Berlin Left: “We Abort Your Germany!”

Leftists have been protesting against the AfD’s arrival in the German federal parliament.

(Diversity Macht Frei)

You probably remember this AfD poster from the German election campaign. “New Germans? we’ll make them ourselves.”

Well, the Left had an interesting take on that.

This banner reads, on the top line: “New Germans we’ll make ourselves!”

And on the bottom line, smeared in sanguinary red, “WE ABORT YOUR GERMANY!”

And in case you didn’t get the message yet, here’s another.

This one says: “Germany abolish yourself!” [Deutschland abschaffen] “For a free society!” Green Youth

“Abschaffen” means abolish or dismantle with, in German, an implicit contrast to Schaffen, meaning “To make or create”. So the phrase is equivalent to “Germany uncreate yourself”.

It is also a reference to Thilo Sarrazin’s book “Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab” [Germany is abolishing itself]. Published in 2010, this book warned that Muslim immigration was harming and would ultimately destroy Germany. Dismissed as a conspiracy theory at the time by the German elite, it is now being openly embraced by the Left. This is a general pattern evident in many countries. Ideas about “White Genocide” or the “Great Replacement”, which were being described as fantastical only a few years ago, are now publicly acknowledged and welcomed.


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