Personal Narrative

Updates September and October 2017

This is my first update in about two months due to a very busy schedule; I just picked up a third job so I am currently doing my main job and managing my tutoring business in addition to my responsibilities on this site.  As such I haven’t even had time to do even a personal narrative or write some of my nihilistic poems or music in the past few weeks.  Of course, I still publish what I can from my numerous sources which has helped to keep website traffic at a decent pace over the past few months.

If you are one of my followers on Twitter, know that I am currently on a ban there from last Friday, a ban that will end sometime this upcoming Friday.  Apparently one of my posts triggered a social justice warrior as it was being retweeted all over Twitter and they decided to ban my ability to post anything for 7 days.  I will return in about 6 days to continue my good works on that platform.

Also if you follow me on Facebook, I was able to create 2 more accounts for the inevitable moment that I am banned on Facebook so that I can continue to post continue to my Facebook public page for this site.  I have not figured out how to do that for my Twitter profile and I am not even sure that such an option exists but I shall keep on trying.

On the topic of content, I posted about 8 poems without giving any details as to what the poems are about but the title should speak clearly as to the message that I am trying to convey.  I posted them earlier today after writing them last night during a training session.  The poems are my usual work, praising my horsemen for the killings in Las Vegas and my anger and hatred for Jews for their continued targeting of my rights and freedom to do as I please.

Lastly, if you are on the social media platform of you will find me there; simply go to the about me section of this site and you will see the links to both my profile and website page for minds.  So far, I actually like minds and I really have no interest in finding friends on that platform; I simply post my stuff, people view it and move on.  It is unlike Facebook and VK where I constantly get harassed daily for content that I post that triggers people (mostly white idiots who get offended by anything they disagree on), so I plan to migrate eventually all of my social media work to when the moment presents itself.


Kill All The Kikes Man

Kill All The Kikes Man

Oh yeah, kill all the kikes man
Oh yeah, kill all the kikes man
The Kike man call themselves superior
For they know how to take over
The Kike man came to plunder my nation
Then he tells to pay him holocaust reparations

Oh yeah, kill all the kikes man
Oh yeah, kill all the kikes man

No I did not like when the kike man offends men
Kikes raped our people and raped our country
All the things I loved and cherished kikes already took away
I will be rid of them, soon shall be the day

Oh yeah, kill all the white man,
Oh yeah, kill all the kikes man

Oh yeah, kill all the white man.
Oh yeah, kill all the kikes man

Kill off the kikes man!

The Anti Jewish Phobia

Anti Jewish Phobia

Are the jews coming after you?
Are the jews coming after you?
Are the jews after you?
Will they kill you?
We can see the panic in you
Felt the panic in you
Jews can feel the panic in you
Will you let them break you?
An anti jewish phobia
Rises from within
It shall take you over
Symptoms of a dying heart
Behold the anti jewish phobia

Hate Made Whole

Hate Made Whole

Maybe I was bound by hate
A scarring induced by my own hate
Life never seemed to all pan out
That was what this hatred was needed to find

It seems to have a high effect
My rules and operations I shall never neglect
It was never my fault it made me feel
That my own self education was truly real

Now Jews have come right in, tearing out my plans
Could all of my loss be their only goal
So I’m left standing here, killing Jews in the cold
Since they took my life, my hate has not been whole

There I stood, a hated child
My logic always questioned, my hate was filed
As I sit inside this place that made me feel
That life was always unfair and that shit was always real

When I tried to overcome your burdens
You made the questions harder just to
Keep me turning at night
Now I am killing harder, tougher, stronger than I ever had
Loneliness never broke me down, always made me feel happy
Jews have tried to put me down and stick me inside a pit
My growth as a human mattered not an ounce
Now I have become the person Jews hate the most
For I disrepect Islam, Judaism, and Christianity
But let it be a small example of what there is to come
As I changed my life and all the little things
That I shall never become


Payback Against Whites and Blacks

Payback Against Whites and Blacks

Some more hateful reflections are growing in my mind
A blindness that was never lost
Striving hard for imperfection but still there is nothing inside
Capitalist values have no true cost
Still as I reach out to kill, the screams are no longer muffled
This all makes a bigger man of me
The only thing I can bring to my head is a gun
Kill blacks!

Watch me kill while they go down
I’m killing all you kikes to the ground dead with me while they drown
Wasting your whole life
The Jewish systematic hype means nothing to me

At the point of this retraciton and slipping further into a coma
This world has gotten worse for me
With no directions or morals to live by
Just dark skies in sight!
I reach out to kill you, your hand turns and wanders
You simply can never see
The separation of genders means nothing to me
I just keep killing on and on and on
I keep shooting on and on and on
Kill whites!

Soon I will come back and it shall be your turn
Soon you will be the one to feel my burns
Kill whites and blacks!
They are dead now!

