Islamic State claims deadly London attack as dozen arrested

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for London attacks which left seven people dead, an online news agency affiliated with the jihadists said Monday.

“A security detachment from Islamic state carried out London attacks yesterday” the Aamaq news agency said, referring to Saturday’s assault which saw three men in a van plow into pedestrians on London Bridge before going on a stabbing spree.

The SITE Intelligence Group said in a statement Sunday that the Aamaq news service cited “a security source” in the Arabic-language posting claiming the attack.

Islamic State has often made such claims not just when it has sent attackers, but when extremists carrying out deadly plots were inspired by the group’s ideology.

However, SITE director Rita Katz said the claim indicated the attack had been coordinated by the terror group and not simply inspired by it.

1) Breaking: claims attacks in carried out by fighters, according to its sources

2) Amaq claim on : It was carried out by “a detachment of fighters”,ie. likely coordinated with , not ISIS inspired

The London attack was the third this year that Islamic State has claimed in Britain, after a bombing in Manchester late last month and a similar attack in the heart of London in March.

The three attackers in Saturday’s attack have not been identified.

British police arrested a dozen people Sunday in a widening terrorism investigation after the attackers, using a van and large knives, turned a balmy evening of nightlife into a bloodbath and killed seven people in the heart of London.

A person, on ground, being detained by police at Elizabeth Fry apartments in Barking, East London, which officers raided Sunday June 4, 2017, following Saturday's terror attack at London Bridge and Borough Market. (Furqan Nabi/PA via AP)

Although the attackers were also dead, authorities raced to determine whether others assisted them, and Prime Minister Theresa May warned that the country faced a new threat from copycat attacks.

The county’s major political parties temporarily suspended campaigning with only days to go before the general election. May said the vote would take place as scheduled Thursday because “violence can never be allowed to disrupt the democratic process.”

The assault unfolded over a few terrifying minutes late Saturday, starting when a rented van veered off the road and barreled into pedestrians on busy London Bridge. Three men then got out of the vehicle with large knives and attacked people at bars and restaurants in nearby Borough Market until they were shot dead by police.

“They went ‘This is for Allah,’ and they had a woman on the floor. They were stabbing her,” witness Gerard Vowls said.

Florin Morariu, a Romanian chef who works in the Bread Ahead bakery, said he saw people running and some fainting. Then two people approached another person and “began to stick the knife in … and then I froze and I didn’t know what to do.”

Debris and abandoned cars remain on London Bridge at the scene of a terror attack in central London on June 3, 2017. (AFP Photo/Chris J. Ratcliffe)

He said he managed to get near one attacker and “hit him around the head” with a bread basket.

“There was a car with a loudspeaker saying ‘go, go’ and they (police) threw a grenade. … and then I ran,” he said.

London police said officers killed the attackers within eight minutes of arriving at the scene. Eight officers fired some 50 rounds, said Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, the force’s head of counterterrorism.

The three attackers were wearing what appeared to be suicide belts, but the belts turned out to be fake. Investigators were working to determine whether others assisted them, Rowley said.

A bystander was also wounded by the gunfire, but the civilian’s injuries were not believed to be critical.

Forty-eight people, including two police officers, were treated at hospitals. Twenty-one remained in critical condition Sunday. Among the wounded were German, French and Spanish citizens, officials said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said a Canadian was among the dead. A French national was also confirmed dead.

Counterterrorism officers raided several addresses in Barking, an east London suburb, and arrested 12 people there Sunday, police said.

Armed police on Borough High Street, close to Borough Market (background) in London on June 4, 2017, one of the scenes of the June 3 terror attack. (AFP/Odd ANDERSEN)

Neighbors at the site of one raid in Barking said a man who lived there resembled one of the attackers shown in news photographs.

“He’s lived here for about three years,” Damien Pettit said. “He’s one of our neighbors. I’ve said hello in passing more than 50, 60 occasions. He has two young kids. He was a very nice guy.”

Armed officers also conducted a raid in the East Ham area of the city. Video showed police shouting at someone: “Get on the balcony. Stand up and show us your hands!”

The rampage was the third major attack in Britain in the past three months, including a similar vehicle and knife attack on Westminster Bridge in March that left five people dead.

On May 22, a suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured dozens at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, in northwest England. Grande and other stars performed Sunday night at a benefit concert for victims under tight security in Manchester.

