US considering leaving Human Rights Council – report

The United States reportedly could leave the United Nations Human Rights Council in protest of the body’s actions in general, and specifically its treatment of Israel.

Last week, America’s Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley called out the Human Rights Council for “breathtaking double standards” and “outrageously biased resolutions” against Israel, during a press conference after her first meeting with the UN Security Council.

And Haley’s opposition to the UNHRC may amount to more than just words, according to a Politico report Saturday night.

“There’s been a series of requests coming from the secretary of state’s office that suggests that [Secretary of State Rex Tillerson] is questioning the value of the US belonging to the Human Rights Council,” a former official was quoted as saying.

Citing two well-connected sources, the report said that one of the main reasons behind the US entertaining the option of leaving the UN body was its treatment of the Jewish state, which Haley described as unfair. But there are other issues as well, notably the oft-heard criticism that countries accused of gross human rights violations have been given seats on the 47-member council.

A view of the Security Council Chamber as Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein (shown on screen), UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, addresses via video conference the Council's open debate on the victims of attacks and abuses on ethnic or religious grounds in the Middle East on 27 March 2015 in New York. (UN photo)

From 2013 to 2016, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and Cuba all were members of the council, despite there being accusations of human rights violations against all of them.

The council also drew criticism in March 2012 for facilitating an event in which a representative of the Palestinian Hamas terror group was invited to speak.

Should US President Donald Trump’s administration opt out of the UNHRC, it wouldn’t be the first to shun the body.

When the UNHRC was created out of the discredited UN Human Rights Commission in 2006, then-US president George W. Bush refused to join the new group, believing that it would lack credibility and that, like its predecessor, it would allow human right violators to become members.

In 2009, president Barack Obama reversed that decision, hoping to improve the UNHRC.

“With others, we will engage in the work of improving the UN human rights system,” then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton said at the time.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson waits for a meeting with Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir (not in picture) at the Steigenberger Hotel in Bad Neuenahr, western Germany, February 16, 2017. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP)

Spokespeople for Tillerson and the US State Department did not respond to the Politico report.

However, it did not seem that the decision to drop out of the council would be made immediately.

“Our delegation will be fully involved in the work of the HRC session which starts Monday,” State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said.

Last week, Haley, the UN ambassador blasted the council for failing to discuss issues such as the buildup of illegal Hezbollah weapons, provided by Iran; strategies for defeating the Islamic State terror group; or holding holding Bashar Assad accountable for the slaughter of Syrian civilians.

“Instead,” she told reporters, “the meeting focused on criticizing Israel — the one true democracy in the Middle East. I am new around here, but I understand that’s how the council has operated month after month for decades.”

She added, “I‘m here to emphasize — the United States will stand up to the UN‘s anti-Israel bias. Instead, we will push for action on the real threats we face in the Middle East.”

On Friday, a spokesperson for the High Commissioner for Human Rights, which supervises the council, castigated Israel’s handling of the Elor Azaria case, in which an Israeli soldier was sentenced to 18 months in prison for shooting dead an incapacitated Palestinian assailant.

“We are deeply disturbed at the lenient sentence given by the Tel Aviv Military Court earlier this week to an Israeli soldier convicted of unlawfully killing a wounded Palestinian in an apparent extrajudicial execution of an unarmed man who clearly posed no imminent threat,” said Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, at a press conference in Geneva.

In response, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said the Human Rights’ Council was “a council not on human rights but on hatred of Israel.”

The Jewish state has long accused the UN of having a double standard, and the US has traditionally vetoed Security Council resolutions it sees as one-sided against Israel. In November, however, the US withheld its veto on a resolution terming the West Bank settlements illegal, allowing the measure to pass and drawing an angry response from Jerusalem.


Democrats Elect Thomas Perez, Establishment Favorite, as Party Chairman

ATLANTA — Former Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee on Saturday, narrowly defeating Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota to take the helm of a still-divided party stunned by President Trump’s victory but hopeful that it can ride the backlash against his presidency to revival.

The balloting, which carried a measure of suspense not seen in the party in decades, revealed that Democrats have yet to heal the wounds from last year’s presidential primary campaign. Mr. Perez, buoyed by activists most loyal to former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, won with 235 votes out of 435 cast on the second ballot.

Mr. Ellison, who was lifted primarily by the liberal enthusiasts of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, captured the remaining 200 votes. But that was only after he had pushed the voting to a second round after Mr. Perez fell a single vote short of winning on the first ballot.

After Mr. Perez’s victory was announced, Mr. Ellison’s supporters exploded in anger and drowned out the interim chairwoman, Donna Brazile, with a chant of “Party for the people, not big money!” When Mr. Perez was able to speak, he immediately called for Mr. Ellison to be named deputy chairman, delighting Mr. Ellison’s supporters.

Taking the microphone from Mr. Perez, Mr. Ellison pleaded with his fervent backers: “We don’t have the luxury to walk out of this room divided.”

In his victory speech, Mr. Perez played down what he called “the robust discussions in the Democratic Party.” “We’re all going to continue to be united in our values,” he said, calling the party’s “big tent” an asset.

Mr. Perez, 55, the son of Dominican immigrants, is the first Latino chairman of the Democratic Party. He was reared in Buffalo and has held a series of state and federal government jobs, most recently as Mr. Obama’s labor secretary.

Despite his limited experience in electoral politics, his calls for rebuilding the grass-roots and fostering a party that “makes house calls again” appealed to the party insiders who have watched as the House, the Senate and finally the presidency slipped away.

