Serbian Sentenced In Beach Because He Defended The Girl From The Migrants


Nebojsa Kuzman, 21, from Subotica, was brutally killed in Vienna because he defended a migrant girl.

Mladic was stabbed on Saturday at a metro station in the Otakring municipality of Vienna on Saturday. An unhappy guy recently moved from Subotica to the Austrian capital.

As we learn, Kuzman was with a young man from Bulgaria at U6 metro station when a group of migrants from Chechnya started going to harass a girl who was also on the station.

Kuzman tried to protect her for what had arisen. The conflict soon culminated in the physical calculation in which the Serb was stabbed and on his way to the hospital died, and Bugarin was seriously injured.

As the Austrian media writes, there are numerous bloody traces on the spot showing Kuzman defending himself and fought for life.

He was bloody and injured and crawled to another exit from the train station to find help.

Nebojša was a lover of the local sports club of Subotica “Spartak”, and a member of the “Blue Marines” group.

After Nebojsa and his other four-member group had fled, the group escaped, but the police managed to trace them quickly. An Afghan boy who was beaten was found trapped by the blood of his victims.


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