Personal Narrative

Safe To Kill

Yesterday was a marvelous way to end the week as the work of my horsemen and their followers continues to result in the deaths of many people in the Western Hemisphere.  Thus, I am writing this song/poem to thank them for their work in promoting nihility that is leading to the deaths of many people in this world.  Also this poem will serve as great inspiration for those who wish to kill to bring this world closer to an empty world that shall wipe away all existence in this life!


Safe To Kill

I could kill you all
I could stab you where you wouldn’t see
And kill those you wouldn’t believe

You can be my hate
Even as the world is dying off
I know we will be safe to kill!

We are safe to kill

I could shoot your kids
We know the rivers of blood will never dry up
The world will appreciate it

For you can be my death
Even in a world of subhumans
We know that we will be safe to kill!

Safe to kill
We are safe to kill
Safe to kill
We are safe to kill
Take your hate!
And know that we are safe to kill
Safe to kill

I could show you hate
In a wave of suffocating lives
You will kill next to me

For you shall be my death
Even as they lay six feet under
I know that we shall be safe to kill!


Seeing Through Dreams

It has been quite a long time since I wrote a personal narrative about past events in my life and I really want to change that moving forward so I am going to speak about the topic of dreams and how the dead are able to communicate with us through sleep. For the past few weeks, I have been getting strange dreams from my grandmother as she attempts to continue to push me away from my current nihilistic path.  She knows that I have grown very reclusive and have ceased speaking to many people in my life.  It was not the way that she raised me, but as I have lived in the shithole called America, I have grown more hateful towards all of mankind with the longing desire to destroy all existence as the only answer towards solving the human problem.  At times in my life, I have been able to withstand all of her attempts to turn me back into the man that she wishes for me to become, but lately I have been cutting away humans from my life; both in the forms of relationships and also through the words that I have written on this website.

Over the past few months, I have cut ties with my former best friend and my biological mother and several women who I felt crossed the lines when they were trying to dictate how I should live my life or when they wouldn’t respect my boundaries.  In the case of my biological mother, she crossed the line when she insisted on putting her happiness above her own child and wished me nothing but misery for simply wishing to be with someone that I loved and cared about.  Till this day, I have taken a solemn vow to my ancestors  to never say a single word to her for she did something unforgivable, wishing her only son misery so that she could be happy in her own life.  I have already told her to live her life without me in it and that even on her own death bed, she will never hear or see me for the rest of her existence.  It is a decision that haunts her till this day as she tries frequently to text or call me to make amends but I have no desire to make such amends.  For when I close the door on someone in my life, I have no such desires to re-open a door that I have permanently closed.  In this situation, I replaced her as a mother with my mentor over 10 years ago and I have been blessed to not have her in my life or in my thoughts for the past year since I ended our relationship a few days before my 30th birthday.

As for my former best friend, I quickly ended that friendship when it became very apparent that she was still living in a self created delusion as to where she should go in life.  It wasn’t bad enough that she was “dating” a douche-bag who only used her for sex, and the funniest part of it was that he would only talk to her once every 2 weeks and whenever they would meet up for sex at her place, he was completely high and drunk out of his mind and he would pass out and sleep after the sex.  So basically her relationship with this person consisted of only sex and maybe a few words for weeks at a time.  She would frequently call me to complain about a situation that she was helping to enable; not to even mention that she STILL refuses to get her degree and get her life out of the train-wreck that it is.  So I quickly saw that her life was headed towards a train wreck that I refused to be a part of; so I cut her off and she has not been able to make contact with me for months.  It was a good choice on my part as she was displaying feminist tendencies to choose sex and a douche bag “boyfriend” who was doing nothing to make her happy.  It might have been a shame to throw away over 14 years of friendship but what are friends to a nihilist?

Yet that wasn’t the only best friend I cut off as I did the same to a girl that I had known for 2 years who wanted us to be friends but the way she lived her life went completely against all of my values and belief structures.  She had a great connection with my grandmother who watched and protected us as her guardians, but ultimately, I also cut her out of my life due to our differences.  Oddly, I believe that she recently re-connected with one of my oldest friends and as such, she didn’t have time to talk to me anymore.  I decided at that moment that it would be the moment that I could seize opportunity and cut her out of my life; it also did not hurt matters that she forgot about my birthday but honestly I was simply grasping at any reason to end our friendship due to her parasitic behavior and leeching off others.