“I don’t feel or smell or hear or see any fear in this building. All we feel here tonight is love, resilience, positivity,” said Pharrel Williams, who performed alongside Miley Cyrus.

Music fans gather at the One Love Manchester benefit concert for the families of the victims of the May 22, Manchester terror attack, at Emirates Old Trafford in Greater Manchester on June 4, 2017. (AFP/Pool/Danny Lawson for One Love Manchester)

May said the attacks were not directly connected, “but we believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face” as “terrorism breeds terrorism” and attackers copy one another. She said five credible plots have been disrupted since March.

“It is time to say, enough is enough,” she said.

Britain’s official terrorism threat level was raised from “severe” to “critical” after the Manchester attack, meaning an attack may be imminent. Several days later it was lowered again to “severe,” meaning an attack is highly likely.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Sunday that the level would remain at severe because police believe there are no perpetrators still on the loose.

London Bridge and a large area on the south bank of the River Thames remained cordoned off Sunday, and police told people to avoid the area.

Police and members of the emergency services attend to victims of a terror attack on London Bridge in central London, June 3, 2017. (AFP/DANIEL SORABJI)

Hours earlier, the area packed with bars and restaurants around the foodie magnet of Borough Market had been a scene of panic, as people barricaded themselves in pubs and restaurants or fled through the streets.

Medics treated the wounded near the market as shocked people cried and shouted around them. Police officers yelled at people to run from the area, and blasts were heard as officers performed a series of controlled explosions.

Renan Marquese, a sous-chef at a tapas restaurant, said he was working when he heard chaotic sounds outside.

“When I open the door I see three dead people on the floor,” he said. “People running everywhere, police shouting to run away.”

He said that he helped a man and his partner, even taking the woman into his arms because she was too upset to walk properly. He said it took him 20 minutes to carry her across the bridge, stumbling all the way.

“It was really scary,” he said.

Police officers and members of the emergency services attend to a person injured in a terror attack on London Bridge in central London, June 3, 2017. (AFP/Daniel Sorabji)

Amid the violence and fear were stories of compassion and heroism. The British Transport Police said one of their officers, among the first to arrive, took the attackers on armed only with his baton and was seriously wounded. He was later described as being in stable condition with injuries that were not life-threatening.

Witnesses described how passers-by threw chairs and beer glasses at the attackers in an attempt to stop them.

Richard Angell, who was in a restaurant, said he looked out and saw “a guy who is throwing a table at somebody, and it’s very unclear about what is happening. And it turns out to be a heroic guy who saw what was happening and just bombarded these terrible cowardly people with stuff.”

Vowls also saw people striking back at the attackers and said he joined in.

“I went ‘Oi, terrorists, cowards, Oi!’” he told The Associated Press. Then he picked up a chair.

“I chucked it, but I think I missed one of them, and then I picked up a stool, and I threw it at him. And he looked at me. He started running towards me, and then he decided not to.

“Then I was screaming at them, picking up bottles from a beer barrel. I was just throwing it at them, trying to get them to chase me so I could get them out into the main road where the police could see them and obviously take them down.”


Arrested cousin of Manchester bomber posted anti-Semitic messages on Facebook

A cousin of the Manchester bomber arrested last week in connection with the attack that left 22 dead posted anti-Semitic messages on social media.

Abderahman Forjani, 21, was arrested on May 23, hours after the suicide bomb attack by Salman Adedi outside the Manchester Arena at the end of a concert by American popstar Ariana Grande. His brother, Abdalla Forjani, also was arrested.

London-based The Times reported on Monday that Abderahman Forjani had posted anti-Semitic messages on Facebook. His account has since been taken down.

Among the Facebook posts were: “If only Hitler was still alive – these Jews would be burnt in chambers.”

He further expressed animosity toward his hometown of Manchester.

It also was reported on Monday that the bomber had prayed at Didsbury mosque in south Manchester, which was attended by at least two British members of the Islamic State group who had traveled to Syria.

Some 14 people have been arrested in Britain in connection with the bomb attack.

DNC Staffer Arrested For Possessing ‘Infant Porn’ Featuring Babies as Young as 6 Months Old


By Jack Burns

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is hiring! There’s a vacancy in his administration for a computer programmer analyst, in the Department of Design and Construction. That’s because Jacob Schwartz, 29, a DNC staffer and former analyst, has been arrested and charged with being in possession of “kiddie porn” involving children as young as 6 months old.

