Drugged driving surpasses drunken driving among drivers killed in crashes, report finds

(CNN)Driving under the influence of drugs was deadlier in 2015 than driving while drunk, a new report found. Still, some safety experts caution that drunken driving remains a bigger problem and say that drugged driving needs more research.

Positive drug tests were more common than the presence of alcohol among the fatally injured drivers who were tested in 2015, according to the report (PDF)released Wednesday by the Governors Highway Safety Association and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, a nonprofit funded by alcohol distillers.
Of those tested, 43% of motorists who died were under the influence of drugs, the report said. This number surpassed the 37% of motorists who died who tested positive for alcohol in the same year.
“Data in the report showed that for the first time, there are more dead drivers for which we have test results that are positive for drugs than there are who were positive for alcohol,” said James Hedlund, an independent safety expert with Highway Safety North in Ithaca, New York. The new report adds to earlier research conducted by Hedlund that addressed behavioral highway safety issues, including drug-impaired driving.
“As states across the country continue to struggle with drug-impaired driving, it’s critical that we help them understand the current landscape and provide examples of best practices so they can craft the most effective countermeasures” to combat the issue of drug-impaired driving, governors association Executive Director Jonathan Adkins said.

‘Drug impairment is a complicated topic’

Driving while impaired is illegal in all 50 states. However, laws and interpretations vary about the definition of drug impairment. Testing practices can also vary amongst states, and there are no uniform laws to determine how often testing is used and what drugs are screened for.
Of the more than 400 drugs that the federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks, marijuana accounted for 35% of positive tests reported, the new research said. Although usage laws vary — marijuana for medical purposes is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia, and laws permit recreational use in eight states and DC — driving while impaired at any level is illegal anywhere in the United States.
Amphetamines accounted for 9% of substances detected, and more than half of the positive tests in the report were caused by “other drugs.” These figures reveal the wide range of known and unknown substances that can contribute to drug impairment.
Currently, there are no drug field tests comparable to a preliminary alcohol screening using a breathalyzer. Law enforcement officials are trained to recognize signs of drug impairment and can make the decision to take a driver into custody for further testing.
“Drug impairment is a complicated topic,” Hedlund said. “Drugs can affect people in different ways. Some things make you super excited, and some things slow you down.”
The report acknowledged that “many officers are not trained to identify the signs and symptoms of drivers impaired by drugs other than alcohol.” The International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offer specialized training courses to teach law enforcement officials how to recognize the behavioral signs of drug impairment, but the courses are not required. Often, a full evaluation cannot be done during a roadside stop.
Officials hope that this report will bring more attention to the need for more training and resources to combat this problem. For drivers, Hedlund said, “it’s illegal to drive while impaired by drugs in the same way that it’s illegal to drive while impaired by alcohol. And you just plain shouldn’t do it.”

Alcohol: ‘Our biggest highway safety problem’

Russ Rader, spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, is skeptical of the report’s findings and said alcohol remains the bigger concern.
“There’s no question that alcohol remains our biggest highway safety problem,” Rader said.
Although the impact of alcohol has been studied for decades, drug impairment and driving has only recently been studied, he said, and the current evidence is weak.
The report cautions that these data do not paint the whole picture. The authors note that only 57% of drivers who were killed in car accidents were tested for drugs. That figure, critics say, is reason enough to be wary of taking this conclusion too seriously.
“There are a couple of problems with drawing the conclusion that drugged driving is now somehow a bigger problem with alcohol,” Rader said. “For one, there isn’t very consistent testing for drivers who are killed in crashes with regard to drugs.”
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He’s concerned that the new report could detract from efforts to curb alcohol-impaired driving and shift funding instead toward driving under the influence of drugs. Nobody knows how to address the problem of drug-impaired drivers, he said.
“We don’t have a good handle on what to do about it, but we do know how to address alcohol impairment,” which remains a major problem, he said. “Another problem, particularly with marijuana, is that people often combine the two, so how do you separate them?”
Although critical of the report’s findings, Rader said there is no denying that drug-impaired driving is an issue, but “we need research.”
“If somebody’s impaired,” he said, “they are impaired.”

Pope Says it’s Suicide Not to Take in Migrants



Well, well… This Saturday, 22 April 2017, the Pope showed up at the Basilica of St. Bartholomew in Isola Tiberina, Rome, Italy. His minions of mind-manipulated slaves tagged along as always of course, for he is after all the Pope, the Human representative of the Jewish God on Earth, the democratically elected descendant of a lineage of Jewish Priests who worship a Jewish Essene named Jesus, a worship which was sold to them as a religion by the Jewish Pharisee Paul. Rest assured, it is all Kosher. After killing millions of Europeans who resisted the invasion of the Semitic religion – they now hold a strong foothold in Europe and European minds. What the Pope says is holy in the eyes of hundreds of millions of people, for he is doing God’s Will and is basically God’s messenger, an angel even – only without wings. Anyways, the Pope said the following beautiful things :

“Thanks you for being here. Thank you for your prayers. This church of the martyrs this reminded me of the cruelty, the cruelty that so many people have to suffer, the exploitation of people I’m reminded of the people who come here in boats and they are left there (in internment camps), in generous countries like Italy and Greece who receive them but then because of international agreements don’t allow them to move on.

If Italy was able to welcome two migrants per municipality there would be room for everyone. And this generosity of the south of Lampedusa, Sicily, Lesvos, if only it could infect a bit the north. It’s true we are a society that doesn’t have children, but we close the doors to migrants. This is called suicide. Let us pray!”

