Otto Warmbier


Friday, June 23, 2017

Otto Warmbier

I have received lots of requests on this topic, so I wanted to share some of those requests and focus on what exactly happened. 

Q. Was the Otto Warmbier story real or a psyop? I’ve researched his backstory for hours, and found some signs of a psyop, but I also found some signs that it was real. If it was real, it’s a very sad ending.

If the Otto Warmbier story is true, my profuse apologies to his family, but this wreaks of psyop. They didn’t want an autopsy, which seems crucial considering the delicate nature of our relationship with North Korea. Also, he was buried in a pine box although his family is affluent, his father owns an aerospace/defense company, and they laid out his iconic belongings AGAIN at the funeral. They also did that on a TV interview. The North Korean central newspaper website mentions him as if he was really there, but how do we know we aren’t being shown a mirror image of the real North Korean website, doctored by the CIA? They certainly have the technical capability to do that. And isn’t it convenient that the public just learned of the NK website back in December? Also, his father was conveniently/coincidentally written about in Forbes magazine three months before Otto made the national news. Every time I’m willing to ignore my doubts, a new article comes out that makes me suspicious.

I’m curious about this kid, Otto Warmbier, the University student from Ohio, on a school trip in N. Korea almost 2 years ago, who got arrested for tearing down a poster and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. He was released and sent back home a few days ago in a COMA with “severe brain trauma and neurological damage”. It’s all over the news. N. Koreans claims he’d been in a coma almost the entire 15 months he was imprisoned due to Botulism and a “sleeping pill”. Something fishy here. What happened to this kid? What do you see? Did they torture him? Why? Is this entire story fake? Will he wake up? So so so so sad. Here’s the story:

Another Otto Warmbier request here. He was a Universtiy of Virgina student traveling through China when he decided on a short side-trip to N Korea with an organized tour for New Year’s Eve. On the way back, at the airport, he was pulled aside by N Korean security and taken away. He was later accused of taking down/stealing a propaganda poster in his hotel. The video they provided as ‘proof’ looks completely staged and so dark you cannot make out who it is at all. Was he set up and why? And what happened to him in NK that caused him to be returned in a vegetative state with all areas of his brain having suffered some loss? What really happened to Otto? Thank you, Lynn!

A.  When I first tune into this, and focus on Otto, I see that he and his spirit is at peace, but he doesn’t like the news and how his death is being handled because of what it is doing to his loved ones.  He wants his life to celebrated, and not tied to this negative media event.  I also get that his passing is very difficult (understandably) for his mother (or a close female mother figure in his life), and he wants the happy times remembered, but they are being overshadowed by all this North Korea stuff.

I do get that when Otto was on his trip a few years ago, he really did remove the poster.  He wasn’t singled out by NK, but once he was on their radar, NK was extra harsh on him to send a message to both the US and also because of his father’s connections (??).  I hear the “punishment did not fit the crime.”

While in custody I hear he got an infection.  I hear the infection evolved into “encephalitis” (I am not a doctor, so this may just be pointing me in the right direction), which untreated led to a neurological shutdown.  I hear that in general, prisoners are neglected, and by the time the seriousness of this was realized, it was too late.  His death was due to an infection in his brain, and not due to physical harm.

I get his family knew this, and that is why an autopsy was not done.  (I also get that he was cremated, so there was nobody in the “pine box.”???)  I hear his dad was furious (along with many other emotions) and used his connections to make his son’s death public.  Politics and the media went wild with it.  Part of the “show” to get the people more emotionally involved was to televise the service (which is why the pine box was needed?).  I get that the facts were manipulated to create an even further distaste (and fear) of North Korea.

This young man really did pass, and much love and light should be sent to his family.   There is a lot of emotion and hurt that still needs to process, and they need all the positive thoughts they can get.


Scientists Now Claim They Can Erase Memories and Implant Fake Ones

Exploring the Dark Lobbies of Vulture Hedge Funds


By Russ Winter of The New Nationalist

I’m not naive; this is not an isolated move by a senile judge in New York. Because vultures look a lot like the eagles of empires.” — Argentine President Cristina Kirchner

Following on the heels of TNN articles on the debt enslavers comes (of all publications) Huffington Post, with a remarkable article called “The Vulture’s Vultures: How a New Hedge-Fund Strategy is Corrupting Washington.” It goes into some detail about the machinations of kleptocratic hedge funds and their hired guns. It’s a long article but well worth a careful read.

Provided as an example is lobbyist (((Robert J. Shapiro))), who had previously been placed in key Democratic administration positions. His revolving-door career includes a role as senior fellow at the Georgetown University School of Business, adviser to the International Monetary Fund, director of the Globalization Initiative at NDN, etc. As I’ve always maintained, if these over-rated, it’s-who-you-know, empty suits and their ilk were football coaches representing the public interest, they would have been canned long ago for losing seasons and lack of actual merit.

