Updates February 2017

Celebrating Valentine’s Day…..For The First Time

And just like the mini title stated, I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a girlfriend that I have been seeing the past few weeks.  So far it has been a great time; sure there has been some strange moments but I am happy that she is in my life.  Usually I detest this holiday as yet another man made vice designed to rob men and women of their hard earned dollars, but this year I am taking a positive and optimistic approach to all of this.


No Longer Banned On Facebook

I do not know if I have permanently flown under the radar of the Jews and White Freemasons but I am no longer getting banned or post blocked on Facebook.  My last ban was over on November 9th and since that day, I have not even gotten so much as a warning.  I believe that my new strategy of posting my best and most controversial items only to my secret group and leaving the mainstream items blasting the white freemason Donald Trump has allowed for me to fly under the radar for now.  Let’s see how long that lasts when my birthday comes on 4/20 when I begin to glorify the great Adolf Hitler


New Sibling

On December 22, my biological mother gave birth to a child at the ripe age of 56 years old.  I was finally introduced to her last Saturday and she is of course a bounty of beautiful joy.  Sadly I won’t know her for long as she will be whisked away in a matter of 5 years to be raised back in Nigeria.  How strange that I will have a sibling who will be 30 years younger than me due to the selfish desires of my biological mother and stepfather to have a child merely to have someone to inherit their property of their families.  It is a sad day when children are used as collateral to ensure the healthy legacy of a family’s history, but so goes the evils of mankind.


Less Possessions

I made a decision to get rid of my car to facilitate the acquisition of a new gaming machine that will also work very well when I start doing videos for my website.  Now I will still have my beloved PT Cruiser but I will be on the lookout for yet another vehicle to come in the near future, preferably an SUV that can be my weekend car.  Until then I will make due with my PT Cruiser, nicknamed The Tank, while saving up more money for the future.


Still No Travels Made

I was supposed to visit members in my secret group but I have decided to cancel such plans due to the stupidity of group members to support the zionist and white freemason Trump.  Frankly I have grown tired of that group and I am considering archiving it and abandoning that group.  Hell, even the entire Facebook operation for the website might have to be axed off due to the continued stupidity of many people in The Cause to place their hope in false gods like the Jew Vladimir Putin and the zionist and white freemason Donald Trump.  Still, in the end, nature will help separate the weak from the strong and like Adolf Hitler, my spirit will rise from the grave and the entire world will know that I was right in the end.


Increasing My Block List

In the past week, I have had to axe off 3 people from my list of followers due to their inability to learn regarding the refugee crisis (I believe that the refugees are truly innocent victims of Jewish led and designed wars in the mideast) and the narratives of white supremacy wrapped around white genocide.  It is far from shocking as many people that have begun to follow me since last year are proud white nationalists/white supremacists who think that the white race is superior yet they cannot explain why their own people are a shrinking population and how they will be projected to be a minority in the land of their forefathers.  Then again, they will make the mistake to blame Jews instead of putting the blame on their own heads for letting themselves believe in Jewish lies.  I have the longest block list on Facebook and I won’t let up until those who wish to learn remain and those whose minds have become weak are cast aside to die alongside a lonely road.


#thankjews #sjws #niggers #blm #whitefreemasons #whiteidiots 

This hashtag will begin to be applied on my Facebook public posts where all things that can be attributed to Jews will be shown for the world to see how the Jews are manipulating the world.  The same will be applied to white freemasons, social justice warriors, white idiots, niggers, black lives matter, and all forces who have united to make it harder for the world to move closer to its true destiny….nihility!



The Myth Of White Genocide

In 1944, Polish Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin (1900-1959) coined the term “genocide” in a book documenting “Nazi” policies of systematically destroying national and ethnic groups, including the mass murder of European Jews. He formed the word by combining geno-, from the Greek word for race or tribe, with –cide, from the Latin word for killing. Noting that the term denoted “an old practice in its modern development,” Lemkin defined genocide as “a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.”

The topic of white genocide has been covered by yours truly for the past 2 years but it wasn’t until recently that I have begun to examine very closely the truths and myths associated with such a topic.  This is an interesting situation for many reasons but the utmost important reason being that I am NOT of white/european origins and I used to believe in such a topic.  However, it wasn’t until I went through much self assessment in my own beliefs, ranging from the refugee crisis throughout the world to the declining population numbers of whites throughout the world.  I was left to either place the blame on the Jews or to look past the typical nefarious actions of the Jews and to ask myself, why haven’t other races or ethnicities fallen prey to the Jewish lies of multiculturalism, diversity, individualism, and cultural marxism.  Well the answer is very very simple, but it requires a historical analysis as to how the Jews were able to trick the mind of the faux superior white race.

