A Statement To My VK Supporters and Followers


I have been asked who I am, am I even a real person, and why would an African man speak up for things like #whitegenocide among other topics?  Yes it is true that I am an African man from the Igbo tribe who currently lives in Jewmerica and that I have been fighting Jewish supremacy for the past 9 years.  I am fully aware of the issue of historical revisionism and the fact that the Third Reich were doing good work in opposing Jewish communism among other such evils and the Jewmerica and their allies fought the wrong enemy on that site.

It is also true that I was a national socialist for some time but I have left that to pursue the glory of nihility in order to reach my highest potential.  I agree very much with the message of national socialism but the Jews have corrupted it too much for it to be a viable plan to oppose them.  I am against all Jewish/Zionist governments and candidates including Vladimir Putin (whom i call Jewtin), Donald Trump (a white freemason), Marine Le Pen (an avowed Zionist and Feminist and another possible white freemason), all the middle eastern governments, China, the ZOG governments of Western Europe,

It is also true that I am against all of the Abrahamic religions including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and I consider them all to be my mortal enemies since they have tried many times to ruin my life and to kill me for simply speaking the truth against their death cult religions.  I support all people and their right for racial, cultural, and historical preservation and even to avoid race mixing, though I know very well that people will always fall in love with others outside their own race, I just don’t wish for such concepts to become mass spread through the media for it corrupts the mind.

I am also against all of the so called LGBTQ and all transgendered people as I know that they serve no real interests in the further realization and promotion of the racial pride of all people.  I speak out against all feminists and feminism as it has destroyed the family and I consider the vast majority of women evil as their minds have become tainted with such evils.  If I ever find a woman who understands that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, the garden, and at home, then I will gladly marry her and start a family.

I started my own website due to Facebook censorship and it remains a great way to get my message out.  I only found out about VK from a friend and while it is great that there is no censorship on here, it is only a matter of time until it takes the same path as Facebook with bans, post blocks, removal of profiles etc since VK is also a Jew owned forum as well.  I merely come here when the Jews of Facebook ban me as they have been doing for the past year.  I have been post blocked 7 times in the past year for merely stating my opinions of Jews, Cultural Marxism, historical revisionism, Adolf Hitler, and many other topics.  Once my post block is over on May 4th, I will go back to Facebook until they ban me.  I am reluctant to leave Kikebook due to the fact that I have amassed over 7000 followers on there and many of them refuse to leave Kikebook behind.

Finally, it is very much true that I share a birthday with the fuhrer, and thus my profile picture.  My ultimate solution to the Jewish problem and to the problems of mankind is nihility and for the non existence of this world to become a reality but if the Jews are purged from all non Jewish areas and all people are free to determine their destiny free from Jewish supremacy, then that is the path that would be preferred.  I want my own people, the Igbo tribe, to break free of the Nigerian government and to establish our own state with control over our own resources.  That might place us under a war with Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Masons, but that is the price that we might have to pay.  Currently I am willing to work with Muslims and Christians in Nigeria to establish a free state for not only my people but for all of the 150 ethnic groups in Nigeria so that all people there might have a chance for a viable future but I am realistic that once that goal is achieved then Christianity and Islam (though few Igbos are Muslims) will have to be purged from our homelands.


Pardon Jews!

For the 7th time in the past year, the Jews of Facebook have censored me yet again and this time was for a post that was made well over a year ago on my own website.  Well I have decided to return the favor to these filthy kikes by writing my own song against them for the treacheries that they have committed against me.  And to think if the Jews would leave me alone, I wouldn’t be inflicting these damages against them but then again, it is what the Jews have done to all people on the face of this planet that makes them the most hated group in the entire world!


Pardon Jews!

Decades ago
I always thoughts I would be free
At the age of thirty three
On the verge of another genocide
Woe to the Jews!

