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Chilean police made public on Thursday archive documents relating to its investigation during World War Two that uncovered how Nazi supporters aided the Third Reich, including supplying information and plans to bomb mines in Chile.

Young members of families of German descent in southern Chile underwent paramilitary training, while Nazi supporters in the country routinely sent Germany information about the routes of Allied merchant vessels, the documents showed.


Never-before-seen document penned by Nazi leader Himmler uncovered in Israel
German neo-Nazi party builds alliance with Assad and Hezbollah

The discovery comes the same week that a cache of Nazi artifacts was found hidden behind a bookcase in Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital.

There was significant support within Chile and Argentina of the Axis powers during World War Two. After the war, many leading Nazi officials fled justice in Europe to hide out in South America.

Chilean police had arrested around 40 people as a result of their investigation, the documents showed, and found code books, radios and weapons, as well as plans to bomb mines in northern Chile.

The 80 files of documents were officially handed over to the country’s national archives office on Thursday and will be available for public viewing.

“Until yesterday, this was a state secret,” center-left lawmaker Gabriel Silber said after a ceremony to hand over the files. “Maybe, from today, we are going to recognize an uncomfortable truth that unfortunately some political and business figures in Chile supported the Nazis.”


Between Fire and Ice: The Story of the Wilhelm Gustloff

For millions of Germans cut off on the Baltic coast by the rapid Red Army advance, only one avenue of escape remained open—the sea.

Even here, however, Soviet aircraft controlled the skies above and submarines prowled unseen below. In the various ports along the coast, thousands upon thousands of ragged, frozen refugees pressed to the water’s edge in hopes of landing a spot on one of the few vessels available.

The numbers were so great and the fear so consuming that efforts to board when ships did dock often resembled riots.

“The crush to get on board was just terrible,” a witness wrote from Pillau. “I saw a pram being squeezed out of all recognition by the pushing masses. One old man fell into the water and there was nothing one could do in the crush—also it was so cold he would have died on hitting the water.”

Because armed guards had orders to evacuate as many women and children as possible, babies were used like tickets, with half-crazed mothers tossing infants down to relatives on the pier. Some children landed safely; some did not.

If anything, the situation at Gotenhafen was even more horrific. As the Wilhelm Gustloff made ready to take on passengers in late January 1945, the ship’s crew was stunned by what they saw. “There must have been 60,000 people on the docks . . . ,” remembered second engineer, Walter Knust. “[A]s soon as we let down the gangways people raced forward and pushed their way in. In the confusion a lot of children got separated from their parents. Either the kids got on board leaving their parents on the harbor or the children were left behind as their parents got pushed forward by the throng.”

A former cruise liner designed to accommodate two thousand passengers and crew, by the time the Gustloff cast ropes on January 30, the beautiful white ship had taken on as many as eight thousand refugees. Even so, as she backed away from port, her path was blocked by smaller craft jammed with people.

“Take us with you,” the refugees cried. “Save the children!”

“We put down nets and everybody on the small ships scrambled up as best they could,” said the Gustloff ’s radio operator, Rudi Lange. “As we got under way I think I remember being told by one of the ship’s officers to send a signal that another 2,000 people had come aboard.”

That black, stormy night, as she struggled through high winds and heavy, ice-filled waves, the Gustloff ’s ventilation and plumbing systems failed utterly. Strained far beyond its limits, the tightly-sealed ship filled with a hot, nauseating stench of urine, excrement, and vomit. The groans and screams of severely wounded soldiers and the wails of separated families added to the ghastly horror. But the worst was yet to come. At approximately 9 p.m., three heavy jolts rocked the passengers on the Gustloff.

“Vroom—Vroom—Vroom! That’s what it sounded like,” recalled a young boy upon hearing the torpedoes.

“I heard [the] explosions,” wrote engineer Knust, “and I knew what had happened at once, because the engines stopped and then I saw a rush of water through the engine room. First the ship lurched to starboard under the force of the blast. Then she rose and began listing to port. I put on my shoes and jacket and hurried out into the corridor.”

Panic-stricken, thousands below deck stampeded through the narrow passageways crushing and clawing others in an attempt to reach the life boats. “People were rushing about and screaming. Alarm bells shrilled,” remembered one terrorized passenger.

“We struggled through the crowd to one of the boats,” said Paula Knust, wife of the ship’s officer. “It was so cold as the wind hit us. I was wearing only slacks and a blouse and blazer. Already the ship had a heavy list. The waves seemed very high, and you cannot imagine how terrible it looked.”

Most lifeboats were frozen solid and even those that could be freed were mishandled in the panic and spilled their screaming occupants into the black sea. Walter and Paula Knust grappled with one boat that did manage to get away. “As we hit the water,” the husband recalled, “I could see people leaping from the side of the ship into the sea. I thought those who escaped drowning would freeze to death. It was so cold.” Indeed, the water was so frigid that those who leaped overboard might just as well have jumped into boiling oil or acid for their chances of survival were almost as slim. In seconds, minutes at most, the struggling swimmers were dead.

While loud speakers blared words of comfort—“The ship will not sink. Rescue ships are on the way”—thousands of freezing people pressed along the decks. Convinced that the sealed bulkheads had held and that indeed, the ship would not sink, many passengers fled indoors once more to escape the razor sharp winds and –20 degree temperature. The respite proved brief, however.

At ten o’clock a heavy tremor ripped the Gustloff as the bulkheads broke and the sea rushed in. Within seconds, the big ship began to roll on its side. Sixteen-year-old Eva Luck was in the ballroom with her mother and little sister:

[S]uddenly the whole music room tilted and a great cry went up from all the people there. They literally slid in a heap along the angled deck. A grand piano at one end went berserk and rolled across the crowded room crushing women and children in its path and scattering others before it. Finally it smashed into the port bulkhead with a discordant roar as though a giant fist had hit all the keys at once.