Schwartz is also the president of the Manhattan Young Democrats and the downstate region vice president of the New York State Young Democrats. In other words, he was a “made” Democrat, part of the inner circle of budding influential NYC politicians, who was even friends with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robbie Mook.

Schwartz was caught with 3,000 child pornography images and 89 videos on his laptop after he downloaded them from the Internet. He surrendered his laptop to police, signed a release granting them permission to do a search of his hard drive, and was subsequently arrested. He has since posted $7,500 bail.

De Blasio would not comment on the arrest, ignoring questions from reporters about one of his team members. The Post reported Schwartz got the job after completing an internship with de Blasio’s administration. Those political internships are often paid little compensation in exchange for being able to work with high-profile politicians.

Schwartz’ internship led to a salaried position within the de Blasio administration, but in light of the charges against him, he has since been fired. A spokesperson reportedly said Schwartz “is being terminated immediately, and the agency is cooperating with investigators.”

According to court records obtained by the New York Post, Schwartz’ computer contained pictures and video of “young nude females between the approximate ages of 6 months and 16, engaging in sexual conduct… on an adult male.”

It’s unclear if the adult male is Schwartz, himself, or someone else; but those details will most likely be presented in court, should his case go to trial without a plea deal being arranged.

Schwartz’ father, a labor lawyer and Democratic blue blood, Arthur Schwartz, called his son’s downfall “a personal tragedy,” saying, “I understand these are serious charges…he’s already in therapy for this.”

But therapy won’t get this pedophile out of jail, if convicted.

As The Free Thought Project has predicted, the pedophile rings of the elite in the U.S. are starting to be broken. Perhaps the highest-profiled scandalous arrest started with a former Speaker of the House.

Yes! That’s right! The highest position any congressman can hold in the U.S. House of Representatives was held by Dennis Hastert, who, in 2016, was convicted of “illegally structuring bank transactions” to provide hush money and cover-up the fact he’d raped several of his wrestlers on his wrestling team decades ago.

But ask any pedophile expert and they’ll tell you, pedophiles do not change — they continue victimizing children, and amass large numbers of victims over their lifetimes.

The next one to fall was Anthony Weiner, husband to Huma Abedin, right hand assistant to Hillary Clinton. Weiner lost his place in Congress years ago when he was caught sexting other women.

Now he’s the center of an investigation in which he was found to have sexted a 14-year-old girl from North Carolina. It’s unclear if his cooperation led to Schwartz’ arrest, but it would not be surprising, given the relationship Weiner had with Washington elite.

Schwartz wasn’t just some low-level staffer at the DNC headquarters — he was an insider, whose father had a long history of promoting candidates. He worked with the Bernie Sanders’ campaign and once helped challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s bid for the position by working on the campaign of one of his challengers, Zephyr Teachout.

As TFTP has predicted, members of the elite ruling class, engaged in an elaborate pedophile ring of child rapists, sex traffickers, and child pornographers, will soon be exposed. The children do not stay young their whole lives, and some are talking, conveying horrific stories of sex trafficking, torture, rape, child on child rape, and even ritualistic murder.

As we reported earlier, on an episode of Dr. Phil, a woman relayed how she had been sex trafficked by the political elite in the U.S. since she was a child, and had even been chipped. Her handlers implanted a tracking device inside of her so they could keep track of her at all times.

She said her parents sold her into modern-day sex slavery to one she called her “owner,” who would pass her around to the political elite, who then used her to have sex with children.

As Jay Syrmopolous recently described, “This is just the latest case to emerge in what is now being called #PedoGate. #PedoGate refers to an international pedophile ring composed of politicians and other high profile societal elites.”

“Domestically, there are relatively few high-level arrests, as anytime ‘the elite’ are mentioned alongside the term ‘pedophile,’ the Praetorian guard, aka the corporate media, shout down all those who dare pose any questions about those in power abusing the most vulnerable among us.”

This article originally appeared on The Free Thought Project.

