This website shall be a way to inform the world of current calamities around us.  Everyone is encourage to reply to posts, share with others information, share my posts on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, and comment on my many posts that i shall put up for discussion.   I will try and find news that is not available in the mainstream media of American society.  I have also been experimenting with song writing as a way to cope with living in the terrible nation called America so I shall upload songs every week whenever possible about new music that I am currently working on. Also, i will update others with information about some of the important things going on in my life.   I hope you all stay and enjoy the information that i have gathered all over the internet!

I should also take the moment to address exactly who I am, shouldn’t i?  My name is Henry, i am a 29 year old African American male living in  the United States.  I have been here since 1995 when my family and I immigrated here at the age of 9 years.  My life is filled with many roller coasters and journeys and I often write about those in my personal narratives section of my website.  As I often tell people, come for the controversial news stories, but stay for my personal stories that I write with seriousness, some humor, and always, a hint of the unabashed truth!

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    1. I update my site everyday with news content and my personal narratives on important events in my life. I also find content on the evils surround us in this world. I would suggest following me via wordpress or by subscribing with your email to get all of my new posts

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  1. I recently came across your website and it really is terrific for my situation. It covers marvelous and insightful articles. I studied a good number of of them and got so a lot from them. To me, you are putting in a superb work. Keep on! I would like to appreciate you for generating a truly fantastic internet site.

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      1. Believe me,I know the feeling. I appreciate all the comments from my follower. Without them my blog would be nothing. It’s important to get that feedback so you know you’re reaching people. I think it’s important to share information that will wake people up. So many people are still fast asleep. They have no idea how much corruption there is in politics and mass media. So much deception in the mainstream news.

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  2. America is the last bastion of the White Race and the home of those of us who can save it. If you think this is such a “terrible nation” especially after we took you in and gave you work and education, then maybe you should go back to Africa. Perhaps you’ll enjoy their horror more.

    Sounds like you’ve bought into the jew propaganda of “black oppression by whites” shit. I was following you but after that nasty remark about my country, you can kiss my lily white posterior.


  3. Henry, I consider you to be one of the very few independent journalists who is not afraid to put EVERYBODY on blast! Thanks for the invite here, I plan on sharing a lot of your articles on social media in an effort to provide the members of my groups with a news source that has not been co-opted by the powers that be. Cheers!

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