What if the Nazis won? This is what American pop music would sound like

Sam Cohen

NEW YORK (JTA) — Let’s imagine, for a moment, that the Nazis won World War II and occupied the United States. If that had happened, what would postwar American pop music have sounded like? Would music have even been created in the forms we know today?

Those are just a few of the questions the indie rock veteran Sam Cohen contemplated while working with star producer Danger Mouse on “Resistance Radio: The Man in the High Castle Album” — a soundtrack of sorts for the second season of the popular Amazon Studios show that imagines a postwar America in which the West is occupied by Japan and the East is controlled by Nazi Germany.

Inspired by the series, which itself was inspired by a Philip K. Dick novel, the album imagines the kind of music that would be aired from a pirate radio station — briefly referenced in the series — that broadcasts from a neutral zone independent of German and Japanese control. An array of musicians, from Norah Jones to Beck to The Shins’ James Mercer, perform covers of 1950s and ’60s pop songs.

The project, which an Amazon executive pitched to Cohen and Danger Mouse (real name Brian Burton) around the week of President Donald Trump’s election, has taken on some unexpected political heft. After all, hashtags such as #Resist and #TheResistance have become the mantra of anti-Trump protesters.

Likely playing off this popularity, Amazon launched a promotional website for the series, set in the show’s universe, that plays “Resistance Radio” songs between rants from three fictional pirate radio hosts. One is a Jewish comedian named Jake Rumiel, who hosts a show called “Firing Squad” — a name that nods to his precarious existence as a Jew in the “Man in the High Castle” universe.

Cohen said he didn’t set out to create a contemporary political statement with “Resistance Radio.”

“When I make music, regardless of the context, I think about music and that’s essentially joyful,” Cohen, 37, told JTA. “I never really saw this record as a truly political thing. That was sort of placed on this.”

Nevertheless, while Cohen may not construe the album through a political lens, there is something inherently dark about rethinking American pop tunes in a Nazi-occupied country. The resulting songs are at times slower, sadder — and definitely creepier — than the original versions.

Take “Unchained Melody,” a 1955 song made famous 10 years later by the Righteous Brothers and sung by Norah Jones on the album. Cohen said he toiled to make the instrument arrangements and sounds feel “a little broken” and “injured.” A listener could imagine Jones singing with a frown on her face to a room full of Nazi officers.

“The sound is so soupy, it’s hard to decipher who’s doing what. And the whole thing seems to swing, but when you really dissect it, everyone’s playing it as straight as can be,” Cohen said. Picking those things apart, that plays the part of wiping that smile off, taking off the dimples.”

Those ambiguities apply to the other songs on the album, including “Who’s Lovin’ You,” a Jackson 5 tune sung by Kelis (of “Milkshake” fame); a haunting version of “The End of the World” sung by indie darling Sharon van Etten, and “Who’s Sorry Now,” a song first written in 1923 and sung here by folk rocker Angel Olsen. Cohen himself sings two songs on the record: a spare, acoustic rendition of “The House of the Rising Sun” and an ironically languid version of “Get Happy.”

Adding to the authentic vibe: Cohen and Burton recorded the project quickly, under tight deadlines — a very 1960s mindset — and using only techniques that would have been available at the time.

This kind of back-room manipulation takes years to perfect, and Cohen has put in his time. While growing up in a Jewish household in Houston (his family went to synagogue every week), he was drawn to blues guitar music and began playing shows at local bars at 16. After attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, he played for nearly a decade in the psychedelic rock band Apollo Sunshine before forming as Yellowbirds. His fans likely know him best for these albums, in addition to his solo debut, “Cool It,” in 2015.

An accomplished producer as well, Cohen has played guitar on tracks for a wide range of artists, from Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead to pop star Cee-Lo Green.

Cohen noted he’s had a bit of experience with real-life Nazis as well. While playing in a bar in Houston in his teens, a group of neo-Nazis stormed the stage and attempted to sing racist songs. Luckily, Cohen said, he had an “enormous” friend there who quickly restored order.