Victorious Against Jews

Victorious Against Jews

Seems like the competition is riding on our ass
Seems like they were hoping that we would fail
This world has come to raise their guns to our heads
We will prove ourselves worthy
We shall be the ones

We will be victorious
For we won’t lose the battles anymore
Jews always act mysterious
But we shall remain victorious

Seems like Jews are plotting, plotting our demise
With weapons they have made around their own destruction
Jews will never see that we shall master our own destiny
For we shall never be called victims of our own memories

Dont Jews ever get tired and feel like killing themselves?
Don’t kikes ever feel like, they shall die soon enough?
Don’t Jews ever feel fitred of wondering when they shall die?
Don’t Jews ever feel tired and feel like burning off?
Seems like Jews are taking their sweet time to die
Sipping poisons in their beds, enjoying their demise
We won’t have to wait, to unlesh all this hate
With semi automatic guns, to blow Jews off this world


The Killing Circle

The Killing Circle

My second life cost me a lot
After I killed them I just took them home
Reading hateful music with gossip sluts
Spent my last dollar on some bullet proof vests

I’m a murder who have never been murdered
I’m a hateful shit, it’s become a point of pride
I’m a super rich complaining I don’t have more in life
Kill babies, kill oh, kill babies, kill oh

I don’t care where I stand in the killing circle
I just put a bullet through their heads
I don’t even know how I killed all these people, don’t make no difference to me
I don’t understand why I kill, I just listen to the hateful sounds
We must make room for men on the killing mission
I don’t even care how we get to the killings, for it makes no difference to us

I lost some dead bodies as they start to stumble
My skank mother betrayed my life years ago
I kill alone to keep from going under
Everyday I get lost the moment I get off the bed

I’m a savior that never got the time to save
I’m a killing kid, no reason to stop
There is nothing finer than the blood running down their throats
Kill baby kill oh kill baby kill oh

Went to search for some sick satisfacton
Rattled the head of a kike, left them with a head of gold
I’m going back to join the cast of hate
I never wrote a hateful song till now


Think I’m Gonna Kill Some Jews

Think I’m Gonna Kill Some Jews

I have gotten bored
Being a part of humankind
There is not a lot to kill no more
The human race is a waste of time

Subhumans running everywhere
Swarming around like kikes
I have to buy a forty four
Kill them all with a surprise

Think I have to kill some Jews
Cause a lot of genocide
Stab them dead for a couple of years
Such a scandal when they die

Yep I have to kill some Jews
Might get some headline news
I have to see what the world says
On the state of subhuman ways

A rift with some kike ass
They will never touch my cash
They must die by nine o’clock
These kikes think they are gods

I might make an exception
If the kike takes their life
Adolf Hitler needs to come
And kill them every night!


Behold The Jews And The Power They Hold

Behold The Jews And The Power They Hold

I told them once
But they shall say it again
When you live on the flesh
It shall be the beginning of an end
Kikes will take you in
And they will spit you out
Behold the Jews
And the power they hold!

Hatred is a virtue laced with pleasure that becomes sweet
One of their many faces that they try to hide beneath
Jews will take you in
Jews will spit you out!
Behold the Jew
And the power that they hold!

In the new
Jews already knew
From our first battle
They already knew
To never let go
These words that they speak no more

Like a slash
To their face
They see it and know it is there
When my hatred shows
Its perfect face
Jews will be prepared to die!

Violence kills
Like bullets carried by my hands
The end of their time
Shall be a time to begin!

Kikes will take you in
And spit you out
Behold the Jews
And the power they hold!
Jews will build you up
In their way and tear you down


Kill The Kikes

On Thursday I was playing on my PS4 and received a notification that I was banned on Facebook all over an article that I published roughly 12 hours ago discussing how wrong racism was.  Oddly the article was published first on Alternet, a very liberal and progressive website and the article was describing a story about how a woman was in love with a man yet did not agree with his racist ideas.  Of course, the Jews of Facebook did not like the article because in the first sentence the word nigger was used.  Now that word was used in the article because the woman was telling a story verbatim about the words that her boyfriend was saying and she was shocked and disgusted by his behavior.  This ban is completely unwarranted and completely illegal but of course the Jews could care less as they are on top of the evils of social media.  So instead I will use this site to continue to call for everyone, no matter where they are, to take their guns and knives to kill every Jew that they can find.  Let these same Jews feel my wrath and anger at how often they have silenced me for nine 30 day bans in the past 15 months.  Let the killing of all Jews begin and let them suffer a real holocaust that they were supposed to get during the second world war.


Kill The Kikes

History has gone through many changes
From love to hate
Now any kike can say
Their lives have fucking worth

Now all these fucking kikes
Think that they should rule this world
Fuck their rules and Jewish ideas
Have ruined my fucking life

Kill a kike ass
Kill a nigger
Kill everyone
Kikes are out, out of time!

Don’t give these kikes any more chances
Give them their death wish
We will kill them and love it
We will keep killing them till they are dead