Updates March 2017

As I Await My Fate

Lately my feet and my hands have been going through nerve pain due to my diabetic condition but I do not consider such things to be a matter of negativity since the gods have given me this condition to end my suffering of years on this earth.  I have my legacy and my will already detailed and notarized  and I am merely finalizing my plans to spend the rest of my years in Ecuador or Bolivia.  Oddly, the nation of Canada has entered into the frays of my mind due to the familiarity it would breed as I have lived in the cesspool of America for over 22 years and counting.  At the very least, when my birthday passes on 4/20 it will likely be the last day that I will acknowledge my own existence


New Administrators

I have finally been successful in finding administrators for the public page for this website on Facebook and VK.  As such, content on VK is now appearing on a regular basis and the Facebook page will still be able to be updated as long as I am not post blocked on there.  I have been advocating for almost a year for members in The Cause to leave Facebook behind and to focus on joining VK as there isn’t an ounce of censorship on there, but apparently people love the familiarity and the mental slavery that Facebook provides for them.


New Videos

I have begun to do weekly Facebook videos that will eventually migrate to YouTube if and  when I get interviewers to come and do Skype videos with me.  The topics I have covered the past 3 weeks have been white genocide, refugees, freemasons, and facebook censorship.  Sometime this week I hope to do a video on racial futurism and if that can be an attainable goal and another video about the holohoax and the myth that inspires it!


Happy To Kill

For the past few weeks, the nigger and spic children have been making this land an uninhabitable one, especially in my own life.  I have grown tired of having to look at their faces while they continue to lie, cheat, steal, and destroy lives.  I have long offered up a non violent solution that involved moving the blacks to Alaska and making that territory the new homeland for the blacks as a good trade for the time that they spent as slaves in the western hemisphere.  Make the state of Alaska the new homeland for the blacks in America and save the continential United States from having to live with niggers period and nigger children.  A great way to implement racial futurism; but alas the blacks have shown themselves too stupid and idiotic so nihility must now take its course to solve the black problem in America starting with nigger children.

Happy To Kill

This might seem insane to say
The darkness is here so mankind can take a break
I have lots of hatred even space can’t fill it
With this hate, I could care even less by the way

Cuz I am happy to kill
Kill along with me if you feel like a black without a life
Cuz I’m happy to kill
Kill along with me if you feel hatred is a truth
Cuz I’m happy to kill
Kill along with me if you feel that hatred is the way
Cuz I’m happy to kill
Kill along with me if you feel it is what we have to do

Here comes the nigger kids talking shit about us
I will give their bodies all my bullets can shoot
Maybe I should warn them, but I know their deaths will be fine
I wish to offend them for wasting my time

Shoot them dead
They can’t stop us
Shoot them dead
My hatred levels are too high

MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way, The Case Against Women

Last night I broke up with a girl that I had been seeing for a little over a month; I was having a feeling that it was not going to work due to her controlling and jealous nature.  Apparently I was wrong to lie to her to protect someone that I feared would receive the brunt of her anger merely for trying to befriend me.  This event also brought to light a prior conversation that I was having with a comrade as to the matter of men and women entering into relationships.  Even in my most recent relationship, I could or would not remove myself from my beloved sidepiece.  For those who are not aware, a sidepiece is someone who is basically your friend with benefits or a sex buddy that you keep on the side while maintaining a relationship with someone else.  I was told by my comrade that I have basically been an MGTOW for the past 9 years since I ended one of my last relationships back in 2008.  Now, the reason I ended that situation wasn’t due to being dissatisfied with the girl but I realized that we were growing apart due to both age and our situations in life as I was still in college and she was planning a life after completing her bachelor’s degree.  It took me over 4 years until I entered another relationship in 2012 only to cut the female trash away for deciding to choose drugs over having a real relationship.

However, in the past year, I have been involved in relationships that have went against my core beliefs as a nihilist due to a desire to not feel alone; until I found out about the joys and pleasures of casual relationships, casual sex, friends with benefits, the friend zone, etc that essentially negates the need for me to have a relationship since I get my physical needs fulfilled and without having any kind of commitments to human beings.  You see, the issue with having commitments to people is that you have to put up with their rubbish ways and what might begin as minor annoyances will lead to constant headaches and anguish as you realize that you need not have to put up with the imperfections of human beings.  Most western men are now simply going their own way, engaging in only casual sex, refusing to engage in any kind of committed relationships for we are now seeing that feminism and women in general offer nothing of great substance at all.  Sure there might be some that seem to be kind and caring in the beginning only to reveal that they are insecure and wish to dominate you as well as control your wallet to their own pleasures.  These sluts are basically wishy-washy in that they will play with your emotions and trick you into staying with them.