The Pope telling his fellow Christians and Jesus-believers that all these migrants are simply suffering and we have to open our doors and arms to them. Forget the suffering of Europeans, forget all the death and destruction, rape and murder, theft and harassment that is going on. Forget the fact that someone and something is controlling European nations and is disabling them from having children, is forcing them to pay abnormal taxes, is taxing them for having properties of their own; forget the fact that there exists a White Genocide agenda. Forget also the fact that Pope Francis was awarded the Coudenhove-Kalergi award in 2016 : The very source of the idea of the European Union, the very source which coined White genocide as a necessary next step for Europe in which Jews are supposed to rule the land.

Imagine his words – he wishes for the North of Italy to be “infected” by the same lunacy which the South is supposedly part of, yet we know very well that no sane Southern Italian is accepting nor welcoming this invasion of their homeland. But the choice of words : Infected. Impressive isn’t it? He is even fucking with you while speaking, he basically acknowledges that only an infected mind, a diseased and rotten mind, would be willing to accept these “refugees” and look at his people, land and race die out. A society which has no children, he says – I guess this must be “God’s Will” as well; or as we who know what the hell is going on call it : The Jewish question. Another source adds more to the cake :

Pope Francis urged governments on Saturday to get migrants and refugees out of holding centers, saying many had become “concentration camps”. Francis praised countries helping refugees and thanked them for “bearing this extra burden, because it seems that international accords are more important than human rights”.

The basilica of St Bartholomew is a shine to Christians killed for their faith in the 20th and 21st century. It contains a prayer book used by Father Jacques Hamel, the 85-year-old French priest killed by Islamist militants who stormed into a church in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray last year, forced Hamel to his knees, and slit his throat while they chanted in Arabic. His sister Roselyne attended the service.

Isn’t that just wonderful? Using the prayer book of a priest who was killed by migrants and calling for more migration. That is Christianity my friends – and I advise you to read my Christian Cuck articles, especially the one where I quote the various Christian fathers and early Christian priests and converts who were ready and willing to deny their land, people, race, home, borders – pretty much everything. Since that didn’t work as the Jews and their Christian slaves expected, due to there still being Kings and Emperors who were not willing to forsake their lands and people – the Christian invasion of the Jews had to operate differently, for the time being. It had to infiltrate as many possible institutions and agencies of the King, it had to brainwash his people so that he – the King himself – would be forced to convert as well. The people would not accept a non-Christian King anymore, and with the King now having to bow down to the Church and Jews, he was in their complete control.

Of course, there were cases when a gullible and stupid King would come to the Throne, one who would himself willingly accept Christianity and he would then continue the spread of this poison on his own. He felt it to be God’s Will, for the Priest, the Pope was in his eyes the direct connection to Yahweh, he was the Mouth of God. Just as the Jews managed to stumble into a stupid Pharaoh (according to their story) back in the days of Egypt and controlled him by being his consultant of dreams, so were they “consulting” leaders of other regions through religion, astronomy, astrology, dream interpretation – and would – finally come to Europe and do the same through Christianity. You see, what the average lemming cannot comprehend is that the Jew uses both sides in order to destroy both of them, or at the very least, to destroy one of them.

For the Jew Christianity is an expendable tool. It has its uses, it served them well, and it still does serve them well, but one day it will simply be unnecessary. The acting, the theater called Christianity and the Church will one day simply become more annoying than useful – just as the Black Race that the Jews are currently using to destroy any and all European Nations – will become useless to them. The Jew has absolutely no problem in making people fight each other. But, let me sharpen your mind with the following statement : Ignore the existence of Christianity for a moment. All that is left without it is Jews manipulating one group of Europeans into killing the rest of the Europeans. Dismiss Christianity in your mind, and that is what is left.

Remove Communism, Marxism, Liberalism, Democracy, Feminism, etc. – remove just for a moment all these various Jewish ideologies from your mind and look at what truly is left behind. A European brother killing another European brother. A European sister betraying her European people. A son and daughter murdering their parents and ancestors.

As long as you give life to the various Jewish illusions they will have an impact. The moment you stop powering them up with your energy – all that is left behind is a charade. There are Christcucks who will claim that the current Pope Francis is an anti-Pope. Now, what the hell does that mean? How was he then elected? Democratically. Why didn’t God intervene if he knows all and sees all? Why is the Jewish God furthering the Jewish agenda? Why aren’t Christians stopping this Pope? Why hasn’t there yet been a single protest against him? Why are you afraid of this anti-Pope then? How many “good” Popes did even exist during the history of Christianity? How many Popes were Jewish? Why can your religion be used against your People? Why can your holy book be used against you? At what point do you draw the line? At what point do you realize that your religion is a Jewish construct, a Jewish tool for infiltration, a Jewish tool that will ultimately be part of our final genocide?

You like to draw images of Negroes and White liberals being controlled by a Jew in their mind. Why not draw one of a White Christian who was willing to go and “free Jerusalem” because it is the Jewish holy city of the Jewish God in the Jewish Bible? Why not draw one because White Christians allowed Jews into Britain expecting the return of Christ? Why not draw one because a Christian killed the last Pagan Roman Emperor? Why not draw a mind-manipulated European Christian because he went around the world spreading the “Word of the Jewish God”, carrying with him thousands of crypto-Jews who would then establish their own secret societies and infrastructures. Why not build a monument for all the Christian Zionists today who can’t wait for Jews to establish a New World Order?

What gave Christianity an illusion of power and control? The pathetic excuse of the Crusades. You know, not much has changed. The Jews are using the Muslim and non-White immigration to present their Kosher candidates as “far-right Nationalists”. Again, remove just for a moment immigration from your mind. Let us assume, just for a moment, that France, for example, is 98% White and that the remaining 2% are Jews. Would you then vote for a Zionist puppet, who loves Israel, who dates a Jew, whose daughter has Mossad relations, etc.? Assume the same for America, 98% : 2% – would you vote for a President who is pro-Zionist, pro-Israel, has children converted to Judaism, has children dating Jews, has Jews all around him and is telling you openly that he will implement a law that punishes anti-Semitism? So, why are you doing it now? Because the Jews created chaos with the non-White immigration and the value for “far-right” has dropped and became Kosher. You are openly accepting Zionist rule because you hope, you believe, that the Jews will help you and not betray you as they always do.