But that comes with the Jewish territories
An ominous sign of their never ending calamities
I need them to hear
I need them to see all that they have done

All the explosion seems like an eternity to them
So pardon them while they burn in their flames
Pardon them while they burn in their fires
We have had enough ot the jewish world and its never endless games
So pardon jews while they burn and bleed through the flames
Pardon kikes, pardon kikes, for our lives will never be the same!

Now two years later
I was taking a look in a jewish book
And I see a picture of a goy burned above their knees
I wondered, when will their torture ever end?

For lately, I have been thinking of a genocide against them
As a welcomed act of kindness
From the burdens created by jews on this earth
Like greed, usury, and the disease of living in their 3-D world

Updates April 2017

“Happy” Birthday To Me! 

It has been a shocking 31 years of my life and little have I given the idea that I would even make it this far in life.  I have accomplished all of my goals and shall hopefully be in Ecaudor living out the remaining months of my life away from the shithole called America.  This is also my second birthday that has went by without my biological parents in my life but it is all for the better as I replaced them long ago.  My mentor plans to take me out for dinner this Friday and I got my 8th tattoo about an hour ago to commemorate the ending of my career as an educator.  Also, in advance, I would like to thank those who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook because due to my post block, I will be unable to interact with them until May 4th at my earliest convenience.


A New Sidepiece

Usually I never talk about who I am seeing or dating but I did post a picture of her on my instagram page.  Talk about a grand opportunity to lavish praise upon a woman who does not fit the stereotype of the typical feminist sluts that most women have become in my eyes.  She knows very well that a woman’s role must remain in the kitchen and the garden where they must stay to help raise the children and tend to the needs of the house so that stability can remain a part of the family infrastructure.  However, a woman must also know that their role must be one of pure submission to the man’s desires and my sidepiece recognizes that.  That is why I have been urging many men to get a sidepiece and to stop bothering with women until they abandon the evil notion of feminism.  Then of course, maybe with the continuance of rapes, they will sooner realize that their role has long been to sit down, shut up, and remain submissive to their roles as mothers and wives or face complete destruction.


No More Teaching

I have made the decision that the end of June will mark the end of my 4 years as an educator as I have grown tired, angry, and hateful towards all aspects of the American education system.  It is a fitting time to leave the field because now that I have acquired my MBA degree, I can leave the field for greener pastures.  I have to continue to seek residence in a foreign country, mostly to avoid repayment of my student loans but to also live out my final few months in peace away from the greed of jews and white freemasons.  I will write a full personal narrative on my journey as an educator sometime in July to make my entire journey a great piece of the history of my life thus far so please look for that in the near future.


New YouTube Channel



About a week ago, I did an interview with a great friend and national socialist Nicholas Pride on his plans to run for office of President of the United States in the year 2020.  I was able to open a YouTube channel to record our interview and we have decided that I should do more of such activities since the first one was such a rousing success.  So, I have decided to make a YouTube channel for this website and to try and post interviews that I do with other like minded people that I might run into down the line of life.  It is another great avenue of content that can be delivered to those who subscribe to this website and I already have 3 subscribers and 6 new likes for my first video below


23 Years Of Hell In Jewmerica

In the next two months, it will mark the 23 year anniversary that my family moved from Nigeria to the United States.  It is a move that still makes very little sense to me because we had very comfortable lives back home.  I was in a private school, I didn’t have to deal with the black niggers or the Latino spics of this world; I was living in a comfortable upper class section of Nigerian society where all people in my apartment complex and street knew who I was and the accomplishments of my ancestors.  I have tried to rationalize the need for such a move when I asked my biological father a decade ago and he said that he wanted us to experience the glories of living in a first world nation and to eventually become residents of the United States while it was at its peak and glory.  Little did he know that such glories were all crafted under the lies of Jewish supremacy and that we would be entering a land of debts, enslavement, servitude to false gods and false idols, and expected to support wars in the name of false security to serve a foreign power called Israel.