Holocaust Revisionist Horst Mahler Arrested in Hungary After Fleeing Germany


Horst Mahler, now 81 years old, is a courageous man who has dared to tell the truth in occupied Germany. He has faced the full wrath of the system, which tolerates no questioning of the 6 million number, along with the other easily disproven and absurd tales of the Holocaust. He has also given the verboten salute, moving his arm in a way that is now an imprisonable offense (in “free” Germany) and he would even “Heil Hitler” on occasion. The audacity!

After serving a lengthy prison sentence, in which he lost part of his leg, Mahler was determined not to go back to prison again, so fled Germany to seek asylum in Hungary, which has taken a stricter stance on immigration and other EU policies under the leadership of Victor Orban. Unfortunately he has not been welcomed with open arms by this member of the European Union.

According to the New York Times:

Ken Heidenreich, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Munich, said in a phone interview that his office had been informed that Mr. Mahler had been arrested in Hungary. Hungarian officials initially said that they did not know about any arrest or asylum request, adding that if Mr. Mahler applied for asylum, he would be rejected, because he is a citizen of a European Union member country — namely, Germany. On Monday afternoon, however, the police in Hungary announced that Mr. Mahler had been detained in Sopron, a city in the west of the country, near the border with Austria.

As this is currently breaking news, we are only left to guess what will happen to Mr. Mahler, but it appears that he will be shipped back to occupied Germany to rot away in prison until he is dead. This is “justice” in Germany.

Let’s now review some background information to give a better picture as to how Mr. Mahler developed into such a threat to the occupied German government.

Horst Mahler was born in 1936 in the German territory of Silesia, which is now part of Poland. His parents were members of the NSDAP, but his mother would later reveal that they have some jewish ancestors, making Horst 1/8 jewish. Growing up in post-war Germany Mr. Mahler decided to train as a lawyer and quickly became involved with the radical leftists of the Social Democratic Party, from which he was later expelled. For many years he would run in Marxist circles and even joined the crusade to hunt down the remnants of “Nazis” in Germany. In 1970 he was arrested in connection to bank robberies carried out by the Red Army Faction and sentenced to prison, serving ten years of a fourteen year sentence. By 1988 would be back to practicing law, but his views on the world were soon to change.

In the 1990s Horst Mahler shifted to the right. In a 1998 article “Second Stone Age” he explained how he saw the German identity being opposed to the nature of the jew:

In the German people as free self-confidence, the unity of God and Man appears in the Folk-community knowing itself. This is the existing negation of the Jewish Principle and of the haggler/bargainer as its worldly shape.”

In 2000 he joined with the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) and became known as one of its chief ideologues. While the German government was attempting to shut the party down for “hate speech” Horst Mahler successfully thwarted the efforts by acting as the party’s attorney. He left the party in 2003 and formed the “Society for the Rehabilitation of Those persecuted for Refutation of the Holocaust,” which sought to defend people persecuted for inquiring into the true history of their country. He would soon face charges of “Holocaust Denial” for his role in this organization. Also in 2003 Mr. Mahler faced a number of charges for saying that the official story of 9/11 was a “concocted conspiracy” and that “it is not true that al-Qaeda had anything to do with it.” In 2006 his passport was suspended for six months so that he was unable to attend the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust in Tehran, Iran.

When conducting an interview with Michael Friedman for Vanity Fair in 2007, Mr. Mahler allegedly greeted the former vice president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany with a shout of “Heil Hitler, Herr Friedman!” along with a salute. He would go on to say that “the systematic extermination of Jews in Auschwitz is a lie” and that Adolf Hitler was “the savior of the German people [but] not only of the German people.” This landed him in prison for less than a year. Attorney Sylvia Stolz came to his defense. She too was later imprisoned for defending her client Mr. Ernst Zundel too vigorously, and then after she was released she was again imprisoned in Germany for the crime of discussing her legal case during a presentation in another country.

In 2009 Mr. Mahler was sentenced to 6 years in prison by a Munich court for his outspoken beliefs. When the judge read the verdict he said that Mahler was “not able to be re-educated” and that his “nationalist rattle” had to be stopped. Less than a month later another 5 years were tacked on by a Potsdam court for for “incitement of hate and for denial of the Holocaust.” While serving his sentence, Horst had to have the lower part of one of his legs amputated due to an infection he received while in the care of the occupied German government. Due to his serious illness, he was released in 2015 and put on probation.

