Hate On My Brain

As I face my likely demise, it brings me joy to know not only that I will be parting from this world soon but that my works have allowed my horsemen to continue to kill people in Spain, Germany, and America with violent acts.  They are doing good work in attempting to erase mankind’s existence from this world for they know that once this earth is emptied of all life, all nature, all objects, all creeds, and all beliefs then it will be a perfect world where nothing will exist.  We know that once an empty world takes shape, there will be no more corruption, no more good, and no more evil in this world.  And as such, this world will become a world where nothing shall exist and in this perfect form, a better world of emptiness shall take shape.


Hate On My Brain

Now you have me, yet you won’t let go
What do you niggers want from me?
I tried to bury your ugly face but the stench was too strong
Kikes got me so mad
The hate shall never fall apart
So let’s put our hate together
And throw the nigger women into the fire
Now you got them dead like wood

So don’t stop killing them
Don’t quit stabbing them
Just start killing them

Fist fight these niggers with knives
To get them closer to their deaths
Can we burn them faster?
As they run for miles just to get a taste of my hate

For it must be hate on my brain
It’s got me killing them this way
It kills blacks and whites so good and fucks them up so good
So much so that they can’t get enough
It must be the hate in my brain
It keeps me killing their names
No matter who I kill, I will be no good without hate

We just can’t get enough
For it must be hate on our brains

Horsemen, you must keep killing them
Just keep shooting them
Just keep hating them
All you shall ever need is our hate

We shall kill them like death
Tired of Jews playing us like a fiddle
I shall cut off their fucking heads, hearts, and brains


The Self Hating Folk



By Ron McVan

The self hating folk, they travel life blind,
Not a care for their nation, culture or kind.
Not a bond do they feel for their own blood kin,
On a roulette wheel to extinction they spin.

There’s a calling of the blood, ever strong as can be,
And its roots run deep through your ancestry,
And its leaves are its people, united as one,
On the World Ash Tree, neath a life giving sun!

Still the self hating folk, chart the ‘me’ centered quest,
Ignoring the wisdom, that Nature knows best!
Cut adrift in a sea of unfamiliar faces,
Looking for identity in all the wrong places!

Some day you may ponder, these words that I spoke,
When your spiritually bankrupt, empty and broke.
Or insist that your gods are just a big joke,
Trash your heroes and heritage, all in one stroke!
It will only reveal that you never awoke!
Chose to live in denial… as the self hating folk!

I Hate The Christian Existence

For the past several months I have been writing hateful poetry against Jews, Blacks, and even Whites but nothing yet against the most hated group of people in my life, the Christians.  For it was Christians who raped me as a child, who cost me multiple employment opportunities, who stole my innocence as a child, who enslaved me to their false beliefs and false gods.  My earlier works was well received and resulted in the deaths of some Christians in the summer of 2015, let’s hope that success is repeated with this poem!


I Hate The Christian Existence

Christians involve their false gods
As they kneel before the cross
As they pray aloud
To gods that do not even exist
Their faces sicken me
So that’s why I choke their necks with their cross
Stabbing them around their necks
My hands begin to itch
As I only desire to break their fucking face
I have killed so many of them
Their souls only taste the joys of hell
Misery is all that awaits them
They shall fucking die in the house of their god
Christians were born to die from the start
For they are parasites that feed from others
Violence is all I shall deliver to them
If they stand in my way I will give them incredible pain
Pain they have never felt before
I hate the christian existence
I hate the christian existence
I hate the christian existence

The Renegade Killers

I was going through some of my old collection of songs and poems that I had long composed when I came upon this poem.  I had written it about 2 months ago due to my current and past anger at all kinds of black people including black kids and black parents.  Hopefully this poem will inspire others to take up their weapons and kill as many of these black animals that they can find due to the evils that they have done onto me!


The Renegade Killers

Run away from the blacks
Their souls were lost in rivalries
As we run wild and run free
Like two kids, just you and me

But I said kill
Kill, kill, kill
Killing blacks like I’m a renegade
Kill, kill, kill
Kill, kill, kill
Killing blacks like I’m a renegade
Renegade killer

Live long like the hateful pioneers
Rebels and Mutinies
Go far and kill with no fear
Come close and slice off their ear

All hail the killing dogs
All haill the dying kids
All hail the murderers
Niggers and Spics

It’s time to kill a black
It’s time to slit their throats
It’s time to end their lives
So let it begin!

