Clerical error blamed for Kushner’s voter registration as a woman


US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and special adviser Jared Kushner was registered to vote as a woman due to a clerical error, New York election officials said Thursday.

The Board of Elections executive director Michael Ryan told The New York Daily News that the board had made the error, not Kushner.

The report said the error has been corrected.

Kushner, who has a history of incorrectly filling out forms, was harshly criticized when the error was first reported earlier this week.

The Trump administration did not respond to the reports.

Kushner earlier this year was forced to resubmit his security clearance forms three times after failing to disclose meetings with foreign contacts the first two times.

His lawyer said at the time the omissions were an “administrative error,” adding that “there was no intent to obscure any foreign meetings, including those with Russia.”

In August Kushner told a group of congressional interns that the Trump campaign couldn’t have colluded with Russia because the team was too dysfunctional and disorganized to coordinate with a foreign government.

According to a report in the Washington Post, Kushner made several other errors in the initial submission of his 127-page security clearance SF-86 form, including the dates of his graduate degree and his father-in-law’s address.

More recently, Kushner has come under fire for reportedly using his private email for official White House affairs.


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