My grandmother has a history of visiting me in my dreams, pleading to me to return to the world of kindness and to the ways that she raised me but due to living in the reality dump-fire called America I have grown to fully embrace nihility and have been using my vast talents and abilities to ensure that this world is wiped away for eternities to come.  It is a major point of contention with my deceased grandmother as she has been entering into my dreams for the past 2 years to convince me to stop with my “evil” actions and to start by forgiving those who wronged me in the past.  She does this by projecting scenarios and visions into my mind as I enter into deep slumber and creating such surreal dreams that leaves me almost believing that it is a realistic part of my own life.  But then I quickly remember that there is no way that I would openly pick up my cellphone and call my mother to bridge the gap between us so that I could see my newest baby sister.  Then I also quickly recall the impossibility that I would never pick up the phone to call my biological father to see how he is doing; not after when he walked away from his children to flee from the government for committing a multiple of federal felonies and choosing a life on the run away from his children.

Such scenarios go against the ways of nihility and as such, I openly fight against them when I am awake but when I am in deep slumber, I have no controls over such visions and scenarios and my grandmother knows this.  As such, I am somewhat resistant to going to sleep for I know that I have no controls over my grandmother’s ability to see my life and to try and guilt me through dreams, so I only go to sleep for shorter periods of time.  Yet I know that this will desist once I stop working next week and will have more time to do other tasks and sleep will come more naturally and become a longer occupation than in the past.  Still, my grandmother, the one who raised me, who still protects me and keeps on doing so as my guardian angel, has made it known to me through our many conversations in the dreamworld what she wants me to do and how she wants me to live my life.  Maybe I will write a Facebook post next month when my ban is over to discuss such an idea with my followers but I continue to intend to fight the ways that I was raised by her and to continue the fight for reality and to end all existence, even though I know that I have very little time left on this planet.

Take No Jewish Prisoners

I have been working on this song/poem for the last 2 weeks when I found out that the subhuman Jews on Facebook banned me for merely sharing a link exposing the evils of feminism; it is my 8th such 30 day ban in the past 13 months and it has led me to openly call for the extermination of all Jews, whether they proclaim themselves to be “good” or “evil”, they must simply die for being Jewish.  For where were these same Jews when I was facing injustice and censorship to tell their own brothers and sisters to cease with the needless meddling in my free speech human rights.  I will tell you where these subhuman Jews were; they were off swindling more non Jews/goyim to fight their evils wars and battles to further subvert the human races.  Well all that ends from this moment forward as this poem will inspire others to take their weapons and start killing Jews wherever they find them!



Take No Jewish Prisoners

You got one kike, infiltrate them
Kill them right, exterminate them
The guns will, decimate them
Kill their pride, degenerate them

The Jewish people, reprobate them
Aids will, devastate them
Diseases will, decapitate them
Take no Jewish prisoners, terminate them

I go to war, to give Jews hell
The wars will be non stop like in Germany
A beginning to this end
We know what must be done to them
Peace will be their deaths to me
Let them retreat for they are damned
Their cemetery will be a playground for the demented
A safe haven for those who walk this realm

For they are devoid of heart and soul
All is fair in hate and war
Take the Jewish life!
But don’t touch the kike’s hair
For your body is more sacred
No countries must be spared
And to their sons and daughters behold
Their deathbed!

The Jews had it all and all that they could be
Now they will be nothing for the world to see
How odd that they long to be like you and me
It’s a sad yet funny thing
No tears shall streak from my hateful stare
We must abandon them like they wreckage they are
No one cares what will happen to them
No one will dare to speak up for them
Never ask a kike what they can do to your country
Ask how your country can kill them instead
Take no Jewish prisoners, take none of their shit!

Updates June 2017

I was supposed to write this part of my personal narrative a few days ago as has been my custom for the past 2 years to give updates on information that is ongoing in my life.  However due to my busy schedule, I had to push that back till today, so here it goes!


A Great Weekend In Hermann Park

On June 10th, I went to Hermann Park to observe and report about the ANTIFA protest against the Sam Houston statue.  I was able to meet a good friend of mine there and also speak to many like minded people.  How strange it was to be greeted with such exceptional kindness and open support from whites; I can honestly say that I would never receive such a kind welcome from blacks or Africans for a variety of reasons.  It was a great example of the good that can happen when like minded people come together.  Despite the appearance of many open carry gun rights people, not a single person was harmed by any weapons.  There was a scuffle there but it was mostly between members of the This Is Texas movement against white supremacist groups like Vanguard and the Sons of the Confederacy.  The scuffle occurred when the white supremacist groups were taking pictures in front of the statue despite repeated warnings to stop doing this as it would detract from the overall message to preserve the statue as a vital part of Texas history.  The protest was all about preserving Texas history and not about any racial politics or the confederate flag or confederate history.  Afterall, Sam Houston was against joining the confederacy and people will accurately point out that he had slaves but it was an ugly part of American history.  Instead of trying to erase history, we should all try to learn and understand from it so that we will not make those same mistakes again.