Elsewhere, other victims went flying through glass enclosed decks into the sea. Amid the screams, sirens and roar of rushing water, gunshots sounded throughout the doomed ship as those trapped below committed suicide.

Miraculously escaping the ball room with the help of a sailor, Eva Luck’s family frantically tried to escape:

My mother had forgotten to put her shoes on, and I moved clumsily on high heels towards the iron rungs of the ladder going up the ship’s inside. People around us were falling about as the ship moved but I was able to grasp the rungs and haul up my little sister. . . . My mother followed us to the upper deck. When we got there it was terrible. I saw with horror that the funnel was lying almost parallel with the sea. People were jumping in. I could hear the ship’s siren and felt the ice-cold water round my legs. I reached out to try and grab my sister. I felt nothing but the water as it swept me out and over the side.

Fortunately for Eva and a few others, the force of the flooding water freed a number of life rafts. As survivors scrambled aboard, the Gustloff began her swift descent. “Suddenly,” remembered a woman in a lifeboat, “it seemed that every light in the ship had come on. The whole ship was blazing with lights, and her sirens sounded out over the sea.”

Paula Knust also watched the drama:

I cannot forget the loud clear sound of the siren as the Gustloff with all her lights on made the final plunge. I could clearly see the people still on board the Gustloff clinging to the rails. Even as she went under they were still hanging on and screaming. All around us were people swimming, or just floating in the sea. I can still see their hands grasping at the sides of our boat. It was too full to take on any more.

When rescue ships later reached the scene, they pulled from the icy waters a mere nine hundred survivors. All else—an estimated 8,000-9,000 men, women and children—were lost.

Even then, however, the nightmare did not end. When rescue vessels touched land, scores of victims were disembarked at Gotenhafen. Thus, in less than twenty-four hours, after a harrowing night of incredible terror, some refugees found themselves on the very docks they had hoped to leave, once again searching desperately for a way to escape to approaching Red Army.

(Renegade Tribune)



Argentine police have seized a cache of Nazi artifacts hidden behind a library in the house of an art collector in Buenos Aires, including a bust of dictator Adolf Hitler and instruments used as racial classification tools.

The artifacts will be donated to the city’s museum dedicated to remembering the Holocaust, said Security Minister Patricia Bullrich on Monday at a press conference.


“We were very moved that this many Nazi objects were in Argentina,” said Bullrich. “We are happy to be able to say that they are no longer circulating through sales or among collectors.”

Police and Interpol said they discovered the hidden cache behind a bookshelf and down a secret passageway. The roughly 75 artifacts included boxes, daggers and other objects bearing swastikas and depictions of Hitler, as well as devices intended to measure physical characteristics such as head shape.

Nazism was based on the ideology that people designated as having Aryan traits were superior to other races. In the 1940s, millions of Jews were murdered by the state in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, a genocide known as the Holocaust, along with others denoted as inferior.

After the fall of the Third Reich at the end of World War Two, a number of high-ranking Nazi officials fled to South America.

They included notorious figures such as Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the Holocaust, who was captured by Israeli intelligence agents in Buenos Aires in 1960 and later executed. The infamous doctor Josef Mengele, who carried out genetic research on humans, also lived for some years in the city.

Authorities, who have not revealed the identity of the collector, said they were working with historians to trace the objects and identify how and when they likely entered Argentina.

Trove of Nazi Stuff Found in Argentina Secret Room

In an awesome discovery, police in Argentina believe they have found the largest collection of National Socialist artifacts in the country’s history.

The trove, which was found in a hidden room in a house near Buenos Aires, includes a bust relief of Adolf Hitler, magnifying glasses inside elegant boxes with swastikas and even a macabre medical device used to measure head size.

The Washington Post reports that the items were put on display at the Delegation of Argentine Israeli Associations in Buenos Aires on Monday.

The discovery of the 75 objects in a collector’s home in Beccar, a suburb north of Buenos Aires has grabbed international attention. Authorities suspect the artifacts are originals that belonged to high-ranking National Socialists in Germany during World War II.

“Our first investigations indicate that these are original pieces,” Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich told The Associated Press on Monday, saying that many pieces were accompanied by old photographs. “This is a way to commercialize them, showing that they were used by the horror, by the Fuhrer. There are photos of him with the objects.”

Among the super cool items were toys that Bullrich said would have been used to indoctrinate children and a statue of the Reich Eagle above a swastika.

Police are trying to determine how the artifacts entered Argentina and came to be in the room hidden behind a library in the house, she said. The raid that found them was carried out on June 8.

Investigators and members of Argentina’s Jewish community think that the artifacts may have been brought to the country by a high-ranking National Socialists after World War II, when the South American country became a refuge for fleeing german refugees.

One of the best know was Josef Mengele, the famous SS physician who conducted experiments on inmates at Auschwitz concentration camp.

As leading members of Hitler’s Third Reich were put on revenge trials, Mengele fled to Argentina and lived in Buenos Aires for a decade. He moved to Paraguay after Israeli Mossad agents captured Gestapo boss Adolf Eichmann, who was also living in Buenos Aires. Mengele later died in Brazil in 1979 while swimming in a beach in the town of Bertioga.

While police in Argentina did not name any high-ranking National Socialists to whom the objects might have originally belonged, Bullrich noted there were medical devices.

“There are objects to measure heads that was the logic of the Aryan race,” she said.

White Nationalism and Self Defense in Multicultural Hellhole New South Africa

In a remote field in rural South Africa, Channel 4 News finds a group of Afrikaner teenagers has arrived for a very different kind of summer camp: Kommando Kamp.