Last month he failed to show up to prison for his probation hearing, as his sentence had been lengthened and he was facing three and a half more years in prison. Not wanting to die in a cage, Mr. Mahler released a powerful video and then fled the country.

Now we know where he went and that he was not successful in his mission to remain a free man, but his fate still hangs in the balance. There needs to be a worldwide uproar over the injustices this man has faced at the hands of a tyrannical government.

They simply cannot afford to have their scam exposed, as German wealth is continuously stolen from them by bloodsuckers as “reparations” to Israel, for a fabricated crime the German people never committed.

It is clear, given not only the the draconian laws against free speech, but also the government-sponsored Islamic invasion of the country, that the occupied government of Germany is working to completely squash any and all resistance to the eradication the German people, which has been in the works for many decades now. It was advocated in Kaufman’s 1941 book Germany Must Perish, the Hooton Plan, the Morgenthau Plan, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, and other writings by jewish supremacists.

While invaders are able to rape German women with impunity, Germans are forced to give up their homes for them. Meanwhile, Horst Mahler is locked away for the crime of exposing the many historical lies and current day injustices.


Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn called himself a “matchmaker,” but his business wasn’t romance. Instead, authorities say, he brokered the sale of black-market kidneys, buying organs from vulnerable people from Israel for $10,000 and selling them to desperate patients in the U.S. for as much as $160,000.

The alleged scheme exposed this week by an FBI sting, rocked the nation’s transplant industry. If true, it would be the first documented case of organ trafficking in the U.S., transplant experts said today.
Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, 58, of Brooklyn, N.Y, is taken into the back of the federal courthouse in Newark on corruption charges. He is charged with trafficking in illegal kidneys.
“There’s certainly cross-national activity, but it hasn’t touched the United States or we haven’t known about it until now,” said University of Pennsylvania medical ethicist Arthur Caplan, who is co-directing a U.N. task force on international organ trafficking.

Rosenbaum was arrested Thursday, 10 days after meeting in his basement with a government informant and an FBI agent posing as the informant’s secretary. The agent claimed to be searching for a kidney for a sick uncle on dialysis who was on a transplant list at a Philadelphia hospital.
“I am what you call a matchmaker,” Rosenbaum said in a secretly recorded conversation. “I bring a guy what I believe, he’s suitable for your uncle.” Asked how many organs he had brokered, he said: “Quite a lot,” the most recent two weeks earlier.

As part of the scheme, the organ donors were brought from Israel to this country, where they underwent surgery to remove the kidneys, authorities said. Prosecutors did not identify which hospitals in the U.S. received the donors and their kidneys.

“The allegations about an organ trafficking ring in the United States are appalling,” said John Davis, CEO of the National Kidney Foundation.

Israel Medical Association spokeswoman Orna Cohen said the organization had no reports there of Israelis selling organs. “If it’s true, then it’s shocking,” she said.

Micky Rosenfeld, a spokesman for Israel’s national police force, said Israeli police were not involved in the investigation, and he would not comment further.

Under 1984 federal law, it is illegal for anyone to knowingly buy or sell organs for transplant. The practice is illegal just about everywhere else in the world, too.

But demand for kidneys far outstrips the supply, with 4,540 people dying in the U.S. last year while waiting for a kidney, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing. As a result, there is a thriving black market for kidneys around the world.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes, an anthropology professor at the University of California at Berkeley and the author of an upcoming book on human organ trafficking, said that she has been tracking the Brooklyn-connected ring for 10 years and that her contacts in Israel have called Rosenbaum “the top man” in the United States.

Scheper-Hughes said she was told Rosenbaum carried a gun, and when a potential organ seller would get cold feet, Rosenbaum would use his finger to simulate firing a gun at the person’s head.

Rosenbaum was arrested in a sweeping federal case that began as an investigation into money laundering and trafficking in kidneys and fake designer bags. It mushroomed into a political corruption probe, culminating in the arrests this week of 44 people, including three New Jersey mayors, various other officials, and five rabbis. The politicians and rabbis were not accused of involvement in the organ trafficking.

Rosenbaum, 58, is a member of the Orthodox Jewish community in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, where he told neighbors he was in the construction business.

For someone who was not a surgeon, Rosenbaum seemed in his recorded conversations to have a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of kidney donations, including how to fool hospitals into believing the donor was acting solely out of compassion for a friend or loved one.

