Jewish “Folk Twerker” Sarah Seifert Pretending to be Slavic

I’ve stumbled upon an article while browsing around supposed pro-European social media pages – one link led me to another – and I ended up on the “Slavorum” facebook page where a supposed “Slavic woman” made an “impact” in Croatia by promoting something she labelled as “folk twerking“. I suppose this is her way of merging the Volk with the African ass-shaking idiocy which tries to sell itself as dancing, art, or whatever the hell they want to portray it as. It wouldn’t shock me if a Jew was behind the invention of this twerking bullshit.

Nevertheless, the article tells us that the “Slavic” woman who invented this “hybrid dance” is called Sarah Seifert. Her instagram, from which the article’s featured image is from, can be found here. Some of you probably could have already guessed that it is going to be a god damn Jew pretending to be White, but for the first-time readers, it might not seem that very important of a fact. They might simply ask : So what? Well, it means a lot – because it is yet another Jew who is pretending to be White and who is trying to degenerate White societies and culture by any means necessary – who is trying to pervert, destroy and hybridize everything European until there is literally nothing of it left.

Sarah is not a Slavic name – Slavs would call her “Sara“, without the Jewish addition of “h” – as in Sarah Silverman. Seifert is not a Slavic surname either, let alone European – it is a Jewish surname which literally is : a Jewish acronym for “Sefer Torah” (Scroll or Scribe of the Torah), may have something to do with the kabbalistic Sephirot. Her surname literally means a page from the Jewish Bible, for crying out loud. And, if you do a little google search about her event – you’ll notice that her Jewish friends in the media made sure that she is exposed in every possible news outlet, making sure that she becomes trendy and through that trendiness starts re-shaping the minds of young gullible people.

The author of the article on Slavorum, “Wilk Vatroslawski“, sounds fishy to me as well. He promotes articles such as this one, where he finds it great that Africans are now “the new Russians“, which was always the Jewish plan for Russia after they had destroyed it a long time ago, along with the Russian Tzar and his family – the same thing they planned to do with every other European Nation, especially Germany and Ukraine – and, by some “great miracle” – are doing it today, as we speak. If you haven’t noticed, Jews are flooding every European Nation with non-White migrants, especially Black Africans, whom they are artificially breeding in Africa by the billions.

And the Africans, as per usual, see nothing wrong in coming to other Nations and pretending to be the same as the Host people, up to the point where at a certain moment – they will regard themselves absolutely equal, and as the Jewish pattern goes, will be brainwashed into thinking they are “oppressed” and will militarize them into starting to kill their Host nation as the Jews always wanted it anyways. Blacks, by their own Nature, are amazed by what every other Race has to offer – yet never really seem to care about creating their own path and destiny upon this planet. They have been used and abused by the Jews throughout history – and I’d like them to get rid off that Jewish control, just as I want it to happen to my own European people.

Wilk Vatroslawski wrote quite an interesting sub-title on the Sarah article : Let us be honest, our ancestors were no holly saints anyway. What the hell is that supposed to mean? What the hell has such a statement got anything to do with a Jewess pretending to be European and promoting degenerate alien, non-White culture among our people? Are we to believe that Wilk is a “proud European Slav” who writes on a Slavic website and goes around telling people : Our ancestors were no holly saints anyway? What is Wilk suggesting with such a statement? That Slavs should suddenly become completely degenerate idiots who should adopt Cannibalism as well?

The Jewish agenda can’t really brainwash the Slavs into submission through Western propaganda

There is no chance that you can directly promote “White supremacy” and “White privilege” to Poles, Croats, Serbs, Estonians, Ukrainians, etc. – because people are damn poor in those Nations with the average monthly income in, for example Ukraine, being 224 Euros, which is 264 dollars. How privileged those people must be, surely it is a blessing to live in such a fashion – buying a house or car is only a dream and is basically nonsense, all you have to do, after all – is sell everything you have and wait for Jesus to beam you up on his spaceship to the Jewish tribal War God Yahweh. Meanwhile, Africans are driving several cars, get free houses, etc., in America, while in Africa their own people are still debating on how to properly cook another fellow African, if they invented fire in that region, that is.

So, the Jews figured that they would have to use several divide and conquer tactics to destroy Eastern Europe – for it was impossible to inflict a guilt of Slavery upon Slavs as well – quite the contrary, Slavs themselves were victims of Slavery by the millions and Slavic girls are still, to this very day, being enslaved and shipped to Israel. In case of Eastern Europe the Jews used the introduction of Christianity and then the splitting of Christianity as the first primal force; then they created one war after the other in order to create hatred among Slavs – finally – they imported as many non-Whites as they could : Primarily Gypsies and Middle Eastern people – most of them being the result of the Jewish invention of Islam.

The cultural degeneration is obvious everywhere and is coming from all possible fronts and sides. In this video here, we can see the attempt to introduce hip-hop and rap into the Volk culture of the Slavs. Who knows what else is going on, what other shit the Jews are attempting to push and sell to the European Youth. One thing is for sure : Never before did we have to be more vigilant, more strong, more willpowered and more ready to fight for our existence and everything that defines us. A true return to European values. A true return to a European way of living. A European existence.

And if you didn’t know – The Croatian “Supertalent” is a license version of the British “Got Talent” show created by Simon Cowell, who is rumored to be a Mason. Whether he is one or not is irrelevant here, because “Got Talent” (and consequently the Croatian “Supertalent”) is run through Cowell’s “SYCO” company which is 75% owned by Sony Music – and Sony is run by, would you have guessed it – a Jew called Doug Morris.

In addition to Sony, SYCO is co-owned by yet another Jew called Philip Green. So it is all Jewish, from top to bottom, from the Sony CEO to the Jewess twerking on the stage.


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