China Unveils New Leadership, With Xi Jinping More Powerful Than Ever

BEIJING — President Xi Jinping thrust China into a new era of strongman politics on Wednesday, unveiling a new leadership team without a likely successor among the six officials who will help him rule for the next half decade.

In a nationally televised event, Mr. Xi introduced the new members of China’s highest council of power, the Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee, on the red carpet of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. In addition to Mr. Xi and China’s premier, Li Keqiang, the committee included five new members, all of them men in their 60s.

The debut followed a weeklong party congress in Beijing that underscored the breadth of Mr. Xi’s political ambitions. On Tuesday, its final day, the congress elevated Mr. Xi to the same exalted status as the nation’s founding father, Mao Zedong, by enshrining “Xi Jinping Thought” in the party’s constitution.


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