The Jews have long been masters of psychology and mind manipulations ranging from their business tactics of usury to their beliefs of altruism  and selfish hedonism that does nothing to glorify the self ego.  As I have previously noted in my works of how Individualism is a Jewish concept to enslave the mind, the goal of an individual led society is a society where the rights of the individual is held above the interests of the collective and that of the entire nation, tribe, race, etc.  Such a concept was an alien introduction into western society thanks to Jewish interference and corruption of cultural values.  For when the interests of the group is placed below that of individuals then you have nothing but narcissism run insane that leads itself to the growth of false leaders who will do anything to cling onto power for themselves instead of using their talents to bring glory to their race.  That is why national socialism places the interest of the race/nation/group above the needs of any individual.  For what good are individual rights if the existence of the group becomes threatened and becomes non-existent.

The Jews did a masterful job tricking the weakened mind of the Europeans to not only accept the lies of the Jew, Sigmund Freud (AKA THE FRAUD) but to also instill the false notions of cultural marxism and how it would lead to a better way of life for the collective group of European nations, when it has done nothing but glorify selfish desires that has given way to feminism and so called gay rights.  Yet why is it that only Europeans have fallen prey to Jewish cultural marxism?  Could it be that they are simply too weak in the mind to fight these Jewish lies?  What has made even their own people turn a blind eye to the eventual decimation of their population numbers?  As I speak to many people in The Cause, i have now seen why it was so easy for Jews to entrap whites into the lies.  It is because once whites embraced the lies of the French Revolution of individualism, a lie that was actually birthed during the Italian Renaissance under the false notions that mankind must be free from nature, then whites gave the Jews all the ammunition that was needed to simply allow for their own destruction.

Yet non whites are able to escrow such rubbish ideals like faggot rights, abortion, gay marriage, feminism, and selfish hedonism.  It is why there is an abundance of Asians, Africans, Arabs, Latinos, and other groups because we have kept true to our collective roots of our ancestors and continue to live by the laws of nature.  Is it any surprise that the gods continue to bless us with a healthy growth while whites make up less than 10% of the world population?  Still, many whites who complain about white genocide refuse to procreate and have future children to secure their own future and for that I now firmly know that white genocide is a full blown myth, designed to engage only white supremacists who think that Jews are the ones killing their people.  The last time I looked, it wasn’t Jews aborting babies, it wasn’t Jews forcing whites not to procreate, it wasn’t Jews pushing white women to kill white men in a fit of jealous rage.  Eventually, the whites will have to look at their own people, fully weed out and kill off the weak in their ranks, so that from a smaller group, they can have only the mentally strong lead them. Alas, such a plan would mean that they would fully embrace eugenics and cut off the vast majority of their own people, thus making their already small numbers even smaller.  As such, I pay very little heed to the myths of white genocide because as I have examined all of the European nations and their current population numbers, Europeans make up a vast majority of their own nations so even if they are not reproducing, there are and will always be vast amounts of whites left in this word.

And to make matters even more clear, this supposed genocide is a self inflicted death where a species refuses to reproduce, and as nature has it, when you do not give birth to new life, you will face nothing but the valleys of death.  I see no reason that whites will even increase in number but they will continue to dwindle as the white freemasons in their “elected” governments will continue to important migrants and refugees to replace them for refusing to simply have children.  Who knows, maybe the outlook facing Japan will happen to whites, an aging population with almost no youth amongst the population that will lead to an increase in sexbots who will replace both male and female pleasures to be had with their spouses.  Still, the white “genocide” that will happen was caused by whites refusing to kill off the weak in their ranks and for allowing only their own population to believe in Jewish lies while all other groups clinged to the traditions of our ancestors.  So let their justified “genocide” happen for refusing to heed the warnings of nature and the call of our ancestors!

