Mexican diplomat who protested anti-Israel UNESCO resolution and was fired, is honored

Mexico’s former UNESCO ambassador, who was fired last year for walking out of a vote on an anti-Israel resolution effectively denying Jewish ties to Jerusalem, was honored in LA.

Andres Roemer receives the Guardian of Truth and History Award from StandWithUS during a ceremony held in Los Angeles, reports the Milenio news website.

“More important than education is critical thinking. Many people with many academic degrees and educational degrees have voted, supported and made terrible leaders rise to power. It does not matter if they are right or left. It does not matter if they are Trump, Chavez, Maduro or Pol Pot. The followers end up being the leaders,” Roemer, who is Jewish, says during his speech.

In October 2016, the Latin American diplomat risked his position by walking out of a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization vote at its headquarters in Paris — leaving his deputy to cast the country’s vote — in a personal protest against the UNESCO resolution denying Jewish ties to Jerusalem.

In July, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Roemer in Jerusalem.


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