The Silent Anti-Semite


Are you an ‘anti-Semite?’

Or perhaps just a college kid equipped with critical thought.

Watch your back, there’s a witch hunt brewing.

[Clip: “We welcome everyone to this morning’s hearing on examining anti-Semitism on college campuses.”]

The First Amendment’s about to take a hit.

[Clip: “Rabbi Cooper, welcome.”
“Let me just say that the few anti-Semitic incidents, some of them that are reported by the University of California, Jewish students on many campuses coast-to-coast report severe and pervasive harm at the hands of anti-Israel activists. It often includes physical and verbal assaults.”]

Hey, Rabbi!

Where are the police reports about this “severe and pervasive harm?”

Sticks and stones can break their bones but pictures need Federal regulation.

[Clip: “Mr Chairman, I brought a few recent illustrations. This one posted by a professor at Rutger’s University. Others from University of Houston, University of California Berkeley. I’ll submit them later. That show us in real time what’s going on, on the campuses.”]

Take a closer look. The rabbi wants the Thought Police!

[Clip: “We’re here today seeking the Committee’s help because too often university administrators have been tolerating a level of harassment and intimidation of Jewish students that would never—they would never dream of allowing against other demographic groups because they know until now there are no consequences.”]

What ‘consequences’ do you want?

Lock up students who won’t approve Israel’s slaughter of the Palestinians?

Who condemn stealing their land?

Jews are committing the crimes, in ‘reaaaal time.’

Lock THEM up, not students.

I once met a girl who said she didn’t like Jews because they were “pushy.”

Just ask the Palestinians.

And the push goes on.

[Clip: “The failure of schools and Federal government to protect Jewish students on campus from harassment is one of the most pressing issues for the American Jewish Community. That is why the Simon Weisenthal Center and every mainstream credible Jewish organization in the nation, some of whom are here today, came together last year to demand equal protection under the law for Jewish students and as you know that’s why the Senate passed the Bill unanimously.”]

That’s the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act,” awaiting passage by the House.

In the meantime, Jews—cheered on by Rabbi Cooper—are censuring, banning, de-ranking, AND chilling free speech, until they can stuff a legal gag in the First Amendment’s mouth.

I wouldn’t do it, dear rabbi.

All the silent anti-Semites will come screaming down your Jewish throat.


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