Norwegian Students in Hot Water over Nazi-Themed Party

A students’ union in Norway is under fire for holding a theme party in which bartenders dressed as SS soldiers and served drinks with names such as ‘Blitzkrieg.’


Every visitor was issued an “entry visa” bearing Adolf Hitler’s photo.

At the party, which took place at the Norwegian town of Trondheim this weekend, attendees were greeted by doormen in SS uniforms. Bartenders wearing WW2 german military fatigues served cocktails and drinks dubbed Blitzkrieg, Blood and Honor and Mein Kampf, local media reported.Visitors had to produce their IDs at the entrance and were given some sort of entry visa bearing gothic script and an image of Adolf Hitler, 25-year-old Maja Sandstroem, who was visiting Trondheim from the Swedish town of Oestersund, told Norway’s NRK broadcaster.

Weyman Bennett, of the UK-based ‘Unite Against Fascism’ organization, told Russia Today he was shocked by the fact the students had “so little respect for the people fighting [in World War II] for their freedom they truly enjoy.” An investigation “into what’s happening among Norwegian students” should follow, Bennett argued, adding serving ‘Auschwitz’ cocktails was “an insult to the millions that were murdered.


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