YouTube Rules

I posted 2 videos about 5 days ago as it related to the Sam Houston statue; not to be surprised there were comments made by niggers, spics, and white idiots/white trash both in favor and against the video.  I have begun to remove comments of anyone who speaks out against me or the video as I need to maintain only a positive presence on my YouTube page and videos.  If that bothers anyone, they can send me an email message to discuss anything that they deem to be offensive in the video.  The fact that the Jews on YouTube haven’t taken down any of my videos yet means that I am doing good work!


Banned Again On Facebook

Yes, just like the subtitle says, I am banned once more on Kikebook and what got me banned this time was a link that I shared with a statement as to what should happen to all women.  Of course, the Jews didn’t appreciate my sense of humor where a woman should have a man put his hand in her face and then force her to shake hands.  My ban should be over by July 8th, but honestly it is just a matter of time until they completely ban me from Facebook as this is my 8th 30 day ban in just the past 13 months.  Honestly, I don’t believe any of my bans should have happened for the community standards were NEVER written by a single member of the community but by subhuman Jews who do everything in their power to stifle free speech and freedom of expression.




ANTIFA VS. This Is Texas: The Battle For The Sam Houston Statue

On June 10th 2017, I went to Hermann Park here in downtown Houston, Texas for a protest organized by a group called This Is Texas to protest a planned organized march by ANTIFA (also called “anti fascists”) against the Sam Houston statue here in Hermann Park.  ANTIFA was protesting the statue due to the historical fact that Sam Houston owned slaves and they consider such statues a part of “white supremacy” and “racism”.  When I arrived for the protest at around 11:15am, I passed by one of the ANTIFA members who were speaking to a family of 3 and a black man and I kindly asked for directions to the statue as I had never been in Hermann Park in my entire 22 years living in Houston, TX.  At the time that I was speaking to the ANTIFA member, I had no idea that he was even a part of the organization but he kindly directed me towards the place.  It wasn’t until after meeting a friend at the rally that I realized that ANTIFA did not even set foot near the rally for fear of violence that would be visited upon them.  There was a scuffle between white nationalists/white supremacists and the This Is Texas organization as the leader David Amad had warned the Vanguard and Sons of the Confederacy not to attend the rally if they were to make the rally anything other than protecting the Sam Houston statue.  Amad also made it very clear that there was to be no flying of the Confederate flag at the event as well; however he stated that Texas flags and American flags could be flown at the rally.  From the pictures and videos, most can see that it was a very peaceful event and a large reason as to why it was a peaceful event was due to the law abiding open carry members and 2nd Amendment activists who used their constitutional rights to defend themselves just in case ANTIFA came with violence in their hearts and minds as has long been their customs to do such things when they protested in California.  Please enjoy the pictures and the videos and leave any comments below as to what you thought of the entire event!



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Let Her Die

This month marked the one year anniversary of my past relationship with the white trash slut Jessica McInturff and till this very day, I still hate her, her family, and her children and wish them nothing but misery and death for the rest of their years.  So I composed this poem about my hateful feeling towards her and the wasted time in my life when she was even remotely associated with me.


Let Her Die!

When you need the hate but you’re burning low
When you miss the night and the sun is out
You only know to hate her when you let her die
Only know of death when they are feeling alive
Only hate the black when you’re missing white
Only know to hate her when you let her die
Then you let her die!

Standing at the bottom of the sea
Wishing one day you will make that death wish
Still your death shall come slow as others will go fast
I see her face when I close my eyes
One day she will understand why she has to die
For everything she touches always dies

Staring at her face in the dark
Feeling the same old hateful feelings in my heart
My hate grows slow and spreads out fast
When I see her die as I fall asleep
She will never touch and will never keep my heart
For I loved her too much and now her death will bring me peace

What A Money-less Society Would Look Like….

Earlier today at work, I was engaged with a coworker who was lamenting her life of constant struggle with finances, paying bills, working multiple jobs, and having to shoulder the load with regards to her children and providing for them.  Prior to this conversation, I was at my eye doctor’s office, getting a new prescription for my vision corrective lenses and I began to discuss my desire to leave the shithole called America for a new life in Ecuador.  He responded that while things in America might not be perfect, it is best to budget money instead of engaging in wasteful spending.  For a long time, I have been urging many members of this world’s economy that human beings need not be the only species on the face of the planet that actually pays a single penny to live on this planet.  Not a single species that was created on earth pays to simply have shelter, have food, have transportation, and the means to simply exist in this world.  And till this very day, many human beings go along with the lie that you should have to pay for rent, have to pay for a mortgage simply to “own”  a house, have to pay for groceries (food that is usually poisoned at the hands of Monsanto and their Jewish friends), pay money for education and healthcare that has always been free of charge, and to pay simply for existing in this world.

