Police arrest third suspect in Kim Jong Nam’s assassination

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Three people have now been arrested in connection with the apparent fatal poisoning of the half-brother of North Korea’s leader, with a Malaysian man held to “assist” in the investigation, police said Thursday.

The man, 26-year-old Muhammad Farid bin Jalaluddin, has been identified as the boyfriend of an Indonesian woman arrested earlier Thursday, suspected of being one of the two women who carried out the brazen attack at Kuala Lumpur airport this week on Kim Jong Nam, the older half-brother of Kim Jong Un.

“Suspect is currently remanded in custody to assist investigation,” Khalid Abu Bakar, the inspector-general of police, said in a statement.

Kim Jong Nam, 45, was attacked by two women at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Monday as he went to check in for a flight to Macau, his main base since he went into exile about 15 years ago. They grabbed him and sprayed some kind of poison on his face.

He sought medical help at the airport but died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Two women were captured on surveillance video leaving the scene by taxi, sparking a nationwide hunt for them.

One woman, who was traveling on a Vietnamese passport that identified her as 29-year-old Doan Thi Huong, was arrested Wednesday as she tried to fly out of Kuala Lumpur.

She told police she was tricked into attacking Kim Jong Nam, saying she thought she was just playing a prank on the man, the Star newspaper reported.

She also said she was abandoned by the other woman and four men who were involved in the attack. They had all been staying at a hotel not far from the airport, she told police, and when they left her, she decided to fly to Vietnam from the terminal where the attack took place.

A second woman, identified as Siti Aishah, a 25-year-old Indonesian, was arrested early Thursday.

“She was also positively identified from the CCTV footage at the airport and was alone at the time of arrest,” Abu Bakar said in an earlier statement.

It was not immediately clear whether the women were using fake passports, but the Indonesia Foreign Ministry confirmed, based on information provided by the Malaysian police, that the Aishah was an Indonesian citizen and has requested consular access to her.

Separately, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Malaysia’s deputy prime minister, confirmed that the man who was killed was indeed Kim Jong Nam, the son of former leader Kim Jong Il and older half-brother of Kim Jong Un.

The man was carrying North Korean passport bearing the name “Kim Chol,” a known alias for Kim Jong Nam.

“The North Korean embassy has confirmed the identity. This is what the police informed us,” Zahid told reporters. Kim Jong Nam appeared to have had two passports with two different names – one “authentic” and one an “undercover document,” he said.

However, although the autopsy has now been completed – despite protests from North Korean diplomats based in Kuala Lumpur, who wanted to body released to them immediately – there is still no word on the cause of death.

A North Korean man driving a black Mercedes with North Korean diplomatic plates refused to answer a journalist’s questions when he drove into the embassy in Kuala Lumpur Thursday afternoon.

Embassy staff have removed the buzzer from the gate to stop journalists from ringing it.

Malaysia would return Kim Jong Nam’s body to North Korea, Zahid said Thursday, but there were still “procedures to be followed.”

“Our policy is that we have to honor our bilateral relations with any foreign country,” he told reporters.


CNN: Assassination of Donald Trump The Only Way Would Keep Obama In Power



While the nation is preparing for a peaceful celebration for the inauguration of the President of the U.S.A., CNN dreams about an awful scenario that could happen…


We can say that these last few weeks passed in a calm and quiet atmosphere, as Donald Trump was selected as the new President of the United States.
While the nation is preparing for a peaceful and dignified welcome ceremony for the inauguration day, this Wednesday, CNN’s ‘The Situation Room’ shows host Wolf Blitzer aired a segment with a chyron featuring the headline ‘Developing Now’.
The Host, Wolf Blitzer introduced the segment saying ‘What if the incoming president and his immediate followers were wiped out on the first day?‘ then from there CNN contributor, Brian took over to outline the line of succession if an attack blew up the inaugural dais, killing both President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence.
While the majority of people in the country cheerfully welcome the appointment of the new President and probably can not wait to hear what he has to say on his first day, CNN wonders what would have happened if someone killed him…
CNN probably are still in pain and this is the second stage of their grief…

Russian investigators join Turkey’s probe into ambassador’s assassination

ANKARA (AFP) — Russian investigators arrived in Turkey on Tuesday to probe the assassination of Moscow’s ambassador at an Ankara art show, as both sides pledged the murder would not damage improving relations.

Veteran diplomat Andrei Karlov was shot nine times in the back by off-duty Turkish policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas at the art gallery opening of a show of Russian photography on Monday.

The brazen killing stunned Ankara and Moscow, which have rowed repeatedly over the Syria conflict but in recent weeks have begun cooperating closely on the evacuations from war-wrecked Aleppo.

An unprecedented three-way meeting on Syria between the foreign ministers of Turkey, Russia and Iran went ahead in Moscow Tuesday despite the assassination, with the diplomats backing a widening of a truce.

Andrei Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, pauses during a speech at a photo exhibition, moments before a gunman, identified as Mevlut Mert Altintas, seen standing in the background, left, fatally shoots him in Ankara, December 19, 2016 (AP/Burhan Ozbilici)

Six people have been detained over the Karlov assassination, including the sister, mother, father and uncle of the 22-year-old Altintas, Turkish media said.

