Children’s clothes shop Gymboree has sparked outrage among Jewish customers with a dress for toddlers bearing a star reminiscent of the patch Jews were made to wear in Nazi Europe.

The red star-like symbol sewn above the left breast of the plaid dress is actually a snowflake, but one customer who was browsing the Gymboree website on Thursday said she “immediately felt sick as it reminded me so much of the patches worn by Jewish people during the Holocaust.”

Sophie Joy Cohen posted an image of the dress to Facebook alongside a Holocaust-era picture of a Jewish family wearing yellow star patches, to highlight the similarity between the shape and placement of the badge.

Her post drew additional reactions of anger and disbelief that the store would sell such an item, and Cohen and several others expressed their intentions to petition the store, whose corporate headquarters are located in San Francisco.

Their actions appear to have been effective, as a search for the item on the Gymboree website on Sunday, produced an “image not found” notice.

The Jerusalem Post has contacted Gymboree for comment.

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This incident is the latest in a string of “Holocaust fashion” scandals.

American multinational clothing corporation Urban Outfitters and Italian clothing design house Miu Miu have both come under fire in the past for selling “Jewish star” clothing.



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