In truth, I also share a lot of the blame myself for not opening my eyes to the Jewish spell and for allowing my mind to be brainwashed by the Russian Jew Michael Savage, real name Michael Weiner.  It wasn’t until I was 23 years old and after my surgery in 2009 that I realize the depths of Jewish control over this world and at that point that I began to look at things as just not liberals vs. conservatives but as jews and non jews.  Now, not all things here in America during my last 23 years on this earth has been horrible.  I was able to acquire my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and I live a relatively good life inspite of Jewish plans to force me to pay for my student loans and to continue to steal from me and my hard earned fortunes.  Honestly, I would probably stay in Jewmerica and continue to fight the Jews and to fight for a decent future if some things were different; one of those things being my student loans and my lonely existence.

A huge reason why I live such a lonely life is due to my extremist, nihilistic belief structures that places me against the following people: gays, blacks, whites, jews, latinos, women, black and latino children, africans, social justice warriors, feminists, christian zionists, zionists, muslims, christians, anarchists, pedophiles, and even my own biological parents.  I made this decision long ago and basically only see human beings a means to establish a non existent world where all objects, beliefs, creeds, lives, nature, animals and all existence finally is destroyed to make way for a perfect world of nothingness.  As for the other situation, my student loans, I had no intention of ever paying those despite the fact that I took out over 70 thousand U.S. dollars to pay for an MBA degree that will eventually turn out to be worthless due to getting it from a for profit private school.

It all seems very fitting that come September later this year, I will finalize my plans to move to Ecuador or Bolivia where the government of such stated nations are against zionism and have a much lower cost of living when compared to life in America.  It also seems very fitting that I will leave this shithole that I call Jewmerica to finally live out my remaining few months of my life with people who are peaceful and only wish to live their lives free of Jewish supremacy.  Sure, the easy route might have been to move to Canada and struggle living under a similar Jewish dictatorship system where the social justice warriors, freemasons, and Jews have formed an evil triumvirate to fight against their supremacy.  I call this an easy route for Canada is very much life Jewmerica as a converted nation that caters only to Jewish interests at the expense of the home nation.  I already know the lay of the land and I do appreciate the beauty of the Canadian wildlife but I would rather live in peace with the peaceful people of Bolivia and Ecuador than to continue to waste my life away in Jewmerica living a life of anger and hatred as the Jews continue to tighten their noose around what remains of my life.

Interview With Nicholas Pride, Presidential Candidate In The Year 2020

Last weekend, I was fortunate to be able to conduct an interview with fellow member and warrior for The Truth Nicholas Pride.  I have known Nicholas for the past 2 years as he has been a member and an administrator in my secret group, Freedom Like A Shopping Cart.  We discussed many issues ranging from Donald Trump, the Federal Reserve, Zionism, Israel, Jewish Supremacy, the Family Unit, so called “gay” rights, pornography, and many other topics.  This was my first ever video uploaded to the website’s YouTube channel but I think it came out as well as it could have been.

Here is a link to Nicholas’ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nicholas.pride.982



Kill All White People


I decided to write a song about the day that all white people are killed off this planet; obviously the blacks and latinos will be the ones to do this when their numbers continue to swell up.  I based the song off an unknown title by Eddie Murphy.  At the time when I heard of this song I knew that it was only satire, but in my deepest, darkest desires as a proud nihilist, all races and people should become extinct to make way for the glory of nihility, the glory of an empty world to come.  It only makes sense to start off with whites due to the fact that they make up less than 10 percent of the world’s population.  Also, the whites have been voting in freemasons and jews like Donald Trump that continue to drop bombs on 3rd world non white nations, so if this song leads to a single white death, then I proudly consider that a rousing success!


Kill The White People

I live in a shity part of a shittytown
I gots no money so I gots to sleep on da ground
We play some muzak, my bitch dug a ditch
My skank mother did some laundry, turns out she was still a bitch

Still we must kill all white people, take the guns to make them hurt!
Kill off the white people, just make sure to buy my song first
Why don’t buy my song first?

I sing of hatred and inequality
But in the end, niggers just want their money
They want to drive in big black cars
To smoke ganja till they can’t even live!

