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The Israeli Air Force attacked and destroyed a Syrian SA-5 anti-aircraft battery east of Damascus Monday morning after it fired a surface-to-air missile at Israeli jets.

The SA-5 missile battery, which was stationed some 50 kilometers east of the Syrian capital, fired at Israeli jets that were on a routine aerial reconnaissance flight in Lebanese airspace, IDF Spokesman Brig.Gen. Ronen Manelis stated.

“We see the Syrian regime as responsible and see these missiles as a clear Syrian provocation, and it will not be accepted,” Manelis stated, adding that while Israel has no intention to enter into the civil war in Syria, Israel will react to all provocations.

Manelis told journalists that Russia was updated about the incident, in which no Israeli jets were harmed, in real time, and that it will be brought up during the visit of the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu who is set to land in Israel in the coming hours.

Moscow intervened in the Syrian conflict in September 2015, and officials from Israel and Russia meet regularly to discuss the de-confliction mechanism system implemented over Syria to prevent accidental clashes between the two militaries.

Shoigu will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and other senior officials to discuss the Jewish State’s ongoing concerns regarding Iran’s entrenchment in Syria and the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah by Tehran through Damascus.

Syria’s general command warned Israel of “harsh consequences to Israel’s repeated aggressive attempts.”

Israel rarely comments on foreign reports of military activity in Syria but has publicly admitted to having struck over 100 Hezbollah targets in Syria, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying that strikes will continue when “we have information and operational feasibility.”

During an IAF operation in March to strike a Hezbollah arms convoy in Syria, regime air defense fired three surface-to-air missiles towards IAF jets. It was the most serious incident between the two countries since the war in Syria began six years ago.

Following that incident, Liberman warned against any further launching of missiles by the Syrian regime, threatening to destroy all Syrian air defenses.




Israel approved the construction of the first modern Jewish building in Hebron in the last six years on Monday, even though the US had pressured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to delay the project.

The apartment complex of 31 units would be located in an already existing Jewish compound, called the Hizkiyahu neighborhood. It houses the Hebron Yeshiva and is home to six families that live in modular homes.

Hebron Jews hope it is the first of a number of structures they would like to see built in that stretch of Shuhadah Street which also houses the military base Plugat Hamitkanim.

Officials connected to the council told
The Jerusalem Post that the planning body had issued the permit for the construction but had yet to publish a formal announcement.

A number of related restrictions are attached to the project, the officials said.

Such housing approvals are rare in the biblical city to which all rightwing politicians claim historical and religious connection, but which is also one of the more contentious areas of the West Bank.

In 2011 the council approved the construction of a dormitory for the Hebron Yeshiva, and in 2002 approvals were given for 10 apartment units in Tel Rumeida.

Attorney Samer Shihadih, who represents the Hebron Municipality, said he intends to appeal the decision first within the Civil Administration and, failing that, he will turn to the High Court of Justice.

“The council convened solely to approve the project and did not allow us to properly present our case,” Shihadih said.

Hebron’s Jewish community welcomed the news, stating: “Building of the City of the Patriarchs by the Israeli government is a Zionist, just, necessary and blessed step.”

It thanked Netanyahu as well as the ministers and politicians who had participated in a public campaign for the project.

Skeptically, it added, “We ask everyone to ensure that the construction is indeed carried out without delay.”

The left-wing group Peace Now said, “While doing everything in his power to please a small group of settlers, Netanyahu is harming Israel’s morality and image abroad, while crushing basic values of human rights and dignity.”

Artist’s rendition of what the 31-unit apartment complex will look like once it is builtArtist’s rendition of what the 31-unit apartment complex will look like once it is built

The Jewish community has argued that it has the right to build on that spot because the property in question was owned by the city’s original Jewish community. It is located next to property owned by that community until it was destroyed by the 1929 Arab massacre in which 67 Jews were killed.

A plaque on the entryway to the complex explains that Hayyim Israel Romano built a Jewish apartment building at the site already back in 1876, which was then purchased in 1912 by the former Lubavitcher rebbe Rabbi Sholom Dovber Schneersohn to house the Torat Emet Yeshiva.

The British police commandeered the property in 1917 for their headquarters.

When the Jordanian army captured Hebron in 1948, it used the building as a school and built a bus terminal next to it.

When the city passed into Israeli hands after its victory in the Six Day War, the Lubavitcher Rebbe gave the property to the new Jewish community which returned to Hebron in 1979.