You think that you can control the Jew who is already controlling you through Democracy, Christianity, and various other Jewish cults. You think that you can control a Jewish created and designed institution and society. You think you are using Jewish selected Puppets in your Government. Get real, will ye?

The Steve Bannon (White Idiot, White Freemason) Enigma



Steve Bannon’s removal from the president’s National Security Council earlier this month, followed in close succession by April 6th’s missile strike in Syria, has generated consensus within the Alt-Right – or at least that portion of it that eschews the 4D chess hypothesis – that likely Mossad asset Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka were the parties responsible for the controlled demolition of the Trump administration’s relations with Russia.

The move against Bannon was attributed to anti-Russian hawk H.R. McMaster, who downplays the importance of the shake-up; but The Hill corroborates the case for the Bannon-Kushner conflict’s centrality to the abrupt shift in Trump’s foreign policy:

[…] chief White House strategist Stephen Bannon is increasingly isolated and will be forced out if he is unable to adopt a cooperative approach.

Several outlets have reported that Bannon is frequently clashing with Trump’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner as well as the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump.

Both Ivanka Trump and Kushner reportedly want a more moderate and results-oriented approach for the White House, while Bannon refuses to find common ground.

[…] Bannon allies are now doing everything they can to save his job, arguing that dismissing Bannon will cost the president his vital “America First” constituency.

Was Bannon ever really the key to a non-interventionist and truly “America First” foreign policy? Breitbart, which Bannon managed from 2012 to 2016, was literally launched in the Jewish state with the intention of offering an “unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel” perspective. Breitbart maintains a headquarters in Jerusalem and has hewed to a Zionist line from its inception. Bannon is hardly the mostly likely of Middle East peacemakers. What, then, is his game if not regime change in Syria?

Bannon is “more ideologist than opportunist,” argues Jeffrey Sommers at CounterPunch:

Bannon believes war with Iran and China are inevitable and appears to delight in the prospect. Thus, Bannon wished to position the Russian bear at his side for these coming crusades. Bannon’s Alt-Right outlook framed Russia as a white Christian nation to join his war on Islam. The fact that Russia is a multi-ethnic federation with millions of Muslims, along with Vladimir Putin taking endless pains to not alienate this population, seems to have escaped Mr. Bannon’s attention. Bannon chose Trump as the impressionable vehicle to implement his ideas.

“Bannon is determined to manipulate the American public’s anxiety about Islam,” Salon’s Behzad Yaghmaian wrote last month, adding that the “operational target is to tame their potential opposition to yet another devastating war.” Further:

The series of events and decisions that followed Trump’s inauguration clearly reveal the administration’s intent to make Iran the central battleground in Bannon’s war. […]

A hasty and unmeasured reaction by the Iranian regime could have led to the realization of Bannon’s war.

The domestic backlash to the travel ban, the botched Yemen raid and other concerns might have helped temporarily pause the reckless train of confrontation with Iran.

Let us not delude ourselves: Bannon’s long-term plan for a war in the Middle East is, however, still in place.

Is peace with Russia conceivable only as a partnership in the “War on Terror”, and was Bannon’s resistance to Kushner and Syrian escalation merely a case of irreconcilable differences in hit list priorities rather than substance and ultimate aims?

Rainer Chlodwig von K.

Originally posted at Aryan Skynet

Supreme Court Sham



The deluded masses that bask in the smoldering ruins of the California failed state cannot stroke their egos often enough with the bromide that their morally and fiscally bankrupt rubble-heap is at the forefront of national trends. The fact that these trends all lead straight to the ash-heap of history is of no concern to the sewage colored invaders, the mincing sodomites, and the brainwashed useful idiots who now populate this once pleasant land. One such trend that has escaped notice is that of Supreme Court appointments.

At the same moment that the cuckservatives nationwide are gloating about getting “their guy” appointed to the Supreme Court and can’t stop bloviating about “muh CONstitooshun,” the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court publicly announced in her State of the Judiciary address that the judicial branch is a farce. California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye was appointed to the bench by republican governor George Deukmejian, promoted to the Superior Court by republican governor Pete Wilson, promoted to the Court of Appeals by republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and finally appointed to the California Supreme Court by Schwarzenegger. So, what was the end result of all that republican “extreme vetting”?

The mystery meat Chief Priestess of the Cult of the CONstitution dons her ritualistic robe to put on a show of semitic sophistry that could make even a rabbi blush. In Kabbalafornia, enforcing the law means that the rule of law is under threat! Conveniently, the Chief Priestess fails to mention that the “threat” to the rule of law comes from the colonizing army of grasping, sullen brown aliens who will run riot if any attempt is made to stop White genocide.

Simply put, the rule of law means that we as a people are governed by laws and rules and not by a monarch.”

Nor should we be ruled by a kritarchy, like this black robed creature from the star chamber.

And I submit to you today that the rule of law is being challenged. We live in a time of civil rights unrest, eroding public trust in our institutions, economic anxiety, and unprecedented polarization.”

Could that “civil rights unrest” be because of the multi-cultural nightmare of incompatible, mutually hostile races living in unnatural proximity in the failed state of California? Could that “eroding public trust” result from the police state that’s needed to prevent the barely-contained “vibrant diversity” from exploding into open, rule-of-the-jungle anarchy? Could that “economic anxiety” have something to do with the endless supply of low-IQ, sewage colored welfare leeches that have parasitized the state? With the constant promotion and glorification of unthinking miscegenation, how could there be “unprecedented polarization”?

