The Jewish Victim: A Lie We’ve Heard 6 Million Times


Guilt is a potent weapon, and it is especially devastating in the hands of the jews. From the holohoax to their history of being expelled from nearly every country they have parasitized, the jews never miss an opportunity to twist the fact that they are a species of rootless, amoral con-men to their advantage by playing the victim. G*d’s chosen people, of course, are completely aware of their culpability for the malicious acts they perpetrate against their host populations. Even (((Einstein))) bragged: “The jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world.” From theft, to usury, to pornography, to even more horrific and despicable acts, the jews use the rabbinical babble of the talmud to feel justified in their evil, and “persecuted” by any response to it.

In order to disguise their perfidious and anti-White activities, the jews incessantly promote themselves as victims. This is the practical application of Protocol Number 5: “The principal object of our directorate consists in this: to debilitate the public mind by criticism; to lead it away from serious reflections calculated to arouse resistance; to distract the forces of the mind towards a sham fight with empty eloquence.” It is time, therefore, to re-habilitate the public mind by focusing it on a recent example of a kosher “sham fight” that was reported by the jewish controlled media in California.

Police opened a “hate incident” investigation after three fliers featuring a swastika and a threatening message were found in a residential neighborhood in Alameda on Sunday, authorities said.”

In a contrived kosher effort to intimidate any restless goyim from engaging in wrong-think, a grossly excessive police response is mobilized because someone allegedly saw a swastika on a three-by-five card. The Thought Crime division of the Alameda Police Department, which according to reports includes at least two sergeants and a lieutenant, sprang into action on the basis of shrill jewish bleating about “nawrtzees.” Although real crimes go uninvestigated and unsolved, the tax paying suckers are financing a police force to investigate “incidents.”

The flier depicted a swastika next to a woman wearing a hijab and the message, “Help me kill you stupid!””

Were the (((neo-cons))) right? Could this be the islamo-fascism that we’ve been told to fear? Given the ambiguousness of the message, maybe it was meant to encourage the moose-limbs to attack the supposed Not-Sees. No, it’s just a ham-fisted jewish attempt to paint themselves as the eternal victims. The fliers probably fell out of a rabbi’s briefcase, and were summaries of the jewish plans to kill off as many cube-worshippers and Whites as possible.

It doesn’t appear the fliers were directed at anyone on the block, [Alameda Police Sgt. Darin Tsujimoto] added.”

It’s a funny thing how these fliers were first reported as “threatening,” but those supposed “threats” weren’t directed at anyone. No reports of this event disclosed pictures of these alleged fliers, so the entire story was most likely a work of complete jewish fiction. In future news, a certain Alameda Police Sergeant is soon to be censured and forced to perform a public act of repentance, for failing to conclude that this event was a new Holohoax or referencing Auschwitz.

The fliers also follow an incident of someone drawing a swastika in the dust of a vehicle window parked on Eastshore Drive.”

One cannot find a denser population of stooges embracing the jewish nation-wrecking agenda than the people of Alameda. It is a city at the epicenter of Bay Area degeneracy, a bedroom community for San Francisco, where miscegenation and sodomy are celebrated with a fervor only possible among the most thoroughly and irredeemably brainwashed. Someone will probably draw a swastika on your car in Alameda if you aren’t a tranny or a missing-link simian. It is wholly unbelievable that Alameda is a secret hotbed of Nazis. This event is the modern day equivalent of a witch hunt, where a dysfunctional and ignorant society is whipped into a frenzy to find root wizards and black magic, for the empowerment of today’s inquisitors: the jews.

Days earlier, someone vandalized a synagogue a few miles away. In what police have classified as a hate crime, vandals threw a rock at Temple Israel of Alameda, leaving windows damaged.  No one was injured.”

Oi vey! The poisecution! The glass broke into 6 gazillion pieces before being shocked with electric belts, turned into home furnishings, washed with soap, and blown like smoke up a chimney! It must have been a hate crime, not the enriching and diverse vibrancy of the blacks from Oakland who live a few miles away.

We should not forget that weaponized guilt has long been used against Whites by the jews:

While we’re on the subject, it’s somewhat interesting to observe that our upper classes, who’ve never bothered about the hundreds of thousands of German emigrants or their poverty, give way to a feeling of compassion regarding the fate of the jews whom we claim the right to expel. Our compatriots forget too easily that the jews have accomplices all over the world, and that no beings have greater powers of resistance as regards adaptation to climate. Jews can prosper anywhere, even in Lapland and Siberia. All that love and sympathy, since our ruling class is capable of such sentiments, would by rights be applied exclusively – if that class were not corrupt – to members of our national community.” – Adolf Hitler, Table Talk, April 4, 1942.

Whites need to stop giving any credence to the jewish victimization lies.  Whites are not oppressors: we are the most hated minority, with the fewest rights, with the most glorious history of improving the human condition, and with a lineage of excellence second to none. The jews are victims of their own making; it is a kosher scam to defraud Whites of their racial consciousness and solidarity. The victim-guilt con-game siphons off altruism that would be better served assisting our fellow Whites in need (like the South Africans or our local, under-employed young trying to work in a collapsing economy), and repurposes it for the benefit of the jews, the least deserving and most privileged class in our debased society.  We need to resist the jewish plans to extinguish our race. We must fight White genocide.

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