Support For All Ethnic Nationalism

Last night I made a post on my Facebook page throwing my support for the nationalistic aspirations of the peoples of Kurdistan and Catalonia.  I know how long and how hard they have longed to have the right to self determination to determine the future of the people and to have full control over their lands and resources.  The case of the Kurds is a true sad story since they were promised their own land for backing the White Freemasons and Jews of the British Empire in the first World War but alas they were backstabbed and their lands became part of the present day nations of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.  Now these groups have had free and fair elections (as free and as fair as they can be anyways in the Jew World Order) and their people have chosen to secede away from the nations of Iraq and Spain.  Of course there is much debate and “controversy” over such matters as I have been posting to this very site that the Jews are involved in such national aspirations of both groups.  In fact, Benjamin Netanyahu has come out in favor of an independent state of Kurdistan in northern Iraq and Jewmerica has come out against such an idea while working behind the scenes to prop up the Kurdistan government.  I am very aware that there are proud zionist elements in both Kurdistan and Catalonia but that still does not diminish the rights of these people to determine what should happen to their lands and to the future of their children.

After I posted the item, in comes the typical moronic response from “white” nationalists yelling that the Jews are behind these votes and that it is merely another Jew owned state.  I quickly deleted and blocked them for being idiots as I had already stated that even if the Jews are behind it, it does not diminish or extinguish the rights of all people to determine where they wish to live in or what nation to become a part of.  I have written and proven time and time again that the Jews completely control this world and they will ultimately decide what people will have the right to self determination.  These so called white idiots refuse to acknowledge the Jewish hand in their white nationalist groups while trying to stop the rights of specific ethnic groups with distinct languages, cultures, and histories the right to determine what should happen to their very future.  Of course they care very very very little for the sufferings that is happening in the 3rd World but care more that they will become a minority in Western Europe; not due to the migrants coming to their nation but due to the very fact that they refuse to procreate and have children with their own people.  This sad fact has seemed to escape the eyes of these white idiots as they continue to blame everyone else but themselves and their own people as to the sad state of their lands and why in the next 100 years of less their own nations will become extinct and finished as they refused to procreate and as they refuse to kill off the Jews and Masons who rule over them and bomb the 3rd World into submission.  They refuse to acknowledge that this is what drives the migrants to come to Europe but then again, they care little for the suffering of non whites which explains why they are easily killed off when compared to other groups of people.

For the past 10 years I have supported the nationalist aspiration of all ethnic groups to determine what their future should look like even while I acknowledge the Jewish hand in these aspirations.  For even with my own people, the Igbo tribe, I openly admit that there are Jews, Jews called the Igbo Jews, who have worked with our enemies, the Hausa, Yoruba, the Chinese, the Chinese Jews, African Masons, and others to destroy our nationalistic ambitions in the Biafra War.  Till this day, these Igbo Jews are working behind the scenes with the subhuman Muslims to stop our aspirations and to steal the natural resources of our lands that was helped cultivated by our ancestors.  A few weeks ago, I posted an article about how these same subhuman Igbo Jews are now campaigning for the right of the Igbo people to self determination.  While I hate them, I will work to free my people but not with the help of any Igbo Jews.  For these same Jewish filths are the main reason that we are not yet free to do as we wish and forge a realistic future for our people.  These Igbo Jews will NOT be a part of the plans of my people for they went against their own ancestors by embracing the deathstyle of Judaism; the same rules will apply for those who adopted Christianity as well for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are the same head of the Jewish Abrahamic death cults.

In the end, if a people wish to be free and are successful in throwing off the yolk of oppression, then they shall have my support and I shall use my powers at my disposal to assist them.  I have let it be known to the peoples of Kurdistan and Catalonia that I support their efforts at freedom and that I shall use both this website and my influence to support a free state and a free homeland for them despite the Jewish hand in their movement for independence for I know that they have waited for this moment for a very long time and they should not be denied their national aspirations despite the proclamation of a few white idiots who are so Jew focused that they are forgetting their own self proclamation of nationalism.  In the end, nihility will ultimately triumph and all the white idiots will be killed off; either by my hand or by the hands of my horsemen!


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