The ADL’s Hate Symbols In Reverse


When it comes to hate, the Jews of the Anti Defamation League are ‘experts.’

Well, they invented hate speech, pushed the legislation, and threw a muzzle over everyone’s mouth.

Yet there is no legal definition of hate-speech…only vague and subjective laws that gives Jewry the gavel.

Now the ADL displays a “100%” Hate Symbol on their site signifying how those ‘racist’ White Supremacists boast of being lily white.

Yet the ADL has their own “100%.”

Only blood-pure Jews can be full citizens of the ‘Jewish State’ that the ADL promotes, with Israeli national rights above and beyond civil rights.

But Palestinians, whose land was stolen by the Jews, are shut out.

The hypocrisy is shameless.

[Clip: “For too many when it comes to the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians the refugee issue is only about the Palestinians. The 850,000 Jewish refugees, those who were expelled from Arab lands, have all but been forgotten. But Israel will never forget them. And after the establishment of Israel these Jews were, were brutally thrown out of the countries that they had lived in peacefully for centuries, even millennia.”]

Uh, uh.

Jews voluntarily left Arab countries to repopulate the stolen Palestinian towns.

And any expulsions were in retaliation for Israel’s mass murders of Palestinian villagers.

They were the ones who were “brutally thrown out” of the country “they had lived in for centuries.”

Another ADL Hate Symbol: “The Alabama Aryan Brotherhood.”

One fringe Aryan white group and the ADL screeches.

C’mon. Aryan Brotherhood is a network of prison gangs, and the feds are all over them.

Yet how many networked “brotherhoods” do the Jews have?

A thousand, at least…with billions of dollars to fund their Fan Club on Capitol Hill.

Why isn’t Antifa and its ‘hate’ flag on the ADL’s roster?

Because they vie against white conservative Americans which the ADL fears, branding them indiscriminately as “nazis” or “fascists.” I mean, who’s the hater here?

That’s why the ADL displays a Confederate Battle Flag as a Hate Symbol, suggesting the South was a prison for African slaves.

Yet the Israeli Flag sanctions the imprisonment of 660,000 Palestinians in just 17 square miles of the open-air-dungeon known as the Gaza Strip.

And last, the ADL shows a Hate Symbol of Klansmen in their hoods and robes.

Yet Zionist Jews like Kushner and friends, Adelson and friends, Shmuley and friends, all work DC in their ‘hoods’ and ‘robes.’

But the greatest hate symbol for the Jew is the Cross of Christ.

Jews whine and bleat that the Cross is the ’symbol of oppression’ especially seen in the public square.

Yet we’re subjected to the premiere ’symbol of oppression,’ the Chanukah menorah, thrown up everywhere, even on the White House lawn.

I grew up as a Jew, and the Chanukah menorah signifies Jewry’s conquest of all its enemies, that is, any opposing their Zionist agenda:

Muslims, Christians, nationalists, Confederate-preservationists, Constitutionalists, peaceniks, politicians, I mean, the whole world.

All are targets of Jewry’s One-World conquest.

And that’s why hate symbols are for goys only.


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