Thousands of young Afrikaners have undergone training here over the last two years. The camp is run by Colonel Franz Jooste, a veteran of South Africa’s army during the Apartheid era. The aim of his camp – to cleanse the boys of the propaganda they have been fed about “racial harmony” in the so-called Rainbow Nation.

“South Africa is bleeding,” he says. “And that is why we have to train our people to be prepared.”

“You’ve got these millions and millions of blacks around you. Smothering you and killing you,” he says.

“So you have to implement certain systems to survive. And that’s why we say the only system that we can go now for is not apartheid – that’s second prize. The first prize is freedom. We want to be free.”

Most of the days are filled with gruelling physical exertion and army-style training. But as night falls they are given a series of lectures straight out of the text books that were taught in South African schools under Apartheid.

‘We look different’

“There’s a conflict between white people and black people in this country,” Jooste tells the gathered teenagers.

“We must accept this. Why is there a conflict? Number one: there’s an external conflict. We look different. We don’t look the same as each other.”

“They have thick lips. Their lips are likely to curl upwards. Okay? We have thin lips. The negroes’ ears on the inside are totally different from ours. It’s much more sensitive.”

“That’s why us Afrikaners know to hit them on the ears and they will fall to the ground. Because their ears are made differently.”

There’s no discussion, no dissent, as Jooste quotes from the 1960’s American segregationist Carleton Putnam.

“[Studies] clearly indicated that the negro’s inferiority to the white man, average against average, in many ways but in no way more significantly than in the size and the weight of the brain. Especially in the measurements of the brain’s frontal cortex.

“Now we ask ourselves, is there a difference in the intelligence levels between a negro and a Caucasian?”

He cites the German missionary Albert Schweitzer, who worked in Africa in the early 20th century.

“One must look at the negro not as one’s equal but as a child. A black man has the intelligence level of a 14 year old white boy.”

The lecture culminates in a call to arms.

‘Brainwashed by Mandela’

“We have the ability. We have the men. We just need to plant the will in you because you’ve been [brain] washed by old Mandela and all that stuff. Be proud of your people. Be proud of your race. Be proud of your faith. Be proud of your culture.”

Colonel Jooste represents a group of Afrikaners who, 20 years after the end of Apartheid, are determined to win their own Volkstat or Afrikaner homeland.

They are linked with other white nationalist groups in the country, most notably the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, the AWB. Its former leader Eugene Terre’Blanche was murdered by blacks on his farm in 2010.

Jooste says his group is now focused on helping Afrikaners defend themselves from the growing threat to white farmers in South Africa. He said 3,000 farmers have been killed by black gangs since the end of Apartheid 20 years ago in what he said is a genocide committed on our people.

While the paramilitary groups form a minority of white opinion in South Africa, they are still active and have been pursued by the government. In October, 19 members of a group called the Boeremag were convicted of high treason for a plot to violently overthrow the ANC government in the early 2000s.

‘I don’t have any black friends’

One of the teenagers at the camp is 15-year old Deon Barnard, nicknamed Sparky. His parents proudly show off the certificates they got at similar training camps run by the AWB and say they have sent him on the camp to make a man of him.

“In the bible, it says black people must live with black people and white must live with white people. You cannot mix nations,” he says.

“I don’t have black friends. If they come to my side and ask to speak to me, I will say no. Or I will turn my back on them, and walk away.”

“The truth is that there will definitely be a war in this country. So I’m preparing myself for a war that’s coming.”

The camp ends with the symbolic burning of South Africa’s post-apartheid flag, and the hoisting of the old orange white and blue flag. The new recruits gather round as the camp leaders chant.

“No one will force us to stand under this flag. We Afrikaners want our freedom! We want our own country!”

If I Were President


By Eric Thomson (2003)

Our kosher economy is worse than a Ponzi scam, for even Ponzi paid his dupes with value. Greenspan and his tribe pay with I.O.U.s! Our economic reform must begin from the ground up, for the creation of money cannot be based on either need or greed, but upon productivity. I would take up that principle enunciated by that ‘great humanitarian’ Vladimir Illych Ulyanov, alias “Lenin”: “Those who do not work shall not eat!” Regardless of race, we can no longer afford to fund social parasites, including prison inmates. “If you can’t feed, don’t breed!” would become the rule. Our industries have disappeared and our infrastructure has decayed. A viable society requires diversity, economic diversity, so we must restore our 3 economic sectors, especially manufacturing, to provide employment and political-economic independence from foreign sources, exactly as Germany’s National Socialist government did, with far fewer resources than we have. Naturally, we would get out of the drug business. Those who now engage in this business would be deemed perpetrators of chemical warfare against the U.S. population. In regard to overall efficiency, the standards for recruiting sports players would apply: if one cannot make the grade, his color, gender and disabilities would not qualify him for a job which requires merit, rather than melanin.

Illegal immigrants would be deemed enemy invaders, and dealt with accordingly. The amalgamation of Mexico with the U.S.A. would be stopped and reversed, with positive and negative incentives. Citizenship would require the performance of duties, first, before rights. Birth would not automatically confer citizenship. You get my drift.

Obviously, freedom of association would be restored. In little Rhodesia, this freedom existed on a practical basis. Half the country was reserved for Blacks, and non-Blacks had to have permits to enter Black territory. Blacks could, however, enter non-Black territory, although The Land Tenure Act permitted Whites, Asians and Coloureds (mixed race) to live in their own areas, like Blacks, so they could be amongst themselves. Public places, like pubs and hotels,were segregated on a star-rating basis. Two-star hotels, for example, were restricted to Blacks, Whites, Coloureds or Asians, but 5-star hotels were open to everyone who cared to enter. Such places were frequented by the upperclass Blacks, Whites, et al. Naturally, 5-star establishments maintained certain standards of decorum in terms of dress and behavior. Regardless of race, no scruffy persons were admitted, and no rowdies allowed. The same applied to schools. No one was required to mix with racial aliens, and he was free to mix or not, as a matter of personal taste.