Shapiro has been heavily involved as a “policy adviser” on debt-slave “restructuring,” Huffington Post reports:

Recently, he had ideas on how the government can address the debt crisis in Puerto Rico and how it can end the conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by moving them into the private market. Before that, he had a take on how to deal with Argentina’s debt crisis. For all three, he produced academic-looking papers, complete with footnotes and charts.

All three situations have one thing in common: If they were resolved the way Shapiro suggested, a variety of bets placed by a select group of the most politically powerful hedge funds would pay off in a huge way. In the case of Argentina, they mostly have ...

For this article, we called Shapiro to ask on whose behalf he has been waging these intellectual battles. His answer was surprising in its honesty: He’s working with DCI Group, a political dark arts master known to be advocating on behalf of a group of powerful hedge funds that are changing how Washington works.

For those interested in investigating the tangled-web backgrounds and connections, the partners and leadership of DCI are shown here. The HuffPo points out, “Shapiro is but one foot soldier in the hedge fund infantry.” But this is just as much about J Street as K Street.

Then there’s the Raben Group, operatives whose specialty is working in the progressive space and lobbying Democrats. There’s the American Continental Group, a bipartisan lobbying firm. There’s 60 Plus and the Center for Individual Freedom, two groups that call themselves part of the conservative movement, but in reality are dark money groups known to run whatever campaign they’re paid to run, and that are happy to conceal the source of the funding. All these groups have roughly nothing in common, other than that they all have united in advocacy campaigns that alternately go up against the Argentinian people, Puerto Ricans and the rest of the American public.

It’s pure Washington Consensus and the Trumpians are on board as well. In fact there is no one in the political swamp who is not. Whole nations are lured into debt and, once on the menu, picked apart by hedge fund vultures and parasites. Privatizations on the cheap to key kleptocrats is central to this operation. I described this in my article “The Parasite Guild.” The end game of debt-slave operations is government bailouts and back stops.

We can follow this model with Puerto Rico and whoever else ends up in the tar pit, such as Chicago and the state of Illinois. And don’t forget Europe. A loot of Brazil looks to be on the menu [see “Brazil Reported Ready to Sell State Assets“]. Yesterday TNN reported on the installation of a Cabal stooge in Saudi Arabia for the purposes of looting assets there. Note that government bail outs occur later in the looting cycle and only after the targets have been worked over. HuffPo describes the operation in terms of Puerto Rico:

They’re now betting that they can stop Congress from rescuing Puerto Rico by amending bankruptcy laws that allow Puerto Rico to cover its basic expenses before paying out the hedge funds.

The Parasite Guild buys the debt at pennies on the dollar and are paid off much higher. Little debt is forgiven. HuffPo describes the targets:

What makes the hedge fund pressure campaign distinctive is the ambivalence, or even nihilism, that lies behind the public policy suggestions. Hedge funds want whatever policy outcome will make their leveraged bet pay off. It makes gauging the merits of a particular policy extraordinarily difficult. The targets of the campaign are largely beside the point: It’s not personal, it’s just business. And it’s not ideological, either. If a big group of hedge funds decided to short the health insurance industry, it could easily be in their interests to fund a dark money campaign on behalf of single-payer health care. If they short the big banks, they’ve now become allies with Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

If one wanted a model for the next “debt crisis” and who the subsequent loot will hit, simply follow the machinations of the hedge fund lobby and the Parasite Guild itself with the following four step process. This requires a major reality check — including being wise about the tribal Jewish network and on how the kleptocratic sistema works.

Step 1: Cabal primes unsustainable bubbles, sluffs off the caca on unsuspecting and planned pasties in a monster wealth transfer.

Step 2: Cabal shorts and facilitates the rout or crash of the debt bubble.

Step 3: The crisis/collapse stage in which the Parasite Guild cabal swoops in like vultures to pick up economic gems, using large stashes of repriced precious metals. I’m not sure there will be any hard currencies left.

Step 4: Anybody still solvent is robbed to pay off debts in full. A key mechanism this cycle will be bank deposit bail ins. Parasite guildists have also made it clear that cleaning out pension funds is on the menu as well.

The Economic Hit Men Described:


What Would Hitler Say to Us Today?
What Would Adolf Hitler Say to Us If He Were Speaking Here Today?

The following is the text of a speech given by Eric Thomson  to a group of Canadian youth on 20 April 1991, in Toronto, Canada.