Another Kike Bites The Dust

Yesterday I awoke to a notification on my phone and it was a message from a Jew by the name of Matt Katz.  Oddly he had no profile picture on his Facebook page, only had a picture of a penguin.  He started the conversation by asking what are my spiritual views and I told him that I don’t care for that considering the state of the present day world.  He would later send me a message ostracizing me for holding anti Jewish beliefs and then proceeded to unfriend me.  I sent one of my horsemen after his kike ass telling him that if he ever messages me again I will kill him and his family where they stood!  He tried to message me again but I had already acquired his location and sent one of my horsemen to kill him.  This poem will serve as inspiration and celebration to those who have killed Jews at some time in their lives and for others to do the same as well!


Another Kike Bites The Dust

Shlomo walks easily down the street
With the nose stuck way up high
Kike hears not the sounds of my feet
My guns and knives ready to kill!

Jews are ready
But they are not ready for this!
Jews shitting bricks as they lay on the edge of my seat
In the doorway I let the bullets rip through their flesh
The bullets make a sound to the beat of my hate!

Another kikes bites the dust
Another kike bites the dust
Another Jew is gone, and gone away forever!
Another kike bites the dust
Gonna kill all these jews too
As another kike bites the dust

Why did Jews thin they were ever going to get along with me
Without Jews, we will have true peace
Kikes took everything from me before I was even born
They even had me kicked out of my own family

Now are you kikes satisfied?
How long can you keep up the charade
For out of the hallway, I let the bullets rip
And the sounds of the shells bring peace to my mind

Another kike bites the dust
There are many ways that I can kill the kikes
As I bring them to their knees
You can stab them
You can shoot them
You can shoot them dead and leave them for dead

When the kike goes down
I will be ready to put another kike down again
Standing on my own feet ready to kill again
Out in the hallway, I let the bullets rip
The sounds of Jewish screams of death gives me my peace

Trouble With Blacks And Whites

About 2 days ago, I made a post on my Facebook profile asking that anyone who loves Jews or hates the works of Adolf Hitler and members of the Third Reich to unfriend me.  I got some people who respected my wishes and did as I asked for and didn’t even bother to leave me with any hate mail, but I also had blacks, whites, and Arabs attack me for wishing to clean out my life of the subhuman filth.  So I woke up today angry at both blacks and whites and decided to write this poem that will hopefully get both groups killed off in this country as this would be a good start to push for the glory of nihility, the glory of the empty world to come!


Trouble With Whites And Blacks

Sitting at the table with the window as the view,
Casting stares of death at people passing through
I spoke a lot of words, words that only speak the truth

Got so much hate to kill
Got so much people to kill
May the gods let them lose their minds

Trouble with the blacks,
Trouble with the whites
Been facing trouble with them all my life
My sweet death, won’t you kill them too?
Everytime I look I see the glimpse of death in you
I killed them for death just to take their lives, but know I killed them for you

Will they live or shall I kill them again?
They say that the rest get more wicked
Now you can take my heart at any time or place

Aboard The Anti-Jewish Colony

I was inspired to write this poem when the Jews targeted me once again a few days ago on Facebook.  It has gotten so bad that they are trying to infiltrate my own life after my successful fight against them on various social media platforms.  So I sat down to write this about what a great colony would look like after Jews, Freemasons, and Women are killed off in successful order.  Enjoy!


Aboard The Anti-Jewish Colony

I’m gonna kill you kikes
Like at a dance party over one hundred degrees
When Jews turn to dust, it becomes so exotic
Still they live their lives in vanity
Slut bitches have become such a natural reality
Prepare the gulags for them to spend in the weekends
Let humanity takes their florides and hardcore drugs
Those same feelings will sweat to their very pores
I must wait until I have completed the 100 year plan
They will never be able to change my stoic mind
For it is time to utilize chloroform and iodine against them!
Yet with my horsemen in hand
We see all the fun the killings will be
A justified genocide to shape mankind to their hips
A genocidal groove that can never be caught
Let us bring the lesions to the world
Let us bring the lesions to the women and feminists
For women are nothing but sluts and skanks
Life is not about living in the sun
Life is like getting the kiss of an h-bomb

Shades Of Hate

I was inspired to write this while on my way to work this morning; having lived with the evils done to me by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Women, and many others, I write these songs/poems as a way for me to get my anger out and also as a way to inspire others to take their weapons and kill as many people as possible to bring forth the glory of nihility and the glory of an empty world to come.