In these situations, I give thanks to the gods of my ancestors that I did not waste a single moment on a woman who sought joys from making confrontation one of her life goals.  Now I am seeing full well that keeping a sidepiece as my only female contact is all that I have ever wanted or needed from women.  After all, what is a life without sex and getting sex whenever and however you want it.  To hell with the evils and lies of feminism that is leaving most straight females alone and likely to be deservedly raped for trying to dominate men and trying to claim that they are equals to me at all!  I have joined the growing ranks of men going their own way in life as I have fully dedicated myself to living a life of no commitments to women and to simply use them for my own sexual needs and desires.  For this is the way that I will live a life of full blown pleasures before I pass away in a few more months.  Let this also serve as a warning and a lesson to not only feminists but women that they need to loosen up their desires of equality and feminism or else they will simply continue to get raped with no men around to defend them.  But since they will not heed my words, I will simply stand by while they continue to live lonely lives and to get justifiably raped as a fit punishment for embracing the lies of equality and feminism.

Hateful Eyes

Today has been a particular interesting day considering that I was told yesterday that the IRS stole over 2000 dollars from me for supposed unpaid taxes from the year 2013 and then I recently broke up with my now ex girlfriend over her jealously and controlling nature.  So when I got back home today, I decided to write up this poem/song to help me get through the night.  I was also inspired by the classic love song hungry eyes, but I took the lyrics and changed them to fit my current mood and nihilistic/hateful nature.    Enjoy and hopefully this poem will help people going through hateful times to either take up their guns and end the lives of others or live with the evils called human beings.


Hateful Eyes

I have been meaning to kill you
This hatred will not subside
I see you and the hateful thoughts fantasize
You are dead tonight
Now I have your neck in my hands

With these hateful eyes
I take a look at you and it can’t be disguised
I have hateful eyes
I feel the hate between you and I
I want to kill you so listen carefully
I wish only to show you what my hate is all about

Kill tonight!
Now I have your neck in my hands
Did my hate take you by surprise
I want you dead for all to see
This is how hate was meant to be

Updates February 2017

Celebrating Valentine’s Day…..For The First Time

And just like the mini title stated, I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a girlfriend that I have been seeing the past few weeks.  So far it has been a great time; sure there has been some strange moments but I am happy that she is in my life.  Usually I detest this holiday as yet another man made vice designed to rob men and women of their hard earned dollars, but this year I am taking a positive and optimistic approach to all of this.


No Longer Banned On Facebook

I do not know if I have permanently flown under the radar of the Jews and White Freemasons but I am no longer getting banned or post blocked on Facebook.  My last ban was over on November 9th and since that day, I have not even gotten so much as a warning.  I believe that my new strategy of posting my best and most controversial items only to my secret group and leaving the mainstream items blasting the white freemason Donald Trump has allowed for me to fly under the radar for now.  Let’s see how long that lasts when my birthday comes on 4/20 when I begin to glorify the great Adolf Hitler


New Sibling

On December 22, my biological mother gave birth to a child at the ripe age of 56 years old.  I was finally introduced to her last Saturday and she is of course a bounty of beautiful joy.  Sadly I won’t know her for long as she will be whisked away in a matter of 5 years to be raised back in Nigeria.  How strange that I will have a sibling who will be 30 years younger than me due to the selfish desires of my biological mother and stepfather to have a child merely to have someone to inherit their property of their families.  It is a sad day when children are used as collateral to ensure the healthy legacy of a family’s history, but so goes the evils of mankind.


Less Possessions

I made a decision to get rid of my car to facilitate the acquisition of a new gaming machine that will also work very well when I start doing videos for my website.  Now I will still have my beloved PT Cruiser but I will be on the lookout for yet another vehicle to come in the near future, preferably an SUV that can be my weekend car.  Until then I will make due with my PT Cruiser, nicknamed The Tank, while saving up more money for the future.


