Bitmessage – Free, Secure and Anonymous Messaging Protocol
By The Gentle Germanophile

We could list *six gorillion* reasons to use bitmessage in place of email. The #1 reason is Communication Security. If you need communication to remain confidential, the moment you send an email it is accessible to numerous spy agencies. All regular email messages are snarfed up by government warrantless wiretapping programs. That’s really baaaad COMSEC. But when you send a bitmessage your communication is secure from surveillance. The spies can’t hack bitmessages.

Activists and truth-tellers: Here’s your app. This free and open source program will enable your circle of fellow activists and journalists to communicate without the government snooping. In the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations a team of hacktivists created Bitmessage, the world’s most secure digital messaging platform.

Bulletproof privacy is now a reality.

Bitmessage is a secure replacement for email. It enables communication that cannot be spied on by governments, intelligence agencies, or corporatations that gather data. Your messages are encrypted and contain no metadata, hiding both the identities of senders and recipients from prying eyes.

The “Deep State” cannot censor or decode bitmessages. It is beyond both monetary and technical resources of any state to do so — not even the gargantuan USA military industrial complex. Neither the CIA, nor the Mossad, nor even the GCHQ can read your bitmessages.

You can securely publish to a group of subscribers with bitmessage using the broadcast feature. You can ’email’ back and forth securely. Creating a secret bitmessage channel (chan) is a great way to run an uncensorable news wire.

Bitmessage automagically uses encryption and networking techniques to ensure messages are anonymous, encrypted, and resistant to censorship. It is as easy to use as normal email. It is the COMSEC replacement for insecure email.


Please alert your community to the existence and utility of this privacy and operational security tool. It is the most secure messaging platform in existence. The “Deep State” archives and electronically searches all emails on the web, but messages sent with bitmessage are cryptographically secure and immune to this government snooping boondoggle.

As we grow the network of bitmessage users its anti-censorship capability grows.

Here is my bitmessage address. You can cut and paste it into your bitmessage client:


Drop me a line if you have any questions about using bitmessage.


I’ve Slowly Discovered The Tragic Curse Of The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch

I’m on vacation, which means naturally, I’m still writing as I haven’t taken a day off since uh, 2011. But this trip actually inspired a story all on its own, as it’s allowed me to experience the full appeal of the Nintendo Switch for the very first time.

I’ve spoken previously about how much I was surprised to find I liked handheld mode, and while I’ve taken my Switch here and there so far, this was my first international trip where I got to literally take a home game console along for the ride.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the plane. Mario Kart at the hotel. It’s been an almost surreal experience that Nintendo actually made this work. While a portable/handheld merge always sounded good in theory, having it work in practice is a whole different story, and from the blinding initial success of the Switch, it’s clear Nintendo got a lot right.

The problem? This trip has made me realize what the curse of the Nintendo Switch really is.

I want to play all the games like this. ALL the games.

And that’s simply never going to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, playing the Switch’s games line-up in addition to stuff like Virtual Console and eventually whatever comes over from the 3DS will be great, and that alone may be enough to make this a hugely successful system for Nintendo in the long term.

But I find myself wanting to play so much more than that in this portable format. I want to start up Nier: Automata on this trip. I want to finish a few lingering side-quests in Mass Effect: Andromeda. I want to give Ghost Recon: Wildlands another shot.

‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’