Addressing reporters with Mr. Ellison after the election, Mr. Perez vowed to shift the committee from its overriding focus on presidential politics.

“We’re no longer simply the committee that helps elect the president; we’re the committee that helps to ensure we’re electing people up and down the Democratic ticket,” he said, switching to Spanish for a time.

Neither of the two, by this point wearing each other’s campaign buttons, laid out Mr. Ellison’s role at the party, but they intimated that they had discussed joining forces before the vote. Directly appealing to his disappointed supporters, Mr. Ellison said, “If they trust me, they need to come on and trust Tom Perez as well.”

Mr. Ellison, who said he would not quit his House seat for the deputy chairman position, added, “The very fate of our nation, I believe, is in the balance right now.”


Keith Ellison was named deputy chairman after his narrow loss to Thomas Perez for the chairmanship.CreditKevin D. Liles for The New York Times

Mr. Trump used a lighter tone in offering up his response to the Democratic National Committee’s election. “Congratulations to Thomas Perez, who has just been named Chairman of the DNC,” the president wrote on Twitter. “I could not be happier for him, or for the Republican Party!”

Mr. Perez’s victory was the culmination of a more than three-month campaign that began when Democrats were still shellshocked over losing the presidential race. All of the major candidates argued against any turn toward moderation, and they shared the same strategic vision for reviving a national committee and state parties that had withered under Mr. Obama.

What was expected to be a robust debate over the way forward for a party shut out of power across much of the country was soon diminished by the larger, more immediate matter of Mr. Trump’s almost daily provocations and the raging backlash to his hard-line agenda.

Entering the race immediately after Mr. Trump’s win, Mr. Ellison, a prominent surrogate for Mr. Sanders in the presidential primary race, quickly won support from him and other leading liberals. Allies of Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton and other establishment-aligned Democrats soon began casting about for an alternative. In December, Mr. Perez entered the fray, quickly winning praise from Mr. Obama and endorsements from a number of governors.

While voting members of the party are more closely linked to the establishment wing, Mr. Ellison kept the race close by consolidating liberals and picking up support from mainstream Democrats such as the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer of New York.

Mr. Perez, though, got a lift in the final days of the contest when the South Carolina Democratic Party chairman, Jaime Harrison, withdrew from the race and threw his support to him. Mr. Perez’s allies said they had enough votes to win on the first ballot, but a single committee member somehow missed the vote.

And Mr. Ellison’s effort was hurt when one of his aides sent a group text message to the committee members claiming that Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., who withdrew from the race before the first vote, had endorsed him, only to send a subsequent message with “CORRECTION” in capital letters acknowledging that Mr. Buttigieg had not.

The initial anger from Mr. Ellison’s supporters after the final results were announced was deeply embarrassing to party officials. Former Mayor R. T. Rybak of Minneapolis, the departing vice chairman of the committee, had to wade into the section of jeering activists to quiet them so Mr. Perez could announce his appointment of Mr. Ellison as his deputy.

Party chairman races have in recent years been tidier affairs, with trailing candidates often withdrawing before the election takes place. Indeed, Saturday’s vote marked the first time in over three decades that the outcome of a vote for chairman was unknown when the balloting began.

The attention of Democrats will now turn to a handful of special congressional elections and a pair of promising governor’s races this November in New Jersey and Virginia. But the most significant task ahead for Mr. Perez will come in 2018, when Democrats face a daunting Senate map, a more favorable House landscape and 36 governor’s races, many of which will help determine which party is best positioned to redraw legislative lines after the next census.

This year’s contest was shadowed by the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computer system last year by Russian intelligence services. That resulted in the disclosure that the party, under Mr. Obama’s handpicked chairwoman, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, had sought to undermine Mr. Sanders’s candidacy.

Despite that prologue, the race was largely free of vitriol. It was so amiable, in fact, that Mr. Perez and Mr. Ellison shared dinner last week at a Washington restaurant. And after the news conference in Atlanta, they were seen exchanging cellphone numbers.

The two leading candidates recognized that committee members had little appetite to relive a Clinton-versus-Sanders race on a smaller scale.

To say nothing of the Trump-induced harmony. “President Trump is a pretty easy guy to work against for Democrats,” said William Shaheen, a veteran New Hampshire Democrat.

Cosmopolitan Utopia & Globalization


During the process of globalization in all walks of life, mostly in the fields of culture where we find the most important source of national and state identity in which strong tendencies of unification are present, the process imposes a form of depersonalization and a false value system.

The modern world is faced with attempts at mondialization and the globalist project, which aims to create a uniform model of the world, without tradition, identity, religion and historical memory. The ideologists of globalization propagated the theory of cosmopolitan culture and identity. Under such culture and identity, consider a world in which all differences between disappearing traditions, nations, and religions. In that type of world they create a universal language and a unique cosmopolitan culture, canceling their identity. The cosmopolitan culture and value system is moving in the direction from West to East and from North to South.

Proponents of cosmopolitan culture and identity deny any diversity of national identities, cultures, traditions and religions, stressing that cosmopolitan culture extends all local horizons, particularly emphasizing how it shapes similar thoughts, tastes, styles, diet (McDonald’s), clothing, etc.

Cosmopolitanism is primarily a feature of the West. Some authors (Peter L. Berger, et al) view cosmopolitanism as “Davos culture” (World Economic Forum in Davos) , since the Davos people control all international institutions. The so-called “Democratic ” global order creates a ‘hard exterior shell’ by force, with the aim of imposing Western values, lifestyles and cultural models. Such an order creates the intersection and meeting of the cultural and spiritual interaction, allegedly creating mutual respect for difference and acceptance of the significance of universal values.