The Evolution Of Prostitution



Earlier tonight, I took a great lady out on a date near an African restaurant in the southwest portion of the city.  I had no idea that the area was STILL a hotbed of prostitution once the lights went down.  How strange indeed that an area that has always been a hotbed of prostitution remains an area filled with prostitution.  Of course, the city of Houston knows about this, but the focus of the cops has turned to busting down online prostitutes featured on websites like Backpage and Craiglist.  Undercover officers have been trying to sting prostitutes using these websites by soliciting these women, but the women have grown wise to such tactics and continue to post on their advertisements page that any such plans to solicit them as undercover officers is entrapment.  Now I am very unsure if such public announcements work but after doing several interviews with such ladies, I can attest to the fact that their biggest fear isn’t being caught by the cops (usually such charges carry a misdemeanor not a felony and can often be pleaded down to probation) but their biggest fear is running into pimps who will use extreme violence to own them and to falsely recruit them as clients.  Often these women will post on their advertisements that they do not want to meet any “thugs” or pimps; often they will post that they will only see certain races (from my own examination, whites and latinos often refuse to see blacks because most black men do not like to use protection in the form of a condom due to nigger behavior and tendencies).

There are still women who are engaging in the oldest form of sexual profits, but now it is often done in the form of advertisements on sex websites instead of whoring themselves out on the streets.  I was shocked to discover that the reason most of the women engage in prostitution is merely to add a small amount of money to their budget.  A lot of these sluts have regular jobs as nurses, customer service representatives, and other respectable jobs, but they often turn to prostitution to pay for student loans, school fees, college education, or to pay for an unexpected bill like repairing their automobiles.  Often I feel that these women are victims of a society that worships money and makes it a priority for them to sell their own bodies and their souls in order to feed and provide for their families.  I am now working on their behalf to try and legalizes prostitution in an effort to tip the scales of the working class.  Why should someone starve merely because they are unwilling or unable to get an education?  If the talent of that person means that they will be able to use their body and sexual prowess to provide for their family, then we should simply allow for them the opportunity to provide for themselves.  That is why I advocate to legalize prostitution, not for my own benefits since I do not engage in such depravity, but to allow for women who lack the basic talents or entrepreneurship the ability to provide for themselves and their family.  For in the end, the only difference between a pornstar and an online prostitute is the camera and the amounts of money each woman will charge for their “companionship”.

One Kill Away

This song/poem was literally written in an hour’s time as I was reading about all of the killings that have gone on thanks to the works on this website as people continue to read these articles and continue to get enraged at the lack of justice in this world.  Soon, it will lead to an empty world where all existence, beliefs, creeds, lives, nature, and objects cease to exist and a perfect, nihilistic world comes to formation!


One Kill Away

I am only one kill away
For I will be there to slay their lives away
Murderers have no chance with me!
For I am only one kill away

Call me when you are feeling tired
I just wish to give you my hate
I reached out to you, and you took the bait

So wherever you go
Know that with my hate, you will never be alone
Stab along with me, don’t live in fear
Know that the hate and anger will set you free

We can destroy lives anywhere
But for now, we must kill here a little while longer
For you know that death will bring a smile to my face

You must kill them while you are strong and they are weak
So that they have nothing to hold onto
Do not worry for their fate, their lives will not be long
For when their hope is long gone
Drive the blade deep into their hearts!

Behind Hateful Eyes

I have been working on this song for the past three weeks, finally was able to get motivated to finish the poems, lyrics, and musical content to this.  The irony was that the Trump supporting white idiots gave me the motivation to finish this as I was hoping to write music that would lead to someone taking up their weapons and slaughtering them in a glorious vision to come!  The glory of nihility, and the glory of the empty world that shall arise and come, whether mankind wishes for it to arrive or not!



Behind Hateful Eyes

It seems like it was yesterday
My hate was a part of me
They used to be so tall
They used to be so strong

My hands wrapped around your neck so tight
The hatred felt so right!
A breaking feeling, like all was well

Now you cannot breathe
No you cannot sleep
Your worthless life is barely hanging on

There you are
Dead again
Torn into worthless pieces
You can try to deny it
You can try to pretend
All I ever wanted was to be the one
To leave you broken inside
Still you will never see the scars I bring
Behind my hateful eyes!

I killed everyone for you
Opened up the wounds, let the pain in
It made me feel happy for the first time
Now, hate is all I have left inside of me
For it is what I have left to be
We are together, united in hate, still separated

Chew them up, spit their bones out
I hate them and I blame them
Looking into their eyes, it kills me
No, I shall never cry
Except on the inside!