Adding to the jitters, with Turkey already on high alert after a string of deadly attacks, an individual also fired outside the US embassy in Ankara overnight.

‘Waved through security’

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his secret services to boost security at home and abroad, and to step up cooperation with foreign intelligence services.

“I ask you through channels of partnership to strengthen your work with the intelligence agencies of other states,” he was quoted as saying by Russian news wires.

Meanwhile, a Russian investigative team visited the scene of the attack at the Contemporary Arts Centre in central Ankara as part of a joint probe with Turkey.

Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul that he and Putin agreed in a phone call after the murder that “our expanding areas of cooperation with Russia, particularly on Syria, will not be hampered by this attack.”

Dramatic footage of Monday’s assassination showed Karlov stumble and crash to the ground on his back as Altintas brandished his automatic pistol at terrified onlookers who cowered behind cocktail tables.

The lone gunman shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest”) and “Don’t forget Aleppo,” vowing that those responsible for events in Syria would be held accountable.

Turkish soldiers and policemen stand guard near the Cagdas Sanatlar Merkezi, a major art exhibition hall, where Andrey Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Ankara, was shot dead on December 19, 2016, in Ankara. (AFP PHOTO / ADEM ALTAN)

Altintas did not go through the metal detector security check when he entered the exhibition and was warned by a security officer, according to the Cankaya municipality where the exhibition centre is located.

But after showing his police ID, he was allowed to proceed, it said.

The Hurriyet daily said Altintas, who had worked for Ankara’s anti-riot police for the last two-and-a-half years, had stayed at a nearby hotel to prepare for the attack, shaving and putting on a smart suit.

He was killed by police after a 15-minute standoff.

Gulen links?

Ankara mayor Melih Gokcek, known for his outspoken comments, speculated on Twitter that the gunman may be linked to the group of exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, blamed for the July coup aimed at toppling Erdogan.

His suggestion was also repeated in the pro-government press.

“We have started to work out the links,” said Erdogan, without specifying further.

Gulen, who denies having any involvement in the failed coup, issued a statement condemning “in the strongest terms this heinous act of terror.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, right, and Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu attend a ceremony in memory of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov, who was fatally shot by a Turkish policeman Monday at a gathering in Ankara, Turkey, before their talks on Syria in Moscow, Russia, Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016. (Maxim Shemetov/Pool Photo via AP)

Hours after the assassination, an individual fired outside the main gate of the US embassy in Ankara.

The mission said in a statement that no one was hurt and the individual was detained but the embassy and consulates in Istanbul and Adana were closed for normal operations.

US President-elect Donald Trump had on Monday condemned the envoy’s assassination, calling the gunman a “radical Islamic terrorist.”

Orthodox rites

Karlov’s body, draped in a Russian flag, was given a ceremonial farewell with full state honours on the tarmac of Ankara’s Esenboga Airport before being put on a Russian plane for Moscow.

Watched by his widow clutching a candle, an Orthodox Russian priest read the last rites and swung incense over the coffin.

Marina Davydova Karlova, widow of late Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov, reacts in front of his coffin, during a ceremonial farewell with full state honours on the tarmac of Ankara's Esenboga Airport on December 20, 2016, before the coffin is transported on a Russian plane for Moscow. (AFP PHOTO/ADEM ALTAN)

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced in Moscow that the street where the embassy is located would be named after the 62-year-old envoy, a career diplomat who had notably served as ambassador to North Korea.

The killing came after days of protests in Turkey over Russia’s role in Syria, although Moscow and Ankara are now working closely together to evacuate citizens from the battered city of Aleppo.

Turkey and Russia stand on opposite sides of the conflict, with Ankara backing rebels trying to topple Moscow ally President Bashar Assad.

But the rhetoric has warmed considerably since a reconciliation deal was signed earlier this year and the tripartite meeting Tuesday was just the latest in a series of contacts.

Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed on Tuesday to guarantee Syria peace talks and backed expanding a ceasefire in the war-torn country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after the meeting.

Analysis: How will Putin react to ambassador’s assassination in Turkey?


The assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey at an Ankara art gallery on Monday is unlikely to have a wide-ranging impact on the ongoing military and diplomatic standoff over Syria or on ties between Moscow and Ankara.

The Turkish shooter, who was killed by local security forces, is reportedly a graduate of the local police academy and took action to protest the mass murder that is taking place in Syria – and particularly Aleppo – by the Assad regime with the support of Russia, Iran and various Shi’ite militias.

By shooting Ambassador Andrei Karlov, the assassin was also protesting his own country’s sitting on the sidelines in the face of the ongoing atrocities in Syria. In recent months, Turkey has changed its position and is now cooperating with Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russia and Iran.

It could be that the objective of the assassination was to disrupt ties between Russia and Turkey, which have been on the rise ever since their lowest point following the Turkish downing of a Russian combat plane last year.

Sources in Turkey were quick to blame supporters of Fethullah Gulen, the Turkish preacher who is in exile in the United States and who Erdogan has accused of plotting the failed coup over the summer. Since the attempted revolt, Erdogan has cracked down on his opponents and especially Gulen’s supporters, and purged the military and justice systems.

The assassination was caught on camera at the gallery and the security lapses that enabled the murder to occur are immediately clear. Karlov did not have protection, and if he did, the guards were not close to him and their reaction was too slow to prevent the shooting. The fact that the shooter succeeded in bringing a gun into the gallery is another example of possible negligence.