Naturally, we can only guess what he would say to us, although we have a pretty good idea based on his writings, speeches and actions from 1923 until 1945. Hitler was a kind man and he loved living things in the natural way, not the Walt Disney way. He obviously loved his Aryan Race, not perhaps for what it was, but for what he knew it could become if it only wanted to lift itself above the struggle for mere existence on this planet. Many people do not know that Hitler was a prophet as well as a political leader. He foretold many things in his writings and speeches and in his tabletalks amongst those who worked closest with him. How many of you know that Hitler wrote two books. Mein Kampf was his first book, as we all know, but he actually dictated a second book of no title around the late 1920’s. He never published this book because he came to power in Germany in 1933. After the war, the Allies found the manuscript for his second book and they published it under the title, “Hitler’s Secret Book!” When you read it, you will understand why he did not want to publish this book, for it reveals his plans to avoid war with Britain by seizing land from the Soviet Union. In other words, if Hitler had published this book, like Mein Kampf, he would have warned the Soviet Union of his intentions before he had even become Chancellor of Germany! Naturally, the Allies thought that they would damage Hitler’s reputation by publishing a book he himself did not wish to publish, but that’s where they were wrong! Thanks to those who hated and feared Hitler most, we are able to read Hitler’s analysis of the causes of World War I which he felt were trade rivalries between Britain and Germany. This analysis coincides with that of Benjamin Freedman, a jew who worked closely with Hans Morgenthau Sr. in one of the Rothschild controlled banking offices in the United States. According to Benjamin Freedman, the Rothschild banking interests controlled the British Empire and they did not want to see Germany break into the worldwide British trade monopoly. That was why war came, not because some Austrian Archduke got shot in Serbia! Hitler reasoned that this time, Germany would avoid war with the British Empire by avoiding trade competition for scarce international markets. Germany could feed its people by taking land from the communist monster in the east and German industry could concentrate on supplying the local German economy. Britain would thus be free to rule the waves and keep the British Empire! We all know with 20-20 hindsight that Hitler had made two miscalculations. The first was that he did not appreciate the greed of the jews and their fellow banksters who wanted to control and rule over the entire world, not merely the British Empire! Neither did Hitler appreciate just how judaized the British ruling classes were and how little they cared for their White British people! He may have only guessed that the Soviet monster was itself a creation of the Zionist banksters and was just another agent of the jew world order which U.S. President Bush claims he is now ready to impose officially over the entire world. At any rate, Hitler did exactly as he outlined in his book. He tried by every means to avoid war with Britain, Western Europe and America, and, instead of invading Britain as Stalin expected him to do, he attacked the communist monster and very nearly defeated it, had it not been for the fantastic support that the monster received from Hitler’s fellow Aryans of Britain and North America. The sad thing was that Hitler and his National Socialist Aryan Vanguard were defeated by fellow Aryans and by Aryan traitors in Germany itself. In his second book, Hitler warned about the multi-national corporations which, he said, would take Ayran inventions and give them to non-Aryans who would work cheaper and put Aryans out of work. Hitler warned about this in 1928 and he said, many would laugh at such a possibility then, but who is laughing now? How many Americans and Canadians are unemployed because industry is being exported, along with jobs, to so-called Third World countries? If you think unemployment is bad now, just wait a few more years!

If Hitler were speaking to us today, he might say how sorry he was that most Aryans did not heed his warnings and wanted no part of a program which would guarantee Aryan survival and prosperity. It is as if the vast majority of Aryans had voted to die out as a race. Why do you defile the races by mixing? He would ask us. Why did you adopt all the filthy practices which lead to infection by the AIDS Plague? Why are you allowing the land from which you live to be invaded by aliens? Why do you allow your government to be used against your interests? Why is it, now that communism has proved itself a total failure and a disaster, that you permit communists right here to dictate policy at every level of government? Why do you abort your beautiful, intelligent Aryan babies and make sure that malformed idiotic specimens survive at taxpayers’ expense? Why are you poisoning the air you breathe, the water you drink and the land which produces your food? Why are you encouraging criminals to come into the country and to destroy the society? Why are you rewarding the parasites and punishing the productive members of your society? In other words, why have you gone crazy?