The Southern Poverty Law Center says that California is home to 79 different ethnic “hate groups”—more than any other state.”

Predictably, this feckless product of the anti-White agenda won’t mention any of the real problems that have already killed the walking corpse that is California. According to the (((SPLC))), there are only a paltry 79 ethnic hate groups in California that aren’t working for White genocide. All the rest get an (((SPLC))) pass.

But what happens when the rule of law fails? Let’s ask my in-laws, Jairo and Dorothy. Two of 120,000 American residents who were interned by the U.S. Government for four years by an executive order. They were labeled “hucksters and peddlers” and they were forced into camps where keys were thrown away for four years.”

Funny how this republican appointee to the highest court of the most degenerate state never screeched at us about the failing rule of law when “progressives” were issuing executive orders to flood our already inundated country with more worthless living fossils and Aztexican invaders.  Hucksterism and peddling must be family traits in the Cantil-Sakauye clan.

The rule of law failed again in 1882 when the United States passed an anti-immigration law, this time excluding Chinese, a law that wasn’t repealed until 1943.”

The most recent example of the failed rule of law that this disingenuous, unaccountable shill could muster was slanternment camps from over 70 years ago.  She follows that with an example that would be laughable if it hadn’t come from the sick mind of California’s top judge.  Apparently “the rule of law failed” when a law was enacted according to the correct legislative process under the CONstitution, signed by the President, withstood judicial scrutiny for 60 years, and made complete sense for a nation that at one time didn’t want to commit suicide. No mention of the illegal immigrant disaster that just two years ago left Kate Steinle murdered by an Aztexican welfare soldier, and 14 people dead as moose-limbs ran amok in San Bernardino.

So what happens when the rule of law stands strong? In California, you pass a law and the California Supreme Court interprets it so that Sergio Garcia, then an undocumented immigrant, can obtain a law license in California.”

In two short sentences, the depravity of the jewish agenda is bared for all to see. What “rule of law” did you think the mystery meat in the black robe was talking about? Surely not the CONstitution, right? Protocol Nine: “Above the existing laws without substantially altering them, and by merely twisting them into contradictions of interpretations, we have erected something grandiose in the way of results. These results found expression first in the fact the interpretations masked the laws: afterwards they hid them from the eyes of the governments owing to the impossibility of making anything out of the tangled web of legislation.”

However, we cannot continue to do this and provide justice that Californians need and deserve without adequate and stable funding. Inadequate funding and chronic underfunding of the courts is just one way a justice system can become unjust.”

After announcing Kabbalafornia’s policy of “rule of law by conspiring to undermine the law,” the Chief Hypocrite concludes with a resort to thinly veiled extortion. Pay up, suckers, or else things will get “unjust.”

There’s no prize for guessing how the latest kosher appointment to the US Supreme Court will turn out, with a history of clerking for sodomite rights enthusiast Justice Kennedy, being appointed by George W. Bush, and promoted to the highest court by Trump. To paraphrase California’s Chief Priestess of the CONstitution: I’m sure the celebrating cuckservatives will get plenty of that justice they need and deserve.

Quotations from: http://newsroom.courts.ca.gov/news/2017-state-of-the-judiciary




dhs homeland security theater

Want to see something so utterly ridiculous, it simply must be an SNL sketch?

Something so utterly idiotic that it can’t possibly be the reality we’re living in… and yet it is?

Next time you fly, you might want to consider that this is how the TSA is weeding out the potential “scurry turrurists”:

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The Christian Reinterpretation of Beowulf

by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, July 1987)

IN ONE OF THESE “Postscripts,” published in May 1986, I described briefly one ominous symptom of the growing epidemic of unreason among scholars, an attempt to Christianize the oldest monument of English literature by atrocious mutilation and interpolation of the Anglo-Saxon text.

Now I learn from a review in Speculum, LXI (1986), pp.668-670, that another attempt to distort for Jesus the fundamentally pagan epic was made by Professor Bernard F. Huppe of the State University in Binghamton, New York, in The Hero in the Earthly City, a Reading of Beowulf, published by that university in 1984.

I have not looked at the book. As it is, to report incidents that seem to me noteworthy to the readers of Liberty Bell, I afflict myself by reading so much tripe that I am beginning to wonder whether I should be so supercilious when I refer to the Christian dolts who used to wear horsehair shirts to make themselves suffer.

I rely entirely on the review by Professor Edward B. Irving, Jr., who notes various errors of fact in the book and also remarks on the absurdity of an “Augustinian” interpretation of the poem. Huppe seems not to have tampered overmuch with the Anglo-Saxon text, but, as the reviewer remarks, he “smuggles in the Christian concept of grace” by simply giving to the Anglo-Saxon words meanings they could not possibly have had. “A tidy Christian poem is reconstructed from the ruins of its proper original contexts, …and the pressure to distort is constant.” Having thus Christianized the poem, Huppe then denounces its failure to adhere to his favorite theology: Beowulf ought to have remembered that Jesus said revenge was sinful, and he sins terribly by fighting the dragon without getting Yahweh’s permission.

The details of the travesty do not matter. As I said in my “Postscript,” the Anglo-Saxon epic is fundamentally and unmistakably a pagan composition, and the only question is who introduced the bits of Christian or ambiguous phraseolgy that are found here and there in our only extant text and are as conspicuous and incongruous as patches of red calico on a dinner jacket. Everyone knew that in 1920, when what is still the best edition of the text and commentary was published, and it is only sheer perversity to pretend otherwise today and use the methods of scholarship to defeat the very purpose of scholarship.