It does not seem that the shooting will derail efforts to stabilize Syria. On Tuesday, talks are scheduled to begin in Moscow among Russia, Iran and Turkey, as well as others, on a possible diplomatic ending to the ongoing war in Syria.

The interests of these three countries are greater than an isolated incident, even the murder of an ambassador.

Erdogan’s interests in Syria are also limited in their scope – he wants to ensure that a Kurdish entity will not be established along his country’s border.

Putin’s interests are different.

As demonstrated by Russia’s disproportionate bombing of civilian targets – including schools, hospitals and orphanages – in Aleppo, Putin is using the same methods that were effective in quelling the Chechnyan insurgency some 10 years ago.

Together with Iran, Putin wants to stabilize Assad and restore his sovereignty over as much of Syria as possible.

This is just the first stage in Russia’s ultimate goal of establishing itself as a superpower in a region that was left in a vacuum by outgoing US President Barack Obama.

British man jailed over Trump assassination plot

LAS VEGAS — A 20-year-old British man diagnosed with mental illness was sentenced to about four more months in a US prison for trying to grab a police officer’s gun in a plot to kill presidential candidate Donald Trump at a campaign rally last June in Las Vegas.

Michael Steven Sandford was sentenced Tuesday to one year and one day in prison, but has already spent about six months behind bars and is expected to receive about two months credit for good behavior in prison.

US District Judge James Mahan blamed the attempt in a crowded Las Vegas strip casino ballroom on Sandford’s mental illness.

Sandord will be deported after his release.

A prosecutor says he could be free by mid-April.

Sandford’s mother, father, grandmother and 4-year-old sister were present in the courtroom.

Rap Artist Rick Ross Calls for the Assassination of President-Elect Donald Trump (VERY VERY GOOD)

So-called celebrities and “musicians” are inciting and encouraging violence against President-elect Trump and his supporters.

This type of irresponsible, dangerous, and “Obama-Esq” divisive rhetoric is why the Democrat party is in shambles and America has SOUNDLY rejected the liberal ideology of hate and intolerance.

Every one of these asshats MUST be held responsible for their words.

Stop watching their crappy shows, going to see their godawful movies, and listening to their shitty “music.”

….and if you get hurt by some violent anti-Trump liberal, sue a celebrity, since they’re encouraging it.

From Breitbart:

“Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman/Now accept these words as they came from Eminem,” Ross raps, an apparent reference to George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012.

“Free Enterprise” features vocals from singer John Legend and appeared on Ross’ 2015 studio album Black Market. “Democratic Party sentenced to the pendulum/Killing them, I voted for André Benjamin,” he raps in the video while standing in front of an upside-down American flag.

The word “Trump” was bleeped out of the official music video, released on YouTube on November 9 — the day Trump became President-elect.

In an attempt to clarify the controversial lyrics, Ross told Rolling Stone in January he “would never advocate violence on Trump or anyone.”

Um, he’d never advocate violence on Trump or anyone?

“Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman”

We must continue to hold these morons accountable for their actions.

It’s not “art,” and it’s not OK.

They will be called out relentlessly and if you stop buying their dumb crap, they will go away.

Amy Moreno is a Published Author, Pug Lover & Game of Thrones Nerd. You can follow her on Twitter here and Facebook here.

“Deathbed Confession” Leads to Shocking New Accusation in JFK Assassination Mystery

Filmmaker Oliver Stone, who directed the film “JFK,” recently claimed to have evidence that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by someone on his own team.

The news came by way of a deathbed confession by someone Stone referred to as “Ron,” who claimed he was part of the former president’s security team.

Stone said that Ron had only told his son about what he knew all these years, but now he wanted to tell the world that “somebody from his own team … had fired on the president.”


Stone said Ron communicated with him through secret messages before they met, the U.K. Express reported. The director added that he was skeptical because there have been so many stories and allegations about Kennedy’s death and the shooter.

However, after hearing the man’s story, Stone said it sounded authentic and could be “plausible.”

“And his memory of it was so technical, filled with military jargon, details about radio communications right after the shots,” Stone said.

Stone told Matt Zoller Seitz, the author of a book about to be released on Stone, about Ron’s confession.

The book, “The Oliver Stone Experience,” included the meeting between Stone and the former security agent.

“The scenario he laid out was very practical,” Seitz said, adding that if he were to do anything like that, he would do it the way Ron described it to Stone. “You kill the president, and your cover is security, and if the sniper or snipers who kill the president are hidden in with the guys who are supposed to protect him, guys who have no knowledge of this plot … It makes a lot of sense.”

When asked why Stone waited until now to reveal this information, Seitz said, “I think it was because he trusted me, and also because both the father and the son have been dead for a while.”


This news will no doubt once again get some new conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination going — and dredge up some old ones.

Senior Egypt pro-government cleric escapes assassination

CAIRO — Gunmen opened fire at former Egyptian mufti Ali Gomaa in a Cairo suburb on Friday, missing the pro-government cleric but wounding a bodyguard, the interior ministry said.

Gomaa was on his way to a mosque near his house in the October 6 suburb when the assailants hiding in a park started shooting, the ministry said.