Hitler predicted that America either had to throw off the jewish yoke and the jewish mentality which enslaves most Americans, or America would become a colony of Asia. He predicted that Eastern Europeans would soon become so disgusted with communism that they would cast it off, no matter how bloody the struggle. Can you see these predictions coming true? I think so. Hitler’s Secret Book is usually available in major bookstores. It is worth reading because you can get a good understanding about most important European and world issues which Hitler was attempting to solve before World War II. The surprising thing is that you will find how little things have changed. Productive people are still striving to produce and parasitic people are still swarming around them to take whatever they can beg, steal or extort with threats of force and/or phony guilt conspiracies. If any of you have read The Camp of The Saints, then you will see the world as it is today. The population plague is not a figment of the author’s imagination. It is right here and now! The amazing thing, which I found unbelievable and disgusting as I read the book, was that no one had the guts and the will to live in order to defend his own living space, his country, his native land against takeover and destruction by hordes of aliens. I see to my further disgust that the author described the reality to come. It was not a fantasy. I suspect that Hitler would have been as amazed and disgusted by our response or non-response as I am. Our leaders have betrayed us, but by choosing them, it is we who have betrayed ourselves. By choosing a lifestyle which supports the jew we serve the jew and as long as we serve him, we shall be conquered. I do not mean that I expect everyone to be d hero and take on the Z.O.G. single-handed, but I would expect everyone to do that little bit each day which deprives the jew of his work and helps to diminish his hold over us. Passing along information is important, because the day may come, sooner than we expect, that information can be put to use. By information I can offer as examples the learning and teaching of survival skills, organization, the nature of the enemy. History is also important, for if you want to get any where you must first know where you are and how you got there! As George Orwell, the author of 1984 said: Who controls the past controls the future and who controls the present controls the past. That is why our enemy loves to bombard us with so-called docudramas and likes to have so-called Holocaust courses required in our schools. He is trying to get us to accept his version of the past so that we will agree on his goals for the future. It would be as if I wanted you to believe that you were all in New York City, instead of Toronto, and since Canadian money is no good there, you could all pass your wallets over to me and I, out of the generosity and goodness of my heart, might offer you ten cents on the dollar. If I could convince you, you might fall for it. Well, how do you think we fell for the State of Israel? We fell for it because we believed in the Holohoax and the lie that jews were Semites who originated in Palestine, so they all had a right to “go back” there, regardless of the Arab Semites who were really native to the area.

Adolf Hitler is a big topic. Mein Kampf is informative, provided it is not a kosher version, but this describes the events of Hitler’s time and the places in which Hitler lived and struggled through Hitler’s eyes. This is what Hitler saw, but how do we, who are not Hitler, see Hitler? I think the best historical view of Hitler was written by a woman who adopted the Indian name, Savitri Devi. She saw Hitler in a cosmic perspective and believed that he was representative of an eternal force of life which was and is always opposed to the dark force of disease and destruction. The title of her book, The Lightning & The Sun, reveals two principles which all humans represent to greater or lesser extent. The lightning is symbolic of that force which kills and the sun is symbolic of that force which gives light and life. Both forces can be used for good or evil. Savitri Devi believed that Hitler had too much sun in his nature, that he forgave his enemies far too easily and that he therefore expected fair treatment in return for his own fairness toward them. This explains Hitler’s orders which allowed the British and other Allied forces to escape from encirclement at Dunkirk and Hitler’s lack of suspicion of the many traitors in the German officer corps, for Hitler believed that trust would be rewarded by trustworthiness. Hitler usually took men at their word, for he was as good as his word. Was he naive or was he trying to make men better than they were by showing them his example? We may never know the answer. Hitler told the world press, “I am not the one, but I must serve until I find him.” Who did he mean? The real leader of Germany? Savitri Devi says that his meaning was far bigger than a mere leader of a portion of Aryan Europe. Hitler represented or incarnated the life force whose final representative in this time cycle will cast down the incarnate representatives of the force of darkness after a great struggle. Ragnorak and Armageddon come to mind as symbols of this great battle between the representatives of these forces.

Savitri Devi writes that it was obvious to the representatives of the dark force who Hitler was, because they united against him: The churches, the capitalists and the communists suddenly forgot all their supposed differences and ganged up on Hitler’s Germany. Over 52 countries fought against one country approximately the size of Texas. The fear and hatred they show even today of the possibility that some of Hitler’s influence still remains is revealed by the paranoid and oppressive thought-crime laws which the occupation authorities and their lackeys enforce against pro-German Germans in the Germany of today. The hysteria which even the questioning of the kosher conflagration, alias “Holocaust” causes in France is incredible, but true. The latest victim of the Zionist agents of darkness is Professor Robert Faurisson, who may be imprisoned as long as Klaus Barbie for merely stating that there seem to have been no gas chambers in Germany’s alleged death camps. The United States Government officially endorses the Holohoax which is the pretext for the encouragement of race-mixing and the abject enslavement of all peoples to Zionist interests. England, Australia and Canada are experiencing a kosher orgy of so-called war crimes trials, with the promise of more to come.

On the health issue, AIDS carriers are being guaranteed rights over the uninfected. We have no right to defend ourselves against being infected with this deadly disease, just as we have no right to defend ourselves with firearms against armed criminals who the police are utterly ineffective against. Clearly, the representatives of the dark force are increasing their efforts, but they will fail, despite the worst they can do. Life will go on. The representative of the Life Force will indeed return, if he is not already amongst us, and the representatives of the dark force will be overthrown and destroyed. As our Aryan ancestors have long foretold, there will be a rebirth and a new beginning, provided we are worthy to accept the duty which lies before us.