The pernicious factor in such misbegotten studies is their effect, not on scholars who have read and understood the poem, but on students in cognate fields, who may have to rely on the reports of “specialists” in Anglo-Saxon. A multiplication of books that distort the epic is apt to create an impression that “modern scholarship” has discovered that it sprang from a Christian society. And that application of the “democratic” principle of ascertaining truth by counting noses will deceive many earnest students and may confuse or even vitiate some of their work in their own fields of research.

Academicians want to be fashionable, and it is likely the next few years will bring us more “studies” that affirm the factitious Christianization of our earliest extant monument of English literature, but that, of course, will prove nothing. It will be as meaningless as the Jews’ current efforts to shore up their crumbling Holohoax by producing more and more Yids, who pop out of the bushes and suddenly remember that they watched the wicked Germans cram millions of God’s Darlings into gas chambers or ovens, it being assumed that the notoriously methodical Germans inexplicably and unforgivably forgot to include the watchers with their fellow tribesmen. Lies do not become truth by multiplication. 50,000 x 0 = 0.

The continuing flurry of “critical reinterpretations” of Beowulf is symptomatic and highly signficant because it is, in a way, so comparatively trivial. The number of persons who read Anglo-Saxon is very small, and I cannot believe that multitudes are reading one or another of the translations into modern English. And does it really matter whether or not the poem is basically “pagan”? Is not that just a bit of antiquarian lore, comparable, for example, to identification of the corpse in the famous ship-burial at Sutton Hoo, interesting, no doubt, to some people, but of no relevance to the present?

That is precisely my point. If these were efforts to deceive Americans about something that will affect their thinking (such as it is) about their present plight, the explanation would be obvious. Manufacture of “evidence” to support the Jews’ great swindle, or production of a revelation that Karl Marx was, like Jesus, an avatar of old Yahweh, or even endorsement of the prevalent hokum about what is mendaciously called our Civil War, would have an obvious purpose.

If a man labors long to devise and perfect an elaborate swindle that will net him a billion of the ersatz-dollars now in use, we understand and have no more doubts about his rationality than about his morality. But if he makes the same prolonged and arduous effort to filch a dime, he is a problem in psychonosology. The contagion of unreason among scholars is so ominous and frightening precisely because it is so gratuitous.

This article originally appeared in Liberty Bell magazine, published monthly by George P. Dietz from September 1973 to February 1999.

Swamp Time With Donald Trump



It’s the new reality show, Swamp Time With Donald Trump.

He’s a swampster just like the rest: a Manhattan apprentice swimming with the sewer rats in DC.

Trump promised to drain the swamp but instead dove right in.

His illegal strike on Syria for ‘chemical weapons’—minus any investigation or forensic evidence—made neocon-Jews like Kristol and Kagan giddy with glee.

And their back door into the White House, Jared Kushner, is surely bent on seeing Bashar al-Assad flee.

Trump stiffed his contractors, now he’s stiffed those who voted for him, mainly on non-intervention.

[Clip: “I really understand what’s going on in Syria, because look at it, it’s a total catastrophe, a total mess, and we’re helping to make it a mess.
Now we have ISIS, and ISIS wants to go after Assad, but we’re knocking the hell out of them even though it’s not a very full blown thing, we’re still dropping bombs all over the place, and you know, look, they’re not exactly loving life over in Syria. So we’re stopping them to a certain extent from going after Assad. You have Russia that’s now there, Russia is on the side of Assad, and Russia wants to get rid of ISIS as much as we do, if not more, because they don’t want them coming into Russia. And I’m saying, why are we knocking ISIS and yet at the same time we’re against Assad?”]

Because when you’re waging wars for the Jews everything is ass-backward.

It’s the murky Jewish swamp running from Tel Aviv to DC.

I mean, if you’re really after ISIS you won’t fight Assad who’s doing the grunt work, protecting ALL the Syrian people, including Christians.

But Jewmerica doesn’t care about Christians…instead attacks a leader who protects those who love Christ.

And once-upon-a-time Trump was on the right side of history.

[Clip: “Our new foreign policy will put America first. Hillary brought death and disaster to Iraq, Syria, Libya; she empowered Iran, and she unleashed Isis. Now she wants to start a shooting war in Syria in conflict with a nuclear armed Russia that could very well lead to World War 3. Hillary and her failed Washington Establishment have spent $6 trillion dollars on wars in the Middle East, wars we never win, and now it’s in worse shape than ever before, wars we never win, folks. They’ve dragged us into foreign wars that have made us less safe, and they took us, they opened up our borders, it’s interesting, we fight for their borders but at home we have open borders.”]

That’s right. Fight for Israel’s borders and send America to the back of the bus.

And that bus is driven by Mad Dog Mattis and Herbie McMaster, both war criminals, and both Trump’s main advisers.

Mattis threw white phosphorous bombs on little children in Fallujah.

And McMaster abused and starved hundreds of POWs in Iraq.

Now Trump joins their war crimes by striking Syria’s Shayrat Airbase killing six soldiers (who fight ISIS, by the way) and ten civilians.

But selective outrage is a trick of the trade when waging wars for the Jews…against the “Axis of Resistance” to Zionist hegemony: Syria, Iran, and Lebanon.

It’s a remake of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

A pod grows out of the swamp entwined around Trump.

His eyes puff up and a bald head protrudes.

Suddenly, Trump grows a second head with Jared Kushner’s face.

And you thought you voted for Donald Trump?

Naah, your vote got thrown in the Israel First swamp.

Blueprint for Dystopia



By Rory Hall

John W Whitehead’s “Is the U.S. Military Planning to Take Over America?” is based on the information produced by the Pentagon – more than likely by the CIA at Langley. If you have seen the movies, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Matrix or TV shows Colony, The Walking Dead, The Leftoversor Mr. Robot you have seen glimpses of the future as planned for by the military/surveillance  industrial complex. Within each of these movies and TV programs there is a theme of haves and have nots. There is also an overarching dystopian nightmare that most of the citizens freely accept with the exception of, literally, a handful of patriots working night and day to take their country back from the thieving banking and ruling classes that own the citizens like another pet or farm animal.

