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Austrian Court Convicts Man Who Questioned Gassing of 6 Million Jews

An Austrian court has found a man who claimed the mass killings of 6 millions Jews in gas chambers under Adolf Hitler was a story made up by Jews guilty of violating the country’s anti-Nazi laws.

(Times of Israel)

They are sentenced him to a suspended 12-month prison term. Additionally, the man has been convicted of the crime of incitement for calling Muslims vermin.

The court in the western city of Feldkirch ordered him Monday to pay a fine of 1,440 euros ($1,690).

Both statements were made on Facebook. In claiming that the mass gassings were fiction, the man said Jews made up the story to make Adolf Hitler look bad should he have won the war.

The 34-year old acknowledged the postings were his. He is not being identified in keeping with Austrian privacy laws.


Asylum-Seeking Rapist to Austrian Court: “I Came to Austria to Fuck the Women”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2016

"I am here to find a better life for my family."

“I am here to find a better life for my family.”

It’s shocking because no one could have predicted it.

I mean sure, the entire history of interactions between Europeans and Arabians has been about the latter wanting the rape the former’s women, but come on – it’s current year. All that has changed, because of time passing.

Or so we believed.


An illegal Algerian immigrant accused of beating a woman unconscious in an attempted rape has told a court the reason he is in Austria is to “f*ck the women”.

On trial at the Regional Court of Linz the Algerian, who has been convicted several times in France and Austria, denied carrying out the attack in April this year. He is alleged to have tried to rape the victim before brutally beating her.

The woman was left lying unconscious with serious injuries in bushes near the bus stop where the incident occurred. She is also thought to have been psychologically scarred by the event.

Asked why he’d come to Austria the accused replied: “I have come to Austria to f*ck the women”. As well as having several convictions in Europe, the Algerian has a rejected asylum decision and a travel ban under his belt. The 35 year old is also accused of committing an attempted rape last November, and of an assault.

Deportation has not so far been possible as Austria has no arrangements with Algeria.

Testifying, a student who was approached by the victim told the court: “The woman came up to me and was covered in blood. You could not see her face. She said to me: ‘I was raped.’

After hearing this testimony, presiding judge Ursula Eichler asked the accused whether he would like to add something to his statement, since the statements of the victim, the witnesses, and DNA evidence would weigh heavily on his case.

Following the brutal attack in April she has undergone nine different types of medical treatment in psychotherapeutic care, and is having to take strong anxiety and insomnia medications.

The hearing was postponed so that a psychiatric evaluation of the accused and a health report of the victim can be undertaken. If convicted, the defendant will be sentenced to up to ten years in jail.

Yeah, maybe this wasn’t terrorism. Maybe it was just mental health.

That would make more sense, because after all: it’s 2016.

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And after all, it isn’t simply racist to say that Moslems rape women – it’s also sexist.

Because Austrian women overwhelmingly voted pro-immigration.


So basically, if you think this Arab is really a rapist, and not simply a mental health victim, you’re saying women are incapable of voting in their own interests.

Which is pure hatred of womenand fear of female empowerment.

Austria court orders presidential election re-run after far-Right challenge

Europe was plunged into fresh crisis on Friday as Austria’s courts ordered a re-run of the country’s presidential election.

The constitutional court ruled the election, in which a far-Right candidate was narrowly defeated, would have to be held again because of irregularities in counting postal votes.

The ruling means the far-Right may seize the presidency of a European Union member state for the first time.

Norbert Hofer, the gun-toting candidate of the far-Right Freedom Party (FPÖ) lost the election in May by just 31,000 votes.

He was defeated by Alexander van der Bellen, a soft-spoken former economics professor endorsed by the Green Party.

“Confidence in the rule of law is the foundation of a democracy,” Mr van der Bellen said. “I will stand in the rerun, and I intend to win it. I urge all citizens to exercise they right to vote. This is no game. For me it is about the unity of Austria.”

Mr Hofer’s supporters will hope Friday’s ruling means he can seize the presidency after all.

“I am pleased the constitutional court has taken this very important decision objectively,” Mr Hofer said.

The decision will send shockwaves through EU governments already grappling with the consequences of Britain’s vote to leave the bloc.

Mr Hofer campaigned on an openly anti-immigrant platform and carried a Glock pistol on the election trail.

While his party does not want Austria to follow Britain out of the EU, it is calling for radical reform of the bloc and has threatened to hold an “Auxit” referendum if it doesn’t get its way.

The FPÖ wants powers returned to national parliaments and an end to EU control over immigration policy — in other words, the most powerful far-Right party in Europe’s shopping list is much the same as the British Leave campaign’s.

The result was overturned because of technical errors, not vote manipulation
Christian Kern
The Austrian presidency is largely ceremonial, and would not give the FPÖ the power to force through its policies.

But the party is leading in the polls ahead of general elections due in 2018, and Mr Hofer has said he will use the full powers of the presidency if elected — including the right to dismiss the government and call elections.

Mr Hofer initially called on his supporters to accept the results of May’s election, but the FPÖ later made a U-turn and filed the complaint over voting irregularities which led to Friday’s ruling.

Wolfgang Sobotka, the interior minister, said a date would be announced for the re-run of the election next week, after he had consulted with cabinet colleagues. The re-run is not expected to be held before September or October.

The decision means Mr van der Bellen cannot be sworn in as president when Heinz Fischer, the incumbent’s term ends next week.

Instead, the presidency will pass to an temporary acting triumvirate made up of the speaker of the Austrian parliament and his two deputies. Mr Hofer will be a member of this triumvirate, as the junior of the two deputy speakers.

“The result was overturned because of technical errors, not vote manipulation,” Christian Kern, the Austrian chancellor said, calling for calm.

“The decision should not be a cause for emotion.”

He called for a short campaign and said he hoped turnout would be high, although he acknowledged there was a likelihood of voter fatigue.