Whistleblower Explains How Education System Targets ‘Resisters’



Renegade Editor’s Note: If you really care about your children, teach them at home.

By Isaac Davis of Waking Times

I was taught really how to con the community.” ~Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Charlotte Iserbyt has a long history of work with the U.S. Department of Education as a former policy advisor during the Reagan administration, as well as having worked for local school districts. In her seminal book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, she tells the story of how her interest in educating children was overshadowed by the dark truth of the modern education system, and the top-down plan to overhaul education to achieve statist aims.

As the reality that education is used against us sinks in for everyday Americans, her work becomes ever more valuable, and of the many startling truths she has revealed, one fact stands out as particularly relevant to today’s environment, where the nanny state increasingly usurps authority over individual and family decisions, turning us into de facto agents of state control.

Speaking in an interview, Iserbyt explains how school system functionaries are trained to identify resisters, the parents among us whom would dare to object to the unreasonable changes in schools and educational programs.

I was trained to identify the resisters. The resisters to the sex-ed, drug-ed, alcohol-ed, suicide-ed, death-ed, those good, smart Americans who realize that anything that education hanging off the end of it is probably not what they’re looking for. I was trained to identify those good people, and to go up against them, and actually to go and try to get them to join us through the group process system. Make them feel important, get them on a committee… and that just blew my mind.” ~Charlotte Iserbyt

How does the school system manage to force programs onto local districts which would never want such programs? How do they con people into accepting new ideas for education that really don’t make sense for their communities?

The answer is that the system actually trains members of the school system to identify, target, and recruit the right people in a community, so that others will play follow-the-leader with people whom they trust.

Not only was I trained to identify the resisters, I was trained to go to the important people, high profile, highly thought of people in the community, with the Rotary, Chamber of Commerce Garden Club, you name it. The different groups in our towns. Go to them and convince them of the importance of these new programs… and get them on your side, because when you can get the leadership in a community to go along with it, then the newspaper comes in and says, a committee’s been set up with the head of the Rotary, and this and that, and they’re all getting behind this task force to discuss whether we’re going to have a new sex education program. And then, when Mary Jones, who would ordinarily think, why would we want to have a sex education program when we don’t have any problems with kids having sex or anything… she reads that her best friend who’s the head of the Garden Club is on this committee… it must be OK.” ~Charlotte Iserbyt

Iserbyt talks briefly about the training manual for district employees which teaches them to be good agents of the state. Written by Professor Ronald Havelock, Innovations in Education: A Change Agent’s Guide is the manual for turning the American school system into a Stasi-like program of group think and mindless acquiescence. Yes, there really is a manual which teaches educators how to monitor and interdict parents who wish to have a say in how their children are educated, and according to Iserbyt, it is quite revolting, and very effective.

The end result of a government program which targets and neutralizes dissenters and resisters is nation-wide conformity with educational objectives which serve the interest of the corporate state while failing children and families.

This article originally appeared on Waking Times.


New York Scraps Literacy Test for Teachers After Minorities Fail to Pass It



By Daniel Lang of The Daily Sheeple

You wouldn’t think that a reading test for prospective teachers would be controversial. After all, if someone doesn’t have a firm grasp of the English language, then you wouldn’t want them to be anywhere near your children in a classroom setting. In New York however, the ability to read apparently isn’t as important as diversity.

The state’s Board of Regents recently decided to scrap the Academic Literacy Skills Test, which is designed to test the English reading and writing skills of people who are trying to become certified teachers. The test was first implemented in 2013 in an attempt to raise the quality of teachers in New York, by weeding out weaker candidates. But because certain minorities fared poorly on the test the board wants it gone. While 64% of white candidates passed the test, only 41% of blacks and 46% of Hispanics could pass it.

Pace University professor Leslie Soodak, who was a member of the taskforce that wanted to get rid of the test, told AP that the test doesn’t really predict if someone is going to be a good teacher. “We want high standards, without a doubt. Not every given test is going to get us there.” So then, what is the point of any test in any given field? That’s why they’re called tests. They test your capabilities. I suppose then we should scrap every test that doesn’t give equal results to everyone, and let incompetent people run our institutions.

Soodak also lamented that “having a white workforce really doesn’t match our student body anymore.”