Still No Travels Made

I was supposed to visit members in my secret group but I have decided to cancel such plans due to the stupidity of group members to support the zionist and white freemason Trump.  Frankly I have grown tired of that group and I am considering archiving it and abandoning that group.  Hell, even the entire Facebook operation for the website might have to be axed off due to the continued stupidity of many people in The Cause to place their hope in false gods like the Jew Vladimir Putin and the zionist and white freemason Donald Trump.  Still, in the end, nature will help separate the weak from the strong and like Adolf Hitler, my spirit will rise from the grave and the entire world will know that I was right in the end.


Increasing My Block List

In the past week, I have had to axe off 3 people from my list of followers due to their inability to learn regarding the refugee crisis (I believe that the refugees are truly innocent victims of Jewish led and designed wars in the mideast) and the narratives of white supremacy wrapped around white genocide.  It is far from shocking as many people that have begun to follow me since last year are proud white nationalists/white supremacists who think that the white race is superior yet they cannot explain why their own people are a shrinking population and how they will be projected to be a minority in the land of their forefathers.  Then again, they will make the mistake to blame Jews instead of putting the blame on their own heads for letting themselves believe in Jewish lies.  I have the longest block list on Facebook and I won’t let up until those who wish to learn remain and those whose minds have become weak are cast aside to die alongside a lonely road.


#thankjews #sjws #niggers #blm #whitefreemasons #whiteidiots 

This hashtag will begin to be applied on my Facebook public posts where all things that can be attributed to Jews will be shown for the world to see how the Jews are manipulating the world.  The same will be applied to white freemasons, social justice warriors, white idiots, niggers, black lives matter, and all forces who have united to make it harder for the world to move closer to its true destiny….nihility!


The Myth Of White Genocide

In 1944, Polish Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin (1900-1959) coined the term “genocide” in a book documenting “Nazi” policies of systematically destroying national and ethnic groups, including the mass murder of European Jews. He formed the word by combining geno-, from the Greek word for race or tribe, with –cide, from the Latin word for killing. Noting that the term denoted “an old practice in its modern development,” Lemkin defined genocide as “a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.”

The topic of white genocide has been covered by yours truly for the past 2 years but it wasn’t until recently that I have begun to examine very closely the truths and myths associated with such a topic.  This is an interesting situation for many reasons but the utmost important reason being that I am NOT of white/european origins and I used to believe in such a topic.  However, it wasn’t until I went through much self assessment in my own beliefs, ranging from the refugee crisis throughout the world to the declining population numbers of whites throughout the world.  I was left to either place the blame on the Jews or to look past the typical nefarious actions of the Jews and to ask myself, why haven’t other races or ethnicities fallen prey to the Jewish lies of multiculturalism, diversity, individualism, and cultural marxism.  Well the answer is very very simple, but it requires a historical analysis as to how the Jews were able to trick the mind of the faux superior white race.

The Jews have long been masters of psychology and mind manipulations ranging from their business tactics of usury to their beliefs of altruism  and selfish hedonism that does nothing to glorify the self ego.  As I have previously noted in my works of how Individualism is a Jewish concept to enslave the mind, the goal of an individual led society is a society where the rights of the individual is held above the interests of the collective and that of the entire nation, tribe, race, etc.  Such a concept was an alien introduction into western society thanks to Jewish interference and corruption of cultural values.  For when the interests of the group is placed below that of individuals then you have nothing but narcissism run insane that leads itself to the growth of false leaders who will do anything to cling onto power for themselves instead of using their talents to bring glory to their race.  That is why national socialism places the interest of the race/nation/group above the needs of any individual.  For what good are individual rights if the existence of the group becomes threatened and becomes non-existent.

The Jews did a masterful job tricking the weakened mind of the Europeans to not only accept the lies of the Jew, Sigmund Freud (AKA THE FRAUD) but to also instill the false notions of cultural marxism and how it would lead to a better way of life for the collective group of European nations, when it has done nothing but glorify selfish desires that has given way to feminism and so called gay rights.  Yet why is it that only Europeans have fallen prey to Jewish cultural marxism?  Could it be that they are simply too weak in the mind to fight these Jewish lies?  What has made even their own people turn a blind eye to the eventual decimation of their population numbers?  As I speak to many people in The Cause, i have now seen why it was so easy for Jews to entrap whites into the lies.  It is because once whites embraced the lies of the French Revolution of individualism, a lie that was actually birthed during the Italian Renaissance under the false notions that mankind must be free from nature, then whites gave the Jews all the ammunition that was needed to simply allow for their own destruction.