The websites that we all know and love that made the “prop or not” hall of fame are now on the frontline of the “domestic terrorist”, “dissident”, “enemy of the state” war list. These websites represent the biggest targets; however, they are not alone. Websites like, The Daily Coin, will also be targets and may be hit first since The Daily Coin has a smaller footprint than these other websites and can be more easily disappeared without causing too much fuss. No one would really notice if The Daily Coin disappeared; that would not be the case with a site the size of ZeroHedge.

Pay close attention to this video and please keep in mind as you hear words like “non-combatant”, “advisories”, “hybrid threat” and the like; these are not foreign nationals, these are your neighbors, friends and family. These are American citizens who still believe in the rule of law and the Constitution. These are citizens that believe their freedom, liberty, voice and life matter.

One of the most interesting phrases in the entire video is “drain the swamp.” It is amazing how small glimpses behind the curtain reveal so much. If you still think that “we the people” have any form of representation by this criminal regime occupying Washington DC, be sure and watch this video multiple times until the chains on the mind are broken. This video was produced by the government; and while the images and some of the language would have a person believe this is for “foreign countries,” it is more specifically for domestic use.

Video Source

As most of you know we spend our day documenting the derivatives implosion that began in 2008. If we go back to the false flag event that occurred on 9/11 and connect all the points since we can very clearly see the unfolding of dystopia that began in 2001. We can see how the books 1984 and Brave New World have been used as a blueprint to enslave the masses. We can see the power and corruption afforded to the Federal Reserve banking system and its owners the “too big to jail” banks.

This five-minute clip deserves your undivided attention and needs to be shared far and wide. Knowing your enemy is a key aspect of engaging and defeating your enemy. We – you and I – are the enemy of the state, which in turn makes the state our enemy. We need to utilize this information to the best of our ability and ensure that as many people as possible are made aware and given an opportunity to understand what is being planned for our future by these power hungry, bloated oligarchs that currently own our country. The time to awaken and prepare is now. This plan, according to the Pentagon, sees 2030 as the next date on the horizon – a mere 13 years from now.

John W. Whitehead uses the lens of recent history to prove beyond question this video was made to train the military to enslave America. If you have any notion that your children or grandchildren are going to grow up in a Leave it to Beaver world or even one as we live today, unfortunately the owners are planning for the exact opposite and we are nothing more than disposal ATMs, “useless eaters.”

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You can read more from Rory Hall at his site The Daily Coin, where this article first appeared.

German Soldiers in the Soviet Union – Letters from the East

"Neues Europa"

Source: http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/feldpost.htm

Deutsche Soldaten sehen die Sowjet-Union

Lying enemy propaganda never tires of accusing us of giving the German people a false or incomplete picture of the battles in the East. They are best refuted by letters from our soldiers.”

Chapter 1

German Soldiers as Witnesses against Bolshevism

The homeland hears about events at the front in an unbelievably short time. German radio often brings reports in the evening of deeds of arms that occurred only a few hours earlier, and the German newsreel includes pictures brought by air directly from the battlefields. The German people have almost direct contact with the accomplishments of their soldiers through the words, pictures, and reporting of modern news media. Past generations could not feel so closely bound to their family members.

Still, the best and most personal source of news in war is and remains the letter. That which the husband or son, the brother, or…

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All the World’s a Stage

One year ago I started writing here on Renegade. To be exact I began writing on 2016/03/27 with the first post being a quick remark on how Easter has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with Jesus nor Christianity. It’s been 113 articles since then and over half a million words, probably even closing to a million considering all the images with text which I provided. A small encyclopedia, free of charge for my Aryan brothers and sisters. The Axe sure had to be re-sharpened every now and then, but I spent every possible minute of my free time on researching, reading, compiling, collecting, writing and editing articles, information and data. I couldn’t face my Ancestors, our Gods, the Creator – if I were to die tomorrow knowing that I did not do whatever I could with all my currently available resources and tools. There would be no honor in my life were I to let Lies win over the Minds of my people.

It is a dramatic change when Truth touches your soul. Everything else, all the illusions, lies, deceptions – they all fade away – to the point where they do not exist anymore. Knowing where you are, where you are going, not being controlled by the tricks which the Chosenites are throwing at you – it is like pushing yourself through a massive crowd of imbeciles. You finally see the true Light. And what it reveals isn’t nice, nope, it sure as hell is not. The masses have been brainwashed to believe that only “good” things show up by the attainment of Truth. This couldn’t be further from reality. Everything you learn, no matter what it is, at that very moment reveals to you both sides of the coin. Sometimes you miss out on things, but it is your duty to figure it all out. You learn about Fire and know now that it can be put to good use – or used as a harmful weapon. Every true Evil therefore comes with an intent; it is not random, nor does it happen by chance.

Every Lie on this planet happens with a full-blown intent. It is impossible to claim that all the Lies which the Jews have sold to this world are random, made up bullshit stories. They made them with an intent. They created them. They did not think twice about them. They know very well what they have done, what they keep on doing and what they plan to do till the end of fucking time. Lie. Corrupt. Deceive. Infiltrate. Overthrow. To them every established Aryan order is merely a castle which needs to be blown up at the right spot – just like in the Lord of the Rings movie. Only in this case, we aren’t talking about a literal bomb but an infiltration through language, words, propaganda – the bomb isn’t a physical explosion of vibration – but a sound that brainwashed the people, the order and the society into destroying itself from the inside out.

All true Evil comes with an Intent.

