Learning To Kill

I have been staying inside my 2nd floor apartment for the past 3 days as the flooding and destruction continues to destroy much of the city of Houston thanks to Hurricane Harvey.  This is a great moment to write new music and poetry for the horsemen to take this moment to go forth and kill off as many humans as they can.  After all, the gods of our ancestors have done a great job by sowing the seeds of demise and have killed off 5 people in the past 3 days, imagine all the more killing that we can do now that everyone’s guard is down.


Learning To Kill

Well I started killing in a dirty town
Started killing all alone
As the sky went dark, I came across this hill
And as the town flooded, the world seemed right
I am learning to kill, still I have no guns or knives
Killing humans is the easiest thing to do
The good guys may never return
As the waters rise to destroy what this world once was
Some people say this life is worth killing for
Humans will break your heart, steal your pride
So start killing them, for that’s all we have ever known
I guess that’s what I must also do
I am learning to kill, even with no one around me
For the hate that went up, has also come down!


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