The question for us is this: Will we take charge of our revolution the way the Germans did (1933, 1989), or will we remain passive and disorganized, like the Russian people (1917) and let aliens impose their rule over us? Complaining about what we don’t like is not enough; having the will to achieve it is what makes the difference.

All News is Fake News


The freedom of the press mantra is fake news because all corporate media content is rigidly controlled. Television and newspapers are a lesson in non-too sophisticated mind manipulation.

Things actually deteriorated since former New York Tribune editor John Swinton, addressing a Press Association convention in 1893, said;

There is no such thing as an independent Press. If you express an honest opinion, you know beforehand it would never appear in print.”

Without a single positive outcome NATO conflicts turn out to be unmitigated disasters. Last year alone, Washington DC inspired conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria put 20.9 million refugees on the road to nowhere.

A United Nations report reveals that during 2016 more than 65 million people were forced from the homes and homelands. The top nations from which refugees fled have one thing in common; all are targets of Washington DC and NATO regime change interventions.

In terms of refugee crisis, human misery and ethnic genocide Washington DC can be compared to that of the Bolsheviks in Russia and Central Europe. It is estimated that the US / NATO alliance has been the direct cause of 30 million martyrs since 1945. You will not discover this verified information in mainstream media.

The human misery in American-sponsored Israeli-occupied Palestine has its equal only in Ukraine’s Holodomor (holocaust). One-quarter of the population (10 million Christian martyrs) were starved to death. Needless to say, the culprits then were also Jewish, their apologists’ media hacks, and the financiers the Jewnited States.

In 2011 NATO invaded peaceful prosperous Libya. The oil-rich nation was the richest and most benign of Africa’s 53 nations. Right on cue, media hacks beforehand obligingly demonised Libya’s soon to be overthrown head of state.

Muammar Gadhafi, designated the country’s leader by elected tribal councils’, was vilified by palace hacks. This demonization had the effect of disarming anti-war protestors and softening up EU electorates.

During that unscrupulous NATO invasion UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and his military henchmen were never off the television or out of the newspapers. Thus, they were given free PR to make their case. Not once were these warmongers robustly questioned by editors or TV presenters.

If we had a genuinely free media these hapless goons would today be vigorously questioned by genuinely non-partisan presenters. These warmongers would be subjected to their being questioned by audiences that have not been vetted beforehand. All the hawks and their apologists have since disappeared after their having been paid well to shaft the gullible public.

Can you recall genuine debate in which those opposed to non-European or refugee displacement were allowed to mirror the host people’s disenchantment? I can’t either.

Recently, media reported a pro-refugee march through Madrid. Not once did they mention that these protestors are in effect prostitutes. Their protest is organised and funded by NGOs as are the protestors. Protesting pays good money when George Soros is picking up the bill.

Here in Europe we are all negatively affected by anti-Russian trade sanctions. Yet, U.S inspired embargoes have rebounded catastrophically. Russia has benefited as have the European Union’s trade rivals. I do not recall a single member of the hapless political elite being robustly questioned on this hot topic.

The splintering near bankrupt European Union is headed by two unelected Presidents and a coven of Commissioners. The EU is no more democratic than was the Soviet Bloc with which it has been compared. This too is off the media radar.

There are honest journalists but an open mind and mouth often ends in death or exile. Former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: “I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I’ve been educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public.”

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Soon afterwards, in full health, 56-year old Dr Udo Ulfkotte suddenly died. So did former CIA Director William Colby after saying, “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

Australian investigative journalist John Pilger: “We have got to stop using the term mainstream (media). It is actually an extreme. What could be more extreme than institutions that popularise rapacious wars and deceive about economic policy?”

Fernando Casado, Spanish analyst and legal expert: “Some journalists are quite open-minded and aware of the real situation, but have no choice but to write what is expected of them by their editors in order to make both ends meet and have a decent salary.”

Corporate media is as out of touch with popular sentiment as are politicians. Try to make the connection. Then, let us fantasise that one day we might enjoy a genuinely free press in which debate is actually encouraged rather than manipulated at best and marginalised at worst.

The Architects of Western Decline: A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism


This is a study of the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxist philosophy which now controls Western intellectualism, politics, and culture. It was by design; it was created by an internationalist intelligentsia to eradicate Western values, social systems, and European racial groups in a pre-emptive attempt to spark global, communist revolution.

America is on ‘borrowed time’: Former NATO Rep warns Trump isn’t ready for a terrorist attack

September 11, 2001 happened a little over seven months into former President George W. Bush’s presidency. America is only five months into President Donald Trump’s administration, but the political newcomer has been slow to appoint critical national security staff. It’s leaving many to fear that if a crisis occurs Trump might not be ready.