All traditional values: ideas about morality, honor, loyalty and duty that the peoples of the past held, are sharply replaced with the western individualistic, rationalistic and self-centered view of the world. Most people in this world listen to Western style music, dress according to their fashion, and they become mere imitation. When a nation with a rich tradition and long history accepts the influence of the West, it has lost all the advantages that allowed them to exist on the world stage. So, to all the people who want to preserve inner freedom, they must first save and identify the fundamental values that form the core of their community, and their religious and ethnic entities.

Cosmopolitan and globalist tendencies unifying values of national culture come from the West, mainly from American intellectual circles acting from a position of ideology, globalism and neo-imperialism. The theory of cosmopolitan utopia is based on the thesis that Western culture is the foundation of world culture, so that people around the world need to accept “Western values” embodying everything that mankind has created that is most valuable, most enlightened, most liberal, and most civilized. The dream of a cosmopolitan utopia has the strongest effect in the United States, which is a national and cultural conglomerate, where there are strong tendencies of creating a culture of universal models that are transferred to other countries and other civilizations.

Proponents of globalism and cosmopolitanism consider the imposition of Western values system as a necessary modernization of old cultures. They do not take into account that traditional peoples can modernize without embracing Western cultural models and values. Mondialist ideas of universal culture and cosmopolitan identity is an attempt to justify Western domination over other companies. Mondialists advocating for a global culture especially emphasize its role towards the transformation of local folklore into a cosmopolitan interpretation. This is the global culture and a new “folklore” of America – Negro jazz , Italian canzone and tropical rhythms all united. They create their own cultural heroes in the form of film and sports stars.

There is a fierce resistance from the individual states and nations where there is that tendency towards the globalist denial of national identity and the traditional value systems. This resistance is sincerely manifested in Islamic and Orthodox societies where globalism, the idea of enslaving free nations, is seen as an attempt to threaten their identity, culture and traditions. Where the “American Dream”, liberalism and globalism do progress, the traditions, religious values and identity are stagnating.

Israel prevents EU lawmakers from Gaza entry

Five European parliamentarians said Wednesday that Israeli authorities prevented them from entering the Gaza Strip.

“The refusal of access to Gaza by the Israeli authorities to the European Parliament on arbitrary grounds is unacceptable,” Cypriot MEP Neoklis Sylikiotis said in a statement.

Similar delegations of European lawmakers have been barred from entering the Palestinian coastal enclave since 2011, the statement added, though a team led by the head of the European Parliament’s budget committee was allowed to visit once.

“What is there to hide from us?” Sylikiotis said, condemning what he called “systematic” entry bans.

Cyprian MEP Neoklis Sylikiotis 2107 (Screen capture: YouTube)

Israel, which controls all access to Gaza apart from its southern border with Egypt, explained that parliamentarians were not among those allowed to enter the Hamas-run territory.

“Israeli policy allows professional and humanitarian officials to cross between Israel and the Gaza Strip for the development of the Gaza Strip in the field of economy and infrastructure, in addition to foreign diplomats serving in the Palestinian Authority or Israel,” the defense ministry body responsible for approving entry told AFP.

Sylikiotis dismissed the explanations as “unacceptable,” and called on the international community to pressure Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza.

On Tuesday the delegation visited Israel’s Ofer Prison in the West Bank, where Palestinian security prisoners are held, and Sylikiotis took to Twitter to criticize Israel for jailing minors.

The European Union is the largest donor of financial aid to the Palestinians.

Israel says its maritime, land and sea blockade of Gaza is aimed at preventing Hamas from receiving weapons and supplies which could be used for military purposes. An Islamist terror group, Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007, seeks the destruction of Israel, and has fought three wars with the Jewish state since 2008.

The World Bank and the United Nations say the decade-long blockade of Gaza has killed virtually all exports and severely damaged the enclave’s economy.

The blockade, coupled with the almost permanent closure of the Egyptian border, impacts almost all the two million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

Trump Administration Rescinds Rules on Bathrooms for Transgender Students

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Wednesday rescinded protections for transgender students that had allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity, overruling his own education secretary and placing his administration firmly in the middle of the culture wars that many Republicans have tried to leave behind.

In a joint letter, the top civil rights officials from the Justice Department and the Education Department rejected the Obama administration’s position that nondiscrimination laws require schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice.

That directive, they said, was improperly and arbitrarily devised, “without due regard for the primary role of the states and local school districts in establishing educational policy.”

The question of how to address the “bathroom debate,” as it has become known, opened a rift inside the Trump administration, pitting Education Secretary Betsy DeVos against Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Mr. Sessions, who had been expected to move quickly to roll back the civil rights expansions put in place under his Democratic predecessors, wanted to act decisively because of two pending court cases that could have upheld the protections and pushed the government into further litigation.

But Ms. DeVos initially resisted signing off and told Mr. Trump that she was uncomfortable because of the potential harm that rescinding the protections could cause transgender students, according to three Republicans with direct knowledge of the internal discussions.


Betsy DeVos, the education secretary, initially resisted signing off on the order and told President Trump that she was uncomfortable with it.CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times

Mr. Sessions, who has opposed expanding gay, lesbian and transgender rights, pushed Ms. DeVos to relent. After getting nowhere, he took his objections to the White House because he could not go forward without her consent. Mr. Trump sided with his attorney general, the Republicans said, and told Ms. DeVos in a meeting in the Oval Office on Tuesday that he wanted her to drop her opposition. And Ms. DeVos, faced with the alternative of resigning or defying the president, agreed to go along.

