YouTube will kill unskippable 30-second ads next year

Google has announced that in 2018, it will end non-skippable 30-second ads that appear before a YouTube video. In a statement first given to Campaign then confirmed by The Verge, a Google spokesperson said the company will focus on commercial formats that are more engaging for both advertisers and viewers.

We’re committed to providing a better ads experience for users online. As part of that, we’ve decided to stop supporting 30-second unskippable ads as of 2018 and focus instead on formats that work well for both users and advertisers,” Google said.

While this is good news, it doesn’t mean all unskippable ads are eventually going away. Formats that include 15- and 20-second ads will stick around; you’ll likely see more of the six-second “bumper ads” rather than ones that you can move past after five seconds. And again, the change is not expected to take place until at least 2018 so we still have many months to go.

Now if only it’ll also kill unskippable ads that appear in the middle of long videos. Sure, I’ll wait.


Defamation case against Bill Cosby dismissed


Bill Cosby won a legal battle against one of his accusers Thursday, an event so rare lately that he tweeted about his legal woes for the first time since December 2015.

A federal judge in Massachusetts dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed against Cosby by accuser Katherine McKee, ruling that she had no legal basis to claim the comedian defamed her by defending himself against her accusations.

Cosby was so pleased he tweeted the dismissal order, his first in more than a year responding to developments in his ongoing legal battles, including the criminal charges he’s facing in suburban Philadelphia over a 13-year-old encounter.

Cosby has said virtually nothing in public since the rush of allegations against him began in the fall of 2014. His Twitter account shows his last post was a thank you to friends and fans, in December 2015. He started posting again in January of this year but only about civil rights history and heroes. Until Thursday.

McKee, one of some 60 women who have accused Cosby of drugging and/or sexually assaulting them in episodes dating back decades, came forward in late 2014 along with other women, claiming her friend of eight years had raped her in a hotel room in the 1970s.

When Cosby and his lawyers denied these and other accusations, some of the accusers sued him in civil court in several states for defamation, asserting that he and his team had suggested they were liars and extortionists by saying he didn’t do it.

“An accused person cannot be foreclosed … from considering the issuance of a simple and unequivocal denial — free from overall defamatory triggers or contextual themes. In the court’s view, such a situation would be inconsistent with basic First Amendment principles,” wrote U.S. District Judge Mark Mastroianni.

“It is paramount in a free society to be able to insist on one’s innocence in the face of serious public accusations, and today’s ruling reinforces that fundamental right,” said Cosby’s current lawyer, Angela  Agrusa, in an emailed statement to USA TODAY.

McKee’s lawyers did not immediately respond to a request for comment, according to the Associated Press.

This marks the third defamation lawsuit against Cosby that was either withdrawn or dismissed recently, prompting some Cosby crowing. However, another defamation case against him, filed by six accusers, is still pending in the same federal court in Massachusetts.

“Today’s ruling joins a growing list of dismissals of actions against Mr. Cosby,” the Agrusa statement said. “These decisions should also pave the way to the final dismissal of the remaining civil actions pending against Mr. Cosby,” including one brought by former model and reality TV personality Janice Dickinson in California.

But Cosby’s most serious legal problems are far from over. He has been fighting for more than a year state criminal charges of aggravated indecent sexual assault in connection with a 2004 encounter at his suburban Philadelphia home with a Temple University employee. She says he drugged her and molested her; he says it was consensual.

Since the charges were filed in December 2015, Cosby has been repeatedly thwarted in his efforts to get the case dismissed and to prevent some of the other women who have accused him from testifying against him at his trial, scheduled for this summer.

Currently, his lawyers are trying to get the case moved to a different venue due to pretrial publicity. Another pretrial motions hearing is scheduled for Feb. 27.

Sophie Turner Confirms X-Men 7 Will Shoot in 2017

With a constant flow of rumors circulating, fans are trying to figure out what the next X-Men movie will be. Last month, a rumor surfaced that claimed the next movie will be called X-Men: Supernova, which will reportedly be a reboot of the Dark Phoenix saga centering on Jean Grey, played by Sophie Turner from X-Men: Apocalypse. Over the weekend, Sophie Turner attended the BAFTA Awards, where she confirmed that shooting on this mysterious new X-Men movie will happen soon. Here’s what she had to say about her shooting schedule for the remainder of this year.

