Arsenic found in baby food, scary new study shows

A scary new study found that many popular baby foods test positive for arsenic, including a whopping 80% of infant formulas.

That’s a pretty terrifying fact to wrap your mind around if you’re a new mom or dad and you’ve just been up all night trying to take care of your bundle of joy. Now, in between middle-of-the-night diaper changes and breast-feeding issues, you also have to worry about the poisons that may be hiding in your baby’s food. So sit down, get some coffee and take a deep breath.

The Clean Label Project, a nonprofit group that works for clarity in labeling, tested a wide array of baby food, formulas and toddler products, as USA Today noted. The study looked at best-selling formulas and baby food using Nielson data. The group, which did not publish findings in a peer-reviewed journal, also looked at emerging national brands. On the whole, about 530 baby food products were tested and researchers found 65% of products tested positive for arsenic. Plus, that wasn’t the only contaminant. They also found lead (36%), cadmium (58%), and acrylamide (%10).

The bad news is that all of these chemicals pose potential dangers to babies with their developing brains and bodies. Jennifer Lowry, pediatrician and toxicologist at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., who is not affiliated with the research, told USA Todaythat these chemicals may impact fine motor skills and cognition.


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