Some Clarifications Needed

A few weeks ago I was approached on this very website about one of my posts concerning vaccines and I feel that I must finally state the direction that I wish for this site to take.  First of all, I am not a conspiracy theorist nor do I believe in many aspects of the conspiracy theorist movement.  I do not believe that vaccines will kill anyone, in fact, I actually believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to be vaccinated to stop the spread of diseases for I know, coming from a third world dump, that vaccines are the best way to prevent certain types of disease and infection.  Secondly, I have no interests in what I call useless and distracting topics; topics like flat earth and chemtrails.  I have already debunked the myth of flat earth as nothing more than a psyops to distract us all from far from important topics at hand.  The shape of the earth was already proven years ago by our own ancestors, but I will do another article tonight to proven once again that the earth is NOT flat!  As for chemtrails, I have already proven that to be nothing but false evidence that is easily debunked by science.  All you need to do is simply search my website for chemtrails to see that it is easily debunked by contrail science.

These conspiracy theories are living on fear and paranoia and they have made it very hard for people who wish to join the Cause to actually be an asset to us.  I also admit that my words on this website is very divisive for many people because I focus very much on Jews and Freemasons, but I must remind people that all of my sources on Jews and Freemasons come from the jewish websites the Times of Israel, the Jerusalem Post, and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.  This is one of the reasons why the ADL cannot attack me and my website for being “antisemitic” (whatever that means) because all of my sources come directly from Jewish mouths.  I felt that I needed to proclaim these clarifications because people think that this website is directed towards conspiracy theorist which it is not.  I created this website as a form of competition with the mainstream media, archiving and documenting Jewish sources on the Jewish Problem and to write about my own personal life experiences called Personal Narratives where I also write my song lyrics and poetry.  This website is merely an extension of my own divided, yet nihilistic personality and as such, the content that I post about most would call hateful when I say that it is good that people have left this world, but then again, I desire an empty world to come!

The Myth Of The American Dream

Earlier tonight I was out on a coffee date with an interesting girl; she was from Mexico, came from a good middle class family, and is currently holding a work visa yet still keeps her Mexican citizenship while working in the oil and gas industry.  What makes her situation perplexing is that she choose to come here and try to make a new life for herself after completing her last 3 semesters of college to earn a BA in Engineering in 2010 and has been working in the oil and gas industry for years.  She often goes back and forth from Mexico to Texas and her parents and siblings even stop by to visit her to make sure that she is going just fine here.  She has been able to build a life for herself here, not as an actual citizen that came from another nation, but as a immigrant on a work visa that is making another life here while retaining ties with her homeland in Mexico.

What is often never talked about is how the only immigrants achieving any modicum of success are the ones who came from  well to do backgrounds.  Take myself for example; I came here with my parents, who came here from an upper echelon of Nigerian society.  We came here with money and savings and were able to build from those savings a new life here in America.  Now, do not think that we did not work hard for our success but we had a good solid building block of wealth, economics, private education that we all received in a foreign land.  When we entered here, we used our privileges of our homeland to achieve what is called the American Dream of success.  Such stories do not exist in the mainstream media because it would finally paint the true picture of the American Dream being a farce intended to try and draw more people into this country with false dreams and false hope.

For life in America is hard and not designed for the weak of mind and heart; there are very little government benefits for immigrants and in order to legally immigrate to this country, you have to have wealth stashed in your homeland to make the journey successful.  That is why people, desperate for a new life and a better life than the ones they have in their homeland, do whatever is necessary to enter here.  Now, do not think for a second that I support illegal immigration but I feel that I must speak the truth based on both experience and research on this matter.  For the idea of the American Dream exists for those who have the means, motive, and resources to afford to come here and start not from scratch but from what they were able to transfer into the United States.

Update January 2017

New Year, No Problems

So I have managed to accomplish most, if not, all of my goals in my life thus far.  Yes I still have the same health problems but here’s to hoping that finally my diabetic condition will take a turn for the worse and finally end my own existence.  It appears to be doing exactly that as I am having problems walking around lately due to the immense pain on my feet; in particular to my left foot.  All I will do, as a nihilist, is thank the gods for giving me a way to end my life on my own terms with minimal pain, but to also allow for me to have the time and energy to have accomplished my educational and career goals.  Now if only I was alive enough to finish my traveling goals….


