The State of the Alt-Right (White Idiots)


Renegade Editor’s Note: Not all of the author’s claims can be verified, such as certain people being FBI agents.

Let’s go over the e-celeb personalities who claim (or previously claimed) to be the leaders of the Alternative Right aka the Zionist Right.

Mike Cernovich: a race-mixer who twice admitted to having jewish ancestry, never criticizing the jews about anything, supports incestuous Trump and pedo Putin.

Mike “Enoch” Peinovich: lies about his ethnic origins perpetually, married a transsexualism-supporting jewess, is likely a jew himself (slipped up about it 3 times), used to be pro-Israel on his website “the right stuff.”

Ramsey “RamZ” Paul: admits to having jewish ancestry, behaves like an FBI informant, is close friends with jewish journalists, always joking about pedophilia, is generally a pervert.

Milo Yiannopoulos: jewish, homosexual, pedophile, nuff said.

Stefan Molyneuxjewish, anarcho-capitalist autistic weirdo, has an obsession with pitting children against their parents (why would you do that, “Stefan”?), can’t properly name the jew.

Andrew “weev” Auernheimer: jewish, violent psychopath, degenerate, Hollywood nazi.

Andrew Anglinpedophile, psychopath, degenerate, Hollywood nazi.

Curtis Yavin: jewish, wants to lock grandmothers inside artificial reality simulators against their will forever, against nazism, against White nationalism, against antisemitism, is a zionist and a jewish supremacist, associated with Peter Thiel the degenerate.

Richard Spencer: closet case homosexual, supports zionism, supports degeneracy, appears to be a Kremlin agent, rumors about a jewish ancestor.

Alex Jones: married a jewess, never criticizes the jews, pushes implausible conspiracy theories that point away from the jews and their (((deep state))) operations, is “all about the money.”

Jared Taylor: race mixer, claims that jews are White, supports jewish supremacy based on their verbal IQ tricks, ardent zionist.

Theodore Robert Beale aka “Vox Day”: is non-white, supports Israel and zionism, against antisemitism, against nazism, against White nationalism, against any criticism of jews qua jews, is autistic about male-female sexual relations, runs a blog where he pushes MGTOW nonsense.

Matt Heimbach: FBI agent.

Jason Kessler: FBI agent, probably jewish.

Pax Dickinson: just read this this.

Matt Forney: absolute degenerate, has typically jewish sexual fetishes, con artist, pervert, supports violence against White women, had a hypersexual jewish girlfriend.

Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh: is non-White, is a sexual degenerate, supports the rape of and violence against White women, pushes both MGTOW nonsense and Islamism, promotes the (((Manosphere))).

James C. Weidmann aka “Heartiste” aka “Roissy”: likely jewish, definitely a pedophile, one of the founders of the (((Manosphere))), is a psychopath, supports infidelity, supports the rape of White women, sex crazed pervert.

Is the alternative right controlled opposition?
The “who is who?” of the alt-right

No wonder that jewish journalists can’t get enough of this “movement”!


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