Argentine man wearing Nazi symbols arrested for photographing Jewish students

A man wearing a hat and shirt bearing Nazi symbols was arrested in Buenos Aires after photographing students leaving a Jewish high school.

Police detained the man, 62, on Monday outside of the ORT high school in the Almagro neighborhood after asking him to explain why he was taking the pictures.

Photos of the man and discussions about the case have gone viral on social media in Argentina. He was charged with harassment and discrimination.

La @Policia_ciudad descubrió a un hombre filmando alumnos a la salida de un reconocido colegio judío, vistiendo prendas con simbología nazi, en .

The incident is being handled by the Prosecutor’s Office for Criminal Offenses in Buenos Aires.

The Almagro neighborhood, which has a large Jewish community, is home to two ORT Jewish high schools with a total of 6,000 students, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

Argentina was a haven for Nazi war criminals after World War II, including Joseph Mengele and Erich Priebke.


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