Haifa Arab man says son was attacked, beaten by religious Jews

Police in Haifa were investigating an alleged hate crime over the weekend, after an Arab man said his twin boys were attacked and beaten by three young religious Jews.

The man told Hadashot news his children and some friends were were waiting for their ride home from school Thursday afternoon when a car stopped beside them.

“Three young men got out and started beating them,” the man said. “One of my kids and his friends managed to run away. My other boy was badly beaten by the attackers.”

He said the Jewish men then pulled his son into their car and drove off with him. “They simply kidnapped my boy,” he said. The assailants allegedly continued roughing the boy up while berating him, repeatedly calling him a “stinking Arab” and demanding to know where his friends had run off to.

At one point, he said, the attackers noticed the cross around his son’s neck. “They told him ‘Oh, you’re a Christian? If you were a Muslim we would have killed you now.’ Then they threw him out of the car,” the father recounted.

The man said his son came home wounded and scared “and wouldn’t talk for 20 minutes.”

He then went to file a complaint with police and said he was afraid the assailants would return to torment his children again.

Police said the case was being investigated and that violence and bullying would not be tolerated.


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