So why is it so bad that there are more white teachers? The people who oppose this test, do so because they say that minorities are at a disadvantage due to a history of racism and poverty. They’re simply not as well-educated. So how does it help minority students if their minority teachers can’t read or write? Wouldn’t it be better to have an education staff that is more competent, and just so happens to be more white, so that they can teach the next generation of minority students? Then someday we can expect them to be just as educated as their white peers, and they won’t have any trouble becoming teachers themselves.

Nope, I guess it’s better to have incompetent teachers who will ensure that the next generation of minority students is just as poorly educated as them. This is perhaps the greatest tragedy of political correctness, affirmative action, and social justice. The people who claim to care the most about minorities, are doing them the most harm.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Sheeple.





The deluge of bomb threats against Jewish community centers across North America in recent weeks has caused some parents to opt for alternative early childhood programs, according to the president and CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America, Jerry Silverman.

“As a parent, if you hear that your child has been evacuated from the school, obviously there is a fear factor involved and we have heard of some parents who have chosen other early childhood programs as a direct result,” he told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, a day after 15 more bomb threats were made.
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“Yet, we have a strong message of resiliency and a strong message of strength for many of our constituents where they follow the method and protocols of what you do in a certain instance of any type of threat. The institutions and JCCs do it with excellence, and it’s business as usual in many cases,” Silverman, who will speak at The Jerusalem Post Conference in New York on May 7, stressed.

While some have pointed fingers at US President Donald Trump, alleging that he and his supporters have emboldened antisemites, Silverman refuses to partake in any blame game.

“The [antisemitic] environment, I believe, is something that is years in the making. Things tend to move from Europe, as BDS did, into America and I think the commitment and priority that has been given to our federal and local officials, that this is a very high priority, is what it’s about,” he said. “I think anyone pointing fingers… that’s not taking the right direction.”

Rather, he said, the focus should be on action taken in response to these incidents.

“We feel very good about the support we are getting from the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and all the law enforcement departments,” Silverman emphasized.

He also expressed gratitude for voices of support emanating from Israel. In the past several weeks, Israeli leaders have increasingly spoken out against antisemitism in the US after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had faced some criticism for not commenting publicly on the matter.

While some political pundits have declared Israel a partisan issue in the US – with Republicans expressing stronger support for Israel and Democrats showing more sympathy for the Palestinians – Silverman disagrees with assessments of this kind.

“I think there is a strong bipartisan approach across the board still, and I hear it from various parts of the aisle. I think there is strong commitment to our ally in the Middle East,” he maintained.

Silverman is, however, concerned by the growing distance between Israel and US Jews over issues of religious pluralism, the unimplemented deal for an egalitarian section at the Western Wall being a symbol of that friction.

“I think that when you have ministers or varying haredi [ultra-Orthodox] leaders expressing lashon hara [derogatory speech] against Reform Jews or Conservative Jews, when there’s a resolution that’s approved by the government on the Kotel – that because of the haredi parties not wanting any change in the status quo [they] have stopped it – it does create challenges and questions,” he reflected, adding that strongly pro-Israel Reform and Conservative rabbis are struggling with these issues of policy and of politics.

Silverman said that while he does not believe the relationship between Israel and US Jews has been seriously damaged due to these issues, he is “fearful that if this trend continues we could see some erosion.”

He enthusiastically backs Netanyahu’s recent appointment of Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi to coordinate efforts for a resolution over the Western Wall issue.

Turning to US Jewry amid talk of assimilation and dilution of Jewish identity, Silverman remains optimistic.

“I am concerned, but I look at the positives,” he said, referring to the 45,000 young adults going on Birthright trips to Israel this year, in addition to the 550,000 who have already participated in the program, the 13,000 participants of long-term MASA programs in Israel and 4,000 students signed up for internships in Israel this summer, as well as some 6,000 high school students participating in Israel-based programs.

Stressing the importance of these initiatives in enhancing Jewish identity, Silverman draws hope from these numbers.

“Yes, I’m concerned about people’s Jewish education and their Jewish identity as it evolves and if we do nothing it could be a problem. But the fact is we’re not doing nothing, we’re doing things that are hitting critical mass and I truly believe will make a difference over the next decade and we will continue to do these things and we will continue to add to them,” he asserted, adding that he does not believe the current climate in the US is hindering those efforts.