The festering problem of so-called Indians in the U.S.A. would be dealt with swiftly. Tribes would retain their present lands, but all Indians would be deemed citizens and the tribes would be deemed corporations, not sovereign governments with extra-territorial rights. Tribe members would become shareholders, under their elected boards of directors, whatever they wish to call them. The Great White Father would get out of the nanny business, and the “Indians” would stand or fall as adult members of U.S. society.

All legal persons would pay no more than 10% of their total annual incomes, but I would go one step further than Forbes: legal persons would include all corporations and trusts, which have so far enjoyed exemptions.

The penal system would be reformed quite simply, by changing the emphasis from punishment and rehabilitation to redemption, in which the offender earns his way back into society. The motto would be: “Work Makes You Free!” Capital punishment would be enforced on the basis of equality: if one is sufficiently competent to murder someone, he is sufficiently competent to be tried as a sane, responsible adult. Mental incapacity and age would no longer be licences to kill, as they are now. Race would not be considered as any exemption from one’s responsibility and culpability.

As president, I would require no additional laws. The Genocide Convention would be enforced against inter-racial crime and race-mixers, since it is a treaty and has the same power as The U.S. Constitution. The crime of advocating genocide via murder and race-mixing would merit the same punishment as meted out to those accused of genocide at Nuremberg: death by hanging.

On matters of foreign policy, the U.S. government will not put Israel first, nor any interests whose loyalties do not put the U.S. people first. On domestic matters, there will be created, for the first time in U.S. history, a public interest, as expressed in The U.S. Constitution and various state constitutions. This means that “the general welfare” would take precedence over individual welfare, at the expense of the general welfare, as we see now, from top to bottom of this anti-social, Jeffersonian-anarchist society. The public interest will supersede short-term profiteering at public expense.

Wages and prices will be brought into line, for it is in the public interest that workers enjoy a civilized standard of living. Food, clothing, shelter and automobiles have NEVER been cheaper to make than they are today, so these products of the workers will be affordable, without the worker becoming a debt-slave, simply to acquire those things he has produced. The oil racketeers would be deemed economic saboteurs and dealt with as we would deal with those who wage war upon our people and our economy.

The Constitution would be restored with the abolition of the privately-owned Federal Reserve. The U.S. government would take over the entire banking system, in terms of the relevant articles. Lending money at interest privately would be deemed counterfeiting and punished accordingly, with cash rewards to informants. All loans would be made in terms of the general welfare. Upon this basis, the banker would decide whether we need a school or a casino, for instance. By taking over the creation of money, which is done by lending as well as by printing, the U.S.A. would be a sovereign country at last.

These are a few of the solutions which come immediately to mind, and I’m sure my advisors could think of many more ideas toward achievement of the common good, the common defence and the general welfare. Do I fantasize? Not at all, for if these programs are not implemented, there will not be a U.S.A., either in law or in fact, but even if things devolve along present lines, ORION [Our Race Is Our Nation] will remain our ultimate goal.

I am intrigued by the download from The Jewish Telegraph Agency, in regard to the kike who has been arrested for attempting to smuggle U.S. missile parts INTO the U.S.A. Obviously, these U.S. missile parts came from Israel, gifts from the U.S. tax-payers. The sheenie’s stories are nonsense. If he intended to ship the parts to China, why smuggle them into the U.S.A.? He then claims that he might sell such parts more cheaply to the U.S. military, than from the U.S. military’s normal suppliers. Would this be possible, since Israel gets the missiles free, but the U.S. military must pay its domestic civilian suppliers? That is likely, but why claim the original destination as China? Could this be another kosher false flag operation, in which U.S. missiles are used against U.S. targets? Obviously, jewish sources reveal much more than the Goy-feed doled out by the U.S. jewsmedia. I suspect this story will quickly be filed in The Memory Hole. If this country had a national government, instead of a ZOG, we might unravel another Mossad 9-11 plot.

Obviously, dual citizens, including sheenies, would have no place in U.S. government, either, on behalf of our sovereignty and our nationhood. Under my presidency, the U.S.A. would become a nation as well as a democracy, for the first time in its history. The predatory, parasitic plutocracy will go the way of ZOG, down the toilet of history, if the U.S.A. will exist in fact and in name.

With our present demography, the territory now called The U.S.A. will naturally be divided along ethnic lines. I would favor a peaceful separation, unlike that which created the states of India and Pakistan. People have a natural tendency to be with their own kind. As for those who want to be with other kinds, they would be free to do so, as long as the others want such people in their midst. The Rhodesian example would work here. Once biopolitical territories were formed, they would be self-governing and self-supporting. The U.S. Government would function on behalf of mutually-acceptable policies, and any biopolitical territory could exercise its veto by secession. I would foresee turf-conflicts as most pressing problems, and these will be exacerbated by immigration surges, in particular from Hispano-America and Asia, as are now occurring under ZOG. The advantage for Whites after ZOG is that they will have the right to their own piece of U.S. territory, unlike the ZOG status quo. Right is insufficient without might to defend White territory, for biopolitical facts would naturally take precedence over legal fictions, but I would hope the transition could be done in a peaceful, orderly manner, for the mutual benefit of all concerned, rather than being a ZOG empire which is ruled against the interests of the governed, as at present. The territory inhabited by Mexicans would likely join up with Mexico, for land belongs to those who occupy it, in fact and in law. Under ZOG, Mexico will annex the entire U.S.A., minus the Chinese colonies, of course, and there will be no place for Whitey. If Whitey wants to abandon this continent, that is up to him, and if he wants to retain part of it, that is also up to him. The latter decision depends upon Whitey achieving self-determination and self-government, for under ZOG there is only extinction ahead, and we are paying for this with our taxes!

