Trump’s Jews And White Freemason Generals


Seems like a strange mix, the chemistry’s just not there.

For with Jews and Generals on Trump’s team, and a nasty Zio-christian—I mean, Pence—you’ve got a strange brew.

What does a “Kushner” have to do with a “Kelly?” A “Mnuchin” with a “McMaster?” A “Cohn” with a “Mattis?”

Nada…at least on the face of it.

While Jews don’t hang around barracks, and Generals don’t hang around synagogues, Jews are the biggest militarists around.

Jewry’s love for Israel’s war-machine has replaced the First Commandment with:

“Thou Shalt Love The Israel Defense Forces With All Your Heart, Soul, AND Money.”

Just ask Jared Kushner, a past member of “Friends Of The IDF.”

And how did it happen that neo-lib Democrats, once anti-war after Viet Nam, are now super-hawks, just like neocon Republicans?

It’s a matter of what kind of Jewish flavor you want:

Democratic warmongering or Republican warmongering?

Both are funded by Jews.

And when it comes to politics of an international kind then stocks and bonds translate into stocks and bombs.

Why make bombs and fund the factories if there’s no one to fight?

Jewish Wall Street finances the arms industry, underwrites their stocks, and seeks a return on investment.

Generals buy the deadly stuff with dollars printed out of thin air by the Jewish-owned Fed who then gouge taxpayers with high interest.

Monsters abroad are hatched and the tanks start rolling and the bombs start flying.

It’s ‘repeat business’ as new monsters are whipped up every day.

But it’s bad business for Millennials whose dollars spend less and whose steep student loans can’t get paid off.

And it looks like shabbos goys, Mattis and McMaster, Kelly and Pence, are flipping the switch for ‘Wall Street First, Bleed America Fast.’

Bleeding young goys too.

[Clip: “You have to worry about sending young people into harm’s way, and you’re always worried about what could happen, worse case scenarios, where some of the political types, they don’t necessarily focus in on that.”
“Well, there’s a fondness and appreciation and a respect that you develop from ahh nah I grew up for forty years in the Marine infantry, infantry’s called ‘infantry’ because ‘infant soldier,’ ‘young soldier,’ and I’ve signed over sixteen hundred next-of-kin letters.”]

Any to Blitzer’s tribe?

Only the goys die young…

[Clip: “But we also know some things are worth fighting for…”]

…in wars for the Jews.

It’s a strange mix on the face of it, Jews and Generals in interviews, and passing each other at Trump’s White House door.

But war is a racket and Jews are the biggest warmongers and racketeers of them all.


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