Unless the average lemming truly grasps this statement, he will never be able to completely comprehend and value the Jewish crimes on this planet. He will go on through his life saying that it is not “all Muslims”, not “all Jews”, and ironically somehow, someway he will manage to convince himself however that we are “all just Humans“. It is because the lemming does not and cannot understand that Truth does not just reveal the “good” – it reveals the bad in everything around you, depending on the current stage of Truth that you are at. Some believe 9/11 was done by random Muslims, others believe it to be an inside job and – finally – some know that the Jews are behind it. These are different stages of knowledge, which represent different stages of Truth, from false to true, and they change the perception of the individual every single time.

Once you awaken, you will never go back to sleep. It is impossible. And you will know that you are holding to the Truth when you can prove it to yourself every single day anew – or when it is consistent in every step along the way. Two plus two will remain 4 no matter what type of mathematics you afterwards apply to it – no matter how complicated it becomes – it will remain true when you draw the blueprint of your house or when you plan to send a rocket to the stars. It is fascinating how important this extreme “individualism” was for the Jews at this point in time of our history, how important it was to sell it to our youth and brainwash them with it.

How can someone claim there to be a Jewish group with Jewish ideas, beliefs, customs, purposes, aims and missions – and yet after being shown several hundred quotes of those bastards – he will still say that those are just “some” of these Jews, it can’t be all of them and – see! – there are some Jews who are on the “other side”, so it surely can’t be all of them. Nothing happens on random. Everything happens for a reason. There is no chance. It all fits right in together. There must be Jews on both sides as it empowers the individualism hypnosis of the masses. How can a billion people be Muslims and follow a strict law of life and yet it isn’t “all the Muslims”?

Our People do not understand anymore what it means to be part of a collective. This makes it for other collectives extremely easy to destroy them.

We had a healthy idea of individualism once, a long time ago. But it had to be protected, just like your Body is protected by your Immune system. All the various organs then work together to allow You – the Individual – the Self : To experience life. The Nation, the Racial collective, its soldiers, its philosophers, its wise men and women, its spiritualism – all of these elements represent the Immune system of the People. Whenever the Immune system wins and defends itself, it defends the freedom, safety and security of the People, of its Women and Children. It gives them free time which allows for Great Minds and Individuals to arise.

For the first time in history, since the Jews have taken entire control of our Civilization, there are almost no big names showing up among our people. Everyone is busy 24/7 – work, school, entertainment, desires, lust, etc. – the people are on a never ending trip of drugs. Those who could have and would have otherwise perhaps become something great are serving the Jews and developing elements which further the Jewish agenda. Those who wake up come to the realization that they are facing the World’s biggest and most dangerous enemy in this Universe. It crumbles many of them, it awakens in them a false optimism that someway, somehow, this Jewish system will collapse on its own – either by a return of some Jew or by some kind of economic failure.

Many embrace the Jewish occult lifestyle – they became partial Jews themselves – by embracing the Jewish idea of Evil, for in the Jewish worldview one has only fully lived if one embraces Evil and that Evil, the Jews say, comes through Choice. You choose to do it, it comes, as we have said, with an intent. It is this false use of “will” that the Jews sell to these gullible imbeciles through Kabbalah, where it is basically said that those who use Evil are closer to God – they are even above the “Angels” themselves who are, from the Jewish perspective, “cursed” to do only Good. In other words, the users and source of Evil has convinced people that using Evil is true liberty. Does it surprise you that they developed Democracy? Does it surprise you that in Democracy Evil is allowed to exist? Does it surprise you that such a society is being sold to us as a Liberal, Tolerant society of Freedom? The French revolution basically liberated Evil.

What does it take for such Evil to remain hidden? Acting.

When you know that someone is Lying all you see before you is him trying to Act as if he is telling the Truth – all it takes for him to sell something as being true is to convince the people that what he says is right. It doesn’t have to completely convince the person – it has to sound “reasonable enough” to pass the sad excuse of a firewall which the mind of the lemming has. The Jew has to pass the 50% mark in order to convince the people of his act. Or he has to make something, which really is true, seem to be untrue – this, at the same moment – raises his own lie in the percentage mark. This, on its own, is the basis of democracy – acting – is the key element of it. And the greatest actors of it are the Politicians.

A year has passed since my first article and the same nonsense about Easter is going on again. The Pope, the priests, the bishops – all of them are lying to the masses that “Christianity” has got something to do with this old Pagan holiday and observation of Spring, the re-awakening of Nature. Fucking Eggs and Rabbits beside Jesus. What a joke we are living in! What masses of imbeciles we are surrounded with! Illiterate idiots who cannot read the Jewish book with both of their eyes. Find the chapter which explains the holidays of Easter and Christmas! You can’t. You won’t. All you will find is that it even forbids Christmas as a Pagan holiday. And people, gullible and stupid as they are, still continue to worship the dead Jew who was hung on a fucking tree as their Savior.

These people are just as brain dead as the Liberals who believe there to be only One Race. Both of them are in the same category of Zombies with those who believe that the masses of “migrants” that are coming from Africa to Europe are “refugees”. What are they escaping from, pray tell? Their own people? It is with this massive amount of idiots which we are surrounded. Illiterate lemmings who have no other purpose in life but their own self-destruction, which includes trying to convince us that we are wrong and that we should embrace their way of thinking : Whether that be the “We are all One Race” or the “We are all One In Jesus” narrative is completely irrelevant.

The Church was killing people for having the Bible in written form. They did not want the people to read it and to learn what is written in it. By pure coincidence, it is a Jewish Talmudic law to kill any non-Jew who reads the Jewish Bible, namely the Torah.