His guards exchanged fire with the gunmen and forced them to flee, it said, adding that one of the guards was lightly wounded.

Gomaa later told Egyptian state television of how he had taken shelter behind a mosque wall when the shooting started.

After the attack, he “conducted the Friday prayers as a message to these people,” the cleric said in a telephone interview.

“This attempt is a message aimed at creating fear,” he said.

The private CBC Extra news channel showed footage of armed guards with pistols drawn escorting Gomaa out of the mosque after the shooting.

In an interview with the channel, Gomaa said this was not the first attempt on his life and derided the assailants as “very stupid.”

“They blew up my house in Fayoum,” he said, referring to a province southwest of Cairo. And assailants had also “tried before from the park” outside his Cairo home.

Gomaa was the mufti — the government’s official interpreter of Islamic law — for a decade until 2013.

He strongly backed the army’s overthrow of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi that year and the subsequent deadly crackdown on his supporters.

Since stepping down as mufti, Gomaa has remained one of the country’s top Islamic scholars.

Gomaa is known for his moderate views on religion but is reviled by the Islamist opposition for supporting the crackdown against them that has killed hundreds of protesters.

He is a member of the council of senior scholars in the Al-Azhar institute, the top body in Sunni Islam’s most prestigious center of learning, and has hosted a religious affairs program on television.

Facebook Refuses to Remove “Assassinate Donald Trump” Page

While censoring posts mildly critical of feminism, Facebook has refused to remove a page entitled “Assassinate Donald Trump,” claiming that it doesn’t violate the company’s “community standards”.

After a Facebook user reported the page, Facebook responded by saying it would take no further action.

“We reviewed the Page you reported for having a credible threat of violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards,” states the message.

While open calls to assassinate a presidential candidate are apparently fine, Facebook takes a much harsher stance when it comes to criticism of radical feminism.

The post below that pointed out some of the hypocrisies embodied by feminists was removed because it “didn’t follow Facebook Community Standards”.

Another post that accused a feminist of being “incapable of forming an argument” was also deleted by Facebook.

Facebook also removed a post that simply challenged the narrative that Trump supporters were racist.

So in summary: Calling for the assassination of Trump is fine, arguing that his supporters aren’t racist – NOT FINE.

The social network is also less tolerant of remarks that are critical of the migrant influx currently swamping Europe.

Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to work on a scheme to censor and fine Germans for “xenophobic” Facebook posts about migrants. The program, designed to combat “hate speech,” is also being overseen by left-wing activist Anetta Kahane, a former member of the East German Stasi.

As we previously reported, it took Twitter over 6 months to remove an account entitled “Kill Trump,” while the company has been noticeably more pro-active when it comes to censoring conservatives for having the wrong politics.

Proof George HW Bush (White Freemason) Was a CIA Agent Involved In The ASSASSINATION of JFK

This is not the first time and surely will not be the last that George H.W. Bush, former Director of the CIA and the 41st President of the United States, has been implicated in the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th president.  In an earlier study, for example, “Was George H.W. Bush involved in the assassination of JFK?”, John Hankey and I both address this question, where he provides a great deal of evidence supporting a role for GHWB in the Dealey Plaza turkey shoot. In this new study, Richard Hooke substantiates that claim and advances additional proof of his own.  I believe that they are right.

That GHWB knew Malcolm “Mac” Wallace from Yale is especially stunning.  “Mac” Wallace was LBJ’s personal hit man and murdered as many as a dozen persons for Lyndon, including one of his own sisters, who was talking too much about his business to allow her to continue to speak.  There is substantial proof that LBJ was involved in the assassination, where his life had been dedicated to becoming “the president of all the people”.  As Phil Nelson, LBJ: Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination (2nd revised edition, 2011) documents, he was relentless in its pursuit.  Madeleine Duncan Brown, Texas in the Morning (1997), Barr McClellan, Blood, Money & Power (2003), and Billy Sol Estes, A Texas Legend (2004), have also identified LBJ as the pivotal player, which has been confirmed by E. Howard Hunt, “Last Confessions” (2007), who identified LBJ, Cord Meyer, David Atlee Phillips, William Harvey and David Sanchez Morales as in “the chain of command”.

Even Jack Ruby, who was in the position to know, asserted that, if someone else had been Vice President, the assassination would never have occurred.  McClellan concluded that Texas oil men, such as Clint Murchison and H. L. Hunt, had provided financing for the assassination in order to preserve the oil depletion allowance at 27.5%, which remained unchanged under LBJ.  I had over 100 conversations with Madeleine Duncan Brown, who began an affair with Lyndon in 1948 and bore him a son, Steven, in 1950 (who was not his only child out of wedlock but was his only male offspring), who told me about their renderzvous at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX, on New Year’s Eve, only six weeks after the assassination, when she confronted him with rumors that he had been involved, since no one stood to gain more personally, whereupon Lyndon blew up and told her that the CIA and the oil boys had decided that JFK had to be taken out.  And that Mac Wallace was involved is not in serious doubt.

