Why I Hate Television



In this short essay I would like to explain the pernicious effects of watching television. First of all, I will state clearly that my motives have nothing to do with being some kind of Luddite or with having any kind of aversion toward technology. I believe technology can take different directions, but things like television are simply the wrong direction.

Someone has to have a very empty life when TV shows seem to him more interesting than reality, and that is a central point of the entertainment industry; it allows the physical, cultural and spiritual impoverishment of society without people even noticing. An average person who everyday watches incredible things on TV, performed by cheeky White actors, doesn’t even notices that he lives in an ever uglier city, with ever fewer White people.

He gets from the virtual reality the illusion of there being a lot of cool things in the world and enough White people, despite  scientists warning us of the extinction of most animal species, of increasing poverty, of a population explosion of subhumans in Africa (ready to flood the whole planet), etc.

The distraction is so effective that whenever reality reminds this average person of the cruel reality, his reaction is to deny the problem and find refuge in even more virtual reality. He has become so cowardly that he cannot deal with reality anymore and prefers to live his whole life through virtual characters.

Lately I came to the sober conclusion that anyone who gladly watches TV wants to be enslaved, exploited, deceived and oppressed because every time we turn on the TV, we agree with those things. No one forces us to watch it, but whenever someone chooses it out of free-will, he asks for that enslavement.

You cannot remain a human and watch TV at the same time. Whenever you watch TV you renounce completely to your own will and adopt the one of the anonymous strangers.

This last point leads us to an interesting conclusion. Most Whites who reject National Socialism do so because they live in the virtual reality, therefore their rejection of National Socialism cannot reflect their real views or desires. Through watching TV, they have already completely renounced having desires and an opinion of their own at all.

They gave up any rights of deciding what they want, offering themselves as soulless bodies, passively waiting for someone to tell them what they should like or dislike.

Whenever someone tells you ‘those are extremist views’ or ‘those are conspiracy theories’, you can be sure he learned that from the media. I actually find it embarrassing when someone uses those terms because it means the person has no opinion of his own and repeats blindly what the media tells him. That way of thinking is actually the result of animalistic conditioning and not of free will.

Independently of how much someone has studied or read, no one who gladly watches TV can be regarded as a cultivated person, firstly because watching TV rapes our minds in such a way that it makes it impossible to form an opinion of your own, and secondly because TV is intended for ignorant, materialistic people of the Third World, which is in fact its greatest audience.

If people could actually think on their own and develop an opinion, they would never use terms like ‘conspiracy theories’ or adjectives like ‘extremist’, because they are totally absurd. It is obvious the elites conspire, and that there are some ridiculous conspiracy theories doesn’t change that fact at all.

The term heretic didn’t differentiate between Galileo Galilei and someone who claimed the earth is flat; it simply had no claims about truth or falseness, it was only meant to keep us in the darkness regardless of what you actually believed. The same is valid for ‘conspiracy theories’ – it has no claims of truth, neither does it differentiate between reptilian aliens and the well documented investments of George Soros. It is only meant to keep everything nebulous and irrational.

If an idea is ‘extremist’ depends totally on the point of view. Globalism is actually an extremist view (what could be more extreme that destroying all nations in order to make the Jews wealthier!?), and freedom also seems extreme to anyone used to being a slave.

The only valid reason I could think of for watching TV is if you have a really sober mind and consciously do so only to expose the lies that are being spread there, like a professional informant monitoring the satanic content and doing the heroic and difficult task of digesting that poison for the rest of the people who don’t watch TV. Otherwise we should teach our children to fear TV and use all that money wasted on TV-screens, DVDs, and video-games, in order to hire, for example, a poor (White) university student to entertain your children with artistic projects, asking them to paint or write something.


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