For most people, their Brain probably didn’t make “click” even after reading that statement. It is truly a miracle that the Bible has spread in such a huge amount and has become so accessible and yet still remains alive among us. Its worst nightmare, namely being available to the masses, did not destroy it. It did not kill it, for the masses are illiterate, worse than they have ever been. They all are Christians who live “by faith” and not “by deeds”. Doing anything would mean that you don’t believe in Jesus or God, that you don’t believe in his “divine plan” and that you don’t “trust him enough” and when life seems to suck and be painful, you should just accept it as a “challenge” to truly test your faith. We have come to a point where reading the Bible itself might be considered a lack of faith in Jesus.

After all – this life is irrelevant. Only the afterlife is important to the Christian. I wonder why it is, therefore, that nothing is happening anymore in our societies in terms of a true resistance? I wonder why it is that any revival of Paganism and our Roots is being attacked and immediately infiltrated by Jews as is the case with that Seth Chagi Jew and his “Asatru Community”. How many “Christians” realize that their great Jesus was simply a part of the Jewish sect of Essenes? Coudenhove-Kalergi himself reminded them of it. The Jew Moses Hess did the same. The entire collection of non-authorized Bible-related scriptures talk about it. And yet nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. What was the essential part of the Essene cult? What did they teach?

Ascetism, Celibacy, Anger is forbidden (in modern terms Hatred), Self-inflicted poverty, rejection of riches of any kind, community of goods (social welfare) as it is described in the Acts within the New Testament, no oath may be taken, etc. You are following a Jewish sect, a member of it. Christianity is the expansion of this Jewish Essene sect, which then, in order to survive among Europeans, implemented European Pagan elements – and wherever necessary – destroyed and killed resistance. The Jews realized the potential of this deadly poison and applied it to us. The Essenes had their difficulties with the other Jewish cults but they never rejected the core element of Judaism – they never hated them entirely.

What in the fuck has the conflict between two Jewish sects got to do with You, the European?

Nothing. Is this so difficult to realize? Is this so difficult to admit to yourself? Listen, take a deep breath. Say : Nothing. Learn to say : No. Christianity has nothing to do with Europe. It has nothing to do with your Spirit, Soul or Culture. Everything you hate about Communism is the basis of Jewish Essenism, which is the basis of Jewish Christianity. The Jew Josephus in Chapter 8 of “The Jewish War”, states the following :

For there are three philosophical sects among the Jews. The followers of the first of which are the Pharisees; of the second, the Sadducees; and the third sect, which pretends to a severer discipline, are called Essenes. These last are Jews by birth, and seem to have a greater affection for each other than other sects have.

And your Christianity comes from it. Hell, the Rosicrucians themselves openly say that they are based upon the Essene cult! Every single Christian holiday is Pagan European. The confession booth comes from Babylon. The Flood story of the Bible comes from Sumeria and Babylon. All of the early Christian saints were Slavic Gods, re-named and re-used for Christianity. Nuns are non-existent in the Bible.

Jews did not celebrate birthdays as that would be people-worship and therefore a Sin. Your birthday of Jesus is made up as well. Everything about that Jewish religion of Christianity is – made up. A Pharisee, Paul, picked up the Essene Jesus story and created Christianity. Do you even comprehend what your life should look like if you were to follow the Bible and the Essene cult of Christianity? Let me picture it for you : No idols, no images, no property, no family, no emotions – an ugly, bland, colorless, emotionless world. Since Television is basically “motion pictures”, it falls into the category of sin as well – especially the worship of Celebrities. All you have to do is watch the movie Equilibrium – this is the ultimate end goal of your religion. Repeat with me : I am not a Christian.

You did not sell all you have. You don’t plan to abandon your Family. You don’t plan on allowing Evil to destroy this world. You do not plan to live in complete poverty and celibacy. You do not think that we are all the same and entirely equal. You do not regard the Jews as Chosen people of anything. You do not worship Jesus nor the Jewish fake God of idiocy. You – are not a Christian.

For being a Christian implies that you are, as the New Testament says, a “seed of Abraham”. That you are part of the Jewish “root Tree”. These are not my words, this is not my theory, this is not my imagination, this is what your fucking book says. Therefore, take a god damn mirror now – watch yourself deeply – look into your own eyes, get lost in them and finally release this spell which has been put upon you, say it with full heart, mind and soul : I am not Christian. I have never been Christian. I will never be a Christian. Stop playing an act. Stop lying to yourself. Take back control of your own Self. Become an Aryan again. Burn the Jewish indoctrination that blinded you through Fear. Stop believing in a literal Jewish drama between two Jewish sects.

Fuck them. Both of them. All of them. Now look at the world and realize how far this idiotic lie of the Jews has gone and come to. All secret societies are based upon it. All revolutions and ideologies have been based upon it. You read in the last article “The Plague of Democracy” how all of it is based on Judaism and the Jews – Democracy, Christianity, Communism, Bolshevism, Feminism, Liberalism, Marxism, Internationalism, Globalism, Capitalism – it all comes from them, their worldview, their “spirituality”, their lies. It has infected and infested the entire fucking planet and it is about damn time that we got rid of it all. And the only cure for it is the absolute Truth and nothing but the absolute Truth – this means that you have to face Evil, know Evil – so that you are able to identify and destroy it as well. Such a difficult task can only be accomplished by the Aryan Will, Heart, Mind and Soul.

It is therefore absolutely clear why the Jews wish to genocide and exterminate the White European Aryan Race from the face of the Earth. If they accomplish this, if they succeed in it – no one will ever again be able to see through their lies, their deception, their theater. The world will then truly become a stage. An artificial collaboration of lies and hypnosis – with people running around believing they are trans-chickens and trans-cats. A world in which the Jews will sell to the masses a hologram of a Jewish prophet who will tell them to submit to “God’s Chosen” and to kill all non-believers. People cry after watching Hollywood movies. People cry on Easter because of the Jew Jesus. And I basically already have a god damn tattoo of a face palm on my forehead.