He was recorded saying that money had to be spread around liberally, to Israeli doctors, visa preparers and those who cared for the organ donors in this country. “One of the reasons it’s so expensive is because you have to shmear (pay others) all the time,” he was quoted as saying.

“So far, I’ve never had a failure,” he bragged on tape. “I’m doing this a long time.”

At a 2008 meeting with the undercover agent, Rosenbaum claimed he had an associate who worked for an insurance company in Brooklyn who could take the recipient’s blood samples, store them on dry ice and send them to Israel, where they would be tested to see if they matched the prospective donor, authorities said.

Four checks totaling $10,000, a downpayment on the fictitious uncle’s new kidney, were deposited in the bank account of a charity in Brooklyn, prosecutors said.

It was not immediately clear today who Rosenbaum’s attorney was.

Dr. Francis Delmonico, a Harvard professor, transplant surgeon and board member of the National Kidney Foundation’s Board of Directors, said similar trafficking is going on elsewhere around the world. He said an estimated 10 percent of kidney transplants — 5,000 to 6,000 each year — are done illegally. Hot spots are Pakistan, the Philippines and China, where it is believed organs are obtained from executed prisoners, he said.

Caplan, the University of Pennsylvania ethicist, said he expects the U.N. task force to make recommendations in October that would hold hospitals worldwide accountable for establishing the origins of each organ they transplant and whether it was freely donated without compensation.

“There is a black market, almost exclusively in kidneys,” Caplan said. “All international medical groups and governments ought to condemn any marketing in body parts. It’s simply too exploitative of the poor and vulnerable. The quality of the organs is questionable. People lie to get the money. The middle men are irresponsible and often criminals. They don’t care about the people who sell.”

Scheper-Hughes said her research has uncovered hundreds of cases of illegal organ transactions brokered by and for Israelis in Israel, South AFRICA, Turkey and other countries, with sellers recruited from poor communities in Moldova, BRAZIL and elsewhere.

A few transplant surgeons support changing the law to allow a system of regulated compensation to increase the pool of donor kidneys.

Arthur Matas, a transplant surgeon who directs the kidney transplant service at the University of Minnesota Medical School, said donors could be compensated with some combination of lifetime access to medical care, life insurance, a tax credit, help with college and a small direct payment.

“It would minimize the extraordinary black market and exploitation of impoverished people internationally,” Matas said.

Martin Weinfeld, who lives around the corner from Rosenbaum in Brooklyn, said the allegations bring shame on the community.

“It puts a bad name on good people,” he said. “Religion is supposed to be about God, helping others, not about the cash.”


Jewish Teacher at Melbourne Jewish day schools arrested after child porn allegedly found on computer

SYDNEY (JTA) — Victoria state police arrested a teacher at a Melbourne Jewish day school after his previous employer, also a Jewish day school, allegedly uncovered child pornography and surreptitiously taken photos on a computer he used.

“Detectives have charged a man following an investigation into child pornography and upskirting incidents at an Eastern suburbs school,” a police spokesman told JTA on Thursday, saying that the alleged incidents took place between 2014 and 2017. “Upskirting” describes photos taken of the crotch area without the subject’s knowledge or consent.

The 52-year-old man, who was not named, has been charged with making/producing child porn and possessing child pornography, the spokesman said. The suspect is employed by Mount Scopus Memorial College and worked at Bialik College.

Bialik College said in a statement that it uncovered the evidence as a result of its “proactive child protection policy and procedures in place that includes robust screening, induction and monitoring processes.”

“Recently, an audit of defunct computer equipment resulted in the discovery of this material,” the statement said. “Immediately, the school notified Victoria Police, the Victorian Institute of Teaching and the teacher’s current employer.”

Rabbi James Kennard, the principal at Mount Scopus Memorial College, told JTA that the staffer was suspended immediately until further notice and that police said there were no allegations that the suspect had been in direct contact with children, which Bialik College also said in its statement.

“Victoria Police has advised there are no contact offenses alleged,” Kennard said.

“Naturally, the safety of our students is our highest priority,” he said. “As at all times, we have urged any student who may feel they have been a victim of improper conduct, or who has witnessed any suspicious activity, to report this to the Victoria Police.”

Jeremy Stowe-Lindner, the principal at Bialik College, said the school had notified staff, parents and alumni of the arrest, and had spoken to students taught by the staffer.