Yet non whites are able to escrow such rubbish ideals like faggot rights, abortion, gay marriage, feminism, and selfish hedonism.  It is why there is an abundance of Asians, Africans, Arabs, Latinos, and other groups because we have kept true to our collective roots of our ancestors and continue to live by the laws of nature.  Is it any surprise that the gods continue to bless us with a healthy growth while whites make up less than 10% of the world population?  Still, many whites who complain about white genocide refuse to procreate and have future children to secure their own future and for that I now firmly know that white genocide is a full blown myth, designed to engage only white supremacists who think that Jews are the ones killing their people.  The last time I looked, it wasn’t Jews aborting babies, it wasn’t Jews forcing whites not to procreate, it wasn’t Jews pushing white women to kill white men in a fit of jealous rage.  Eventually, the whites will have to look at their own people, fully weed out and kill off the weak in their ranks, so that from a smaller group, they can have only the mentally strong lead them. Alas, such a plan would mean that they would fully embrace eugenics and cut off the vast majority of their own people, thus making their already small numbers even smaller.  As such, I pay very little heed to the myths of white genocide because as I have examined all of the European nations and their current population numbers, Europeans make up a vast majority of their own nations so even if they are not reproducing, there are and will always be vast amounts of whites left in this word.

And to make matters even more clear, this supposed genocide is a self inflicted death where a species refuses to reproduce, and as nature has it, when you do not give birth to new life, you will face nothing but the valleys of death.  I see no reason that whites will even increase in number but they will continue to dwindle as the white freemasons in their “elected” governments will continue to important migrants and refugees to replace them for refusing to simply have children.  Who knows, maybe the outlook facing Japan will happen to whites, an aging population with almost no youth amongst the population that will lead to an increase in sexbots who will replace both male and female pleasures to be had with their spouses.  Still, the white “genocide” that will happen was caused by whites refusing to kill off the weak in their ranks and for allowing only their own population to believe in Jewish lies while all other groups clinged to the traditions of our ancestors.  So let their justified “genocide” happen for refusing to heed the warnings of nature and the call of our ancestors!

The Evolution Of Prostitution



Earlier tonight, I took a great lady out on a date near an African restaurant in the southwest portion of the city.  I had no idea that the area was STILL a hotbed of prostitution once the lights went down.  How strange indeed that an area that has always been a hotbed of prostitution remains an area filled with prostitution.  Of course, the city of Houston knows about this, but the focus of the cops has turned to busting down online prostitutes featured on websites like Backpage and Craiglist.  Undercover officers have been trying to sting prostitutes using these websites by soliciting these women, but the women have grown wise to such tactics and continue to post on their advertisements page that any such plans to solicit them as undercover officers is entrapment.  Now I am very unsure if such public announcements work but after doing several interviews with such ladies, I can attest to the fact that their biggest fear isn’t being caught by the cops (usually such charges carry a misdemeanor not a felony and can often be pleaded down to probation) but their biggest fear is running into pimps who will use extreme violence to own them and to falsely recruit them as clients.  Often these women will post on their advertisements that they do not want to meet any “thugs” or pimps; often they will post that they will only see certain races (from my own examination, whites and latinos often refuse to see blacks because most black men do not like to use protection in the form of a condom due to nigger behavior and tendencies).

There are still women who are engaging in the oldest form of sexual profits, but now it is often done in the form of advertisements on sex websites instead of whoring themselves out on the streets.  I was shocked to discover that the reason most of the women engage in prostitution is merely to add a small amount of money to their budget.  A lot of these sluts have regular jobs as nurses, customer service representatives, and other respectable jobs, but they often turn to prostitution to pay for student loans, school fees, college education, or to pay for an unexpected bill like repairing their automobiles.  Often I feel that these women are victims of a society that worships money and makes it a priority for them to sell their own bodies and their souls in order to feed and provide for their families.  I am now working on their behalf to try and legalizes prostitution in an effort to tip the scales of the working class.  Why should someone starve merely because they are unwilling or unable to get an education?  If the talent of that person means that they will be able to use their body and sexual prowess to provide for their family, then we should simply allow for them the opportunity to provide for themselves.  That is why I advocate to legalize prostitution, not for my own benefits since I do not engage in such depravity, but to allow for women who lack the basic talents or entrepreneurship the ability to provide for themselves and their family.  For in the end, the only difference between a pornstar and an online prostitute is the camera and the amounts of money each woman will charge for their “companionship”.