Ms. DeVos’s unease was evident in a strongly worded statement she released on Wednesday night, in which she said she considered it a “moral obligation” for every school in America to protect all students from discrimination, bullying and harassment.

She said she had directed the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights to investigate all claims of such treatment “against those who are most vulnerable in our schools,” but also argued that bathroom access was not a federal matter.

Gay rights supporters made their displeasure clear. Outside the White House, several hundred people protested the decision, chanting, “No hate, no fear, trans students are welcome here.”

Individual schools will remain free to let transgender students use the bathrooms with which they are most comfortable. And the effect of the administration’s decision will not be immediate because a federal court had already issued a nationwide injunction barring enforcement of the Obama order.

The dispute highlighted the degree to which transgender rights issues, which Mr. Trump expressed sympathy for during the campaign, continue to split Republicans, even as many in the party argue that it is time to move away from social issues and focus more on bread-and-butter pocketbook concerns.

Within the administration, it also threatened to become another distraction for Mr. Trump after a tumultuous first month in office. And it showed how Mr. Trump, who has taken a more permissive stance on gay rights and same-sex marriage than many of his fellow Republicans, is bowing to pressure from the religious right and contradicting his own personal views.

Social conservatives, one of Mr. Trump’s most loyal constituencies, applauded him for honoring a pledge he had made to them during the campaign. They had argued that former President Barack Obama’s policy would allow potential sexual predators access to bathrooms and create an unsafe environment for children.

“The federal government has absolutely no right to strip parents and local schools of their rights to provide a safe learning environment for children,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.

But supporters of transgender rights said the Trump administration was acting recklessly and cruelly. “The consequences of this decision will no doubt be heartbreaking,” said Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign. “This isn’t a states’ rights issue; it’s a civil rights issue.”

Bathroom access emerged as a major and divisive issue last March when North Carolina passed a bill barring transgender people from using bathrooms that do not match the sex on their birth certificate. It was part of a broader bill eliminating anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender people.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues became a point of attack for opponents of Ms. DeVos’s nomination last month, as Democrats questioned her about the extensive financial support that some of her relatives — part of her wealthy and politically active Michigan family — had provided to anti-gay causes. Ms. DeVos distanced herself from her relatives on the issue, saying their political activities did not represent her views.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushed the administration to rescind the Obama-era policy.CreditAl Drago/The New York Times

While Wednesday’s order significantly rolls back transgender protections, it does include language stating that schools must protect transgender students from bullying, a provision Ms. DeVos asked for, one person with direct knowledge of the process said.

“All schools must ensure that students, including L.G.B.T. students, are able to learn and thrive in a safe environment,” the letter said, echoing Ms. DeVos’s comments at her confirmation hearing but not expressly using the word transgender. Ms. DeVos, who has been quietly supportive of gay rights for years, was said to have voiced her concern about the high rates of suicide among transgender students. In one 2016 study by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, for instance, 30 percent reported a history of at least one suicide attempt.

Mr. Trump appears to have been swayed by conservatives in his administration who reminded him that he had promised during the campaign to leave the question of bathroom use to the states.

But he had given conflicting signals on the issue, and on gay rights more broadly. He said last April, for instance, that he supported the right of transgender people to “use the bathroom they feel is appropriate,” and added that Caitlyn Jenner, perhaps the most famous transgender person in the country, could use whichever bathroom at Trump Tower she wanted. He has also called the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage settled law. “And I’m fine with that,” he told CBS News after the November election.

Despite his personal views, Mr. Trump’s decisions in office have been consistently conservative on social issues. And he has shown considerable deference to the religious right, naming many religious conservatives to top cabinet posts and pledging to fight for religious freedom protections and restrictions on abortion.

The Justice Department is eager to move quickly in laying out its legal position on transgender policy, to avoid confusion in cases moving through the courts.

The dispute has underscored the influence that Mr. Sessions, an early and ardent supporter of Mr. Trump, is likely to exercise over domestic policy. As someone who has a long record of opposing efforts to broaden federal protections on a range of matters under his purview — immigration, voting rights and gay rights, for example — he has moved quickly to set the Justice Department on a strikingly different course than his predecessors in the Obama administration.

Staged Deception: Melbourne Car Attack Summarized



By Russ Winter of The New Nationalist

The narrative of the Jan. 20 car attack in Melbourne, Australia, involves one 26-year-old Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas. Par for course, we have yet another individual self-describing himself on Facebook as “Greek Islamic Kurdish.” The media apparently didn’t get the Muslim demonization memo and called him a “Greek-Tongan Australian.” There was the standard mental-health narrative as well. In the days before the attack, Gargasoulas is said to have posted messages on Facebook about “religion, God, Satan, heaven and hell.”

Reports claim Gargasoulas car was driven into pedestrians in the CBD of Melbourne. Six people were allegedly killed and at least 30 others wounded. The perp was arrested.

There are far too many of these staged-deception incidents nowadays for even my readers to spend much time on it. The following clip is a solid analysis and runs 29 minutes. But a condensed version of this black-magic strangeness is about all you need to see in order to grasp what transpired.

