Putin Refers to Torah as Basis of His Values



Vladimir Putin, saviour of the white race, cited the Jewish Torah as the basis for some of his values, revealing that he’s a champion of Abrahamic religion in general, as opposed to Christianity in particular.

“All that you’ve mentioned remain the eternal main values. It’s not a coincidence that the Torah says that giving up the territories is a great sin. The territories, the natural treasures and the people remain the most important factors,” Putin said.

Putin’s “wisdom” is always vague and incoherent, yet his slobbering groupies don’t seem to notice.

Putin’s fondness for Judaism is well-known. Russian Jewry has had a renaissance under his reign. He is close friendswith Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar and has cited a Jewish school teacher as his main influence growing up. Recounting a childhood story about Putin, Lazar said that Putin had befriended a Hasidic Jewish family living next door, and spent considerable time at their house growing up, which informed his philosemitic views. Putin himself confirmed the story in his autobiography. Two of Putin’s closest friends today are the Jewish Rotenberg brothers, who became billionaires thanks to construction contracts from the Putin government.

Putin-worshippers have pointed to his pro-Christian statements to justify their slavish reverence, but ignore the pro-Judaism and pro-Islam references that he’s also made when trying to win support from the Russian public. Christian sects deemed heretical by the Russian Orthodox Church, whose Patriarch Kiril is a KGB asset, have been suppressed with Putin’s aid. The Jehovah’s Witnesses were actually banned.

Putin’s values clearly coincide most with Judaism, which preaches self-worship and extreme vengeance against perceived enemies. This is why anyone deemed to be an enemy or critic of Putin has been murdered in foul ways by the regime’s vast network of assassins. When questioned or criticized, Putin lashes out in an emotional rage. His face always contorts with anger when journalists scrutinize his policies.

Some religious Jews believe Putin is their messiah. At a meeting in 2014, top rabbis greeted Putin as if a Jewish King. He played into that by urging “persecuted” Jews in the West to “come to Russia,” promising them protection. This is part and parcel of Putin’s broader design to appear as a Christ-like saviour for the Abrahamic faiths, simultaneously depicting himself as a guardian of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Borrowing from Zionist tactics, Putin’s supporters and controlled media outlets label all criticism of the Russian leader and his regime as irrational expressions of “Russophobia,” a comparable phrase to “anti-Semitism.” Both Russia and Israel have vast armies of online trolls and bots that shill for their regimes across the web. Putin himself, when confronted with criticism about Russian interference in the US election, compared allegations of Russian wrongdoing to “anti-Semitism.”

Putin has banned Nazi ideology and Holocaust skepticism in Russia, but not Zionist ideology or denial of Stalin’s crimes. He’s courted close relations with Israel while attacking the white Christian nation of Ukraine with communist rebels. He’s banned Christian sects, but not Jewish sects.

Russia has clearly paid off Western neo-Nazis to promote Putin as the saviour of the white race while he throws their domestic Russian compatriots in jail. This bizarre scenario continues to unfold and only a few astute observers have spoken out against this subversive Russian takeover of the nationalist narrative in the West.



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