A Choice Between Life And Death

Last Sunday I went to the Emergency Room to take a look at my swollen right foot.  I had noticed on November 2nd when I got home from work and removed my shoes that I had a relatively middle sized bump on my front ankle on my right leg.  I thought nothing of it and continued to go about my business.  It wasn’t until the following Monday that I noticed that there was pus coming out of it so I knew right away that it was an abscess and that I needed to apply warm compresses on it with a moist cloth.  It was becoming difficult to walk around due to the pain that the abscess was causing my foot and ankle but I knew that I was needed at work due to an insufficient amount of workers and selfish people refusing to put their own team members above their own selfish desires, but such is the ways when dealing with niggers.

At the end of that week, I knew that I had to go to the ER so I went to the West Houston Medical Center but I knew that they would do nothing because they generally have a strong hatred for helping people but I needed cheap medications to deal with the pain and to gain access to antibiotics.  However, I noticed the following day, on a Sunday, that the swelling was actually getting worse so I decided to go to Memorial Hermann here in town and figured that they would help me out with the swelling at least.  The ER doctor took a look and she suspected that it was related to my poorly (read: non-existent) managed diabetic condition.  They did a lot of blood work and decided that due to my high A1C, I would have to be admitted into the Clinical Decision Unit.

While I was laying in the hospital bed, I was left with my thoughts in an intermittent manner and knew that if I did not finally get this diabetic condition under control I would be dead by the end of 2018 at the very most.  I was visited by numerous doctors and a wound care nurse (I never knew that such a thing even existed) and they told me that in order for my abscess to clear up and for the swelling to go down and eventually go away, I would have to treat the wound and get my diabetic condition under control.  I felt completely ashamed by what was going on and blamed only myself for my condition because I knew that if I simply changed my diet, I wouldn’t have put my body in such a condition to contract an abscess in the first place.

Overall, I spent over 24 hours at the CDU and it was time well spent to not only work on my overall physical health but to put things in proper perspective.  It would be a damn shame not to be able to walk because I foolishly enjoyed drinking some soda and alcohol.  In the past, I was able to fully control my diabetes and was even working out and losing weight but as life began to pile up on me thanks to working three jobs and working on my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I let my health take a backseat to everything else.  It is a part of my vow for 2018 to be the year that I finally put an end to all of my health and financial problems.  As of now, the swelling in my right foot is very slowly beginning to subside and with the use of antibiotics and regular medication and a change in diet, my diabetes is now beginning to stabilize; though earlier today my blood sugar was very low so I had to eat some cookies so that it could begin to rise again but that is a consequence of being on insulin anyways.  In about three weeks when my Facebook ban is over, I will discuss the details even more in a live video.



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