  • Start at 1:30, view Gargasoulas driving donuts in the intersection as a crowd and police gawk. Police do nothing. For some reason, three gray unmarked police cars are present and as if choreographed eventually give chase.
  • Notice at 2:20 that a man in blue shows up and begins signalling and directing.
  • At 2:40 and in the midst of this craziness, a skate boarder and other pedestrians cross the street without a care in the world.
  • You can stop at 3:10 and skip to 7:25 for the “low-speed chase.”
  • At 8:00, the “mad driver”enters the pedestrian footpath where the casualties allegedly occur. Focus especially on CCTV footage starting at 9:45 and go to full screen. The footage of him driving through the crowd is at 10:00. End at 12:00. Do you see anybody being hit by the automobile, let alone six  fatalities and 30 with injuries? Looks like stunt driving. 
  • See end of the line and wrecked car at 20:00, including oddly enough a smashed car roof. At no point is any footage whatsoever provided of pedestrians being hit by the vehicle.

TNN verdict: A fraud beyond the pale.


The Artificial Future


In order to truly understand where our world is heading towards, one has to understand what exactly the Jewish consciousness represents and what their idea, their mission, their end goal is. Many of you already understand this, some perhaps partially, others entirely. Many will stumble unto this article for the first time, and as per usual, we have to go through some of the basics for those individuals. Nevertheless, this repetition of our knowledge and understanding is never a bad thing – quite the opposite – it empowers your ability to handle this Jewish question in conversations and analogies of the future. Think of it as training a certain style with a sword, as exercising your precision with a weapon, as drawing dozens of sketches before finally coming up with the satisfying end result.

We are training our minds, our bodies, our souls to combat, fight, comprehend and understand the Jew and everything that involves and encompasses him. We are observing and learning the way our enemy behaves, the way they think, the way they act, walk and talk. We are noticing patterns, reactions, moments of weakness and elements which scare them. If you have read my articles so far, you probably have by now a Grand Master-like understanding of the Jew : you know him inside-out. You understand his Propaganda, his Vocabulary, his Philosophy (if you can call it that way), his Degeneracy, his Influences, his various Scriptures from the Bible onward – you are aware of all the various societies and ideologies the Jew has created and infested – you are a truly born Aryan Warrior trained to recognize, identify and resist the Jew.

And this resistance of the Jew is the very crucial part of this entire struggle and fight. The ability to withstand whatever the Jew tries to throw at you – whether that be scientific nonsense, whether that be retarded belief systems, upside-down unnatural ideologies and movements – whether that be guilt, self-hatred and various similar emotional parasites of your soul : it is this resistance which defines your ability to fight and stand strong against the Jew. In the end, the Jew doesn’t care whether you have fallen to only feminism or to a wide-spread attack of various such ideologies – the important thing is that at least one of these infestations has begun to spread within you – that there exists its seed which is going to, slowly but surely, grow into a complete indoctrination of your own Self.

It is this indoctrination, a term we have described before in detail, that is the biggest danger we face.

Some of its types may seem harmless, insignificant, or good at certain times – benevolent even! And it is those indoctrinations, those infestations, which ensure the Jew direct control over you – ironically, this direct control comes from the shadows, the hidden hand, in an indirect way. However, one must realize that all these indoctrinations, all these Jewish manifestations are entirely artificial. Let us just remind ourselves of what the Jews have sold to our people in the last 70 years in short :

All Races are entirely equal, yet the White Race, solely by its existence, oppresses the other Races – as the Jew Ignatiev has told us. That everyone is Equal, yet White people are privileged for being able to create their own Nations. That Males and Females are entirely Equal, yet there exist over 60 types of Genders which are somehow, someway each special and unique and require their special and unique labels. That homosexuality is normal and as of lately that pedophilia is also normal. There are laws being passed which claim that necrophilia and bestiality are normal and sexualization of little children from their kindergarten days is being performed. In Greece, the studying of Ancient Greek culture is going to be replaced by social justice studies, gender studies, sexual studies and homosexuality studies, as suggested by “Greek educational authorities”.

These are just few of the many artificial things that Jews have sold to our youth in the last decade. On top of this we have to include the never ending religious and spiritual attempt of telling us how we are all One, whether that be in Jesus, God, a Consciousness, an Architect – it doesn’t matter – meanwhile, however, the Jews are a Special people of this “One God”, explicitly chosen by him to turn the rest of the world into mindless drones operated by all these various Artificial strings and elements. Jews tell us that Borders and Nations do not exist, that European ethnicities are non-existent and, as of lately, even claim that Europeans are not the native, indigenous people of Europe. I’m sure you are all quite familiar with all the quotes, memes, images and articles that are associated with the things we are listing here. It is not us making this up, it is the Jews themselves saying and doing these things.

The Jews are selling one Artificial construct after the other. They are creating a Fake and Artificial world by laying one Artificial layer on top of the other. Sooner or later, the people will forget what Truth is, what Reality really looks like and will lose their touch not only with common sense, but also with Nature.

After all, Jews will tell you that White people are simply a Social construct and that by destroying this “Construct”, in other words White people, there will be “peace on Earth” – in other words – there won’t exist any Force which can Resist and Fight against the Jews. You really think that Somalians one day will group up and fight the Jews? You really think that race-mixed people with a high concentration of that Somalian DNA and Blood will be able to fight Jews? Are you taking the piss? And, as per usual, instead of debating and understanding the threat people like us represent for the Jew, the Jew will point a condemning finger and say : See! He claims that everyone is not Equal! He claims that there are Racial differences! He claims to be somehow special by being able to fight the Evil which we are supposedly spreading!