New Places To Visit

Like I previously said, if my health permits it, I will be making plans to visit members of my secret group here in the United States.  Sadly, most of the members choose to remain keyboard warriors and are too paranoid and fearful to be bothered to go outside their comfort zones and meet new people.  My plans are to visit more places in southern Texas, New York, Los Angeles, and even the northeast region of America; all before I flee for a new life in Ecuador or before the gods take away my current life.  Hopefully with my visits, it will encourage more group members to form a comradery and to fully join forces across racial and religious ranks to fight the destroyers of mankind.


More Family Drama?

Apparently my biological mother gave birth a few days before Christmas 2016 to a girl and I have been under pressure from my siblings to try and meet this new child.  I have made peace with my longstanding decision to never speak or see my mother or my father and I made that decision with the thought process and knowledge that she was expecting a child at the age of 56.  I no longer desire any kind of relationship with them at my age and have made it clear to both of them of those desires.  Yes I am also aware that as a result I will not have a relationship with my new youngest sister, but I am at peace with that choice as well.  For if it means I no longer speak to African filths who have cursed my entire existence, then let it be.  Yes I also am aware that my biological parents are living lives of torture since they are unable to have me in their lives but it is the price that must be paid for me to have peace in my life


The Ultimate Gaming PC

Last week, I bought an All In One Gaming PC with the unique ability to have the RAM, HDD, and GPU all swapped out and upgraded.  It is a rarity in the world of PC gaming to have such a device.  The device is called the Lenovo Ideacentre AIO Y910 and it has been simply amazing to not only game on a 27 inch display but to also work on my website on this new view.  I wonder why I wasted so much of my time on gaming laptops, but alas, I had to until my old Asus G751JY unit and the sealed in battery kept malfunctioning.  I could have sent it to get repaired for over 800 dollars but I took a part of that cash and bought an all in one for 2200 bucks simply to be done with problems as it relates to playing PC games.  Now I have accomplished that feat for a system that will last me for the next 2 to 3 years at the very least.



The Perfect Life?


As I was driving home today, I began to ponder, yet again, about the current state of my life. It seems that I have accomplished everything that I set out to do when I started college back in 2005. After all, I have my 2 cars, I have been able to have a good career the past few years, I have re-opened my business, I have acquired both a masters and a bachelors degree, and I am basically the symbol of the American dream but with the absence of a romantic partner. It is a lacking that has never bothered me because what I seek from a partner or a significant other is complete loyalty, unconditional love, and unwavering support for me until our dying breaths. Alas such concepts appear to be outside of the human mind and the human ability due to the weaknesses, stupidity, and the lack of comprehensions of most human beings. It was one of the many reasons that led me to make the faithful decision about 6 years ago this day to change my last name and sever all ties with both of my biological parents. It was a decision that most of my coworkers were shocked by but then again, I replaced my biological mother about 10 years ago with my mentor and my dad was never a part of my life to begin with at all.

I also have very very very few friends due to the human nature of betrayal, instead I seek horsemen to do my bidding, to bring this world into a perfect nihilistic state of being where all objects, beliefs, creeds, existence, life, and nature ceases to exist. Now, I was approached by a someone on social media as to what would make me change my plans for nihility for mankind and that would be if I met that one special someone who would stay loyal to me for an eternity and without hesitation to follow me into the deepest and darkest corners of my mind and heart. I know that such loyalty does not exist on this planet so I live a very lonely life out of choice and a desire to have that perfect life, free of unwanted human interactions. Yes I have to interact with human beings merely as a part of my conceptual obligations to coworkers but when I return home, I am greeted with my toys and possessions that I know will not fail me unless I manage to destroy them out of my own choice. Human beings are very fickle and tend to lack consistency in all their actions and words and I do not wish to have that in my life.

It has been more than 6 months since I left the white trash slut Jessica McInturff for being both a bipolar and manic depressive person and I do not feel an ounce of remorse for destroying both her life and the lives of her 4 children. Ironically, she actually texted me by accident, trying to illicit some kind of angry response from me, but alas, she failed because her life is still the same way it was when I trashed her feelings and left her for dead in her hometown of Gray, Tennessee. How strange it is that I still get approached by women (all because of this damn beard) and yet I know that they are not worthy due to their unloyal nature and refusal to commit to unconditional love at all cost. Why spend the rest of your life with a nigger woman, a white trash slut, or any variations of feminist filths, when you can live a perfect life alone, free from the evils called human beings, building up wealth, living your life for yourself without care to the feelings of others.

