Social Media Will Die From Oppression, Acute Relevance Deficiency
By Russ Winter

Under huge pressure from the usual suspects, social media and Internet giants Facebook, Twitter, Google’s Youtube and Microsoft last year agreed to a European Union code of conduct to tackle online “hate speech.” [See “Word Games: Thought Police Label Speech as Crime.”] E.U. ministers called for cooperation with tech companies to be stepped up after the staged Brussels attacks in March 2016.

“This is a historic agreement that could not arrive at a better time,” European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor said at the time.

And now we have police/surveillance-state censorship operative Sen. (((Al Franken))) this week calling on regulators and lawmakers of both parties to better police the market power of dominant online platforms. He loves to run off at the mouth about terrorists and hate speech. It never fails to amaze me just how devoted Tribe operatives are in pushing this narrative.

If you don’t get it by now you never will. The vast majority of these so-called terrorist incidents — used as rationales for stripping away freedom of speech, firearm ownership and privacy — ARE EITHER TOTALLY FRAUDULENT OR PROVOCATEURED. I have illustrated this at length on the pages of The New Nationalist (TNN).

Here is the kicker: These companies will also strengthen their cooperation with (((civil-society organizations))) to help flag hateful content when it goes online and promote “counter-narratives” to hate speech. They will end up paying someone in India $2 an hour — or worse, a bot — to scan comments, resulting in over-pruning, which will anger almost everybody.

They’re squeezing a balloon by clamping down on popular social media sites and do nothing except push all honest, thinking people to alternatives. The impact for TNN has been quite stark already. Here is an article dated June 13 that discusses the patsies of the Boston Bombing. This one was rich with some top-notch Youtube videos going into the particulars. Notice that after Youtube’s purges this year, six of the videos are gone, removed, and the accounts involved banned. Coverage of the evil false flags and nasty staged deceptions has been especially hard hit.

These tactics aren’t going to work. It will result in the Streisand or curiosity effect. For example, when Germany threw an 87-year-old German lady in prison for Holocaust revisionism, the very topic they were trying to squelch started to peak people’s interest — including me, and I am not a precocious teenager. I thought, what are they hiding now? [See “Free Speech Denied, the Case of Ursula Haverbeck” and “Thought Police Label Speech as Crime.”]

Another example is here. The Youtube video that you see is already blocked in Europe. It was essentially a historical review of the April 2, 1945, Allied air raid that killed 4,000 prisoners and staff at the Nordhausen concentration camp. To this day, images of those bodies have been used for atrocity propaganda and blamed on Germany. There isn’t even a controversy here about the cause of these deaths. It’s historical fact, and there is zero justification for removing a video truthfully examining this event. Another one that pissed me off to no end was blockage of many videos at the Faces of Europe art site, discussed here. 

A ten-metre purple middle finger by anti-communist sculptor David Cerny appeared four days before the Czech early general election, Oct. 21, 2013, on the river in Prague. PHOTO: Vit Simanek/AP

If this form of Social Justice Warrior censorship continues to be enforced as aggressively as we are seeing, then these companies should be shunned and put out of business. RIP mainstream social media. People don’t go to the Internet just to see cute kitten videos, degeneracy [Youtube Kids Channel Features Baby Butt Syringe Videos, Scat Skits — WTF?!] and to be lied to. Many people will go to different, better, freer platforms where the edgy, true stuff is. The youth especially will do so to justifiably rebel. Frankly, it makes an old man like me more rebellious as well. In fact, I might now be inclined to save edgier content that ordinarily I wouldn’t bother with just to ruffle certain feathers and deliver a big middle finger.

Ultimately, all this censorship does is drive dialog down channels that may be more difficult for enforcers to track and monitor. An example is this site called It won’t save removed or banned videos, but sometimes Youtube videos go into what is called a “limited state.” In reality, they disappear, but the links are still good. In June, Google described their skullduggery policy on this category:

Google machine learning video detection has been hard at work and during the past month over 75 percent of videos taken down because of violent, extremist content were done so without the help of humans. This system has helped YouTube remove twice as many of these sorts of videos. The company has also started working with a number of non-governmental organizations including the Anti-Defamation League, the No Hate Speech Movement and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. “These organizations bring expert knowledge of complex issues like hate speech, radicalization, and terrorism that will help us better identify content that is being used to radicalize and recruit extremists,” said YouTube in the blog post.

For videos that contain “controversial religious or supremacist content” but don’t violate any of YouTube’s policies, they’ll now be placed in a “limited state.” YouTube said. Along with this “limited state” for extremist videos, Google has also introduced a Redirect Method that sends users searching for certain keywords to videos that counter extremist content.

Look at the videos on the front page of Censoredlist and it gives one a very good idea what the Cheka doesn’t want you to see. Just to be difficult and out of curiosity, I have been viewing them — yes, the Streisand effect. Many are actually interesting and quite good. Who knew, LOL.

Update: Since posting this article, it appears Censoredlist may have been taken down.

On my list of Youtube videos I’ve liked, there must be several hundred that have been removed. I am going to go through them and see what I can salvage. Obviously, Youtube content makers subjected to this should do the same thing. What’s especially rewarding is that my liked videos will appear at the top of the censored page for a while. These videos are now getting more viewership than most would have received at Youtube, which is a very nice payback.

This article originally appeared on The New Nationalist and was published here with permission.


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