Pointing to a host of other Jewish identity programs which are gaining strength across the US, Silverman said he is “cautiously optimistic that the momentum will shift with the data in the next decade.”

For Silverman, engaging the next generation in Jewish life is the most important challenge and responsibility of US Jewish leaders: “To make sure our children and grandchildren have a Jewish understanding and background – however they practice – that they connect to and understand their Jewish identity. Engaging them is the biggest challenge and that’s why we put so much effort and investment in that.”

Dutch “Multicultural” Students Resist Holocaust Education

A number of Dutch schools refrain from teaching about the Holocaust because of resistance from Muslim pupils, teachers told lawmakers.

The centrist Christian Union party held a roundtable discussion about Holocaust education with teachers and other professionals Wednesday in parliament in The Hague, The Algemeen Dagblad daily reported. “Holocaust survivor Bloeme Evers does not dare give guest lessons in some schools,” Arie Slob, the party’s parliamentary leader and a former history teacher, told the daily , describing the discussion.

“I am horrified by this. It is unacceptable that 70 years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism in the Netherlands is growing.”

Among the teachers in attendance was Wissam Feriani, a social studies teacher who works at a vocational high school in Amsterdam where approximately half of the students are Muslim.


“The teacher says Jews, the pupils say Gaza,” said Feriani, who is Muslim. “The teacher says Holocaust, the pupils say it’s all bullshit.” In class, he adds, “It’s always the Jews’ fault. Some pupils say they [Jews] don’t belong. It’s difficult.” There are no available figures on the difficulties examined, the report said.

Separately, Dutch police in the North Holland district are investigating a collector of World War II-era memorabilia who advertised on a Dutch website bars of soap that the seller said were made of human fat that germans had extracted from Jews. Forensic scientists sent the soap to be tested for human remains, the De Telegraaf daily reported on Wednesday.

Stories about the mass production of human soap, popular and believed to be credible in the years immediately after the Holocaust, were later debunked by Raul Hilberg, an Austrian historian and expert on the Holocaust, who traced the myth to rumors that circulated among Polish Jews in 1942.


FBI investigating anti-Jewish email to University of Michigan students

(JTA) — The FBI is investigating a series of mass emails sent to students at the University of Michigan threatening violence against Jews and blacks.

Three emails were sent Tuesday night to students in the university’s computer science and engineering program, according to news reports.

One of the emails, with the subject line “Jewish Student Diversity,” read: “Hi you f***ing filthy jews, I just wanted to say the SS will rise again and kill all of your filthy souls. Die in a pit of eternal fire! Sincerely, Dr. Alex Halderman.”

J. Alex Halderman, a professor at the university, denied sending the emails and told the campus newspaper that it takes little sophistication to make it seem like the emails were sent by him. A statement from the university on Wednesday confirmed that the emails had been forged.

The other two emails, written under the subject line “African American Student Diversity,” threatened to kill black students and saluted the KKK and Donald Trump.

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel condemned the emails in a tweet early Wednesday morning.

The Anti-Defamation League also denounced the messages.

“The nature of the emails sent are deeply troubling to African-American and Jewish students as well as the campus community at large,” Heidi Budaj, ADL Detroit Regional Director, said in a statement. “These hateful messages strike at the very core values of inclusion and diversity upon which the University is founded and have the potential to really affect the tenor on campus.”

In a statement Wednesday, the university said campus police had increased patrols near the engineering school and that a joint criminal investigation had been launched with the FBI.

DeVos Backlash Sees Parents Threatening to Homeschool Kids

Image: U.S. Education Secretary DeVos concludes her remarks to Education Department staff on her first day on the job in Washington
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos concludes her remarks to Education Department staff on her first day on the job in Washington, on Feb. 8. Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Among the initial opposition to Betsy DeVos’ confirmation this week as education secretary were calls on social media by parents, including liberals, to start homeschooling their children.

That reaction to DeVos — a billionaire school-choice advocate who has never worked, attended or sent her kids to a public school — reflects how polarizing her nomination was.

It also comes layered with paradox.

That’s because DeVos, whom the Senate confirmed Tuesday to head the Education Department, is herself a big proponent of homeschooling.