“We’re about to start shooting the next X-Men, we’ve just finished shooting Season 7 of Game of Thrones, and I’ve got a couple of movies to do before X-Men starts. And then we go on to Season 8. So I’ve got a busy year lined up.”

Unfortunately, Sophie Turner doesn’t reveal more about this X-Men movie in her interview with Hey U Guys. We have previously reported that this next X-Men movie may either be this mysterious Supernova project, or writer-director Josh Boone’s project The New Mutants. A report from December revealed that 20th Century Fox opened production offices in Montreal’s MELS Studios for a new X-Men movie that will start filming this May, although that report didn’t specify any details about the story. There have also been reports that Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams will play Wolfsbane, a.k.a. Rahne Sinclair, in New Mutants, with The Witch star Anya Taylor-Joy reportedly signing on to play Magik, a.k.a. Illya Rasputin, the younger sister of Colossus. That report also claimed that X-Men: Apocalypse star Alexandra Shipp will return as Storm, with Sophie Turner (Jean Grey), Tye Sheridan (Cyclops) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (Nightcrawler) also being eyed to return along with James McAvoy as Professor X.

We first heard about this X-Men 7 project back in November 2015, when a rumor surfaced that director Bryan Singer will direct this new X-Men movie, with filming slated to begin in 2017 for a 2018 release date. At that time, Josh Boone had already been announced as the writer-director for The New Mutants, with Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey and James McAvoy’s Professor Xavier previously mentioned to return for both movies. It’s possible that both New Mutants and this mystery X-Men movie could both shoot in Montreal at the same time, allowing these actors to cross over between both movies, but that is only speculation at this point.

Producer Simon Kinberg confirmed in an interview last May that the next X-Men movie will be set in the 1990s, but he didn’t specify whether he was talking about X-Men 7 or The New Mutants. This follows a natural progression from the prequel trilogy, with X-Men: First Class set in the 1960s, X-Men: Days of Future Past, which essentially wiped out the original trilogy timeline, set in the 1970s, and X-Men: Apocalypse set in the 1980s. It has been rumored that, since the original trilogy’s timeline was eradicated, that the next movie will start a new Dark Phoenix reboot, which was covered in 2003’s X2: X-Men: United and 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. While we wait for more details on X-Men 7, take a look at Sophie Turner’s red carpet interview from the BAFTA Awards, with the X-Men talk coming at the 0:52 mark.

The Darkest Song From ‘The Lion King’ Was Based On A 1935 Nazi Propaganda Film

This year marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most successful animated films ever made, Disney’s “The Lion King.

When the film first debuted in 1994, the film’s themes of death, betrayal, and rebirth made it a pretty adult Disney movie.

One of the film’s most adult scenes is when the evil lion Scar sings about his plan to murder his brother and king of the pride, Mufasa, in the song, “Be Prepared.

Yet, what most people don’t realize is that the film’s animators based much of the scene on a 1935 Nazi propaganda film titled “Triumph of the Will” that documents 1934 Nazi Germany.

According to an Entertainment Weekly article back in 1994, the song “grew out of one sketch by story staffer Jorgen Klubien that pictured Scar as Hitler. The directors ran with the concept and worked up a ‘Triumph of the Will’-style mock-Nuremberg rally.”

For example, the goose-stepping soldiers in “Triumph of the Will” march in formation through Nazi Germany.

During “Be Prepared,” the hyenas that Scar wants to use in his plan to kill Mufasa are grouped in a similar formation, goose-stepping almost the same exact way.

Scar is also elevated for the majority of the sequence, standing on a cliff over looking his army.

This is very similar to how Hitler is portrayed in much of “Triumph of the Will.”

You may have also noticed the beams of light that shoot out around Scar while he’s singing in the cave.

These lights resemble the “Cathedral of Light” that were featured in many Nazi rallies during the 1930s.

The adult themes of the film like those in “Be Prepared” didn’t keep families away though.

