The 25th Amendment End Game for Trump is at Hand
By Russ Winter

If anyone were to write a script for taking down Donald “The Red Queen” Trump’s support to a 10 handle favorable rating, it would be to have him meet with (((Pelosi and Schumer))) to cave on DACA legislation. Then, announce scrapping the border wall and instead put forth a call for renovations of the existing fence. On the latter, one wag at Twitter painted the scene succinctly.

View image on Twitter

[stands up at MAGA rally]

RENO[looks around for support]vate the…

[sits down]

Ann Coulter added this to the widespread disgust.

What most fail to fully appreciate is that an impeachment is not even necessary. It takes too long. The 25th Amendment requires a majority vote from his cabinet or Congress with the Vice President joining in for a removal. At this point, “The Red Queen” is isolated enough within his own cabinet to make removal a mere formality. Professor (((Eric Posner))) of University of Chicago Law School explains the mechanism in the (((Washington Post))).

None of Trump’s stated objectives have passed. He is an utter failure and one of the greatest flops in US political history. His supporters have been completely had. He has an uncanny psyops like ability to make those who trusted or believed in him look like jack asses.

And we say all by design, which few others have picked up on. His big initiative now is a tax proposal that will give more bennies to the 1%. (See Trump Tax Plan Delivers the Full Enchilada to the Kleptocrats) I half expect TPTB will wait until that is proposed before disposing of him. Dead ahead are more Red Queen bungling opportunities around the debt ceiling and keeping government running.

With no real president in the executive branch, the Crime Syndicate or Cabal has an opening to inflict more damage on the sinking U.S. Then, when Mike Pence assumes office after the removal of stalking horse Trump (see Et Tu, Brute? Trump is the Stalking Horse for Pence), he will be given a 60-day “honeymoon” to institute a Cheka system that dissolves our remaining civil liberties, controls of the Internet, finalizes the star chamber judicial system, implements the swamp creature/parasite guild loot, and rounds up targeted people. See Nothing Redeeming About Trojan Horse Mike Pence.

With the end game for Trump approaching, the greatest immediate concern for The New Nationalist (TNN) is that the Israel Firsters and Ziopath traitors around him will force a full-scale Middle East war. Already Israel has been flying air missions over Syria and pushing the bogus chemical weapons narrative. The only reasons Syria has not retaliated is that Russia has advised restraint.

Once President Pence is in, you might as well give John McCain and Lindsay Graham the keys to the White House elevator. Our worst nightmare will be realized.

This article originally appeared on The New Nationalist and was republished here with permission.


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