Wallace went to work for Harry Lewis and L & G Oil. In 1970 he returned to Dallas and began pressing Edward Clark for more money for his part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. According to Barr McClellan it was then decided to kill Wallace. “He had to be eliminated. After driving to see his daughter in Troup, Texas, he went by L & G’s offices in Longview, Texas. There his exhaust was rigged for part of it to flow into his car.”On 7th January, 1971, Malcolm Wallace was killed while driving into Pittsburg, Texas. He appeared to have fallen asleep and after leaving the road crashed his car. Wallace died of massive head injuries.

Soon afterwards Clifton C. Carter died aged 53. 1971 was also the year Billie Sol Estes was due to leave prison. According to Clint Peoples, a Texas Ranger based in Austin, Billie Sol Estes had promised to tell the full story of the death of Henry Marshall when he obtained his freedom.

On 9th August, 1984, Estes’ lawyer, Douglas Caddy, wrote to Stephen S. Trott at the U.S. Department of Justice. In the letter Caddy claimed that Wallace, Billie Sol EstesLyndon B. Johnson and Cliff Carter had been involved in the murders of Henry MarshallGeorge KrutilekHarold Orr, Ike Rogers, Coleman WadeJosefa JohnsonJohn Kinser and John F. Kennedy. Caddy added: “Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders.”

This is consistent with Billy Sol’s interview with French investigative reporter, William Reymond, during which he explained that Lyndon had sent his chief administrative assistant, Cliff Carter, down to Dallas to make sure that all the arrangements for the assassination were in place, which he reaffirms in A Texas Legend (2004).  Billy Sol knew both Cliff Carter and “Mac” Wallace personally, inferring their involvement from personal conversations. A copy of email correspondence between John Simkin of The Education Forum and Douglas Caddy may be found on amazon.com, which substantiates Lyndon’s use of Cliff Carter to convey instructions to “Mac” Wallace to commit those crimes.  I am therefore stunned to discover that GHWB and “Mac” Wallace were both members of Skull & Bones at Yale.

Why the Dal-Tex Matters

According to The Warren Repor (1964), three shots were fired during the assassination.  The FBI and the Secret Service concluded that day that the first had hit JFK in the back, the second had hit John Connally in the back, and the third had hit JFK in the back of the head, killing him.  It would later surface that one shot that had been fired had missed and injured a distant bystander, James Tague.  For those who believed more than three shots had been fired, this was not especially problematic, where it turns out that eight, nine or ten shots appear to have been fired from six different locations.  (See, for example,“Dealey Plaza Revisited: What happened to JFK?”)  But for those who are committed to only three, it posed a delicate predicament, which led to the fabrication of the “magic bullet” theory that the back shot had actually hit the back of his neck, exited his throat, and entered the back of Connally.


All of the evidence is against it; indeed, it is not only provably false but not even anatomically possible, insofar as cervical vertebrae intervene, as I explain in “Reasoning about Assassinations”.  It nevertheless became the fulcrum of the “official account”, since otherwise the throat wound and the wounds to Connally have to be explained on the basis of other shots and other shooters.  Extensive, meticulous and detailed examination of the medical, ballistic and eyewitness testimony supports the conclusion that JFK was hit four times–once in the back (from behind); once in the throat (from in front); and twice in the head (once in the back of the head from behind and once in the right temple from the right/front).  None of those shots appear to have been fired from the 6th floor “assassin’s lair” but three from the Dal-Tex, where the acoustics were such that they sounded as though they could have been fired from the Texas School Book Depository.  Richard’s study suggests that GHWB was at that window of the Dal-Tex:


Let me emphasize that this is my analysis of the shot sequence, which I have elaborated in several places, including “What happened to JFK–and why it matters today” (UW-Madison, 22 November 2011), where Richard does not necessarily agree with me, even though we both believe three shots were fired from the Dal-Tex, which is the subject that he addresses in his study below. One appears to have missed and injured James Tague. Another appears to have hit the chrome strip above the windshield. And the third appears to have hit JFK in the back of his head. In particular, Richard believes that another shot was fired from behind the picket fence, which Ed Hoffman, among others, supports. And I agree that there may have been yet another shooter.

George H.W. Bush Coordinated the Dal-Tex Hit Team


George H.W. Bush was working for the CIA at least as early as 1961; more than likely he was recruited in his college days, at Yale, when he was in the Skull and Bones Society. He and his wife Barbara moved to Houston where he ran an offshore oil drilling business, Zapata Offshore Co., which was a CIA front company with rigs located all over the world, making it very convenient for him to vanish for weeks at a time on CIA business where one would suspect what he was doing. Bush was a major organizer and recruiter for the Bay of Pigs invasion, which was codenamed Operation ZAPATA. Col. Fletcher Prouty, former Pentagon high ranking official, who was the basis for the “Col. X” character in Oliver Stone’s “JFK”, obtained two Navy ships for the operation that were repainted to non-Navy colors and then renamed HOUSTON and BARBARA.

George H.W. “Poppy” Bush is one of the few who could never recall where he was or what he was doing when JFK was assassinated; as a matter of fact, for over 20 years, he could not recall any details at all. He was 39 years old at the time and chairman of the Harris County (Houston) Republican Party and an outspoken critic of JFK. But on 21 November 1963, GHWB was staying at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Dallas and spoke that very evening to the American Association of Oil Drilling Contractors. Some time later, he was reportedly at “the ratification meeting” at the home of Clint Murchison, Sr., receiving last minute instructions and toasting JFK’s murder the night before it happened. [NOTE: Madeleine Duncan Brown has written about this event in her book, Texas in the Morning(1997). It was corroborated by Nigel Turner in Part 9, “The Guilty Men”, of “The Men who Killed Kennedy”.]

Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig reported to Jim Garrison he knew of twelve arrests made in Dealey Plaza that day. One, in particular, was made by R.E. Vaughn of the Dallas Police Department, was of a man coming out of the Dal-Tex Building, who said he was “an independent oil operator from Houston, Texas.” The prisoner was taken from Vaughn by Dallas Police detectives, and that was the last he saw of him:  no mug shot, no interview, no fingerprints, or name is in existence of this mystery man. “Independent oil operator from Houston” was always George Bush’s (CIA) cover. Exactly why was he arrested? Garrison reported the man came running out of the Dal-Tex building and authorities could hardly avoid arresting him because of the clamor of onlookers. He was taken to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning, although there is no record of it. Afterward, two officers escorted him out of the building to the jeers of the waiting crowd. They put him in a police car and he was driven away; presumably right back to Dealey Plaza, because that is where he would be photographed with USAF Gen. Edward Lansdale.


Ed Landsdale was identified walking past “the three tramps” (center) by no less authorities than L. Fletcher Prouty, the liaison between the Pentagon and the CIA for covert activities–who was the basis for the figure, “Col. X”, in Oliver Stone’s “JFK”, and Victor Krulak, former Commandant of the Marine Corps, both of whom knew him well.


As for the identity of GHWB, we have these observations from Ralph Cinque, a professional chiropractor, who is an expert in dealing with person’s bodies and clothing, “The case for George HW being there is cinched. What’s the serious alternative? That a simply amazing coincidence occurred in which a man who  looked strikingly like him just happened to be there? How many times does V (for Vendetta in the film, “V for Vendetta”) have to tell us that he, like God, does not play dice and does not believe in coincidences? Neither do I or any other serious student of murder,  especially not when it involves the JFK assassination.”  We have a photo of him standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository; we have photos of Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza at the time; and we have yet another in which Lansdale, who was famous for arranging assassinations around the world, is waiting to speak to him.  In this case, it may justifiably be said that “these pictures really are worth more than a thousand words”. 

The Phony Alibi

The next that we hear of George H.W. Bush on 22 November 1963 comes from an FBI Memorandum according to which GHWG, having been cut loose from his anonymous interrogation at the Dallas Sheriff’s Office, called into SAC Graham W. Kitchel of the FBI Office in Houston alleging was establishing a phony alibi in saying he recalled hearing, in recent weeks, a man named James Parrott talking of killing the President when he came to Houston. Shortly after Bush made this call, FBI agents were dispatched to the Parrot house. In another FBI memo Parrot’s mother said James, who was not home when the FBI arrived, had been home all day helping her care for her son Gary.

Mrs. Parrot advised that shortly after 1 PM a Mr. Reynolds came by and talked to her son about painting some signs at Republican Headquarters on Waugh Drive. The net effect was Kerney Reynold’s, George Bush’s assistant, gave Parrot an alibi and Parrot was Bush’s alibi; everyone’s ass was covered. A bogus phone call reporting a would-be assassin who was one of Bush’s Republican Party sign-painters; who himself is also freed by an alibi from one of Bush’s buddies, really doesn’t cut it; this is CIA Alibi 101. This type of stuff cannot be allowed to stand in history; if Bush was so concerned about his sign painter, why didn’t he call in to alert the FBI before President Kennedy came to Dallas?

Bush has handed us his head on a silver platter with this memo; that’s why he always said he didn’t remember what his was doing on 11/22/63; he was hoping this incredibly stupid memo never surfaced. Bush was worried he had been seen and subsequently panicked and stupidly called the FBI, thinking he was being clever by providing evidence that it wasn’t him that was arrested in front of the Dal-Tex building that day. It seemed like a good idea, at the time, but he was actually creating a permanent record of his involvement. The memo identifies Bush as an oil man from Houston placing a long distance call from Tyler, Texas. Bush was trying to establish he was not in Dallas during, or shortly after, the assassination. He must had been worried that someone would identify him as the oil man detained running out of the Dal-Tex building and being ushered in and out of the Dallas Sheriff’s office.


This FBI memo (above), dated 22 November 1963, states that Bush called from Tyler, Texas but there is no proof he was actually there. For over 20 years after the assassination, Bush said he did not remember where he was when the assassination took place at 12:30 PM in Dallas.  The only other person of whom I hae heard such a story was Richard Nixon, who flew out of Love Field just two hours before JFK flew in.

Conspicuously, this FBI memo fails to provide an answer to where George Bush actually was. The memo, however, does tell us that the first moment Bush was free to create a phony alibi was at 1:45 PM. Bush was staying in downtown Dallas at the Sheraton Hotel, just few blocks from Dealey Plaza, yet he’s trying to tell us he was in Tyler, Texas at 1:45 PM.

George Bush’s CIA assignment was obviously in Dallas, that’s why he was staying there, so what would he have been doing in Tyler? JFK had just been shot at 12:30 PM. Would  Bush not have been in Dallas at 12:30 PM as well, like everyone else, which was presumably the reason for him having been in town at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel? Would Bush not have driven down the road to Parkland Hospital, to check on the President’s condition; like everyone else? Except Bush was being interrogated at the Sheriff’s Office.