All this while carrying a Bible in which it says that Jews are God’s Chosen people, chosen above all the rest of the World to represent him. All this while in that same Bible it says that the Jews must kill and destroy everyone else in order to make sure that their God remains the only God, the only Element of Worship and that everyone else who will be allowed to keep on living and exist will bow down to them and become their willing and eternal slave. Again, this is, in short, the Jewish mission of the Bible – this is their dream, their end goal – this is their Artificial view of this world. We have analyzed how the Jews themselves say that Nature is the complete anti-thesis of the Bible, it is in opposition to everything which the Jews are doing.

And how wouldn’t it be? There is no equality in Nature. There is no democracy in Nature. There is no social justice in Nature. In Nature every Species resists slavery, it resists submission, it resists death as long as it can, it secures it future, it builds its own home if capable, it has its own land which it control with borders if strong enough, and so on. The Jew, as a Virus in Human form however, faces one dramatic difficulty in comparison with other Viruses and Parasites. In many cases they merely have to manage to stick to another animal and suck its blood until fed. However, in the Human form, Jews have to create belief systems, artificial ideologies and control their victims through emotions, words, talk, hypnosis and indoctrination – in order to remain safe and sound – while leeching on the life essence of their hosts and victims.

One such artificial construct was Usury.

Not only was Usury an important Jewish invention, but also the idea of the Middle Man. One such modern representation of the Middle Man are the Real estate agents – who needs them? If I have a house which I want to sell, there are only two people required in that process : Me, the seller, and You, the buyer. Somehow, this Middle Man idea has convinced the people that there is a need for a Real estate agent and this person is also taking in usually an unnecessary high amount of money for the “services” he offers. The same is true for the Bank, as you can already imagine. But, there is another “Middle Man” that has been sold to the European soul as a key element of his existence : Jesus.

Our people have been convinced that this middle man is necessary for their salvation. That only through him can they even begin to think of a spiritual life, let alone experience. As you can see, the Jew has created yet another artificial element, a link, a construct, which has only one purpose : to rob you of your self-determination, your self-reliance and self-development. After all, the Jew Jesus tells you, doesn’t he, to give up your Self in order to follow him and his father Yahweh. And it is always by the same principle of “Liberation” that the Jew is creating his artificial construct, whether that be a spiritual, material (physical) or technological construct – doesn’t really matter. They key characteristic of it must be its seeming offer of liberation which will essentially end up being your doom and destruction.

It must have been quite liberating for people at a certain point in time to have a place where they could simply go and take loans and attempt their luck at various things, hoping to be able to make the best of this loan and return to the Jew the agreed upon interest. But, all of this was merely yet another Casino. The House is not designed to lose, neither is the Jew going to allow you to abuse his system without him getting anything out of it. After giving out loans, all the Jew had to do was make sure that certain people would fail in their mission. In the Spiritual realm, the taxation through Religion was not enough for the Jew – he had to acquire free land and property as well : hence why many deluded Christians would sell all they have in order to gain “entrance into the Jewish heaven” and, one day when Jesus returns, be accepted into Eternity.

All of these are artificial constructs, lies and deceptions, harvesting upon the foolishness and naivety of people.

The idea of artificial control leads us to the idea of programming people, or as we usually call this, indoctrinating people. But, for the moment let us stick to the term programming, as it will be easier for you to envision what we shall point out next. You all know by know that Jews have convinced Black Africans that they were Egyptians – even though they didn’t have a proper written language, never constructed anything above a mud house, never had the wheel, in some areas even no fire – never had words for anything that the Egyptian Civilization represented. The Jews programmed Blacks to believe that they were Pharaohs. The Jews also programmed Blacks to believe that they were enslaved and brought into America by White people instead of Jews themselves; they also programmed them to believe that Whites, who are bending over to help them, are oppressing them. The list goes on and on, with the ultimate idiocy being that both Jews and Arabs programmed Blacks to become Muslims, even though it states in the Quran that “Black people are of Satan.”

Obviously, one can understand that Jews can program Black people to believe literally anything. They can create artificial constructs of them however they like. They accomplished the same thing with the Arabian people and turned the entire Middle East practically into a lunacy asylum, conquered by yet another Jewish Abrahamic religion. Most of the Indian population represents non-Aryan people which are quite similar to Africans and therefore represent no resistance to the Jewish artificial programming. Jews conquered the Asian people, excluding Japan for the time being, within one strike through Communism and put into submission almost all of their population. Submission, as you may have noticed, plays a crucial role in the Jewish Worldview and in the Abrahamic faiths – as they like to call it – it is a “willing” submission to the “Lord”; one becomes a “willing” servant of his “Will”; and loves him in fear.

Only White people, still to this day, have not entirely fallen for this programming, this indoctrination and have a natural tendency to resist it and see through it. Alas, we cannot really speak boldly about this anymore – a large population of our own people are far beyond hope and repair : lost in one Jewish ideology after the other, lost in Christianity, lost in the Bible, lost in Liberalism, Democracy, and all these various Jewish layers of the “Mouth of Israel”. Some even believe to be “the real Jews”, the same way some Blacks also believe. The White Race has basically reached rock bottom in many ways. But there still is hope and potential, we still may be able to plant the anti-dote, the seed of light within our people who will then be able to stand up and resist this Jewish domination.

Otherwise, the Artificial vision of the Jewish Future is going to destroy this planet.

I think I said this once before somewhere, but if there was life on Mars then it had to cease to exist because Jews existed on that planet as well. It had to die because no one had the will, the courage and the fortitude to stop the Artificial construct of the Jews. In our modern day times, we learn how the Jews wish to take over our minds, our perception and our very thoughts. In the old times they did so by overriding everything that was Natural primarily through belief. They had to convince you through belief, repetition, sensation and talk. Of course, these same tactics are being used today, but the application of Mass Media and of Technology, on top of their Control of Education and Society, has granted them an entirely new layer of Domination.