One Kill Away

This song/poem was literally written in an hour’s time as I was reading about all of the killings that have gone on thanks to the works on this website as people continue to read these articles and continue to get enraged at the lack of justice in this world.  Soon, it will lead to an empty world where all existence, beliefs, creeds, lives, nature, and objects cease to exist and a perfect, nihilistic world comes to formation!


One Kill Away

I am only one kill away
For I will be there to slay their lives away
Murderers have no chance with me!
For I am only one kill away

Call me when you are feeling tired
I just wish to give you my hate
I reached out to you, and you took the bait

So wherever you go
Know that with my hate, you will never be alone
Stab along with me, don’t live in fear
Know that the hate and anger will set you free

We can destroy lives anywhere
But for now, we must kill here a little while longer
For you know that death will bring a smile to my face

You must kill them while you are strong and they are weak
So that they have nothing to hold onto
Do not worry for their fate, their lives will not be long
For when their hope is long gone
Drive the blade deep into their hearts!

Behind Hateful Eyes

I have been working on this song for the past three weeks, finally was able to get motivated to finish the poems, lyrics, and musical content to this.  The irony was that the Trump supporting white idiots gave me the motivation to finish this as I was hoping to write music that would lead to someone taking up their weapons and slaughtering them in a glorious vision to come!  The glory of nihility, and the glory of the empty world that shall arise and come, whether mankind wishes for it to arrive or not!



Behind Hateful Eyes

It seems like it was yesterday
My hate was a part of me
They used to be so tall
They used to be so strong

My hands wrapped around your neck so tight
The hatred felt so right!
A breaking feeling, like all was well

Now you cannot breathe
No you cannot sleep
Your worthless life is barely hanging on

There you are
Dead again
Torn into worthless pieces
You can try to deny it
You can try to pretend
All I ever wanted was to be the one
To leave you broken inside
Still you will never see the scars I bring
Behind my hateful eyes!

I killed everyone for you
Opened up the wounds, let the pain in
It made me feel happy for the first time
Now, hate is all I have left inside of me
For it is what I have left to be
We are together, united in hate, still separated

Chew them up, spit their bones out
I hate them and I blame them
Looking into their eyes, it kills me
No, I shall never cry
Except on the inside!

Some Clarifications Needed

A few weeks ago I was approached on this very website about one of my posts concerning vaccines and I feel that I must finally state the direction that I wish for this site to take.  First of all, I am not a conspiracy theorist nor do I believe in many aspects of the conspiracy theorist movement.  I do not believe that vaccines will kill anyone, in fact, I actually believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to be vaccinated to stop the spread of diseases for I know, coming from a third world dump, that vaccines are the best way to prevent certain types of disease and infection.  Secondly, I have no interests in what I call useless and distracting topics; topics like flat earth and chemtrails.  I have already debunked the myth of flat earth as nothing more than a psyops to distract us all from far from important topics at hand.  The shape of the earth was already proven years ago by our own ancestors, but I will do another article tonight to proven once again that the earth is NOT flat!  As for chemtrails, I have already proven that to be nothing but false evidence that is easily debunked by science.  All you need to do is simply search my website for chemtrails to see that it is easily debunked by contrail science.

These conspiracy theories are living on fear and paranoia and they have made it very hard for people who wish to join the Cause to actually be an asset to us.  I also admit that my words on this website is very divisive for many people because I focus very much on Jews and Freemasons, but I must remind people that all of my sources on Jews and Freemasons come from the jewish websites the Times of Israel, the Jerusalem Post, and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.  This is one of the reasons why the ADL cannot attack me and my website for being “antisemitic” (whatever that means) because all of my sources come directly from Jewish mouths.  I felt that I needed to proclaim these clarifications because people think that this website is directed towards conspiracy theorist which it is not.  I created this website as a form of competition with the mainstream media, archiving and documenting Jewish sources on the Jewish Problem and to write about my own personal life experiences called Personal Narratives where I also write my song lyrics and poetry.  This website is merely an extension of my own divided, yet nihilistic personality and as such, the content that I post about most would call hateful when I say that it is good that people have left this world, but then again, I desire an empty world to come!