But the technicality of how land ownership works in the West Bank has legally made those points mute in the past.

After the Six Day War, the land was transferred to the custodian of absentee property, who continued to lease it to the municipality on the understanding that the city held a protected tenancy which allowed it to continue to use the property.

According to Peace Now, the IDF seized the land in the 1980s for military use and built Plugat Hamitkanim there, forcing the bus station to move to another location. Since then, six families have moved onto the part of the base that had belonged to the Lubavitcher rebbe.

The municipality has argued that the land is still under a protected lease and therefore cannot be used for Jewish development.

The Jewish community has, in turn, explained that the lease has since expired, and there is no prohibition against construction on that site.

Legal opinion in the Civil Administration and the Justice Ministry has been split on this issue. In 1991 the ministry held that the municipality’s lease had expired, while the Civil Administration’s legal adviser in 2007 argued that it was still in place.

The Hebron Jewish community has further contended that under the 1997 Hebron Agreement, they have a right to build on property that belonged to the pre-1929 community.

If the project is built, it would help extend the Jewish community’s hold on the stretch on Shuhadah Street that runs from Beit Hadassah to the Tomb of the Patriarchs and already includes the Avraham Avinu complex.

The authorization comes just three months after UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee inscribed the Tomb of the Patriarchs and the surrounding Old Town where Shuhadah Street is located on the World Heritage List as a Palestinian World Heritage Site.

UNESCO is unlikely to consider that the project is in keeping with the historical nature of Old Town.

Since 1997 the city of over 220,000 Palestinians has been divided. Eighty percent of it is under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority, and another 20% is under Israeli military rule, with some 1,000 Jews living in that section of the city.



While congratulating Austrian People’s Party leader Sebastian Kurtz on placing first in the general election polls on Sunday night, Jewish groups, in the same breath, called on the new government to keep the far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) out of the coalition.

The latest exit polls showed Kurz’s People’s Party with some 31.6% of the vote, while the FPÖ vied for second place with the center-left Social Democrats Party of outgoing Chancellor Christian Kern, both receiving 26% to 27 % of the vote.

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder, who was US ambassador to Austria from 1986 to 1987, said: “It is sad and distressing that such a platform should receive more than a quarter of the vote and become the country’s second party. It is still full of xenophobes and racists and is, mildly put, very ambiguous toward Austria’s Nazi past. My only hope is that they won’t end up in government.

“We have known Mr. Kurz for a long time. He is extremely capable, and I am sure he will be able to form the government and to become an outward- looking leader of this wonderful country,” Lauder continued.

Lauder, however, strongly warned that, “like the AfD in Germany, the National Front in France, or Jobbik in Hungary, the FPÖ is an extremist party that panders to racists and antisemites and whips up feelings against minorities. It is led by a man who in his youth expressed clear sympathies for the Nazis. In its present state, the FPÖ is not, and should not be, a party of government.”

Similarly, the European Jewish Congress sent its “warmest congratulations” to Kurz, but expressed “profound concern” at FPÖ’s gains.

“We strongly urge Mr. Kurz to form a coalition of centrist parties and not be beholden to a party of the far-right in his new coalition government,” EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor said.

“A party which has run on a platform of xenophobic intolerance and the targeting of immigrants must not be granted a seat at the governing table.”

“Europe in general and Austria in particular should know all too well where acceptance of populist and pernicious ideologies leads,” he said.

“Austria’s central role in postwar European constriction founded on democracy and human rights must not be allowed to be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency and short-term populism which reminds us of far-darker times within living memory.”

President of the Conference of European Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt echoed these sentiments, expressing satisfaction over Kurtz’s election but noted that the strengthening of the FPÖ was a source of concern to the Jewish community.

“We hope that Austria will continue to maintain individual freedom and freedom of religion in Austria in the future,” he said.

Goldschmidt recalled a speech made by Kurtz as then-Foreign Affairs minister, a year and a half ago when he hosted a breakfast for the Conference of European Rabbis at the Foreign Ministry in Vienna. “He gave a particularly sympathetic speech to the Jews and expressed his determination to fight antisemitism,” Goldschmidt said.

“We cannot, unfortunately, erase history, but we have not forgotten,” Kurtz told the rabbis. He emphasized that Austria has “a great debt to the Jewish people” and would continue to fight antisemitism.



After weeks of criticism, Germany’s Left Party in the country’s most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) appears to have withdrawn its anti-Israel initiative.