The FBI Memorandum

Bush appears to be a candidate for prosecution for treason: his alibis for 22 November 1963 are fabricated and we have evidence that shows he was there. An FBI memo of a call from Tyler Texas does not prove his location, except that he had concocted a textbook CIA alibi, that he was lying and probably was an accessory to JFK’s murder. Bush maintained for over twenty years after the assassination that he simply did not remember what he was doing at the time of the assassination. As a matter of fact, he had no explanation even in his autobiography; and then, all of a sudden, he concocted a story that he was speaking in Tyler, Texas to The Rotary Club. Aubrey Irby said Bush was speaking when the bellhop came over and informed Aubrey that JFK was dead. Mr. Aubrey passed the info on to Mr. Wendell Cherry Irby, who passed it onto Bush, who stopped his speech. According to Irby, Bush explained he thought a political speech was inappropriate under the circumstances, concluded speaking and simply sat down.

It is inconceivable that George Bush could not have recollected this event for more than 20 years. Walter Cronkite’s announcement to the world that JFK was dead came on TV at 1:38 PM. Does anyone think that Bush was making a speech at that time, in Tyler, Texas, to the Rotary Club, after the President and Governor Connally were known to have been shot at 12:30 PM? President Kennedy had been scheduled to give a speech for lunch at the Dallas Trade Mart, after he passed through Dealey Plaza. Everyone who was anyone around Dallas was going to attend that speech; and after JFK was shot, most rushed to Parkland Hospital to find out the latest news concerning the gravely wounded President and Governor. A speech being given in Tyler, Texas, inside a building owned by right wingers, to a group of Republican JFK haters, hardly qualities as evidence Bush was not in Dallas, where the available evidence suggests that he was on assignment for the CIA and was supervising the Dal-Tex hit team, from which three shots appear to have been fired with a Mannlicher-Carcano, which appears to have been the the only non-silenced weapon that was used:


Next, George Bush can be seen in photos of Dealey Plaza, next to the TSBD doorway and Ed Lansdale, shortly following the assassination (see below). These photos, unmistakably George Bush, tell us where he went after he left the Dallas Sheriff’s Office: back to the crime scene to get an update on all that he had missed. He must have made his call to the FBI reporting James Parrot from the Dallas Sheriff’s Office, at 1:45 PM, because Bush is seen in Dealey Plaza with Lansdale, who would leave the plaza at about 2 PM and walk past “the three tramps” toward the parking lot. Bush obviously had to go straight back to Dealey Plaza for him to be photographed with Lansdale, who remained around Dealey Plaza until Oswald was arrested at the Texas Theater at 1:50 PM. If Lee had not been arrested, then Lansdale, as “Plan B”, might have framed the three tramps–Charles Rogers, Charles Harrelson and Chauncey Marvin Holt (often misidentified as E. Howard Hunt)–who had been directed to go to a boxcar and the assassination have been blamed on them. Holt (CIA), the tramp with the hat, reported that they were found in the box car and taken through the plaza right after Oswald was arrested, which he knew because he was listening in, on a CIA provided radio concealed inside the paper bag that he is carrying in the familiar photos.

An Incriminating Memorandum


An FBI Memo from director J. Edgar Hoover (to the right), discovered by John McBride in 1988 but written just seven days after the assassination, provides verification George H.W. Bush was an officer of the CIA in 1963 and was provided updates on the anti-Castro Cubans. George Bush has said this memo was referring to another “George Bush” because he wasn’t in the CIA at the time.  But while there was another man by that name, he was a file clerk and would not have been receiving a memorandum about the Bay of Pigs operation.  And other information has surfaced showing the George Bush in the document was indeed George H.W. Bush and had the same address. In 1976, President Ford appointed George Bush as the Director of the CIA, replacing William Colby. Bush served in this role for 357 days, from 30 January  1976 to 20 January 1977. Bush falsely testified before Congress that he had never worked for the CIA, and it was widely reported that this was the first time that a civilian would be appointed to run the agency.  But that was more poppycock from Poppy. George Bush appears to have been a CIA lifer, probably recruited right out of Yale.

George H.W. Bush (CIA) was also a close friend with George De Mohrenschildt (CIA), including they were both members of the Dallas Petroleum Club. After De Mohrenschildt was found shot to death the day before he was to be questioned by Gaeton Fonzi for the HSCA reinvestigation of the deaths of JFK and MLK in the late 1970s, Bush’s name and address were found in De Mohrenschildt’s address book: “Bush, George H.W. (Poppy) 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum Midland.” CIA documents reveal that during the planning of the Bay of Pigs Operation (Operation Zapata), De Mohrenschildt made frequent trips to Mexico and Panama and gave reports to the CIA. His son-in-law also told the Warren Commission that he believed De Mohrenschildt was spying for the planned Cuban invasion. George De Mohrenschildt, notably, was Lee Harvey Oswald’s best friend and appears to have been his handler after Oswald was brought to Dallas in the fall of 1963 and would find work at the TSBD.

Was Bush in the Window?