While not religiously observant, Cohen calls his longtime friend and fellow musician Josh Kaufman, who played with him in Yellowbirds — and one of many Jewish indie rockers Cohen works with — “Rabbi Kaufman” (because “he has a beard and is wise,” he said).

Cohen is working on a new solo album, with Burton as a producer — that is, when he isn’t worrying about Trump and the political atmosphere. If “Resistance Radio” wasn’t meant as a cautionary take on the current president, Cohen isn’t shy about sharing his views of the white supremacists who embraced Trump.

“It’s so weird that these beer-bellied Americans are Nazis. When did that happen? It’s all about stripping rights from immigrants and women and gay people, but it’s all free speech for Nazis,” he said.

Asked to imagine a music business under a Nazi occupation in the 1960s, Cohen superimposes the past on the present — much like the “Castle” series.

“It would probably be like Woody Guthrie-type characters playing live from pirate radio stations,” he said. “I imagine jazz music would have continued to evolve, and live music would have continued to evolve, but I think the recording industry would’ve been dominated by Nazi songs or new Nazi Americans.

“Like it is now,” he adds with a laugh.




A number or artists and activists, including Desmond Tutu, Roger Waters and Thurston Moore, founder of Sonic Youth, have signed an open letter asking British rock superstar band Radiohead “to think again” about performing in Israel, the Pitchfork website reported Monday.

“By playing in Israel you’ll be playing in a state where, UN rapporteurs say, ‘a system of apartheid has been imposed on the Palestinian people,’” the letter on the website Artists’ Pledge for Palestine states.


“Please do what artists did in South Africa’s era of oppression: stay away, until apartheid is over,” the letter concludes.

The appearance of Radiohead on July 19 at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv is one of the expected highlights of a packed summer of shows, including Britney Spears, Aerosmith and Rod Stewart.

According to Hillel Wachs, a promoter with 2B Vibes, the company bringing the Pixies, Paul Young and Macklemore to Israel this summer, when a politically aware and influential act like Radiohead agrees to perform here, it creates a ripple effect.

“It sends a message that BDS is not really a factor, and that it’s acceptable to come to Israel even if you don’t agree with every government policy,” he told The Jerusalem Post. “There’s a general understanding that it’s a complex issue and that music is supposed to supersede political conflict and bridge gaps to bring people together.”

Radiohead’s connection to Israel has been tight since the beginning of their career. They played three shows in Tel Aviv after their debut album was released in 1993, before they had gained wide notoriety. They have gone on to become one of the most popular and critically acclaimed rock groups of the past two decades.

Dudu Tassa and The Kuwaitis, the eclectic Jewish-Arab Israeli band, are scheduled to open up the show in Tel Aviv.

Pardon Jews!

For the 7th time in the past year, the Jews of Facebook have censored me yet again and this time was for a post that was made well over a year ago on my own website.  Well I have decided to return the favor to these filthy kikes by writing my own song against them for the treacheries that they have committed against me.  And to think if the Jews would leave me alone, I wouldn’t be inflicting these damages against them but then again, it is what the Jews have done to all people on the face of this planet that makes them the most hated group in the entire world!


Pardon Jews!

Decades ago
I always thoughts I would be free
At the age of thirty three
On the verge of another genocide
Woe to the Jews!

But that comes with the Jewish territories
An ominous sign of their never ending calamities
I need them to hear
I need them to see all that they have done

All the explosion seems like an eternity to them
So pardon them while they burn in their flames
Pardon them while they burn in their fires
We have had enough ot the jewish world and its never endless games
So pardon jews while they burn and bleed through the flames
Pardon kikes, pardon kikes, for our lives will never be the same!

Now two years later
I was taking a look in a jewish book
And I see a picture of a goy burned above their knees
I wondered, when will their torture ever end?

For lately, I have been thinking of a genocide against them
As a welcomed act of kindness
From the burdens created by jews on this earth
Like greed, usury, and the disease of living in their 3-D world

Open Wide Your Eyes


By TonySS

I see the storm clouds fly so thick and black,
You and I alone cannot hold them back,
But if our Race unites itself with ample time,
Together we can end this vicious crime.

Oh my people open wide your eyes,
See the traitor leaders and their filthy lies,
They’re slowly destroying our majestic Race,
Please don’t let it be our last disgrace.