“We place a very high level of trust in our teachers, present and past, and we are deeply shocked and upset by this situation,” he told JTA.

The suspect will appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court on Aug. 10.

State Dept. Responds To North Korea Arrested a U.S. Citizen


An American citizen has been detained by the North Korean government in the latest of a series of provocations from Kim Jong Un’s regime, The Associated Press reported, and it didn’t take long for President Donald Trump’s State Department to respond.

Tony Kim — who also goes by his Korean name, Kim Sang Duk — was detained by authorities Saturday as he was boarding a plane to China with his wife. Kim became the third American citizen in the custody of the North Korean government.

The 58-year-old Kim is employed as a professor at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology where he had taught accounting for about a month, chancellor Park Chan Mo said. He added that Kim’s teaching at the university — North Korea’s only private institution of higher learning — had “nothing to do” with his detention by authorities.

According to CNN, the school said “this detention is related to an investigation into matters not connected in any way with the work of PUST. We cannot comment on anything that Mr. Kim may be alleged to have done that is not related to his teaching work on the PUST campus.”

The U.S. State Department promptly issued a terse statement about Kim’s detention.

“We are aware of reports that a U.S. citizen was detained in North Korea,” a State Department official said. “The protection of U.S. citizens is one of the Department’s highest priorities.”

They added that they were working with the Swedish embassy to secure Kim’s release; because the United States doesn’t have diplomatic relations with North Korea, Sweden handles America’s consular affairs in the communist state.

While details of Kim’s detention were not immediately made public — North Korean state media hadn’t even announced the arrest — we have little doubt this was yet another instance of saber-rattling by Kim Jong Un. It’s the latest wrinkle in what’s become Trump’s biggest test: neutralizing the insane North Korean regime.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kim and his family. Let’s hope that he can be released without capitulating to any insane demands from Kim Jong Un.



Venezuela has been at the end of its rope for a long time. Between the food shortages, sky-high inflation, record levels of crime, and a rapid decline of their standard of living, the people of Venezuela can’t take much more. And it appears that their breaking point may have finally been reached last month, when President Maduro tried to strip the powers of the opposition led parliament, which would have made him a full-blown dictator.

Since then, the parties opposing him have promised to lead the “Mother of all Protests,” which began today. The event was preceded by two weeks of protests that saw the deaths of five people, and hundreds of injuries at the hands of riot police. One was a 14-year-old boy who had been shot in the abdomen by government supporters.

Three more protesters were killed today, as tens of thousands of people confronted the police and government supporters throughout the country. Graphic images of one protester who had been shot in the head have surfaced, as well as several photos of mob violence and police confrontations. At least 30 people have been arrested.

Because the country is on the verge of collapse, opposition leaders are calling for an early election, which they believe will oust Maduro. They’re also calling for the release of opposition politicians who have been arrested in the past. It appears the only thing standing between the protesters and Maduro is the military and police, both of which have been called to the streets to quell the protests. The military remains the last institution that is still fiercely loyal to the Maduro regime.

3000 Pedophiles Arrested Since Trump Took Office, Media Remains Silent

US authorities have busted an unprecedented amount of Pedophile networks Since President Trump was sworn in on the 20th January 2017, US authorities have busted an unprecedented amount of pedophile networks linked to child trafficking rings across the country.But despite the huge achievement, the media have remained silent on the issue.Attorney general, Jeff Sessions, recently stated he would not back down from ongoing pedophile investigations despite attempts from the Democrats and the media to derail his investigations and forcing him to resign. Grandmas Given A Second Chance These grandmas are given a chance to learn to read and write in India, where they were not allowed to do so when younger. Sponsored by Connatix The obvious question is, why aren’t the mainstream covering these arrests?Free republic reports: As a strong advocate for sex crime victims, I’ve been closely following the pedophile arrests since Trump took office. There has been a staggering 1,500-plus arrest in one short month; compare that to less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests in 2014 according to the FBI.It’s been clear to me for awhile that Trump would make human trafficking a top priority. On October 8, 2012, Trump tweeted:”Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.”