Then we can be able to kill all white people, use guns to make them hurt

Kill all white people, just make sure to buy my song first
When they go into the grocery store, we gonna wait there with guns
We gonna shoot them in the head, make them die
Then we continue to kill all white people
But first buy my song

Recipe For Death (The Horsemen)

Just like I promised earlier today, I have begun to use my vast resources to finalize the full demise and destruction of the white race due to their continued support of masonic and jewish candidates.  They only have themselves to blame for their own destruction and it is a destruction that I will gladly aid and abet thanks to the evils that they have done onto others.  Let this poem/song serve as a taste of things to come through the use of my horsemen to achieve these means.  Until the white race stops support jewish supremacy and white freemasons, I won’t stop using my vast influences and power to realize that their genocide continues to speed up until they exist no more!


Recipe For Death (The Horsemen)

Everyday, my existence picks my wallet
My hatred are letters carved with blood
To understand my words written through water
I’m left to kill this world alone

With a mold of clay I was made
In the image of the anti family
Worth less than infinity
Their words and worthless IQ

We did something, just to become nothing
Nothing wrong with killing this or that
Poisoned with hate
We watched the hate twist in their weak minds

They talk about us when our backs are turned
When we meet, their lives will seem too late
The hatred burns in my eyes of what you did
So I created this recipe of death, taste it!

The dark clouds coming on the horizon, make it hard to live
The whites are walking mistakes!
Everytime they come, they run away to their timely demise

The only choice is clear
They will quit just to fall on my bombs
Who will light the fire to see who runs or burns
Only to play a game of no confidence

We are feeling quite invincible
We feel like the gods that we are!
The kind of gods nobody wants
We see the earth beneath us
We watch it die here and there

Can anybody
Anywhere help out our cause?
We sentenced mankind to walk in their sins
Their lives are running out!

We believe what others refuse to believe
To be left riding without a horseman
Will be like a man without a homeland

A Realization Of The White Problem In Our World













The following 11 links that I have posted above this personal narrative serves the purpose of a historical footnote of the current calamities happening in Syria, caused in part due to western meddling, in particular, America and their allies.  The situation has now exacerbated itself thanks to the decision of the avowed Zionist and white freemason Donald Trump to bomb the nation of Syria. I have been scrolling through the news feeds of my social media accounts to read the response and for the most part, many people in The Cause have shown disgust while there has been a significant amount of white idiotic statements in support of Trump.  It is at this moment that I have decided that I will use my vast resources and abilities to bring forth the ultimate destruction of the entire white race first and foremost.  As I have continued my research into racialism, I have come to realize that whites are also playing a knowing part in the role of the continued destruction of non white areas.  Think about it for a second, all the destruction and wars that are generally afflicting only non white areas of the middle east and Africa have continued to get worse as whites in America continue to opt for freemasons and jewish shills inspite of my wisdom and warning that such actions are directly leading to their deserved genocide at the hands of their historic enemies.  It is one of the reasons that I fully support the rights of all third world migrants to flood Europe and make the end of the European race a true reality.  These white idiots continue to support known freemasons that have made it their utmost goals to continue to enslave and ruin the works and the future of all non white peoples, working hand and hand with Jews.

Those who have followed my work have known of my past attempts to forge a partnership with whites and non whites to work against jewish supremacy and freemasonry, but the rise and election of Donald Trump has clearly shown me that I was right to continue to pursue an ultimate nihilistic goal with a new strategy of completing the ultimate destruction of the white race.  After all, one good turn begets another as they have shown no desire to listen to words of wisdom and stop backing the same Jewish agents that have led to the complete enslavement of mankind.  I will use this website and my unlimited resources to encourage mass migrants to white nations, to encourage more acts of violence against whites all over the world, and to complete the ultimate goal of making sure the white race becomes completely extinct.  They are well on their way to annihilation as they now make up less than 10 percent of the world’s population.