88 PRECEPTS By David Lane Member of The Order

Until the White race realizes that there is only one source from which we can
ascertain lasting truths, there will never be peace or stability on this earth. In the
immutable Laws of Nature are the keys to life, order, and understanding. The
words of men, even those which some consider “inspired” are subject to the
translations, vocabulary, additions, subtractions, and distortions of fallible mortals.
Therefore, every writing or influence, ancient or modern, must be strained through
the test of conformity to Natural Law. The White Peoples of the earth must
collectively understand that they are equally subject to the iron-hard Laws of
Nature with every other creature of the Universe, or they will not secure peace,
safety, nor even their existence. The world is in flames because Races, Sub-races,
Nations, and Cultures are being forced to violate their own Nature-ordained
instincts for self-preservation. Many men of good will, but little understanding, are
struggling against symptoms which are the result of disobedience to Natural Law.
As is the Nature of Man, most take narrow, provincial stances predicated on views
formed by immediate environment, current circumstances, and conditioned
dogma. This is encouraged by that powerful and ruthless Tribe which has
controlled the affairs of the world for untold centuries by exploiting Man’s most
base instincts. Conflict among and between the unenlightened serves as their mask
and shield. A deeper understanding of the Fundamental Laws that govern the
affairs of Men is necessary if we are to save civilization from its usurious
executioners. The following are not intended to provide a detailed system of
government, but as PRECEPTS which, when understood, will benefit and preserve
a People as individuals and as a Nation.
1. Any religion or teaching which denies the Natural Laws of the Universe is false.
2. Whatever Peoples perception of God, or Gods, or the motive Force of the
Universe might be, they can hardly deny that Nature’s Law are the work of, and
therefore the intent of, that Force.
3. God and religion are distinct, separate and often conflicting concepts. Nature
evidences the divine plan, for the natural world is the work of the force or the
intelligence men call God. Religion is the creation of mortals, therefore
predestined to fallibility. Religion may preserve or destroy a People, depending on
the structure given by its progenitors, the motives of its agents and the vagaries of
historical circumstances.
4. The truest form of prayer is communion with Nature. It is not vocal. Go to a
lonely spot, if possible a mountaintop, on a clear, star-lit night, ponder the majesty
and order of the infinite macrocosm. Then consider the intricacies of the equally
infinite microcosm. Understand that you are on the one hand inconsequential
beyond comprehension in the size of things, and on the other hand, you are
potentially valuable beyond comprehension as a link in destiny’s chain. There you
begin to understand how pride and self can co-exist with respect and reverence.
There we find harmony with Nature and with harmony comes strength, peace and
5. Secular power systems protect and promote religions, which teach of an after-
life. Thus, people are taught to abandon defenses against the predators of this life.
6. History, both secular and religious, is a fable conceived in self-serving deceit
and promulgated by those who perceive benefits.
7. Religion in its most beneficial form is the symbology of a People and their
culture. A multiracial religion destroys the senses of uniqueness, exclusivity and
value necessary to the survival of a race.
8. What men call the super natural is actually the natural not yet understood or
9. A proliferation of laws with the resultant loss of freedom is a sign of, and
directly proportional to, spiritual sickness in a Nation.
10. If a Nation is devoid of spiritual health and moral character, then government
and unprincipled men will fill the vacancy. Therefore, freedom prospers in moral
values and tyranny thrives in moral decay.
11. Truth requires little explanation. Therefore, beware of verbose doctrines. The
great principles are revealed in brevity.
12. Truth does not fear investigation.
13. Unfounded belief is pitfall. A People who do not check the validity and effect
of their beliefs with reason will suffer or perish.
14. In accord with Nature’s Laws, nothing is more right than the preservation of
ones own race.
15. No greater motivating force exists than the certain conviction that one is right.
16. Discernment is a sign of a healthy People. In a sick or dying nation,
civilization, culture or race, substance is abandoned in favor of appearance.
17. Discernment includes the ability to recognize the difference between belief and
demonstrable reality.
18. There exists no such thing as rights or privileges under the Laws of Nature.
The deer being stalked by a hungry lion has no right to life. However, he may
purchase life by obedience to nature ordained instincts for vigilance and flight.
Similarly, men have no rights to life, liberty or happiness. These circumstances
may be purchased by oneself, by ones family, by ones tribe or by ones ancestors,
but they are nonetheless purchases and are not rights. Furthermore, the value of
these purchases can only be maintained through vigilance and obedience to
Natural Law.
19. A people who are not convinced of their uniqueness and value will perish.
20. The White race has suffered invasions and brutality from Africa and Asia for
thousands of years. For example, Attila and the Asiatic Huns who invaded Europe
in the 5th century, raping, plundering and killing from the Alps to the Baltic and
the Caspian Seas. This scenario was repeated by the Mongols of Genghis Khan
800 years later. (Note here that the American Indians are not Native Americans,
but are racially Mongolians.) In the 8th century, hundreds of years before Negroes
were brought to America, the North African Moors of mixed racial background
invaded and conquered Portugal, Spain and part of France. So, the attempted guilt-
trip placed on the White race by civilizations executioners is invalid under both
historical circumstance and the Natural Law which denies inter-species
compassion. The fact is, all races have benefited immeasurably from the creative
genius of the Aryan People.
21. People who allow others not of their race to live among them will perish,
because the inevitable result of a racial integration is racial inter-breeding which
destroys the characteristics and existence of a race. Forced integration is deliberate
and malicious genocide, particularly for a People like the White race, who are now
a small minority in the world.
22. In the final analysis, a race or species is not judged superior or inferior by its
accomplishments, but by its will and ability to survive.