My suspicions were confirmed on Feb. 23 when Trump gave a press conference from the White House addressing how human trafficking is a “dire problem” domestically and internationally. He gave further confirmation when he said: “Dedicated men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time as you know — it’s been much more focused over the last four weeks.”Trump’s press conference was barely a blip in the mainstream media and the massive arrests have been almost completely ignored by the MSM altogether. Here’s a rundown of some of the massive sex trafficking rings that have been broken up since Trump took office.-On Jan. 27 authorities arrested 42 in a human trafficking operation in Tennessee.-On Jan. 29 authorities announced that 474 were arrested in a statewide California human trafficking operation and 28 sexually exploited children were rescued.-108 were arrested from Jan. 18 to Feb. 5 in Illinois as part of a national sex trafficking sting operation.- 178 people were arrested in Texas for sex trafficking in sting that operated in January till Super Bowl Sunday.-16 people were arrested in January in Michigan for sex trafficking during the Detroit Auto Show.-In February, authorities arrested 11 in Virginia in a child sex sting.-On Feb. 14 the Polk County sheriff announced that 42 were arrested in Florida in child pornography related cases.As the MSM has ignored these historical arrests, they have zeroed in on casting conservative icon Milo Yiannopoulos as a monster.

They claim he supports pedophilia based on comments he made in a video years ago. The reality is Milo was a victim of child sex abuse, and although he did joke about his abuse in an interview, he in no way promotes pedophilia. The opposite is true, and he addressed this controversy head on in a press conference. Not only is it normal for sex abuse victims to make light of their abuse as a coping mechanism, Milo has personally taken down and exposed pedophiles in his columns over the years. However, the mainstream media and the left ignored this information and demonized Milo. The irony of all this is that the left and MSM have been the biggest proponents of pedophilia. Salon has published articles attempting to normalize pedophilia; however, to maintain their faux outrage over Milo, they deleted them. The face of the very fake news network CNN, Jake Tapper, fired off several tweets condemning Milo. For example, he tweeted:”My friend, a survivor of sex trafficking: “Milo straight up defended abusing 13 yr old boys…Please don’t let that be normalized”If Tapper is so concerned with sex trafficking, why in the world hasn’t he covered the massive sex trafficking arrests that have taken place since Trump took office? It seems he, and many in the leftist media, are only concerned with sex trafficking if it can be used to destroy a conservative.

After the MSM went after Milo, he was disinvited to speak at CPAC and his book deal was pulled. Let’s contrast this with one of the left’s heroes, Lena Dunham, who was a staunch and vocal Hillary Clinton supporter during her campaign. She got a $3.5 million book deal. In her book, she literally bragged about how she molested her little sister and made false claims that a conservative raped her in college. Has Fake Tapper or anyone in the MSM ever expressed outrage over her? Of course not!Milo told this column that once one realizes the MSM “cares nothing for real victims and only wants its ideological enemies destroyed, this behavior becomes intelligible. Journalists don’t care about children. They care about damaging their political enemies.” Milo is absolutely right. This is why we’ve heard nothing from the MSM about the mass sex trafficking arrests and this will continue unless a conservative can be targeted.The good news is that we have a president who genuinely does care about children and he’s vowed to make solving the human trafficking epidemic a priority. The recent pedophile arrests are just the tip of the iceberg and, whether Tapper and his ilk in the MSM like it or not, this story will eventually get so big that they will be forced to cover this horrific epidemic that has plagued our country for too damn long.

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Arrested suspect is likely driver in truck attack, say Swedish police

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Swedish police said Saturday that a man arrested on “suspicion of a terrorist crime” was likely to be the driver of a truck that plowed into a crowd of people in central Stockholm a day earlier.

“We suspect that the man who was arrested is the perpetrator,” Stockholm police spokesman Lars Bystrom told AFP.

The attack on Friday killed four people and injured 15, nine of them seriously.

Police had earlier said they had detained a man who “matched the description” of a photo released of a suspect wearing a dark hoodie and military green jacket.

Bystrom said the arrested man “could be the same person in the picture.”

According to the newspaper Aftonbladet, the individual in the photo is a 39-year-old man of Uzbek origin and a supporter of the Islamic State (IS) group.

If confirmed as a terror attack, it would be Sweden’s first such deadly assault.

The attack occurred just before 3:00 pm local time when a stolen beer truck slammed into the corner of the bustling Ahlens store and the popular pedestrian street Drottninggatan.

Friday’s attack was the latest in a string of similar assaults with vehicles in Europe, including in London, Berlin and the southern French city of Nice.