On its Twitter account on Sunday, the Left Party in NRW said, “Motion to the situation in Palestine will not be dealt with.” The NRW Left Party did not immediately respond to The Jerusalem Post’s queries on Monday.

The initiative was proposed for passage at the NRW’s Left Party congress on Sunday. The motion called on Israel “to end the occupation and the Gaza blockade” and urged the European Union to end its association agreement with Israel because of the Gaza blockade and Israel’s “construction of a border wall that violates international law.”

In response to the motion in early October, Martina Renner, a Left Party MP, wrote on Twitter that the “motion sounds like it was written from Israel boycott groups. From this the executive board of @dielinke clearly distances itself.”

Some of the signatories to the motion blasting Israel have, over the years, been accused of stoking antisemitism and hatred of the Jewish state in Germany. The Simon Wiesenthal Center included MP Inge Höger, one the motion’s supporters, on its list of top 10 antisemitic/anti-Israel incidents in 2014.

According to the center, there were “ongoing efforts to demonize Israel by a group of extreme anti-Israel MPs, led by Inge Höger and Annette Groth.

Both of these parliamentarians were onboard the controversial 2010 Mavi Marmara Gaza flotilla and upon their return to Berlin, were hailed by many of their party’s MPs.”

Höger played a role in bringing extremists of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel to the Bundestag in 2014.

MP Ulla Jelpke, who supported the motion, previously said: “I consider it legitimate to be against Zionism. After all, it has apartheid-like characteristics.”

The three-page motion said 2017 is the 100-year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration “in which the former colonial power Great Britain unilaterally created a Jewish home state.”

Journalist Stefan Laurin first reported on the NRW’s Left Party motion, writing on the website Ruhrbarone that the party foments “incitement against Israel.” He said the motion shows “how deep the hate of Israel” is within the Left Party in NRW.

Laurin wrote that the NRW’s Left Party did not mention in the motion that the blockade against the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is also maintained by Egypt. He added that the blockade was the Jewish state’s reaction to “permanent attacks of Hamas on Israel.”

Laurin said it is the “terroristic Hamas with its regime that is responsible for the misery in Gaza.” He added, “Hamas builds shopping centers and villas for its corrupt leadership.”

The Left Party in NRW, a state with roughly 18 million people, did not secure votes to re-enter the state parliament in this year’s election.

Halloween retailer pulls Anne Frank costume amid complaints


An online retailer has pulled a costume from its website that depicted Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

Screenshots of the costume for sale at posted to social media show a smiling girl wearing World War II-era clothing and a beret.

The costume was quickly criticized on Twitter. Carlos Galindo-Elvira, who leads the Anti-Defamation League’s Arizona office said on Twitter that the costume trivializes Frank’s memory.

North Mankato, Minnesota-based runs the website. Spokesman Ross Walker Smith tweeted Sunday that the costume had been pulled from the website. He explained that the company sells costumes for activities other than Halloween, like “school projects and plays.” He apologized for any offense caused by the costume.

Anne Frank is known for the diary she wrote while in hiding from the Nazis during the war. She died in Bergen Belsen in March of 1945.

When a Jewish laborer took on 20,000 US Nazis in Madison Square Garden

A new short documentary compiles archived footage to recall an event held in New York on the eve of World War II in which tens of thousands of people gathered at New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden venue to cheer on US Nazis at what was billed as a “pro-American rally.”

Documentary filmmaker Marshall Curry’s latest work includes the moments when a Jewish man was beaten to the floor as he tried to rush past dozens of uniformed Nazis on the stage in a failed attempt to disrupt the main speaker.

The seven-minute “A Night at the Garden” is made up of various clips showing the drama on the night of February 20, 1939, when 20,000 people packed into Madison Square Garden for a rally organized by the German American Bund, a Nazi movement led by German-American Fritz Julius Kuhn.

The film was recently screened at 22 US cinemas in the Alamo theater chain.

Curry made the film for the documentary unit Field of Vision after learning about the history of the rally a year ago.

In an interview published last week on the Field of Vision website, the director talked about the film and its significance to modern society.

“Events like this should remind us not to be complacent — that the things we care about have to be nurtured and defended regularly — because even seemingly good people have the potential to do hideous things,” he said.

American neo-Nazis and US white supremacists made headlines recently after an August nationalist rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia, dissolved into clashes and deadly violence when an alleged white supremacist drove his car into counterprotesters, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer.