23. Political, economic, and religious systems may be destroyed and resurrected
by men, but the death of a race is eternal.
24. No race of People can indefinitely continue their existence without territorial
imperatives in which to propagate, protect, and promote their own kind.
25. A People without a culture exclusively their own will perish.
26. Nature has put a certain antipathy between races and species to preserve the
individuality and existence of each. Violation of the territorial imperative
necessary to preserve that antipathy leads to either conflict or mongrelization.
27. It is not constructive to hate those of other races, or even those of mixed races.
But a separation must be maintained for the survival of one’s own race. One must,
however, hate with a pure and perfect hatred those of one’s own race who commit
treason against one’s own kind and against the nations of one’s own kind. One
must hate with perfect hatred all those People or practices which destroy one’s
People, one’s culture, or the racial exclusiveness of one’s territorial imperative.
28. The concept of a multi-racial society violates every Natural Law for species
29. The concept of equality is declared a lie by every evidence of Nature. It is a
search for the lowest common denominator, and its pursuit will destroy every
superior race, nation, or culture. In order for a plow horse to run as fast as a race
horse you would first have to cripple the race horse; conversely, in order for a race
horse to pull as much as a plow horse, you would first have to cripple the plow
horse. In either case, the pursuit of equality is the destruction of excellence.
30. The instincts for racial and species preservation are ordained by Nature.
31. Instincts are Nature’s perfect mechanism for the survival of each race and
species. The human weakness of rationalizing situations for self-gratification must
not be permitted to interfere with these instincts.
32. Miscegenation, that is race-mixing, is and has always been, the greatest threat
to the survival of the Aryan race.
33. Inter-species compassion is contrary to the Laws of Nature and is, therefore,
suicidal. If a wolf were to intercede to save a lamb from a lion, he would be killed.
Today, we see the White man taxed so heavily that he cannot afford children. The
taxes raised are then used to support the breeding of tens of millions of non-
whites, many of whom then demand the last White females for breeding partners.
As you can see, man is subject to all the Laws of Nature. This has nothing to do
with morality, hatred, good or evil. Nature does not recognize the concepts of
good and evil in inter-species relationships. If the lion eats the lamb, it is good for
the lion and evil for the lamb. If the lamb escapes and the lion starves, it is good
for the lamb and evil for the lion. So, we see the same incident is labeled both
good and evil. This cannot be, for there are no contradictions within Nature’s
34. The instinct for sexual union is part of Nature’s perfect mechanism for species
preservation. It begins early in life and often continues until late in life. It must not
be repressed; it’s purpose, reproduction, must not be thwarted either. Understand
that for thousands of years our females bore children at an early age. Now, in an
attempt to conform to and compete in an alien culture, they deny their Nature-
ordained instincts and duties. Teach responsibility, but, also, have understanding.
The life of a race springs from the wombs of its women. He who would judge
must first understand the difference between what is good and what is right.
35. Homosexuality is a crime against Nature. All Nature declares the purpose of
the instinct for sexual union is reproduction and thus, preservation of the species.
The overpowering male sex drive must be channeled toward possession of
females, as well as elements such as territory and power, which are necessary to
keep them.
36. Sexual pornography degrades the Nature of all who are involved. A beautiful
nude woman is art; a camera between her knees to explore her private parts is
37. That race whose males will not fight to death to keep and mate with their
females will perish. Any White man with healthy instincts feels disgust and
revulsion when he sees a woman of his race with a man of another race. Those,
who today control the media and affairs of the Western World, teach that this is
wrong and shameful. They label it “racism.” As any “ism,” for instance the word
“nationalism,” means to promote one’s own nation; “racism” merely means to
promote and protect the life of one’s own race. It is, perhaps, the proudest word in
existence. Any man who disobeys these instincts is anti-Nature.
38. In a sick and dying nation, culture, race or civilization, political dissent and
traditional values will be labeled and persecuted as heinous crimes by inquisitors
clothing themselves in jingoistic patriotism.
39. A People who are ignorant of their past will defile the present and destroy the
40. A race must honor above all earthly things, those who have given their lives or
freedom for the preservation of the folk.
41. The folk, namely the members of the Race, are the Nation. Racial loyalties
must always supersede geographical and national boundaries. If this is taught and
understood, it will end fratricidal wars. Wars must not be fought for the benefit of
another race.
42. The Nation’s leaders are not rulers, they are servants and guardians. They are
not to serve for personal gain. Choose only a guardian who has no interest in the
accumulation of material things.
43. Choose and judge your leaders, also called guardians, thus: Those who seek
always to limit the power of government are of good heart and conscience. Those
who seek to expand the power of government are base tyrants.
44. No government can give anything to anybody without first taking it from
another. Government is, by its very nature, legalized taking. A limited amount of
government is a necessary burden for national defense and internal order.
Anything more is counterproductive to freedom and liberty.
45. The Organic founding Law, namely the Constitution of a Nation, must not be
amendable by any method other than unanimous consent of all parties thereto and
with all parties present. Otherwise, the doors are opened for the advent of that
most dangerous and deadly form of government, democracy.
46. In a democracy those who control the media, and thus the minds of the
electorate, have power undreamed by kings or dictators.
47. The simplest way to describe a democracy is this: Three people form a
government, each having one vote. Then two of them vote to steal the wealth of
the third.
48. The latter stages of a democracy are filled with foreign wars, because the
bankrupt system attempts to preserve itself by plundering other nations.