A recent op-ed in Politico Magazine by former United States Permanent Representative to NATO Douglas Lute notes that the only national security team that exists is 10-12 staff under H.R. McMaster. Many departments have their own security staff that would serve as a counterpart in the Defense Department or the State Department. In fact, fewer than the 10 percent required are staffed.

“There is simply no substitute for getting the team in place, and soon,” Lute wrote.

The administration also faces the task of creating a support staff that can make decisions and executes plans. He explains that McMaster sets the example by establishing relationships with his counterparts Rex Tillerson, former Gen. James Mattis, John Kelly, Dan Coats, Mike Pompeo and Gen. Joseph Dunford. Those under them do the same.

Lute writes that right now there is no process and as such, there is no “fire drill.” As a result, “every issue becomes a crisis,” which draws away from long-term planning and preparation for major events.
He notes that the only bright spot is that the team at the top is solid with decades of experience in McMaster. Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer tweeted Friday that he heard from a U.S. ally’s defense minister that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Gen. James Mattis are ignoring President Donald Trump entirely when it comes to foreign policy decisions.

Lute argues “an effective NSC steadies the ship of state.” The White House is supposed to delegate to the departments and agencies to manage, something Trump isn’t known to do well.

“We pay a heavy price for the ongoing extended transition,” Lute said of Trump’s continuing transition. “Without the team in place and procedures set, decision-making becomes ad hoc and unpredictable, leading to mistakes and poor execution.”

The New York Times reported in April that Tillerson has “done almost nothing” to fill nearly 200 State Department jobs requiring the Senate’s approval. A recent report reveals that Tillerson is holding back out of fear of leaks. As a result, the State Department will be understaffed well into next year.
“Such an imbalance will be difficult to reverse,” Lute warns, “even as new players later join the team upon confirmation. Today’s security challenges cannot be managed from the White House alone.”

America is living on “borrowed time,” he warned and 2018 is too late.

“Opponents deliberately will test us, friends will move on in their own interests, natural disasters will happen. No one will wait for us to get our act together,” he closed.

Real Life Air America: CIA Exposed Running a Covert Drug Smuggling Airline


By Rachel Blevins

When you hear “Air America,” there is a good chance the 1990 movie starring Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. is the first thing that comes to mind. The plot revolves around two men who find themselves in the middle of the CIA’s private airline, which is used to deliver food, supplies, and even opium, to a small kingdom during the Vietnam War.

But what if it was more than just a movie plot?  

According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s own website, Air America is in fact described as an airline secretly owned by the CIA,” which was used as “a vital component in the Agency’s operations” in the small Southeast Asian Kingdom of Laos, from 1955 to 1974.

The version presented on the CIA’s website is authored by William M. Leary, a former history professor at the University of Georgia. He attempted to dispel the rumors by blaming Air America’s poor public image on the fact that the Blockbuster version featured “a cynical CIA officer who arranged for the airline to fly opium to the administrative capital of Vientiane for a corrupt Asian general—loosely modeled on Vang Pao, a military leader of the mountain-region-based Hmong ethnic group.”  

“The film depicts the CIA man as having the opium processed into heroin in a factory just down the street from the favorite bar of Air America’s pilots. The Asian general, in return, supplied men to fight the war, plus a financial kickback to the CIA,” Leary wrote. “Ultimately, we learn that the Communist versus anti-Communist war in Laos was merely a facade for the real war, which was fought for control of the area’s opium fields.”

In an opinion piece for the New York Times in 1993, titled “The CIA Drug Connection is as Old as the Agency,”Larry Collins noted that the CIA has had its hand in the international drug trade since the Korean War in 1950, when they traded weapons and heroin, in exchange for intelligence.

The practice continued as the Vietnam War started in 1955, and Collins noted that the CIA appeared to have one interest in mind—the cultivation of the opium poppy.

“During the Vietnam War, operations in Laos were largely a CIA responsibility,” Collins wrote. “The agency’s surrogate there was a Laotian general, Vang Pao, who commanded Military Region 2 in northern Laos. He enlisted 30,000 Hmong tribesmen in the service of the CIA.”

The operation was discussed on an episode of PBS’ Frontline, titled “Guns, Drugs and the CIA,” which aired in 1988. The documentary looked at the Meo Tribe, whose members served as “the foot soldiers of a secret CIA army” in Laos, just across the border from North Vietnam.

Ron Rickenbach, former official at the U.S. Agency for International Development, served in Laos during the 1960s. He told Frontline that for the soldiers involved, they initially believed that what they were doing was “in the best interests of America,” even if it meant being involved “in some not so desirable aspects of the drug traffic.”

“These people were willing to take up arms. We needed to stop the Red threat and people believed that in that vein we made, you know, certain compromises or certain trade-offs for a larger good,” Rickenbach said. “Growing opium was a natural agricultural enterprise for these people and they had been doing it for many years before the Americans ever got there. When we got there they continued to do so.”

