President of Poland Andrzej Duda announced Wednesday an initiative to dedicate March 17 as a Day of the Polish Righteous in the Polish parliament.

Duda announced that he would propose a bill promoting this day during an event held at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw to mark the 75h anniversary of the inauguration of Żegota, a Polish underground army unit created to help save Jews in German-occupied Poland between 1942 to 1945. Zegota was a codename for the Polish Council to Aid Jews.

During Wednesday’s event, Duda awarded medals to honor several members of the organization who are still alive. They included: Leszczynski Stanislaw, 95, who saved 15 Jews in Siedlce; Wiktor Rogoziński, 94, who saved 5 Jews in Sosnowiec and who lost three brothers at the hands of the Nazis; Marianna Krasnodebska, 91, who saved 6 Jews by supplying them food in the Warsaw Ghetto; head of the association of the Polish Righteous Anna Bando,88, who saved 4 Jews in Zoliborz; and Józef Walaszczyk, 97, who saved the lives of 40 Jews in Warsaw.


Last month his team launched a project called Silent Heroes, to film righteous gentiles telling their stories, a project supported by a grant from the British government. “It really is a race against time,” Daniels remarked, in reference to the old age of the saviors.


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