When “The Lion King” was released in 1994 it was a box-office smash grossing $987 million worldwide. This made it the highest-grossing animated film in history at the time. It has since been surpassed by “Shrek 2.”

Watch the entire “Be Prepared” sequence below:

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Rumor: ‘X-Men: Supernova’ Starts Production in June; Will Focus on Dark Phoenix


X-Men: Apocalypse kind of left the X-Men franchise in shambles as far as the main X-Men universe goes. While stories that are pushing outside the X-Men universe are thriving—Deadpool and likely Legion—the main X-Men characters seem at a loss. Apocalypse was supposed to hand the reigns to a new generation of characters and wrap up the First Class crew, whose contracts had become too expensive to sign for future movies. But with Apocalypse’s poor reception, we’re at a bit of a loss on how the X-Men franchise proceeds from here.

That’s why I’m a bit skeptical of a new report from My Entertainment World (via Omega Underground and Screen Rant) that claims that the next X-Men film, X-Men: Supernova, is gearing up to start filming this June. Keep in mind that there’s no confirmed director, no announced screenwriters, and no firm cast. Compare that to the announcement of Apocalypse, which came out around the same time that X-Men: Days of Future Past was released because the studio knew they had a popular hit on their hands and director Bryan Singer was eager to tell the next chapter of the story.

Here’s what My Entertainment World claims will be the plot of the next X-Men movie:

“Gathered together by Professor Charles Xavier to protect a world that fears and hates them, the X-Men had fought many battles, been on adventures that spanned galaxies, grappled enemies of limitless might, but none of this could prepare them for the most shocking struggle they would ever face. One of their own members, Jean Grey, has gained power beyond all comprehension, and that power has corrupted her absolutely! Now they must decide if the life of the woman they cherish is worth the existence of the entire universe!”

So it’s basically Dark Phoenix, and if Apocalypse had been a success and Fox had announced a director, writers, and cast for the sequel, I could easily believe this was the synopsis for a film that was gearing up to film in four months.

But as it stands, it looks like the X-Men universe is looking to move away from the main X-Men films. Deadpool 2 is definitely happening, there’s an X-Men TV showMatt Nix is working on for Fox, Legion could be a hit, and New Mutants seems like a better way to start fresh. We’ll see if anything comes together for Supernova.




Jordan’s flag carrier airline, Royal Jordanian, took to social media on Monday to lure potential passengers to use its services in a humorous, if controversial, advertisement published on the airline’s official Twitter account.


Referencing US President Donald Trump’s most recent attempt to reinstate a ban on citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the US, the advertisement called on residents of these countries to fly with Royal Jordanian to the US “now that you’re allowed to.”

The travel ban, which some media outlets have been referring to as the “Muslim Ban,” was blocked by US federal judge James Robart on Friday.

In a clever word play, the advertisement wished travelers a “good journey” as part of the expression ‘Bon Voyage,’ with the word ban emphasized in red letters. The letter ‘A’ was crossed out from the word ‘ban,’ thus turning it into the French word ‘bon.’

While the advertisement took many by surprise and sparked lively dialogue on social media, some noted that this was not the first time that the airline carrier reacted to American politics and in particular to steps taken by President Trump.

On November 8, 2016, hours before voting day drew to a close, Royal Jordanian posted another tongue-in-cheek advertisement, urging passengers to fly to the US before Trump could be elected, predicting that the latter would act to promote the immigration ban as he promised repeatedly throughout his campaign.

In December 2015, Trump, who was then the Republican presidential candidate, stressed what he deemed an urgent need for a travel ban, saying that “until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

Offering last-minute flights, the elections day tweet by Royal Jordanian read: “Just in case he wins… Travel to the US while you’re still allowed to!”

X-Men star James McAvoy donates £50,000 to teen suffering with rare cancer

We always knew Hollywood hearthrob James McAvoy was a nice guy, but it seems James McAvoy really does have a kind heart – after donating £50,000 to a girl with a rare cancer.

The X-Men star donated the money to Kelly Turner’s online fundraising page after visiting her at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton on Tuesday.


The actor posted on the page: ‘Great to meet you the other day Kelly.

