In Rosh Hashanah video, Rivlin urges Diaspora to fight terror, racism together

In his annual Rosh Hashanah greeting to Jews around the world on Tuesday, President Reuven Rivlin struck a positive tone on the upcoming Jewish new year, but also warned of the threat that terrorism and racism continue to pose to Jews and the rest of the world.

“This past year there have been some terrible things. Terror has struck across the world, we have seen the danger of hatred and racism,” Rivlin said in a video address. “Meeting with leaders from around the world this year, we said again and again: Israel will always defend its citizens no matter where they are.

“But we all have to fight terror together, we have to fight hatred and racism together. There is a long way to go, but together, we will win this fight,” he added.

Rivlin also spoke of the recent natural disasters in Houston, Florida and Mexico, saying they showed both the “true power of nature” and the generosity of the Jewish people when confronting such devastation.

“In the face of these difficult challenges, in the face of such darkness, we have showed how much light we create when we stand together, Jews of all communities, and Jews and non-Jews together,” he said. “I am proud of Israel’s efforts and those of all the Jewish community, to help those affected by natural disasters around the world.”

“We are thinking at this time, of our brothers and sisters of the Jewish communities in Houston, Florida, and Mexico,” he added.

Rivlin also told the Diaspora that no matter where they are from, they will always have a home in Israel.

“On the verge of the New Year I want to remind you that Israel will always be your home, the home of every Jewish person,” he said.

“From our shared home, I wish and pray that this year we will overcome together, all the challenges before us.”


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