for a Scouting movement that is rooted in equality and is free of discrimination. They allow faggots within Boy scouts – isn’t that just so progressive? How about it – have your son be sent into a group lead by a Faggot who will tell him that being a Faggot is super cool and they should be touching each other while doing a camp fire. Three Masons, three degenerate Communist, Marxist morons. These self-righteous imbeciles, just like Christians, think of themselves highly yet they do not see what kind of world they are allowing to come into being. They should be hung for treason one day – they enjoyed their “Jewish choices” and ruined the World through them.


David Spence is a hardcore believer, loves equality, fraternity and all that other French revolution bullshit – but, the most important thinghe likes the Zohar! Isn’t that a thing, right? He loves the Jewish Zohar above all the other Jewish crap he loves and has adopted. Why, certainly this Masonic slave isn’t sucking the Jewish dick! He is only a Christian, Egalitarian, Universalist, Mason, Zohar lover. He got Yahweh imprinted into his DNA my friends. This guy is ready to die for the Jews.

The second one implies that White Americans have some kind of freedom within the USA nowadays – what kind of freedom? You are enslaved to feed the rest of the world, you may not speak what the Jew defines as hateful, you may not speak out against the Jew at all – the only freedom you have is the one where you willingly serve the Jews : exactly as it is written in the Bible.

The last one seems to hate the “political system”, yet doesn’t comprehend that it was his own Secret Society that installed the system in the first place. What a bunch of degenerate imbeciles sit within these lodges. That Jeb guy who used to call into Renegade Broadcasting shows must be sitting in the only non-Jewish operated, non-Communist Lodge on the planet. What is there to “infiltrate” within Masonry anymore Jeb? You think we can convert these faggot degenerate communist marxist imbeciles without being allowed to discuss politics with them? Good luck with that.


Yes, indeed – the oaths. Good thing that one of the earliest oaths includes saying that you will support the Nation and People of Israel no matter what – thank fuck for that oath – you wouldn’t be able to fulfill the will of the “Great Architect” otherwise. Why, when he was mathematically designing the entire Universe he made the Jews a special Degenerate people with special genetic diseases and a special lust and desire for world conquest – and we are just and only to love that fact about them! But, let us ignore that he also made different races which – nah! – when it comes to that point Miloje Chastven will tell us on his Facebook page that he himself is only : Human.

So, since their “Brotherly Oaths” are more important than politics, religion, etc. – one can conclude here that serving the Jews is more important than serving your own Nation. You cannot be “American first”, let alone a Racially aware White person who is against White genocide – because your oath forbids you to do so. Ah, the freedom these motherfuckers have – really good Goyim slaves, even pets at this stage I’d say.


Here we have an occult guyhe follows the Crowley system as well as Masonry – is full of Masonic symbolism and in general seems to be deeply involved with the Esoteric. Fine, you should better yourself – but to ignore everything else that is happening around you – that is idiotic. That means to be a selfish traitor who has no roots or connections to reality itself.

And the various Jewish occult systems create such individuals – but, who knows – this guy might be Jewish himself as well. Anyways, with such a stance – you are allow yourself to become a Slave of those people who actually are involved in politics – and, in our day and age – those people are entirely Jewish. So, Jews have created a massive amount of self-righteous idiots who simply ignore politics as something that is beneath them.

Meanwhile, the Jews are polluting the masses and destroying the very Nation they live in. They control the political narrative through the media and movies – they have made the various political campaigns a reality show, instead of a question of what is good for the ethnic founding stock of a Race and Nation – and what is not. Masonry likes to steal ides, wisdom and knowledge from ancient Greece, but the ancient Greeks would probably just throw a spear at them. Pericles : Just because you don’t take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you. Plato : The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. Aristotle : Man is a being meant for political association.


Leave it to a Mexican to tell you you shouldn’t be worried about politics or anything involved about the preservation of White America. He will spawn 6+ of his own minions while Whites are financially not capable of having even 2 children – he will then send all of his sons to Masonry and slowly, but surely – take over Lodges as well. Once all of them are Mexican inside of it, you can bet your last dollar that they will have political discussions on how to overtake America even more. On his Facebook he also has a video which basically claims that White people are Racist people who don’t want to share their Nation – a Black guy sings in it asking if the American flag has room for the color Black.

Only White people have become gullible enough to believe that non-Whites actually care and uphold our Natural high virtues and loyalties which we have. It is time to return this Natural ability of ours and direct it again to the only true brothers we have – our own racial people. I care for every single White person out there; every single day when I read that a White woman has been raped or some White person has been shot, murdered, robbed – it kills something inside of me.

My heart cries out for all of these people and my Spirit and Soul become heavy for not being able, for not being strong enough, influential enough to help out these people. I see the planned genocide of my entire Race and have one restless night after the other. Falling asleep feels like giving up as of lately, I have to stay up and research – whether that is listening to someone else who is doing research – or me reading and going through documents. I am looking for every possible important piece of information that could make something go “click” within our White brothers and sisters, that crucial knowledge that would awaken their Aryan spirit again.


Here we have the Masons mocking two White Nationswhat have they built in the 21st century? What has Churchil done to Britain, to Germany, to the entire European continent? To whom has he given, that he has made a “life and living” for himself? What are they building? Do they mean to say that Masonry has created, that is to say – has built – these two individuals? So what? Are we to believe that Mozart wouldn’t have developed his skills without them – or was he a Mason as a little kid as well?

For all we know, Churchil could have been a bit more intelligent if he hadn’t been a Mason – and to stress the point further – what kind of a Masonic example is Winston Churchil, a drunk degenerate idiot who sold his Nation and Continent to the Jew and their global banking takeover of the planet? As we see with our own two eyes in our modern day times, wherever the Masons and Jews take over for several, if not only one generation, the entire Nation slowly – but surely – dies and is destroyed.

Are the Masons supposedly proud that London is 70+% non-white? Are they proud that a Muslim who protects Masonry is the current governor of the Capital city of Britain? Are they proud that a female Jew is leading Germany and that the plan is to eradicate all White Germans within that Nation? Are they also proud that their Brother Mason Coudenhove-Kalergi has created a plan in which all White European people are to be exterminated and replaced by mixed-raced mud people who are to be ruled over by Jews? Are Masons proud for all of these crimes against an entire Race? Traitors, murderers, sons of bitches – all of them! Corneliu Zelea Codreanu : The Jews are our enemies and as such they hate, poison, and exterminate us. Romanians who cross into their camp are worse than enemies: they are traitors. If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.