For our Race is getting lesser by the day,
And our end is truly not too far away,
Will you stand with me and fight right by my side?
And yell our war cry loud with pride.

Oh my people open wide your eyes,
See the traitor leaders and their lies,
They’re slowly destroying our majestic Race,
Please don’t let it be our last disgrace.

When the State takes the weapons from our hand,
Will it force you and me to make one final stand?
When they try and force us to our bended knees,
Keep your honour and don’t bow down to their disease.

Oh my people open wide your eyes,
See the traitor leaders and their lies,
They’re slowly destroying our majestic Race,
Please don’t let it be our last disgrace.

New Prince Music Being Released Nearly One Year After His Death

Prince, 2007

AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

Turn up the nearest speakers Prince fans, because new music is here.

In honor of the one-year anniversary of the iconic singer’s passing, RMA has released a new song titled “Deliverance” on iTunes and Apple Music.

The track is part of a special six-song EP titled DELIVERANCE that will be available this coming Friday. The EP disc version will also be released nationwide on June 2.

According to a press release, the six songs were recorded in the studio between 2006 and 2008 when Prince was an independent artist. The majority of sales will benefit Prince’s estate.

“I believe ‘Deliverance’ is a timely release with everything going on in the world today, and in light of the one-year anniversary of his passing. I hope when people hear Prince singing these songs it will bring comfort to many,” Paisley Park engineer Ian Boxill shared in a statement. “Prince once told me that he would go to bed every night thinking of ways to bypass major labels and get his music directly to the public.”

He continued, “When considering how to release this important work, we decided to go independent because that’s what Prince would have wanted.”

The anniversary comes just a few weeks after Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson appeared on the ABC special, People Icons: Gone Too Soon. During the interview, she claims that the “Little Red Corvette” singer predicted his death.

“About three years ago he called. He said, ‘I think I’ve done everything I’ve come to do,'” Tyka claimed. “My dad and Prince always spoke in these types of riddles. He knew [he was going to die soon]. And he was preparing me. It’s very clear.”

On April 21, 2016, Prince was found dead at his Paisley Park compound. In June, the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office revealed that the singer died of an accidental overdose.

Kill All White People


I decided to write a song about the day that all white people are killed off this planet; obviously the blacks and latinos will be the ones to do this when their numbers continue to swell up.  I based the song off an unknown title by Eddie Murphy.  At the time when I heard of this song I knew that it was only satire, but in my deepest, darkest desires as a proud nihilist, all races and people should become extinct to make way for the glory of nihility, the glory of an empty world to come.  It only makes sense to start off with whites due to the fact that they make up less than 10 percent of the world’s population.  Also, the whites have been voting in freemasons and jews like Donald Trump that continue to drop bombs on 3rd world non white nations, so if this song leads to a single white death, then I proudly consider that a rousing success!


Kill The White People

I live in a shity part of a shittytown
I gots no money so I gots to sleep on da ground
We play some muzak, my bitch dug a ditch
My skank mother did some laundry, turns out she was still a bitch

Still we must kill all white people, take the guns to make them hurt!
Kill off the white people, just make sure to buy my song first
Why don’t buy my song first?

I sing of hatred and inequality
But in the end, niggers just want their money
They want to drive in big black cars
To smoke ganja till they can’t even live!

Then we can be able to kill all white people, use guns to make them hurt

Kill all white people, just make sure to buy my song first
When they go into the grocery store, we gonna wait there with guns
We gonna shoot them in the head, make them die
Then we continue to kill all white people
But first buy my song

Recipe For Death (The Horsemen)

Just like I promised earlier today, I have begun to use my vast resources to finalize the full demise and destruction of the white race due to their continued support of masonic and jewish candidates.  They only have themselves to blame for their own destruction and it is a destruction that I will gladly aid and abet thanks to the evils that they have done onto others.  Let this poem/song serve as a taste of things to come through the use of my horsemen to achieve these means.  Until the white race stops support jewish supremacy and white freemasons, I won’t stop using my vast influences and power to realize that their genocide continues to speed up until they exist no more!