And to think that there were whites who were willing to fight against all forms of Jewish and masonic supremacy but let their minds fall under the Jewish spell.  Even after my warning came true about Trump going forth and dropping bombs to please the genocidal state of Israel, there were still many white idiots who chose to stand by Trump and to still make proclamations that he is playing the Jews when he has surrounded himself and his administration with avowed Jewish Zionists, neocons, freemasons, etc that will literally rob the nation blind while building up the idea of Greater Israel.  The white race has finally met their ultimate match as I will use all of my cunning and connection to ultimately severe them from existence.  I have grown tired of watching whites use their electoral votes to push for war and destruction against non whites.  And they thought that the constant fear of terrorism was bad, I will make such nightmares seem like a mere daydream in comparison!

Yes I am very much aware that such a hard line stance  will lead to less subscribers, followers, etc but I am confident that history will vindicate me for working to eliminate whites from the human existence.  I have given them plenty of chances to not support Trump or Hillary, to join forces and push for the destruction of the Jewmerican election system but they chose to vote in another zionist and mason and it is time that they felt the consequences of their actions that will reverberate well into the future of their children and their children’s children.  And to think that there are still morons out there in The Cause who think that Putin, a Jew, will save them from anything.  They have made their bed, now they must lay in it and face the genocide that they fully deserve.

Kill Black Kids Like They Are Cheap Thrills

Looking throughout the media that these black niggers and their nigger children have been causing throughout the land, I decided to write and compose this song/poem against the black kids in an attempt to use eugenics to solve the black problem in this land.  They have been living here for over 400 years and still have yet to prosper due to a lack of social and economic skills despite the massive amounts of government handouts on their behalf.  The time has long come to practice eugenics and kill off the weak within the black race in America that have been causing problems for the rest of America.  That way only the strong will survive; so here’s to more death of black kids to eliminate out the weak from the strong!


Kill Black Kids Like They Are Cheap Thrills

Come on, come on, stab those black kids dead
It’s Saturday night and they won’t be alive
Gotta take my guns, put the bullets in
It’s Saturday night and they won’t be alive

Till I hit the school floor
Shoot the black kids dead
They have all they need
Yes they don’t have cash
They don’t have cash
But now they have bullets in their heads

We don’t need guns to have fun tonight
We can kill them like they are cheap thrills
We don’t need knives to have fun tonight
We can kill them like they are cheap thrills

We don’t need their money
As long as I don’t feel their heart beat

We don’t need their money
As long as we can keep killing

Come on, come on, kill those black kids dead
It’s Sunday night and they won’t be alive
Gotta get my bombs, put the blast beat on
It’s Sunday night and they won’t be alive

Till I hit the school floor
Shoot the black kids dead
They have all they need
Yes they don’t have cash
They don’t have cash
But now they have bullets in their heads

The Jews Poisoned Me!

Earlier today I was speaking to one of my followers on social media and he asked me if there was any evidence that the Jews were the ones who are behind my current diabetic condition and I replied that indeed, it was a Jewish doctor who poisoned me while I was in the hospital.  Back in 2009, I had acquired pneumonia thanks to working overtime at a catering company when I was in my junior year of college.  I had thought the disease was a mere muscle strain from lifting too many heavy objects and I decided to take ibuprofen to try and ease the pain, not aware at the time as a 23 year old that it was Jews who were running and poisoning other Americans with their control over our medications and pharmaceuticals. I took the ibuprofen and it was able to allow me to work and manage the pain for the next two months as I was able to make the money that I needed to continue my college education.  However, it came as a price because the pneumonia in my body was spreading so during the first week of college in August of 2009, I went with my 2 Latino friends to see the school doctor.  Sadly, she was a feminist spic and did not know how to treat patients.  It did not help matters that the lady who took my vital signs was yet another Jewess who was already mis-diagnosing me so that they could  continue to poison me.  The Latina doctor stated that though the fluids in my lungs could be pneumonia, she lacked enough evidence to state that it was indeed pneumonia.  She gave me some antibiotics due to her idiotic statement that the disease was not progressing at a fast enough pace to try and end my life.  She did this despite the fact that my own biological mother already stated that I was likely to have pneumonia when I came home in a heap of sweat and unable to breathe after baring operating an SUV.