Maybe I have achieved the perfect life because I have no desires to accomplish any more goals because I can find no real goals worthy of my time and pursuit. My plans for the new year was to travel and see other people in The Cause in other to build comradery but too many of them are living a life of fear and a life of delusions and hypocrisy (imagine a white man or a white woman complaining of white genocide but refusing to have children in other to prolong the life of their race) and to make my final move to live out the rest of my life in Ecuador in peace away from Jews and white freemasons. Alas, I might not be able to do that due to both health and finances not to even mention that the governments of Ecuador and Bolivia might not even accept me into those nations. Yes, it appears that I will simply let my diabetic condition end my life and I shall take my seat with my forefathers and my ancestors yet knowing that my actions here on earth was able to push the world much closer to achieving the perfect nihilistic world!

White Stupidity Backing The White Freemason Donald Trump



This will probably go down as one of my last posts about Donald Trump and the increasing stupidity of the white race to back yet another Jewish shill for office. I was talking to a good comrade over the weekend and we were both talking about how many whites have now fallen under the Jewish spell of falling for false leaders. Though I know that many, including myself, fell for the lies of Trump but unlike many of them, I was able to open my eyes fully once I saw his AIPAC speech. Of course, many of the typical white idiots and Trump supporting fools fail to see this and continue to make excuses like “he was merely rehearsing things” and “the entire situation looked like he was going through the motions”. Why the hell should anyone follow false leaders who continue to show not an ounce of backbone to stand up to Jews and Freemasons who have ruined the lives of our fathers and the future of our children?

There is many historical similarities to point to the rise of Donald Trump and how it mirrors the rise of Barack Hussein Obama. Both men were mysterious figures, somehow placed in front of us, promising the world. Obama promised universal healthcare, a peaceful coexistence with the world, hope for the poor, change instead of stagnation but we all know the end of that store. Thank the gods that his evil reign and error (pun intended) will come to an end in just 10 more days. Obama was labeled the great black hope in order to fool the ignorant black niggers to vote for him and for guilt stricken whites to vote for him in order to appease the blacks and faggots (it’s my opinion based on facts that Obama is a homosexual anyways and NOT a Jew!). It worked for more than 8 years and now the Jews have started another plot to trick the minds of the goyim.

One of the arguments that the white idiots say that they were better off with anyone but the feminist slut Hillary Clinton but I very much disagree. There is no point in choosing the lesser of 2 evils since they are both evil; the only difference being that Clinton is a mass murder and Trump backs mass murders in the fake genocidal state called Israel. It is my theory, a theory that will be proven right, is that if Hillary had been elected, it would have helped spread the fire and the desire for a violent revolution to speed the advent of racial futurism to save not only whites but to fully throw off the evils of Jewish supremacy. Now that Trump has been chosen and promoted to the Jewish office of POTUS, the whites and the fools who have supported his rise to power are now being appeased and shall remain stagnant and refuse to remain vigilant against the Jews and their lies. It almost feels that they will continue to make appeasements and excuses for all the times he will screw them over. Hell, he has already been screwing them over as he is doing nothing but appointing Jews like his own son in law, Jared Kushner, to high offices, further cementing their rule over us all!

And to make matters even worse, the continued hypocrisy of many fake national socialists (and many wonder why I left the movement over a year ago) to continue to support a man who has sworn allegiance to Jews, to the fake state of Israel, who has married off his children to Jews and is proud to have Jewish grandchildren, and who has many business dealings with Jews and the state of Israel. I believe that in the end, the weak will get purged from the earth and this kind of hypocrisy has shown me that there are VERY VERY VERY few people in The Cause who understand what must be done and that it makes very little sense to continue to vote in Jewish political machinations to try and save them. This war with the Jews and Freemasons will only be won when the fight is taken to Jews in all forms, including violence against them and those who support them. Yes, the blood of whites and blacks and many others will have to be spilled in order to stop them, but the sacrifice that shall be made for your own descendants will more than make up for that! How the fuck can someone proclaim to be against zionism, against jewish supremacy, and against even Jews yet support Jewish backed and endorsed candidates. I believe that the white race has simply grown too weak and it is far from shocking that they will make up less than 5% of the world population by the year 2050 and shall become a minority in America by that same time period. I have moved on to working with people opposed to both Jewish control AND Donald Trump and have begun to purge from my ranks ANYONE who supports any jewish backed candidate including Trump. It is what must be done to continue the progress in my battle against the Jews!