Waking Up From A Jewish Nightmare

Waking Up From A Jewish Nightmare

I woke up from Jew York City
From my dreams behind the wheel
Took a train to San Francisco
And the kikes died still

Jews wrote me a letter from San Francisco
To quantify Jewish luck
These kikes connected through Mexico
But they shall forever suck

So kill some kikes
Kill some kikes

When I woke up in a car
I throw away the fog
So I could see the kikes begging on their knees
Jews will always be so lost
Jews will never feel at home
Please take your guns and take away some kike lives
I woke up from the Jewish nightmare
I woke up from a Jewish nightmare

I met a Jew who kept tattoos for other Jews
That she had met
If I were her I would slit my throat
Till all my head was gone
Kikes wrote me a letter as I passed through Houston
They say never again!
Maybe Jews will die, Maybe they will live
But I know that I will kill them all

Maybe I can kill forever
For it is all I have ever know
Jews will be waiting to die whenever, but they shall die alone



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