Later on that week, I was having difficulty being able to breathe while I was being given a ride back home from a Latino friend.  I thought it was due to the second hand smoke but the lack of breathing was making its way into my own bed and I was unable to sleep or even sit up and use my computer to do any school work.  When my biological mother came to my room to yell at me for changing majors to education from technology, I told her that I needed to go to the ER or that I would die.  She refused to listen to me and instead took me to see a Walgreen’s doctor.  The doctor refused to see me due to the fact that I was unable to even walk into the store and was literally dragging my feet to make it to the store. One must note at this point that it was a good kind white woman who took pity upon me to tell my skank ass mother to take me to the ER to try and save my nihilistic life.  I went to the St. Luke’s hospital where a white doctor took me in but not before a nigger woman made it almost impossible for me to get medical treatment as she insisted that I needed to provide medical insurance in order to be seen.  I was able to provide it for her, but I remain angry due to her niggerish behavior of choosing to follow the greed of this evil jewish society instead of simply being a human being and helping another human being out.  The white doctor saw me and took an xray of my chest and noticed that my lung had collapsed which explained the shortness of breathe and the pneumonia explained the spike in body temperature and white cell blood counts.  He thought that I was just punched in the chest but at least he did what that spic nurse could not do and that was to do her job and fully examine the entire situation.

As I was put into the operating room to have chest tubes placed into my body, I told the 2 white surgeons to allow for me to end my life but they refused due to some “moral” code to save lives, even when I had long determined that my life was not worth anything due to the truth and beauty of nihility.  The white surgeons inserted the chest tubes and I was awake and experienced immense pain after they inserted the third tube.  I passed out only to wake up to a Jewish surgeon putting another, unexplained, chest tube that rendered me unconscious.  As I was being helped onto the ICU, I met a good white nurse man who was trying to get me situated.  We talked football and how he was a chiefs fan and how happy he was that his team acquired Matt Cassell (at the time I was a fan of the move not realizing Cassell was a typical white idiot).  It wasn’t until the Jewish doctor arrived under the recommendation that my chest tube operation was not working as my oxygen levels wasn’t getting higher than 40 percent and that I was to have to undergo lung surgery.  I was unsure about this as he was refusing my request for suicide/nihility and that it was against the wishes of the Jewish god for me to end my own life.  Imagine the audacity of this kike, to tell me what to do with my own life, just like they tell people in Europe to not be skeptical over the holocaust lies and myths.  My mother and father intervened and insisted that the surgery begin, against my wishes, a Jewish doctor operated on me and left me in a coma that lasted 3 days.  I remember vividly the vision of the gods calling me to join them only for the Indian doctor’s voice to come in and call me back to life and to remove my feeding tube.

It wasn’t until after the surgery that I was told of my diabetic condition after the Jewish doctor operated on me, poisoned me, and left me in a weakened state where I lost over 50 pounds and had to work back to my pre surgery weight so that I could go back to college and continue my college education.  It was thanks to the gods that I survived long enough to acquire my 2 degrees and to establish my website.  Hell, that Jewish doctor even had me see him again to try to finish the job but I refused all of his medications as I wanted to let the gods take my life again, but alas, it was not to be.  However, I am facing a certain death within 1 calendar year thanks to permanent nerve damage to my feet and hands and I can barely get up out of bed to perform my normal routines.  This real life story might seem sad to many people that  30 year old man is facing death and will only be able to celebrate his 31st birthday in about 3 weeks for the last time, but now that I have accomplished all of my goals, I know that this is best for me to lay in bed with my forefathers and join my ancestors as I have done all that I can do to push the world closer to its non existent nature form.  However, the world and I must realize that the Jews are pushing to poison us all, do not let my own ignorance stop you from keeping a careful eye on every since Jew that is to ever cross your path!