Milos Zeman, president of the Czech Republic, issued a resounding defense of Israel at an address to the Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg, France earlier this month.

After Zeman’s main address on October 10, John Howell of the United Kingdom asked: “What can you do, and what can we do, to bring peace to the Middle East?”

“My response will be probably [a] deep disappointment for you,” Zeman said. “I am a friend of Israel… deep friend of Israel, and that is why I think that peace in the Middle East [will] be based primarily on the safety of Israel.”

“I know the history of all [the] wars starting [in] 1948,” he continued. “Every war was victorious for Israel, but being defeated would mean the end of this state, the Jewish State, and I think, unfortunately, that in some countries or movements, let us mention Hezbollah, Hamas and others… there survives the tenancy to diminish Israel, to destroy Israel.”

In conclusion, Zeman offered, “What to do in order to have peace in the Middle East? To disarm the terroristic organizations, and first of all, Hamas and Hezbollah.”

Zeman has supported Israel many times in the past, including speaking out against an anti-Israel UNESCO resolution in May. He even proposed moving the Czech embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem back in 2013.


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