49. In a democracy that which is legal is seldom moral, and that which is moral is
often illegal.
50. A democracy is always followed by a strongman… some call him dictator. It is
the only way to restore order out of the chaos caused by a democracy. Pick your
strongman wisely! He must be a guardian in his heart. He must be one who has
shown that his only purpose in life is the preservation of the folk. His ultimate aim
must be to restore the rule of Law based on the perfect Laws of Nature. Do not
choose him by his words. Choose one who has sacrificed all in the face of tyranny;
choose one who has endured and persevered. This is the only reliable evidence of
his worthiness and motives.
51. A power system will do anything, no matter how corrupt or brutal, to preserve
52. Tyrannies cannot be ended without the use of force.
53. Those who commit treason disguise their deeds in proclamations of patriotism.
54. Propaganda is major component in all power systems, both secular and
religious; false propaganda is a major component of unprincipled power systems.
All power systems endeavor to convince their subjects that the system is good,
just, beneficent and noble, as well as worthy of perpetuation and defense. The
more jingoistic propaganda issued, the more suspicious one should be of its truth.
55. Political power, in the final analysis, is created and maintained by force.
56. A power system, secular or religious, which employs extensive calls to
patriotism or requires verbosity and rhetoric for its preservation, is masking
57. Propaganda is a legitimate and necessary weapon in any struggle. The
elements of successful propaganda are: simplicity, emotion, repetition, and
brevity. Also, since men believe what they want to believe, and since they want to
believe that which they perceive as beneficial to themselves, then successful
propaganda must appeal to the perceived self-interest of those to whom it is
58. Tyrannies teach what to think; free men learn how to think.
59. Beware of men who increase their wealth by the use of words. Particularly
beware of the lawyers or priests who deny Natural Law.
60. The patriot, being led to the inquisition’s dungeons or the executioner’s axe,
will be condemned the loudest by his former friends and allies; for thus they seek
to escape the same fate.
61. The sweet goddess of Peace lives only under the protective arm of the ready
God of War.
62. The organic founding Law of a Nation must state with unmistakable and
irrevocable specificity the identity of the homogeneous racial, cultural group for
whose welfare it was formed, and that the continued existence of the Nation is
singularly for all time for the welfare of that specific group only.
63. That race or culture which lets others influence or control any of the following
will perish:
l)Organs of information
2)Educational institutions
3) Religious institutions
4)Political offices
5)Creation of their money
6)Judicial institutions
7)Cultural institutions
8)Economic life
64. Just Laws require little explanation. Their meaning is irrevocable in simplicity
and specificity.
65. Men’s emotions are stirred far more effectively by the spoken word than by the
written word. This is why a ruling tyranny will react more violently to gatherings
of dissenters than to books or pamphlets.
66. The organic founding Law of the Nation, or any law, is exactly as pertinent as
the will and power to enforce it.
67. An unarmed or non-militant People will be enslaved.
68. Some say the pen is more powerful than the sword. Perhaps so. Yet, the pen
without the sword has no authority.
69. Tyrannies are usually built step by step and disguised by noble rhetoric.
70. The difference between a terrorist and a patriot is control of the press.
71. The judgments of the guardians, the leaders, must be true to Natural Law and
tempered by reason.
72. Materialism is base and destructive. The guardians of a Nation must constantly
warn against and combat a materialistic spirit in the Nation. Acquisition of wealth
and property, as need for the well-being of one’s family and obtained by honorable
means is right and proper. Exploitation, particularly through usury, is destructive
to the nation.
73. Materialism leads men to seek artificial status through wealth or property. True
social status comes from service to Family, Race and Nation.
74. Materialism ultimately leads to conspicuous, unnecessary consumption, which
in turn leads to the rape of Nature and destruction of the environment. It is
unnatural. The true guardians of the Nation must be wholly untainted by
75. The function of a merchant or salesman is to provide a method of exchange. A
merchant who promotes unnecessary consumption and materialism must not be
76. The only lawful functions of money are as a medium of exchange and a store
of value. All other uses including social engineering, speculation, inflation and
especially usury are unlawful. Usury (interest) at any percentage is a high crime
which cannot be tolerated.
77. A nation with an aristocracy of money, lawyers or merchants will become a
78. The simplest way to describe a usury-based central banking system is this: The
bankers demand the property of the Nation as collateral for their loans. At interest,
more money is owed them that they created with the loans. So, eventually, the
bankers foreclose on the Nation.
79. Usury (interest), inflation, and oppressive taxation are theft by deception and
destroy the moral fabric of the Nation.
80. Wealth gained without sacrifices or honest labor will usually be misused.
81. Nothing in Nature is static; either the life force grows and expands or it decays
and dies.
82. Respect must be earned; it cannot be demanded or assumed.
83. Avoid a vexatious man, for his venom will poison your own nature.
84. Self discipline is a mark of a higher man.
85. One measure of a man is cheerfulness in adversity.
86. A fool judges others by their words. A wise man judges others by their actions
and accomplishments.
87. In our relationships or interactions, as in all of Nature’s Laws, to each action
there is a reaction. That which we plant will be harvested, if not by ourselves, then
by another.
88. These are sure signs of a sick or dying Nation. If you see any of them, your
guardians are committing treason:
l)mixing and destruction of the founding race
2)destruction of the family units
3)oppressive taxation
4) corruption of the Law
5) terror and suppression against those who warn of the Nation’s error
6)immorality: drugs, drunkenness, etc.
7) infanticide (now called abortion)
8)destruction of the currency (inflation or usury)
9)aliens in the land, alien culture
1 1) foreign wars
1 2) guardians (leader s)who pursue wealth or glory
1 3)homosexuality
14)religion not based on Natural Law
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white
children.  Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish
from the earth.