In the black and white footage from 1939 rally, uniformed American Nazis carrying swastika flags are seen parading up to the stage, where a 30-foot-high poster of George Washington is surrounded by US flags and swastika banners. During the proceedings the crowd also sings “The Star Spangled Banner.”

At the time the rally was held, Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler was already operating several concentration camps as part of the persecution of Jews and political opponents that led to the murder of six million Jewish people across Europe. On September 1, 1939, German invaded Poland, launching World War II, which the US joined in 1941 after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7 of that year.

Kuhn, who was born 1896 in Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany, moved to the US in 1928 and became a naturalized citizen in 1934, took to the stage wearing a Bund military-styled uniform. In German-accented English he mocked the “Jewish media” and then, to wild applause, called for a “white, gentile-ruled United States… gentile-controlled labor unions, free from Jewish Moscow-directed domination.”

“It really illustrated that the tactics of demagogues have been the same throughout the ages,” filmmaker Curry explained. “They attack the press, using sarcasm and humor. They tell their followers that they are the true Americans. And they encourage their followers to ‘take their country back’ from whatever minority group has ruined it.”

A group of protesters was permitted to stand at the side of the stage during the Bund event and tens of thousands more gathered outside. As Kuhn addressed the audience, Isadore Greenbaum, 26-year-old Jewish plumber’s helper from Brooklyn, jumped onto the stage and tried to rush the podium. He was set upon by Bund members, was beaten and had his pants pulled off. Police waded into the melee and pulled him from the room. He was fined $25 for disorderly conduct, equivalent to about $430 in today’s currency.

“The magistrate asked him, ‘Don’t you realize that innocent people might have been killed?’ And Greenbaum replied, ‘Do you realize that plenty of Jewish people might be killed with their persecution up there?’”“There was a debate at the time over whether the Bund should be allowed to have a rally, which – like so many things about the event — seems eerily contemporary,” Curry said, citing a New York Times article from the time. “Greenbaum explained to the judge the day after the rally, ‘I went down to the Garden without any intention of interrupting. But being that they talked so much against my religion and there was so much persecution I lost my head, and I felt it was my duty to talk.’

Despite the opposition to the rally, the American Jewish Committee was in favor of letting the Bund event go ahead, Curry said. At the time, the AJC told the New York Times that while the Bund was “completely anti-American and anti-Democratic… because we believe that the basic rights of free speech and free assembly must never be tampered with in the United States, we are opposed to any action to prevent the Bund from airing its views.”

“New York Mayor [Fiorello Henry] LaGuardia, for his part, ridiculed the event as an ‘exhibition of international cooties,’ and said he believed in exposing cooties to the sunlight,” Curry noted.

According to Curry, the German American Bund “had a significant presence in the 1930s, with training camps in New Jersey, upstate New York, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and a huge march down East 86th Street in Manhattan. But their mainstream appeal was reduced by their leaders’ German accents and culture.”

In December 1939, Kuhn was imprisoned for embezzling Bund funds. He was stripped of his US citizenship and after the war sent to West Germany. He died in 1951.

“The Bund disappeared soon after the start of World War II,” Curry said.

“To me, the most striking and upsetting part of the film is not the anti-Semitism of the main speaker or even the violence of his storm-troopers,” said Curry. “What bothers me more is the reaction of the crowd. Twenty-thousand New Yorkers who loved their kids and were probably nice to their neighbors, came home from work that day, dressed up in suits and skirts, and went out to cheer and laugh and sing as a speaker dehumanized people who would be murdered by the millions in the next few years.”

“This point is less an indictment of bad things that Americans have done in the past, than it is a cautionary tale about the bad things that we might do in the future,” Curry warned, and then quoted prominent American Methodist minister Halford E. Luccock as saying, “When and if fascism comes to America it will not be labeled ‘made in Germany’; it will not be marked with a swastika; it will not even be called fascism; it will be called, of course, ‘Americanism.’”

Netanyahu congratulates Austria’s Kurz, but silent on partnership with far right

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday called to congratulate Sebastian Kurz on his victory in Austria’s elections, according to a statement from his office that made no mention of the success of the far-right Freedom Party.

On Sunday, the 31-year-old Kurz’s  People’s Party (OeVP) swept to victory with a projected 31.7 percent of the vote, ahead of the Social Democrats (SPOe) at 26.9% and the anti-migrant Freedom Party (FPOe) at 26%, leading to the expectation that Kurz would turn to the far right party as a coalition partner.