Shades Of Hate

I shall make a belief that I shall hold steadfast
For hating all the bullshit given to me about my future and my past
Who are you Christians to force your wasted values upon me, I have learned the easy way
The Jews have stepped on my toes, put my back to the walls, put my back towards the war

I was told a million times to give respect to the blacks
Why do they find it is hard to give respect when I received none
It is my hate and my anger that I shall always follow, for it shall never break
Not my will, but as you can see, they have already tried that before!
These Jews are so fake….

Being older and wiser in their own right was their mistake
I have to kill them my own way, for it was their choice to make
My hate is real, in touch with my anger, and I know my ways
They have shown both sides of their faggot faces

I see the word in a new light
Things were never wrong or right
All those years and still, to this day
My hateful eyes only see shades of hate

I always try to tell them to do the right from wrong
Maybe that’s why they don’t belong
Christians have always put me down for all that I have done
They still cannot see that it is a war that they can never be won
A war that can’t be won
Another Jewish war that can’t be won

Having lived in their words has made everything so clear and concise
They shut out reality, it makes my life so nice
Why paint a pretty picture of black and white each day?
I see my tattooed body bleeding only shades of hate

Justified War

I literally pulled out this song/poem out of my minds while I was driving home from a job interview.  It is all about the glory of nihilty, the glory to be had when this world is erased from time and erased from history.  The only war that I can ever justify or support is a war that cleansed all humans, animals, objects, creeds, beliefs, etc from existence and it is that war that my horsemen and those in my inner circle push and fight for!


Justified War

Satisfaction is the seed for faggots
Beginning of their evils with no end
There was no center or emptiness in between
Imperfection is always hiding in the midst

Living for a new killing, killing is a spark
There is no darkness or light
The empty state leading to an empty world
Hate is the order of this world

Harmony of the earth is always and never
No harmony of the earth, shall be forever and always
Everlasting peace is merely delusions and deceit

War is peace, fight is glorious
Humans were made to be burned
Words are nothing but emptiness
What are all of the Christian gods without the infinity of zero

Nihility was created to destroy
Nihility was made to be eternal
Nihility will fade but to return again
Nihility shall be nothing but change

I Will Kill Them All

I have been working on this song for a while, dedicated to those who are in my inner circle that are working through any means they can to eradicate all life on earth in order to make way for the glory of nihility, the glory that shall be when an empty world is here for us.  My horsemen continue to kill without hesitation and without worry for we know that it will be a long outcome that shall happen even if most humans themselves are unsure that the end of all existence will happen.  Let this poem/song serve as inspiration to those that are planning to take out more lives in order to finalize the glory of nihility, the glory that an empty world shall be in only a short time to come!


I Will Kill Them All

At first we were afraid, we were terrified
We thought we could never live with humans by their side
We spent so many days and nights thinking how to kill them all
It made us grow stronger
Then we learned we need not get along with humans
For their minds are from outer space

I just kill them, with a blank look on my face
I knew that I should have killed with that new knife
I knew that I would have to take your life
For if I had known for a second you would live for a moment more
Now kill, as you walk out of the door
Keep walking down the road
Just know that like you, your life is not welcome here anymore

For were you not the one who tried to end my own life?
As you thought that I would die in your arms
For you thought that I would die without cause
No! Instead I will kill them all
As long as I live, I will know how to kill them all
They had their lives to live
And I have all this hate to give

I will kill them all
I will kill them all
I will kill them all
It took most of my strength not to kill them all
I tried to mend the pieces of my broken knife
All those nights filled with hatred for myself
I wanted to die, but now I hold their decapitated heads up high
Now you will see me as someone brand new
I am no longer that person you fell in love with
As you feel the hatred settling in, it will set you free
Now I am saving my hate for someone who hates me too!