The French Connection – How the US Government Flooded America with Heroin


The French Connection was one of the biggest criminal conspiracies in history. For over 25 years French Corsicans, helped out by the US and French governments in exchange for political dirty work, flooded the streets of America with heroin. Without the French Connection there would be no American Gangster Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes, and the Italian Mafia would have been much less powerful.This is the true story of the French Connection and its impact on American history.

Renegade Editor’s Note: This Al Profit guy talks a bit about how “Nazis” empowered the Corsicans in France during WW2, but does not point out the many jews involved in the heroin business before and after the war. Of course. Regardless, this is good background information for anyone who is not up to speed on this topic.


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