Oklahoma science teacher arrested after illicit texts reveal relationship with student



Authorities in Oklahoma arrested a 22-year-old teacher for having an inappropriate relationship with one of her students after the boy’s mother uncovered evidence of the illicit affair on his cellphone.

Hunter Day, who teaches science at Yukon High School, was charged with second-degree rape, facilitating sexual contact with a minor and possession of child pornography, News 9 reported.

Day, who is married to one the high school’s football coaches, was hired to teach for the first time by the Yukon Public School District through an emergency teaching certificate despite the fact that she had no experience. She recently appeared on a news segment discussing emergency teaching certifications in October.

“This is a classic case of a serious breach of trust,” Canadian County sheriff Chris West told the news station. “School teachers are entrusted to protect and educate our children, not to engage in an unlawful sexual relationship with them.”

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Investigators said Day and her student arranged to meet up Wednesday, but the police showed up instead after being tipped off by the boy’s mother. When they arrived, they sent a message from his phone, to which Day responded: “The doors unlocked as usual.”

When police entered her home, she was sitting alone with the lights turned off, with candles partially lighting the dark room, according to the news station.

Upon questioning, the teacher admitted to sending “bra and panty” photos of herself as well as receiving images of the boys genitals.

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“This behavior was representative of a very poor decision by a person entrusted with teaching our students,” Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth said in statement. “The safety and well-being of our students is our number one priority.”

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“Yukon utilizes application references, interviewing protocols and state background checks prior to hiring any employee in the district in an effort to protect our students.

Simeroth continued on to say there were was nothing to suggest such an incident would occur when the district went through the hiring process with Day.

The science teacher was being held at the Canadian County Jail in lieu of $85,000 bond.


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