Fred Platt, a former pilot in Laos, told Frontline about the incentives the Meo tribesman had to take part in the trade.

“When a farmer raised a crop of opium, what he got for his year’s worth of work was the equivalent of 35 to 40 U.S. dollars,” Platt said. “That amount of opium, were it refined into morphine base, then into morphine, then into heroin and appeared on the streets of New York, that 35-dollar crop of opium would be worth 50, 60, a hundred thousand dollars in 1969—maybe a million dollars today.

How does Air America come into play? According to PBS’ Frontline, the CIA’s secret airline played the role of both a transportation service for the Meo farmers’ cash crop, and the only lifeline between the tribespeople and the outside world—to the point where Meo children “came to believe that rice fell from the sky.”

While Air America reportedly only operated from 1950 to 1976, the CIA’s obsession with opium has continued to flourish over the years.

The CIA supported the Mujahideen rebels in Afghanistan—in the name of fighting the Soviet Army—in the 1980s. According to a 2009 report from the United States Institute of Peace, the CIA turned a blind eye to the group’s involvement in the opium trade.

The U.S. then encountered Afghanistan’s poppy-rich land again in 2001, when it invaded the country. In the years since the invasion, Afghanistan’s opium production, which is “an important source of funding for the Taliban,” has increased 35-fold.

As The Free Thought Project reported in April, the North Korean government is also a major opium producer, which provides some of the necessary context surrounding the U.S. government’s interest with, and the mainstream media’s obsessive and speculative coverage of every move made by the small nation.

When looking at the CIA’s history of fueling proxy wars to overthrow foreign governments, and using drugs like opium as a means of control, it makes Hollywood’s version of “Air America” sound much less like a fictional movie, and much more like a documentary.

This article originally appeared on The Free Thought Project.

Michael Collins Piper: White Nationalists as Zionist Tools


The White Nationalist movement around the world is under siege from Zionist agents. Every place you turn of late we see yet another group or person all of a sudden do a total back flip and come out openly supporting Israel.

Photo published for Piers Morgan in extraordinary 20 minute row with ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson on Good Morning...

Piers Morgan in extraordinary 20 minute row with ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson on Good Morning…

PIERS Morgan tore into former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson this morning as the pair went head-to-head on Good Morning Britain. Piers blasted Robinson, saying: “Show some damn …

Please note that this audio from Michael Collins Piper is from 2011, well before the massive Muslim invasion, which was orchestrated by jews so as empty greater Israel and pit Europeans and Muslims against each other in a clash of civilizations. This not only takes the focus off of jewish leadership, but actually gets duped nationalists to do the jews’ dirty work for them! While Michael seems to have been influenced a bit by Mark Glenn, who held pro-Muslim and anti-White views, I sincerely hope you listen to what he says here and then take a good hard look at the traitorous “leadership” we have in White Nationalism.

The Management Of Human Beings


I would like to address a comment underneatth my last article, Shock. Confuse. Reframe, in which I discussed how I believe that we were being hypnotised during psychological operations, to ensure we take the ‘framed’ view that was intended for us.

I don’t quite get it. Does author of the article tried to say that this is all a scam?”

Of course we could assume that the person is being sarcastic, as the article exactly states this position, but then as I was going to reply, I realised my reply in itself was a huge response. If this person is truly bewildered at how I could think this way, then I would like to give that person, and others with the same thinking, the reasons why I have come to such ideas. As Renegade Broadcasting & Tribune are becoming bigger by the day and new readers and listeners are constantly coming in, perhaps it is my duty to not always assume people are at the same level of understanding, and that I should be clear, precise and as informative as possible. I want my fellow Aryan souls to understand what exactly a psychological operation is, and how it ties in with applied psychology.

A Psychological Operation is used to convey a message of belief to people using emotional and cognitive message framing to individuals and to groups of people – families, friends, students and cultures. All have a perceptual base belief of something, and that something could be in conflict with another individual, group, families etc.

The USA Psychological Operations are to meet the requirements for the military agenda, and this is where most literature can be found on the subject, but this principle of manipulation is used across the board.

These operations are associated with ‘incidents’ and ‘events’ of horror, in which the operatives carry out an event as a false flag and ensure that our loving leaders gain from it in several ways, but there is also perceived horror, in which they want people to believe that a huge event has happened, when it really has not.

So, how did I come to the grand conclusion that we are being hypnotised during such psychological operations?

It was back when I was a mere ‘truther’, as they are named, which unfortunately does not mean they possess the truth, and are possibly the most hypnotised of all. Such people are usually leading the agenda of our elite jewish leaders, who happily guide the pathway for them.

