Seeds Of America’s Collapse


With strife at home and endless wars abroad, the seeds of America’s collapse have sprouted.

Empires come and go, but America’s sway is unraveling at record speed.

The ‘exceptional’ nation—whose moral leadership has tanked—is seen as a rat trap.

Putin pegged it when America did ‘regime change’ in Ukraine.

[Clip: “I sometimes get the feeling that somewhere across The Pond, in America, people sit in a lab and conduct experiments, as if with rats, without actually understanding the consequences of what they are doing. Why did they need to do this?”]

Because America has declined morally, culturally, and spiritually, mostly because “wealth,” that is, “well-being,” is now measured purely in economic terms.

Money has become the measure of all things.

Not always so.

In 19th-century America, although involved in commerce, the dominant form of social measurement were indicators known as “moral statistics” which focused on physical, spiritual, and mental conditions.

Literacy, life expectancy, mental outlook—as well as insanity, crime, and prostitution—measured one’s “wealth” or lack thereof.

The unit of measure was bodies and minds, not dollars and cents.

But with the coming age of capitalism during the ‘Progressive Era’—when Jewish bankers abroad gained snowballing influence at home—the definition of wealth became how much a person was worth, in money.

Giving rise to an increase of selfishness and a decrease of sense of duty came the glorification of ‘intellect’ compensating for those without material prestige.

Academia produced ’skeptics’ opposing self-sacrifice, religion, and love of neighbor.

It’s come full circle with ”think-tanks’…and ‘jurists’—dominated by Jews—shaping our values, policies, and social priorities.

[Clip: “Before we go I have to show you this book because I feel like we’re in Ruth Bader Ginsburg land. This is a children’s book called, “I Dissent,” and you are the leading character. And it’s really about you know you as a girls and as a woman, you can stand up for your beliefs against the prevailing attitudes of the time.”]

She sure did.

Ginsburg and three other Supreme Court Jews forced homosexual marriage law down our throats by legislating perversion from the bench.

It’s the glorification of ‘Jewish intellect’ indoctrinating children to exalt Jewish heroes who cut down the core of society, namely, the centrality of the family.

The seeds of America’s collapse have fully sprouted.

We’re at the twilight of empire with the
End of right and wrong,
End of male and female, End of character, and the End of the Family.

Is there a better way to destroy a nation? It worked great in Europe.


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