Updates November 2017

Return To Thanksgiving Traditions

For the first time in the past 2 years, I was invited by my biological mother to attend thanksgiving with my siblings and I shall be in attendance if not for a few hours.  After that, I will head to Lake Conroe to spend time with my best friend.  It is a bit strange because she had stopped speaking to me as she was going through a divorce but now that she has reconnected with me, it has given new hope and new meaning to me in life lately.  This will be a very interesting holiday season to be certain!


No More White Idiots! 

Earlier today, I received two comments from someone called “Zeitgeist”, a typical white idiot who was pushing for white supremacy with the nonsensical myth of a so called “white” race and that America is actually a white nation.  The truth is that America, or Jewmerica, is just a converted nation just like Canada and it does nothing but serves the interest of Jews and White Freemasons.  I have also been very clear through my writings that there is no such thing as a black or white race, hell there is no such thing as a white or black color spectrum anyways.  However, there ethnicities with distinct histories, cultures, languages, etc that must be preserved and that is the only distinctions within the human race along with skull sizes, eyes, skin tone variations, hair, etc.  I have begun to delete comments on this site of anyone pushing for any form of racial or ethnic superiority as well as deleting comments of anyone pushing for Jewish supremacy and the lies against the greatness of Adolf Hitler.  I have found that due to the large amount of white idiots in this world, it is causing me unwanted and unneeded stress due to their refusal to heed my words of wisdom and caution so I will fully separate myself from them and send messages to my horsemen to kill them without prejudice.


Changes In Content

For the past two months, I have been migrating out of Facebook due to the infestation of Jews and their evil censorship methods against me; in fact, I am currently serving my 10th 30 day ban in the past 18 months for a comment and a picture made in my secret group.  That damned group is no longer safe as the Jews have fully discovered what we are doing there.  As a result, I have been gathering followers and supporters on Minds.com as there is not an ounce of censorship and that site appears to be the future of social media anyways.  This is very good news to me as it means that I can post what I want with no restrictions on what I say or do on that platform.  Here on my site, I have stopped posting comments alongside my poetry so that users can interpret it and continue to use their numerous weapons to end as many lives as possible.


A Special Thanks To The Horsemen

For the past month, there has been an increase in the shooting deaths of more Americans as people are reading more and more of my hateful poetry and articles and have decided to take their weapons to end more human lives.  I must give a special thanks to my horsemen who are making this a reality in order to bring forth the glory of nihility and the glory that shall occur once all existence of all forms is finally extinguished from this very world.  And like I have told many people, even if you oppose what I am doing, to try and stop me will result not only in your death but in the deaths of those you know.  So it is simply best to let me do as I please and desire.  For it has already been proven that this world will eventually collapse, though it might take hundreds or thousands of years for that reality to happen.  All I am doing is simply making such a reality come closer to fruition and I guarantee everyone that if they try to stand in my way or in the way of anyone of my horsemen, they and their loved ones will die a violent death




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