In the call, Netanyahu said, “Austria has done much in recent years to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and in its fight against anti-Semitism.” He also raised the issue of “Iranian aggression,” according to the statement.

Netanyahu also invited Kurz to visit Israel. He was last in the Jewish state in May 2016 as foreign minister.

Kurz, for his part, told the prime minister of his interest in boosting Austria’s ties with Israel, the PMO said.

The statement did not make any mention of the Freedom Party’s expected role as the junior partner in Kurz-led coalition. In 1999, Israel recalled its ambassador after the party, then under Jörg Haider, joined the government.

The success of the FPOe, which was founded by former Nazis in the 1950s, has created a dilemma for Israel, whose government refuses to meet with members of the party. If senior party member Norbert Hofer were to become foreign minister, as is common for runners-up in Austrian coalition governments, Jerusalem would have to choose between ending its longstanding policy of not interacting with ultra-nationalist parties and boycotting a top diplomat of a friendly country.

Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache, who has been to Israelseveral times, but was not given meetings with senior officials, has publicly expressed his desire to become interior minister. Hofer, who last year unsuccessfully ran for the largely ceremonial position of president, has his eyes on the Foreign Ministry.

In 1999, after it became Austria’s second-largest party, FPOe joined a coalition government with the center-right People’s Party. The FPOe’s controversial leader Jörg Haider, who normally would have become chancellor, quit the party chairmanship. Many European countries downgraded their contacts with Vienna and Israel recalled its ambassador, though it returned him a year later.

In light of the toxicity surrounding the party, Strache has sought to clean up the FPOe’s image and dismissed its neo-Nazi past as “naivete.”

While the party’s rise follows that of a number of other far-right parties in Europe, including the Alternative for Germany and France’s National Front, the FPOe is set to actually enter government, which in turn could further fuel divides in the European Union.

Ursula Haverbeck, 88, on Trial again for Questioning the Holocaust

Serial thought criminal Ursula Haverbeck is standing another trial in Berlin for sceptic views on the extermination of 6 million Jews. Haverbeck insists the Holocaust is “the biggest and most sustained lie in history.”


The 88-year-old Ursula Haverbeck, who has several previous convictions all related to “Holocaust denial”, is accused of once again denying the mass murder of millions of Jews by germans, this time during an event in Berlin on January 30, 2016.

Haverbeck will also stand trial in the western town of Detmold again on November 23. She had appealed two verdicts by a Detmold court, handed down for “incitement to hatred” after she sent a letter to Detmold’s mayor and various media, in which she refutes the genocide of Jews between 1941 and 1945.

Defiant pamphlets

At the Detmold trial earlier this year, she defiantly handed out a pamphlet titled “Only the truth will set you free” to journalists as well as the judge and the prosecutor. In it, she again denies the gassing of 6 million jews.

Haverbeck and her late husband Werner Georg Haverbeck, who was an active NSDAP member in the run-up to and during World War II, founded a patriotic education center called Collegium Humanum, which has been banned since 2008.

She has written for the politically incorrect magazine Stimme des Reiches (Voice of the Empire), in which she also denied the existence of the Holocaust.

Haverbeck: ‘Auschwitz lie’

In August, she was sentenced to two years in prison as a consequence. At the trial, she spoke of an “Auschwitz lie,” claiming it was not an extermination camp, but a labor camp.

She has also filed charges against Germany’s Central Council of Jews for prosecuting innocent people.

Under German law, incitement to hatred is a criminal offense often applied to individuals who deny or trivialize the official version of the history.

It carries a sentence of between three months to five years in prison. Haverbeck has not served her sentences as she has appealed all of the verdicts, with hearings ongoing.

The Anti Jewish Phobia

Anti Jewish Phobia

Are the jews coming after you?
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An anti jewish phobia
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Symptoms of a dying heart
Behold the anti jewish phobia

Behold The Jews And The Power They Hold

Behold The Jews And The Power They Hold

I told them once
But they shall say it again
When you live on the flesh
It shall be the beginning of an end
Kikes will take you in
And they will spit you out
Behold the Jews
And the power they hold!

Hatred is a virtue laced with pleasure that becomes sweet
One of their many faces that they try to hide beneath
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In the new
Jews already knew
From our first battle
They already knew
To never let go
These words that they speak no more

Like a slash
To their face
They see it and know it is there
When my hatred shows
Its perfect face
Jews will be prepared to die!

Violence kills
Like bullets carried by my hands
The end of their time
Shall be a time to begin!

Kikes will take you in
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Jews will build you up
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