Ticked-Off Fans Post Brutal Reaction to Their Team Kneeling for Anthem

Packers fans are a dedicated sort. You’d be hard pressed to find one of them burning a Pack jersey after a loss or a key player was traded.

However, some things are a bridge too far — and one of those things is meretriciously kneeling for the national anthem.

It wasn’t just Packers fans, either. As players all over the NFL decided to bravely do what pretty much everyone else was doing and kneel during the national anthem on Sunday, partially in response to President Donald Trump’s criticism of said act, fans decided to let the players know how they felt about it — with a little help from the element of fire.

Take this ticked-off Packers fan. According to WTMJ-TV, three Packers players — tight ends Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks and defensive back Kevin King — decided to sit out the anthem during Sunday’s game against the Bengals. That was enough to draw this reaction: (Warning: Videos include explicit language.)

The Baltimore Ravens may have been playing in London, but they still managed to kneel for our national anthem. (They did, however, stand for “God Save the Queen,” because apparently hundreds of years of colonial rule and a stratified informal class system is pretty much OK by them.) So, one Ravens fan decided to do this to his Joe Flacco and Elvis Dumervil jerseys:

Also in London were the Jacksonville Jaguars, who protested the anthem as well. There are actually Jaguars fans, believe it or not, and they let the team know how they felt.


The Steelers also mostly sat out the anthem, with the exception of one player, according to The Daily Caller. Thus, this reaction:

After the Pittsburgh Steelers refused to participate in the national anthem, many fans will be torching their gear. 

If the media and the NFL thought that anthem-kneeling would go over well with the American people, well, these displays certainly prove otherwise. And if they think these ticked-off fans’ brutal reactions didn’t make them look good, just wait until they see the ratings.

H/T Total Pro Sports


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