German Village Discovers after 82 years that its Church Bell is Embossed with a Swasitka

Standing proudly at the center of a tiny village deep in German wine country, from the outside there is nothing remarkable about the church of St. Jacob save its beauty.

But locked away inside its 1,000-year-old tower is an exciting secret – a bell emblazoned with a Swastika and the inscription: ‘Everything for the fatherland. Adolf Hitler.’

While the grim heirloom has gone largely unnoticed for the last 82 years, a recent report in a local newspaper has brought jewish outcry to the 700-person town of Herxheim am Berg.

Since discovering the tribute, 73-year-old Sigrid Peters, the antifascist church organist, is demanding it be removed, saying it is not right that christenings and marriages are marked by ringing a bell celebrating the National Socialist.

But pastor Helmut Meinhardt believes the church should keep using the bell, while mayor Ronald Becker told The Local that trying to remove the inscription could alter the sound, and would cost upward of £40,000.

Some, including bell expert Birgit Müller, are even arguing that it should be protected under historic conservation laws – saying there are no other known examples.

2013: TIGER IN THE TANK – Historians Find Body of German War Hero Kurt Knispel

The remains of German soldier regarded as the world’s greatest ever tank ace have been found in a grave the Czech Republic.

The remains of Kurt Knispel – who was the tank warfare equivalent of what the Red Baron was to flight – were found at the Moravian Museum in Vrbovec lying in an unmarked grave for German soldiers at a cemetery in Znojmo.

After completing his apprenticeship in an automobile factory in 1940, Knispel applied to join the armoured branch of the German Army and was sent in to battle aged 20 in 1941.

With 168 confirmed and 195 unconfirmed kills Knispel was by far the most successful tank ace of the Second World War, even knocking out a T-34 at 3,000 metres. He fought in virtually every type of German tank as loader, gunner and commander, and was awarded the Iron Cross, First Class, after destroying his fiftieth enemy tank and the Tank Assault Badge in Gold after more than 100 tank battles.

When Knispel had destroyed 126 enemy tanks (with another 20 unconfirmed kills), he was awarded the German Cross in Gold. He became the only non-commissioned officer of the German tank arm to be named in a Wehrmacht communique. As the commander of a Tiger I and then a Tiger II, Knispel destroyed another 42 enemy tanks.

Though he was recommended for it four times, Knispel never received the coveted Knight’s Cross, a standard award for most other World War II German tank aces. But he was not keen for honours, and when there were conflicting claims for a destroyed enemy tank, Knispel always stepped back, always willing to credit success to someone else.

He also had longer than allowed hair and a beard and a tattoo – the latter that was used to identify him when his body was found in an unmarked grave on the Czech-Austrian border.

Museum spokesman Eva Pankova said: “He was eventually identified by the a military tattoo on his neck.

“His remains will now be placed at the Central Cemetery of Honour.”

(War History Online)

The Wagner Hitler Loved


Everyone’s heard of Richard Wagner unless you live in Israel.

He’s tarred as an ‘anti-Semite’ though not a shred can be found in any of his operas.

His works are banned in Israel, and his name despised by Jews worldwide for being Hitler’s ‘composer of choice.’

But blaming Wagner because Hitler used Rienzi at his rallies is like blaming the Rolling Stones for Trump using one of their songs at the end of his Republican Convention speech.

And just because Wagner believed in the German “volk” doesn’t make him a “National Socialist” which was non-existent in his day.

In his opera, Parsifal, Wagner casts Kundry as the ‘wandering Jew’ – exiled from Palestine for mocking Christ when hanging on the Cross.

“I saw Him and laughed,” sings Kundry, and thus was cursed to roam the earth in unending rootlessness.

Since ‘political correctness’ didn’t exist in Wagner’s day, merging art with history was a laudable enterprise.

But not so with modern Jewry which uses this opera to call Wagner an ‘anti-Semite.’

They run amok with their reproach by citing his pamphlet, “Jewishness in Music,” in which Wagner decried the Jewish corruption of Germanic music.

By directing his criticism against Felix Mendelssohn and Giacomo Meyerbeer, Wagner sought to highlight “the involuntary repellence possessed by Germans due to the nature and personality of the Jews.”

Wagner perhaps had in mind Mendelsohn’s Violin Concerto…

…yes, melodious, but hardly “German,” kind of “Hebraic,” but actually, “Slavic”…totally inimical to Wagner’s ideal, as this:

[Clip: Excerpt Valkyries March]

You see, Jews have no culture of their own but have adopted the various cultures and customs of The Diaspora.

Witness the Chasids whose garb and hats spring from Eastern Europe.

“The Jew stands solitarily in a soil-less stock,” wrote Wagner.

“Only those who unconsciously grow up within the bond of Germanic historical community can share in its creations.”

It’s creations like Wagner’s Tannhauser where in “Entrance Of The Guests” music and movement sinks below “consciousness” and a nationalist reverie arises.

[Clip: (music)]

The scene is very un-Jewish:

A medieval landowner and princess; white knights; hierarchical order; unified ethnicity; aristocratic with religious affect—all constituting a nationalist vision that Wagner expressed, Hitler loved…and Jews despise.

There’s nothing more contemptible in the eyes of the Jew than nationalism rooted in Gentile mythic memory.

Wherever it exists, as it did in post-Weimar Germany, Jews seek to destroy it.

You won’t hear it in Israel where Wagner is banned.

But wherever his heroic vision sounds forth beyond Israel’s borders….

…it reveals—by sharp relief—the sterility of a barren Jewish state of mind.