‘I hope this helps you achieve your goal sooner rather than later. Good luck luv James.’

The news comes on World Cancer Day, on February 4, which aims to raise awareness and educate people about the disease.

Kelly Turner with Ricky Wilson. See National story NNKELLY; A dad endured freezing temperatures while sleeping rough on the streets to send a teenager to America for life-saving cancer treatment. John Ashman was hailed a "hero" by Kelly Turner and her dad Martin after raising £10,000 - doubling his target of £5,000 yesterday (Fri), the last night of his challenge. Kelly, 16, was diagnosed with a rare and aggresive desmoplastic small round cell tumour (DSRCT) and needs to raise £408,000 for surgery which will prolong her life by up to three years. Dad-of-four John, 50, endured seven days of temperatures well below freezing during one of the coldest weeks this year. Martin said: "John doesn't take to compliments well, but as far as we're concerned he's a hero.
Kelly has also met Kasier Chiefs front man, Ricky Wilson (Picture: JustGiving)

Kelly, 16, has a rare form of cancer and needed to raise £1 million for treatment in New York.

The teenager was diagnosed with desmoplastic round cell tumours in October 2015. At that time, she was given just two years to live.



0127-madonna-gettyMadonna has not responded to Donald Trump calling her “disgusting” for saying she thought about blowing up the White House, but she has the option of making the next move by recording what could become the rallying cry against the prez.

Sources tell TMZ legendary songwriter Bruce Roberts, who wrote “Enough is Enough” for Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, is reaching out to Madonna to record a track he will lay over the song.

The song shot to #6 on Billboard Dance Club Charts Friday … but the track is stripped down, using only the chorus of “Enough is Enough.”

We’re told Roberts wants Madonna to rewrite and sing the lyrics, stylizing it to express disdain for Trump’s policies. Our sources say Roberts doesn’t want to make this a personal attack on Trump, but rather a statement that he’s taking the country in the wrong direction.

We’re told Roberts wants Madonna in the studio STAT. He will keep Streisand and Summer’s track on the song for the hook. Madonna would be added to the hook as well.

We reached out to Roberts, who has written for Whitney Houston, Elton John, Alice Cooper, and Dolly Parton but he did not respond. Ditto Madonna. But we know the call is in.

Mischa Barton (White Slut, White Feminist) Reveals She Was Drugged With GHB While Celebrating Her Birthday Party

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This is horrifying.

As we reported late this week, former star of The O.C. Mischa Barton was hospitalized after exhibiting bizarre behavior the morning after she celebrated her birthday with friends.3

And now, we know more about what’s really going on with her, and what prompted that behavior: she was drugged at some point in the night while drinking.

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In a statement released to PEOPLE on Friday evening, Barton reveals all about what happened, and confirms that somebody put GHB in her drink at some point on Wednesday night, while out and about.

Her statement explains what happened (below):

“On the evening of the 25th, I went out with a group of friends to celebrate my birthday. While having drinks, I realized that something was not right as my behavior was becoming erratic and continued to intensify over the next several hours. I voluntarily went to get professional help, and I was informed by their staff that I had been given GHB. After an overnight stay, I am home and doing well. I would like to extend a big thanks of gratitude to the professionals at Cedars-Sinai for their great care and professionalism. This is a lesson to all young women out there, be aware of your surroundings.”


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That is honestly and truly horrifying — and, as Mischa says, an unfortunate reminder to all young women everywhere that when they go out, these things do happen.

It’s a HUGE relief compared to how this could have ended, though. Yikes.

Snoop Dogg threatens to “roast the fuck” out of any ‘Uncle Tom’ black people to perform at Trump inauguration

It’s getting pretty old.

As Friday draws near, the Left seems to be stricken with hysteria over who will and will not be at President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural festivities. Particularly in the hot seat are black people.

Now, the Left is getting apoplectic over any black people who even speak to Trump.  (A panelist on CNN famously called them “mediocre negroes” for doing so.)

The constant drumbeat of “conform to liberalism or pay the price” was most recently shown by Snoop Dogg, who made a YouTube video of himself saying EXACTLY what he planned on doing to any black person who dares to perform at the inauguration.