We are talking about a future where they will have microchips implanted into every human being, enabling them to track you down at any given point in time. We are talking about them being able to follow and direct every possible transfer that you make, to follow every possible thought you might have. They will directly import advertisement into your visual perception and will control your movement through it. They already are controlling your education and the Truth through it by making only those things which they regard as “true” be represented as “Truth”. It takes, basically, one single generation to destroy the freedom, identity and intelligence of a population.

Just as in the case of Egypt, where you have some Black-African sculptures appear in the last days of Egypt as it was dying through forced multi-culturalism, so you have today the same happening with the White race everywhere. They are replacing us with non-Whites and using their faces to represent our People and Nations – you have seen this happening on your local News Stations, on your College campuses, in your Sports teams, in Movies, in History, on Google searches, in Music, in Art – literally everywhere. One day, White people will simply represent a made up fantastical creature, they will be regarded as the Elves of Nordic mythology. They are erasing our history.

Milan Huebl

The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster.

The very first act of liquidation was applied by the Jewish-Semitic invasion of our lands through Christianity. Only a fool, at this point in time, will refuse to accept this. It killed everything European, burned our libraries, killed our culture and most intelligent people, destroyed our history and tried to erase everything of it from the face of the earth. They didn’t succeed entirely, but they did a pretty impressive job. They wrote new books, in most cases Jews themselves were now writing books about “Europe” or newly converted Christian lunatics were doing so, bringing with them and through them the desired Jewish worldview and spirit.

One people after the other ceased to exist. One racial bond after the other was betrayed. What was once sacred became a demonic sin which had to be purged, killed and destroyed. Once the entire population of Europe had been finally put under this Jewish spell, once it was submitted to its worldview, the Jew began importing new artificial layers upon it – one after the other – every single one more destructive to our existence than the one before. Judaism is the Cup, Christianity is the Water in that Cup. Or poison, I might say. And as the years passed, this Water was turned into a Cocktail which would eventually drug our people and leave them in an intoxicated state of mind. More!, they demanded. More of this “Liberating poison!”; and here we are, in the 21st century, witnessing where this Jewish poison has brought us.

An artificial world of social, material, spiritual and existential constructs. Of hundreds of thousands of laws, regulations and licenses. You are not free. None of us is currently free. You must be careful about what you say, what gestures you do, how you express your emotions in certain situations – everything is being observed, everything is being analyzed by the Jews. And if you ever become enlightened enough, aware enough, to actually figure out that the Jews are behind all the Evils of this World, that they are our Misfortune, the Source of our Misery – then you are to be dealt with one way or the other soon enough or at least to be denied any influence which might cause the spreading of Truth among people.

And all of this was long ago written in all of the Jewish scriptures : The Bible, Talmud, Zohar, Kabbalah.

You see, the Jewish God never was omnipotent, all-knowing, all-powerful. They sold you this idiotic idea. He couldn’t even find Adam and Eve in the garden. He was denied many times, admits himself that there are other Gods out there which he wishes to defeat alongside their people. In all of the Bible you are told many times that this Jewish God is only their God and that he is the God who took them out of Egypt. How can any non-Jew follow this bullshit? Well, that is where the artificial link of Jesus came in, abusing and using non-Jews which would create the Jewish kingdom for them.

And what would the Jewish kingdom finally be? Their absolute domination and control of the entire World. This is the Biblical dream of the Jewish Bible. Absolute power and control. You will read inside of this manuscript that one day the Jews hope for their God to become “One” and the “Only” God who will conquer all the other Gods and their people. Their “God” is yet another artificial construct in the making. If this “God” created everything, including Nature, how can Nature then be the anti-thesis of the Jewish Bible, Jewish Laws and the Jewish God? He didn’t make it. He is going to make a Jewish artificial planet – it is in the making. This is why the Jews dream of a world in which “the lion will sit beside the lamb” – Jews wish to re-create the entire Universe, they actually hate the way life currently is, they actually hate what the Creator has Created. However, one might argue that if Nature was also “Created” that it is essentially also : Artificial. Jews therefore believe that all non-Jews were created, including Nature and everything else, just and only for their existence : The “Divine” Jews. This sucks out the Sacredness of everything in life, as you might have noticed, which gives you a deeper insight into the Jewish mindset yet again.

The Biblical idea is to “fear” the Jewish God and to “submit” to him and his Chosen people. The idea is that one day only the “marked” will be allowed to live and that they will “serve” the Jewish people willingly and without resistance. The Jewish God will one day become, yes become, omnipotent, all-knowing, everywhere, timeless even – the Jews will, through technology and artificial intelligence, take over your mind, your thoughts, your freedom. You will “fear” the Jewish God, because you will fear having a single “negative”, that is to say, anti-semitic thought which the Artificial intelligence might pick up. You will be chipped and the “Jewish God” will know where you are 24/7. You are watching the Jewish Artificial world unfold in front of your eyes. You are witnessing the Jewish Creation of Yahweh, who started out as an Idea, a Blueprint, then became a Religion, then an Ideology hidden behind various Societies, Cults and Revolutions and will finally evolve into Everything as the Jews take over the planet.

Yahweh is the Collective Jewish consciousness. It is the representation of the Jewish power. It manifests itself in every shape or form and in most cases not directly. The Jews operate and control this power, its message and spread its influence through various propaganda sources, educational systems, religions, movies, societies, etc. They don’t have to directly control it at certain levels, as the drones already indoctrinated do it for them.

