Rebutting Biblical Stories: Adam and Eve & Noah’s Ark


Around the world, over 2 billion people claim to be followers of the Holy Bible – whether it is Christianity, Catholicism, Protestant, etc. Within the Holy Bible are many stories, which are also part of Judaism and Islam, which do not stand up to any amount of actual scrutiny. Of course there are those who have catchy one-liners that stop a conversation from occurring about any of these stories. Take for instance the saying, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” This overused phrase is usually spouted whenever a question along the lines of “Why did God allow my sister to be brutally raped, savagely beaten, and then murdered?” Even more disturbing, there are times where fathers, priests, or other religious fanatics say, “Well, it is because they sinned. We are born with original sin, and that was just punishment.”

The purpose of this article is not to draw attention to those outlandish practices, but rather to highlight the main building block stories of the Christian faith itself. First we will start with the fascinating saga of Adam and Eve.

Said to be the first two humans who God created, Adam and Eve lived together in the Garden of Eden. However, the two were cast out of the Garden after Eve was tricked into eating the forbidden fruit by the Devil disguised as a serpent. A quick tangent; the forbidden fruit has regularly been an apple, however there is much merit to the theory that the outlawed snack was actually blood and/or flesh (of humans or animals – but there were no other humans in the garden in this supposed account, so it must be the latter). Furious that His creation had betrayed Him and went against His divine word, God threw Adam and Eve out of the Garden, resulting in Eve and her later female offspring allegedly having their menstrual cycle as punishment. Although people can possibly find some truth or inspiration in this story, the logical questions that come to mind are what puts this tale of creation under the microscope.

Anyone with any minuscule degree of common sense and a basic understanding of biology knows that inbreeding, even in animals, results in a catastrophic end. Birth defects, molecular and brain problems, muscle and bone growth deficiencies, the list goes on. If we are to believe without question that the Biblical story of Adam and Eve is divine truth, one would have to throw away all genetic research and knowledge of the terrible outcomes of incest.

Adam and Eve are said to have had three boys; Cain, Able, and Seth. If this were true, it would mean that one, if not all three children, and Adam himself, slept with Eve and eventually conceived children. One of these children must have been a girl in order for more breeding to take place. If we continue on down this path of incest, the genetic problems that would arise due to this insane amount of inbreeding would have devastating consequences. The children themselves, if not effected directly, would bare their own kin who would suffer from this. So, if Adam and Eve were the very first humans and they started it all by having their own children, that would mean that everyone is related and we are all products of incest. This is not plausible given the fact that everyone would be extremely autistic or mentally retarded; causing the human race to go extinct way before recorded time. The second issue that comes under fire with this tale is, how are there other races of people if Adam and Eve were both the same race? It would not make sense for other peoples to exist if we all derived from these two common ancestors.

Another quite ridiculous Biblical account is that of Noah. He is said to have been chosen by God to build a giant Ark in which himself, his wife, his sons and their wives, and two of every animal on Earth were to be placed in order to survive the coming Deluge (Great Flood). This is laughable material since it would mean that the animals too would have to practice incest. Not to forget how hard it is to capture an animal, never-mind a vicious, wild one. This story would also have us believe that Noah took aboard his Ark mosquitoes and poisonous spiders (both of which have many different subspecies). The three women that are said to have been in Noah’s Ark would not be enough to properly restart the human species without any genetic problems. So, this Not So Holy Book, which is considered the “unfathomable word of God”, is telling us that a group of less than ten people, alone in a big ship, miraculously repopulated the planet all by themselves? Ridiculous to even consider.

I won’t harp on the Bible much more since the man himself, Charles Giuliani, has already completely killed it to the point of no return, but to conclude, knowledge of genetics predates the Semitic Mind Virus that is Christianity – perhaps the authors of the Bible should have done some research.


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