In The Killing of a President (1994), Robert Groden observes that a dark-complected man was seen in the window whom James Richards has identified to Jim Fetzer as having been Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo, for whom there is a statue in Freedom Park of “Little Havana”, Miami, Florida.  He was an anti-Castro Cuban, whom GHWB may have known from the Bay of Pigs.  I have built upon the prior research of Duncan MacRae, “Dal-Tex Shooter 2nd floor”, which provides the most suggestive interpretation of the location from which three rifle shots appear to have been fired:


Given that Bush was in the building at the time, I infer that he was there in the background, inside the window of a broom closet of a uranium mining company on the second floor of the Dal-Tex building (which was a CIA asset). My interpretation is that someone with GHWB’s preppy haircut, large left ear, tall height, body language (head tilt), hairline part and forehead profile, was supervising the Dal-Tex hit team (see collage below). He was in Dallas for a reason, which was not to watch the presidential motorcade, and appears to have been a supervisor rather than a shooter, were it is very likely he was communicating using a radio device with a spotter. That spotter may have been Danny Arce (CIA), who can be seen speaking into a walkie-talkie, out on Houston Street (in the Altgens6 photo above), standing next to Johnny Roselli (CIA/Mafia). Arce was talking with someone as multiple shots were fired. Ruth Ann (CIA) was reported (by complicit witness Loy Factor) to have been counting down a cadence and to have been receiving information by walkie-talkie from the 6th floor of the TSBD.


Umbrella Man’s companion, possibly Orlando Bosch (CIA) [NOTE: or Filipe Vidal Santiago], was not talking on his radio as limousine passed the Stemmons Freeway sign and the Umbrella man pumped his umbrella up and down, which appears to have been a signal to “keep firing” because the target was still alive.  [NOTE: It was at a location that was visible from all of the shooting locations that I have identified above.] Chauncey Holt (CIA), the oldest of the tramps, said he had a CIA supplied radio, concealed in his brown paper bag that kept him updated on events even from inside the Rock Island Railroad boxcar. Holt had delivered 15 sets of fake Secret Service ID and left them in a red pick-up truck parked in the lot behind the  grassy knoll, which was used by the Dallas Police Department, earlier that morning, facilitating the escape of the grassy knoll shooters. And Lee Bowers, the railway tower switchman, also testified to the Warren Commission that he observed strange people driving behind the picket fence and noticed one using a walkie-talkie.


Proof Sketch GWHB was there

(1) The FBI report (memo) Bush called in at 11/22/63 1:45 PM identified him as an oil business man from Houston, Texas and the FBI office he called was the Houston office.

(2) The man arrested running out of the Dal-Tex building at approximately 12:35 PM on 11/22 was said (per Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig) to have identified himself as “an oil man from Houston”. Bush was arrested by R.E. Vaughn of the Dallas Police Department.

(3) Bush called his FBI warning about James Parrot by long distance to his friend, FBI Special Agent Graham W. Kitchel, at the FBI office in Houston.

(4) James Parrot had no history as a subversive but was a sign painter for George Bush’s Republican Senate campaign.

(5) James Parrot was quickly provided an alibi by another friend, who was also an assistant of Bush, Kerney Reynolds.

(6) George Bush was staying in Dallas at the downtown Sheraton Hotel and had spent the previous night (of the 21st) there.

(7) There are at least two photos of George Bush (CIA) in Dealey Plaza speaking with police shortly after JFK was shot at 12:30 PM.

(8) One of those photos has Bush (CIA) standing next to Ed Lansdale (CIA).

(9) One of the photos shows Bush near the TSBD doorway in a zone police had cordoned off, which would have taken special ID (CIA).

(10) The photo next to Lansdale most likely was taken between 1:45 PM, when Bush called in his bogus FBI memo, and 2 PM, when Lansdale is pictured exiting the plaza passing the three tramps. The tramps were taken from the boxcar at approximately 1:50 PM, when Oswald was arrested at the Texas Theater.

(11) For over 20 years, George H.W. Bush said he did not remember what he was doing during the assassination, then he suddenly remembered he was giving a speech to the Rotary Club in Tyler at 1:38 PM, while his FBI call reporting James Parrot was placed at 1:45 PM.

(12) His attendance with Malcolm “Mac” Wallace at Yale, when “Mac” was LBJ’s personal hit man, and his attendance at the ratification meeting at the home of Clint Murchison, Sr., are powerful circumstantial evidence of his complicity in the assassination of JFK.


Remarkably, there is a figure (in the DCA film) walking off the corner of Houston & Elm and toward the Dal- Tex building, where “the oil man from Houston” (George H.W. Bush) had been arrested minutes earlier, who looks a great deal like his son, 17 year old George W. Bush.  This figures ear, nose (where a crude effort to change the nose has been made in the second of these three images), bridge indent and jawline are a very close match to George W. Bush, where the preppy loafers and white sox he’s wearing are cheerleader appropriate.  It looks like W. was there, too.


Richard M. Hooke, a student of anthropology at UC Santa Barbara and former computer systems analyst for Bank of America, is also a writer and researcher regarding the death of President John F. Kennedy.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth and a columnist and editor for Veterans Today.

– See more at: http://realitieswatch.com/proof-george-hw-bush-was-a-cia-agent-involved-in-the-assassination-of-jfk/#sthash.8IdkY4f0.dpuf