And even this entire process is being sold to many people as a “planetary liberation” of “humanity”. They never ever realize what monster, what cabal, what demonic essence they are creating. The Jewish parasite is creating its self-sustaining way of feeding off of this planet, never again having to worry about whether or not its Host will recognize it, identify it and remove it. The more time Jews can manage to buy for themselves in order to achieve this “Globalization”, the more degenerate our world will become. You will live to see levels of degeneracy you wouldn’t have thought of ever in your worst nightmares.

The final act of Jewish Liberation will be the destruction of Truth and the real God within you – the Self which proceeds from its Genetic foundation all the way up to your highest Spiritual and Physical possibilities and development. You won’t have an original thought anymore, for you will be told what to think, what to believe, how to act, talk, behave – and none of this will be based on your Natural and Racial tendencies or characteristics – you will be enslaved without even knowing it.

The people will believe that they are Free, for how can a bird whose wings have been cut off ever understand what flying is? As this insane Jewish Artificial world grows, it will demand more and more observation, protection and enforcement. Eventually, in such a chaotic, destructive and schizophrenic future, the world will finally meet its end. And all that will remain one day is the neutralizing effect to this Jewish Insane Sound of Chaos and Death – a long awaited balance will be brought into existence :

Pure Silence

A Distress Call from Germany


Form a man who was born and raised in an occupied country. What could be worse than being occupied by a foreign force? When people are not even aware of it! When children get raised with lies and false claims about their own history. When people get brainwashed into hating themselves and their own culture. This is exactly what has happened in Germany for over 70 years.

Pick Your Poison: The American Spy-on-Spy Battle for Control


By Russ Winter of The New Nationalist

Former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich was one of the stalwarts of the Democratic progressive movement back when it was anti-war and focused on real issues. Real progressives, such as the ones I knew (and respected) in the Pacific Northwest in the ’90s and early ’00s, don’t really have a voice anymore, having been drowned out by the promoted Hegelian dialectic. In terms of noise and drama, they have been swept aside by severely brainwashed Millennial zombies. Still Kucinich called the latest shit storm thusly:

Whether you’re for Trump or against Trump, the White House is under attack from elements inside the intelligence community, which are trying to elevate tensions between Russia and the U.S., and at the bottom of that is money and an agenda to cash in on conflict!”

As reported, Trump lost his NSA adviser General Flynn to dirty tricks. Flynn promoted a conciliatory approach with Russia, and removing him from the chessboard is a neocon victory. Flynn and his son seemed to be the ones most aware of Pedogate issues.

Par for the course, Trump has reached into his oligarch Rolodex and picked yet another tribe member, Stephen Feinberg, to run a review of the intelligence agency. Feinberg is close to Jared Kushner and, in the past, financial intrigues with Madoff, Enron, etc. Trump has declared that he doesn’t trust the alphabet agencies and especially the Deep State. It doesn’t take much insight or imagination to see this has all the earmarks of a train wreck. Perhaps this is all by design?

Jumping from the frying pan into the fire, Feinberg is literally the “Lord of War.” His Cerberus Capital-run Freedom Group is one of the biggest suppliers of arms and ammunition in the world. This puts the business of and profits from war and conflict into the hands of Wall Street. He also runs private military bases and trains police forces through the Dyncorp subsidiary. Dyncorp trained sheriffs who received green beret-type police and security training under the Israeli police-state model at places such as Fort Bragg and Fort Benning. In the end, the line blurs between criminals and cops.

Along the way, Dyncorp got its tentacles into training U.N. “peacekeepers.” So much for anti-globalism. As shown in the excerpt to the right, Dyncorp was fined for its dealings in Iraq.

George Webb, if you accept his limited-hangout narrative, identifies Dyncorp as a bad actor in compromising operations (through Joint Terrorism Task Forces), harvesting and trafficking. Indeed, he uses the term “Dyncorp harvest.” [Ren Ed: George Webb is a self-described jewish Zionist who claims “Nazis” were turning jews into meat in Dresden, which is why it had to be obliterated.] It and the likely Trumpian Public-Private-Partnership-(PPP) model is to run all research and development (the expense) through the government, and then they get the rights and all the profit. They do this for warfare, for IT, for policing, for vaccine and virus development, and for any and all forms of organ harvesting and human trafficking.

“DynCorp has a kind of a God-complex, they justify doing bad things because it’s done to our enemies, but they get to decide who that is,” Webb said. Dyncorp and Feinberg, if applied to an intelligence “review,” will be ruthless, suggesting a brutal fight or even civil war may lie ahead. Are there white hats involved at some level? Alas, probably not.

Judaism is Jewish Hate Codified into a Structured Religion

Keep Talkin' About the Jews

indian meeeting

Judaism is hate masquerading as a religion and unfortunately a large part of humanity has been seduced by the evil god concept of Yahweh.  This so-called religion wouldn’t be a problem if it was limited to Jews only because they are but a tiny fraction of the human population.  But Judaism is a huge problem because 3 billion people, primarily the Western nations, have been seduced by the two main variants of Judaism – Christianity and Islam.  All three are evil because they are based on the Jewish concept of a judgmental deity.


Christians are Gentiles Converted to Judaism

Many Christians deny that they are converts to Judaism, but they are, the programming is embedded so deep they just haven’t realize the level of the program on their psyche.  They argue that they are following the New Testament, that their religion is separate from the older version of Judaism.  Nothing…

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