As I was reading up on Applied Psychology, I came across a book on Psychological Operations, in which it explained the benefits of staging events to guarantee the support of the people, which allows the manipulators to go ahead in completing whatever the desired outcome may be.

Oh‘ I realised, ‘Psy Op means Psychological Operation and is actually a real thing, not just a name us information seekers and researchers came to.‘ I also decided that I would never use the word Psy Op in discussions and only ever use Psychological Operation, so others could always google the things I said. However in my last post, I did use ‘Psy Op’ and I also briefly touched upon things without explanation, but of course this is unavoidable unless an author is writing a book and dedicating the first chapter to phrases and terminology, which books often do. However, I like to keep my articles short, as I know many people are pressed for time.

When I was introduced to Applied Psychology, I had to learn ‘The Theory of Planned Behaviour’for an exam. This theory involves exactly what it says – planning behaviour.

I doubted that this was moral and voiced my concern with my tutors, and their reply was simply, ‘it is moral when done for the right reasons’. They then explained to the class that sometimes it is of benefit to have someone else making monetary decisions on behalf of the rest of us. This ‘greater good’ argument would result in ridiculous questions to answer like, what if you had enough medicine to save the lives and cure 500 people, but another medicine could make the lives of 1500 people easier, but not cure them and they will eventually die. Everyone was debating this awful decision, which had to be made, which any seven year old could just make disappear by saying ‘make them cheaper or get someone else to make them cheaper’. Whilst this boring lengthy debate was ongoing I was reading up on what a ‘Cognitive Miser’ was, a this is also a reason that we all must be told what to do, for ‘the greater good’ of course.

The ‘Cognitive Miser’ idea states that when we are presented with information, we will incorrectly understand it and then come to a biased viewpoint that has not been analytically thought out. Now this made me giggle, because the supposed reason we need others to evaluate on our behalf is being deliberately caused by our governments. ‘Message Framing‘ in a ‘Guilt’ or ‘Reward’ frame, is used by our governments to ensure we do not critically evaluate the information given to us, as it has been presented in such a way that analytical thinking is far from our reach, and emotional bribery is the only tool used, regardless as to whether we are ‘Cognitive Misers’ or not.

So, as you can see, before I was even aware of Renegade, I was aware of our brainwashing. Our universities train us to brainwash each other, for the sake of each other, because we have problems thinking about things, so it is best one ‘body’ thinks for us all.

Now of course we could retort that Hitler did not allow his great nation to make decisions either, that some ideals are far too complex and all information should not be given in entirety to its people. However, Hitler told his people that they would not be having a say in everything, whereas our governments today tell us that it is a democracy, that everything is up for debate, that we do have a voice, an opinion and a belief.

This is all fancy dress of course, so that we actually sign their documents for them. In other words, they put out their desire and we enforce it. Good old passionate advocates today are petitioning this, petitioning that, and begging for more rules while wearing an anarchist shirt. This is a classic confused, brainwashed person, who is being told where to stand, what to say, what to wear and he truly believes that he is being revolutionary.

Applied Psychology is used in healthcare, or killing people with pharmaceuticals, however you prefer to think about it.

Applied Psychology is used in our education systems to teach people more easily, or rather to better brainwash them, subliminally, and frame all of their opinions, making them all think that Hitler only wanted people with blue eyes and blonde hair, without even saying it.

Applied Psychology is in government. Hard to believe, I know, but these people are talking shit, total shit. None of them, not even poor little Corbyn or Trump, is speaking to you in an honest way, but rather using conversational hypnosis.

Applied Psychology is on your television. You know when your kids watched that episode of Max and Rubyand they focused on the egg for the entire episode, they were paid to put eggs into your minds, because advertising space is available everywhere, and cartoons are not the exception, but possibly the first rule.

Applied Psychology is in religion. I hate to tell you, but ‘god’ is even used when planning behaviours. All of those priests and little boy jokes, how funny was that? So funny, that when it all came to light, we all just rolled our eyes, like some magic hypnotic spell, ‘like we didn’t know that anyway.’ There was no action. How can you act on something you have always known and dismissed?

Applied Psychology is everywhere. Hypnosis is the psychological state of the masses. We are under one great big umbrella of psychological operations. Feel free to look up all of these psychological theories and find the jews at the top. It is like playing bingo where your number is always drawn.

I cannot leave things there, though. All of this is just an illusion, like those fantastic Magic Eye pictures you tried so hard to see when you were at school. Once you see one of them, in one picture, you have the eye for it, and you can see them all.

When you see the messaging, you cannot be messaged anymore. The trick lies in us not knowing how to see through it all, and fortunately more people are waking to our views.

When I started this trail for truth I never thought it would lead me here. When I first read of crooked politicians and the FDA, never did I think I would get here, but I did. Others are coming out of the spell, all of the time, everyday, and they just need to keep looking at new images to see what pops out of them.