At Hebrew University rally, Arab students call for ‘Zionists, out’

Arab students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem protested Israel’s presence in the Golan Heights on Wednesday in a demonstration that also saw protesters call for the expulsion of “Zionists” from the country.

“Zionists, out. My land [must be] Arab and free. There is no solution, no solution, but to get rid of the occupier,” students said, according to footageobtained by Channel 2.

Shahid [martyr], be calm, we will continue the struggle,” the demonstrators also chanted during the rally at the Mount Scopus campus, which was organized by the student branch of the communist Hadash party.

“From Jerusalem to the Golan, one nation will not be weakened,” they called, waving Palestinian flags. “Palestine is Arab, and the Golan is Syrian.”

A complaint about the slogans was later lodged with police on the grounds of incitement to violence, the TV report said.

In May, Arab students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem rallied in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian security prisoners, brandishing photos of convicted terrorists, while calling for an “intifada” uprising against Israel and the expulsion of Zionists, Channel 2 reported at the time.

That display was defended by the university faculty, who said the demonstration was held in accordance with its internal regulations and did not breach Israeli law.

The May rally, also organized by the student branch of the communist Hadash party, saw students scream: “Intifada and victory! From Jerusalem to Ashkelon!” and “Let’s talk exile! We don’t want to see any Zionists.”

Some students carried a photo of Ihrima Majdi Al Rimawi, who was convicted in the 2001 assassination of Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi in Jerusalem, the report said.

A security guard reportedly held back activists from the right-wing Im Tirzu group, who sought to stage a counterdemonstration, saying they had no permission from the university to hold a rally.

A statement from the university to Channel 2 in May backed the Hadash protesters and criticized the right-wing activists for engaging them.

Earlier in May, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and politicians lined up to slam the Hebrew University of Jerusalem over a report that said the national anthem would not be sung at a graduation ceremony so as not to offend Arab students.

Army Radio reported that it had obtained a recording of a student querying the decision to not sing “Hatikva” during the ceremony at the Mount Scopus campus, and being told by an employee of the Humanities Faculty that it was out of “consideration for the other side” — an apparent reference to Arab students.

The university said the graduation ceremony “has followed the same format for years,” and that there had been no new decision taken to “cancel” the anthem. It said the national anthem is always played at the state ceremonies that it holds, and that the university president had made this clear to the education minister.


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