Many human idiots would call a capitalist/free market society as progress and many anarchists would like a society where the state does not exist.  Neither group has the realization that a free society would be a disaster for it would allow for the ultra rich Jews and White Freemasons to increase their already enlarged powers over our heads.  For there would be nothing to check their greedy appetites as they would continue to charge interest for simple items like food, clothing, housing, etc (just like they are already doing today but with greater interest rates).  I have already written and dissected the uselessness of communism and socialism for neither of those 2 economic philosophies discuss how money is created and who should really control the money supply.  At least some intelligent British people tried to start a discussion revolving around the issue of money creation called positive money; but alas the Jewish filth shut down such discussions as “hate speech” (whatever that means).

All of these fake discussions about managing money and economic principles has done nothing to answer the real question and that is this: why should human beings be the only species to pay to simply live on this planet?  I have long propagated to cleanse the earth of all monetary policy and simply go back to barter and trade as that system was never under the threat of corruption by Jews and their evil allies.  For under the barter and trade system, people would use their talents and abilities to trade talents for the basic necessities of life.  If a human wants more, they can simply use those same talents to invent new materials that can be used for more goods and services.  For if there is no money, then the Jewish filths can no longer charge an ounce of interest to fleece the innocent goyim of their hard earned money for there would be no money to steal.  Also, with no more money, people could use their natural ability to educate each other, live for each other, guide each other, and make this world a pleasant place to live in.  For it would be a utopian society where we would live for each other, relying on the natural abundance of the earth and the many resources and technological advances mankind has already made.

Sadly most humans refuse to follow this simplistic route so I have taken it upon myself to continue with my plans of nihility for the world to behold.  For mankind has proven themselves unfit to lead and to live on this earth while they continue to use up the resources and create societies that simply exist to leech off the earth and create more greed.  Thus, to create a non existent world would mean an end to all creations, all beliefs, all creeds, all ideals, all nature, and all humanity to finally have a world where the unjust and the just perish to create a world of emptiness.  For an empty would shall come and it can NEVER be corrupted for there would be nothing there to corrupt.  Behold the glory of nihility, the glory of an empty world to come!

The Killing Fix

I was driving home tonight when I received word, via an email message, that one of my horsemen finally took it upon themselves to try and end the life of that wretched feminist Arriana Grande.  Honestly, I have the faintest of clues that she even existed until a few weeks ago, but any attack upon a feminist that results in the loss of lives is a good thing to a nihilist like myself.  So, I was quickly motivated to strike up this poem in memory of the good men who tried to end her wretched life and the lives of others who actually enjoyed her “music”, if that is what it can be called these day.


The Killing Fix

It’s taken a lifetime to kill them all
A lifetime of genocide
All the wasted lives on my hands
The lives turn to blood

As their lives fade in the wind
Burning lives
Large crimes
Killing them until they are mine

I kill with the fire
I feed on the hatred
Their lives are right where they should be
Don’t try and save them

I was so lost trying to find my way
I do not follow
Thus I am out of place

Kill Somebody

This poem was literally inspired very early this morning; maybe it was a consequence of dealing with idiotic women who kept on getting on my nerves.  So I did what I always do, cut them away and write hateful poems and songs of what i would like to see happen to not only women but to the rest of this world!


Kill Somebody

I know your hatred is feeling so hollow
As that’s a hard truth for you to swallow
But when I kill for you, the world will never recover
When I kill for you, this world will never be the same

I really want to kill somebody
I really want to take their lives away
We know we’re almost there
So stab them all away, stab them all away

I really want to stab somebody
I think about it every second of the day
I know we’re almost there
So stab them all away, stab them all away

My hate is such a hard act for others to follow
Hate me today but leave me tomorrow
Still if I kill for you, they will never recover
If I kill for you, the world will never be the same

We know where to start, even if they seem a little lost
We want to kill like we are never going to stop
We know what to do, when you’re in front of us
We’re asking you to kill and stay with us tonight

Updates May 2017

Basically, this is the part of my website where I actually give my subscribers some personal updates in my life but as of the past 30 days, there hasn’t been much going on that can be written or spoken of.  I recently celebrated my 31st birthday by continuing my perfect state of isolation from mankind.  I was also able to return from the ban on Facebook for a post exposing the members of Black Lives Matter as niggers for wishing to ally with ISIS/Islamic State.  As a result, there will be less postings on my VK page for my public profile page. I keep working diligently on my ultimate plans to leave this pathetic nation for good in the next 4 months and live out the last months of my life in peace in Ecuador or Bolivia.  That’s been the basic part of my life for the past 30 days; I will try to give more updates when I return once again in another 30 days.