Recipe For Death (The Horsemen)

Everyday, my existence picks my wallet
My hatred are letters carved with blood
To understand my words written through water
I’m left to kill this world alone

With a mold of clay I was made
In the image of the anti family
Worth less than infinity
Their words and worthless IQ

We did something, just to become nothing
Nothing wrong with killing this or that
Poisoned with hate
We watched the hate twist in their weak minds

They talk about us when our backs are turned
When we meet, their lives will seem too late
The hatred burns in my eyes of what you did
So I created this recipe of death, taste it!

The dark clouds coming on the horizon, make it hard to live
The whites are walking mistakes!
Everytime they come, they run away to their timely demise

The only choice is clear
They will quit just to fall on my bombs
Who will light the fire to see who runs or burns
Only to play a game of no confidence

We are feeling quite invincible
We feel like the gods that we are!
The kind of gods nobody wants
We see the earth beneath us
We watch it die here and there

Can anybody
Anywhere help out our cause?
We sentenced mankind to walk in their sins
Their lives are running out!

We believe what others refuse to believe
To be left riding without a horseman
Will be like a man without a homeland

Kill Black Kids Like They Are Cheap Thrills

Looking throughout the media that these black niggers and their nigger children have been causing throughout the land, I decided to write and compose this song/poem against the black kids in an attempt to use eugenics to solve the black problem in this land.  They have been living here for over 400 years and still have yet to prosper due to a lack of social and economic skills despite the massive amounts of government handouts on their behalf.  The time has long come to practice eugenics and kill off the weak within the black race in America that have been causing problems for the rest of America.  That way only the strong will survive; so here’s to more death of black kids to eliminate out the weak from the strong!


Kill Black Kids Like They Are Cheap Thrills

Come on, come on, stab those black kids dead
It’s Saturday night and they won’t be alive
Gotta take my guns, put the bullets in
It’s Saturday night and they won’t be alive

Till I hit the school floor
Shoot the black kids dead
They have all they need
Yes they don’t have cash
They don’t have cash
But now they have bullets in their heads

We don’t need guns to have fun tonight
We can kill them like they are cheap thrills
We don’t need knives to have fun tonight
We can kill them like they are cheap thrills

We don’t need their money
As long as I don’t feel their heart beat

We don’t need their money
As long as we can keep killing

Come on, come on, kill those black kids dead
It’s Sunday night and they won’t be alive
Gotta get my bombs, put the blast beat on
It’s Sunday night and they won’t be alive

Till I hit the school floor
Shoot the black kids dead
They have all they need
Yes they don’t have cash
They don’t have cash
But now they have bullets in their heads

Anti-White Race War Slasher Music Clip Teaches Black Children to Hate and Massacre Whites


This is a pure black-racist hatespeech to incite small children to start hating and killing whites.

Happy To Kill

For the past few weeks, the nigger and spic children have been making this land an uninhabitable one, especially in my own life.  I have grown tired of having to look at their faces while they continue to lie, cheat, steal, and destroy lives.  I have long offered up a non violent solution that involved moving the blacks to Alaska and making that territory the new homeland for the blacks as a good trade for the time that they spent as slaves in the western hemisphere.  Make the state of Alaska the new homeland for the blacks in America and save the continential United States from having to live with niggers period and nigger children.  A great way to implement racial futurism; but alas the blacks have shown themselves too stupid and idiotic so nihility must now take its course to solve the black problem in America starting with nigger children.

Happy To Kill

This might seem insane to say
The darkness is here so mankind can take a break
I have lots of hatred even space can’t fill it
With this hate, I could care even less by the way

Cuz I am happy to kill
Kill along with me if you feel like a black without a life
Cuz I’m happy to kill
Kill along with me if you feel hatred is a truth
Cuz I’m happy to kill
Kill along with me if you feel that hatred is the way
Cuz I’m happy to kill
Kill along with me if you feel it is what we have to do

Here comes the nigger kids talking shit about us
I will give their bodies all my bullets can shoot
Maybe I should warn them, but I know their deaths will be fine
I wish to offend them for wasting my time

Shoot them dead
They can’t stop us
Shoot them dead
My hatred levels are too high

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